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Picking The Bones Clean (PM to join unless tagged)

- - - - - Pirates Space Zombies Scavenging means free cargo Gotta start somewhere

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Jae Jordan

Jae Jordan

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After taking a look around at the research station Jae took a quick glance at the panel on her forearm before reaching up and placing a hand on the side of her helmet, applying pressure to one of the buttons and deactivating the lock, allowing her to take it off. Giving her hair a quick ruffle she clipped the helmet to the her side and made sure it was locked in place before moving onward. 


She began to pay attention when Andorreth started his explanation on a little scientist named Matsu Xiangu. She couldn't help but wince as shivers went down her spine from hearing the story Andorreth was sharing with the two of them. If this mad scientist was splicing Krayt dragons and Rancors with Rakghoul genetics Jae didn't want to know what other sort of unimaginable hybrids she'd managed to whip up in her spare time. She sighed and shrugged once, "Gotta give her points for creativity I guess. . .Not that I wanna know what other 'creations' she has." Jae commented as she began to walk off, spinning the staff around almost absentmindedly in her right hand. 


She paused in her footsteps when Andorreth regained her attention, bringing up the fact that he'd promised a fireworks show to the both of them. Jae gave a short laugh before turning around and awaiting the performance he'd so graciously prepared for them. She watched as the black space lit up with tinges of brightness all over the ships, as the fire spread throughout and across the ships, one after the other. She stood there in awe, watching the show before she folded her arms and turned her head in Andorreths direction, giving a small smirk as she watched him admire his own work. She gave him a soft nudge with her elbow, "C'mon you, there's still work to do." She smiled at him before he started to lay out the plan. She made it a priority to disable the droids in any case she were to come across some, for the teams benefit. 


She heard the last part of his plan and didn't waste much time thinking about her decision before she took a short skip in Andorreth's direction, "You got this mate!" She said to Crosswire giving a wink, "If you do need anything just comm and I'll be there in no time, alright?" Without another word she walked with Andorreth, ready to go off and clear out the hangar level. 


Andorreth Vikar | Trelock Relon   

Andorreth Vikar

Andorreth Vikar


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On the way towards the hangar with Jae I saw a repulsor-cart off to the side of one hall. Passing several rooms I saw what looked to be an armory and heading in I grabbed an open crate and simply shoved everything from the lockers into the crate and after loading it onto the cart I simply kicked the lid shut. Glancing over at Jae I said "So Jae, glad nothing was able to sink its' teeth into me yet? I mean I'm all for being bit, but only if it's by you Jae." Silently I hoped that Crosswire hadn't heard that but even if he had I wasn't bothered by his knowing Jae and I were a thing. 


Moving the repulsor-cart towards the hangar with one hand I ejected the blade in my right gauntlet. I also charged the electro-shock palm in my left glove as we reached the hangar. Opening the door via the door controls I was greeted by the sight of a YT-2400 Corellian Light Freighter.




Letting out a breath I said "My my, little brother what are you doing so far from home? Corellian light freighter....and outside Adumar orbit." Walking over to the hull I saw the name painted alongside the lower plating. Dauntless, huh hell of a name for a Corellian freighter. Not that I'd argue against the sentiment either, looking back towards Jae I said so she could and Crosswire could hear over comms. "Guys, I think we just found our ride outta here and back to the Salvation. Plus we'll be able to grab the cargo containers floating around outside too. By the Goddesses I love Corellian engineering! A YT-2400 Light Freighter is a hell of a find guys..."


Hopefully if we were going to be ambushed in the hangar it'd be soon so we could disable the droids and load them aboard....


Jae Jordan ~ Trelock Relon

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