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Ella Nova (Darth Ayra)

Darth Ayra Order of the Sith Lords Jedi Knight Ella Nova Dark Lord of the Sith Sith Lord

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Ella Nova

Ella Nova


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Ella Nova




"I am one of you."


Former biography here: Avedia Lacroix and Darth Ayra.


Biological Information:


Name: Ella Nova or Darth Ayra

Faction: Order of the Sith Lords

Homeworld: Coruscant

Born: 820 ABY

Rank: Jedi Knight (Master)

Force Sensitive: Yes


Physical Description:


Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Height: 1.49 meters

Hair colour: Dark brown

Eye colour: Brown

Skin colour: Fair

Force-sensitive: Yes


Chronological & Political Information:


Era(s): Era of Chaos

Affiliation: Dark side of the ForceOrder of the Sith Lords

Master(s): Sochi Ru, Darth Pandeima.


Personality & Traits:




Secret - Ella is secretive. She knows when to divulge secrets (or information), and when not to.


Intelligent - She rates higher than the average level of IQ.


Trained Jedi Knight - Ella was a member of the Jedi Order, passing her trials to become a Jedi Knight. She still retains the training, knowledge and skills that the Jedi taught her over the span of two decades from an early age.


Sith Master - Ella Nova is secretly a Dark Lord of the Sith called Darth Ayra, who took over her body through an ancient Sith ritual known as Transfer Essence. As a Sith Lord, Ella possesses in depth knowledge on the dark side of the Force, which she keeps hidden from her enemies in the Jedi Order.


Secrets of Darth Revan - Having studied the Sith Holocron of Darth Revan, Ella retains all the information, knowledge and techniques taught by the Holocrons gatekeeper.


Secrets of Darth Andeddu - Possessing the Holocron of Heresies, Ella retains most of the information, knowledge and techniques taught by the Holocrons gatekeeper, except ironically the ritual of Transfer Essence, which was locked away by a former owner.




Arrogant - Ella is arrogant to other peoples sensibilities, beliefs and powers. She considers most, if not all underneath her from both a strength and philosophical perspective. She always considers herself the strongest in any room, and if that isn't the case, then the smartest and most cunning.


Secret - Ella is a Sith Lord called Darth Ayra, who took over the Jedi Knight's mind with an ancient Sith ritual just before her apparent death. Wearing the face of the Jedi Knight whilst her enemies and former allies think she is dead, Lord Ayra is determined that this secret is never learned.




Ella Nova is a small woman, possessing mousy short dark brown hair and found wearing the robes of the Jedi Knight. A Lightsaber hangs from her left hip which shines dark blue, with several other equipment adorning her utility belt. Her eyes are brown as well, although there appears to be bags under her eyes, like she has trouble sleeping. This Jedi Knight walks with an air of authority and purpose, and speaks like it too.






Ella Nova was a Human female Jedi Knight who served the Galactic Republic during the One Sith Wars. The Jedi Padawan to Sochi Ru, Ella passed her trials to become a Jedi Knight two weeks before the One Sith revealed themselves on Coruscant. Participating in the defence of the Jedi Temple, Ella was critically injured whilst trying to save several Jedi Initiates and Padawans, who were being evacuated from the temple as Sith Lords slayed every Jedi they saw. Whilst the war between the One Sith and the Galactic Republic waged on, Ella was befriended by an astromech droid called Arsix.


By the time that Ella had recovered from the injuries sustained during the Sacking of Coruscant, the Jedi Order had suffered several schisms that had severely weakened it's ability to serve the Galactic Republic during it's war with the One Sith. Signing up to serve with the Republic military in several campaigns, each resulting in defeat, Ella left the Order to venture deep into Sith space to find the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Vornskr, defeat him and apprehend him so that he could be served justice by Republic courts for his crimes, as part of her plans to resurrect the Republic war effort with a major victory. However, during her duel with Darth Vornskr, Ella was soundly beaten in the duel and was subsequently captured by the Sith Lord, who imprisoned her upon her homeworld of Coruscant, inside the Black Prison.


For three months Ella was tortured at the hands of Vornskr and his interrogation droids, during which a Sith Knight called Vaulkhar attempted to free in exchange for her sparing his life earlier in the war. However, Ella refused Vaulkhar's assistance, knowing that his betrayal would only bring upon him the wrath of Darth Vornskr. However, Ella would eventually be broken out of the Black Prison by a sect of Sun Guards from the distant moon of Sojourn upon the order of Darth Ayra. Infected by parasites who had latched onto her body during her excavation of Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun, Ayra sought to free the Jedi Knight and use her to steal the secrets of the Jedi Order's healing arts in an effort to free her of the parasites. Although weakened and defeated at the hands of Darth Vornskr, Ella still managed to seize the strength to defy Ayra and refuse to help her. Finally succumbing to the rage and pain brought on by the parasites on her body, Darth Ayra used the ancient Sith ritual of Transfer Essence upon the Jedi Knight as a last resort to save her life. Although her physical body was destroyed during the process, Darth Ayra seized control of the Jedi Knight's mind and body, effectively becoming her.


Completing the ancient Sith ritual of Transfer Essence, Darth Ayra consolidated her former affects and took the Ayrix to the First Order. Joining the Order of Ren as Avedia Lacroix, Ayra joined the Knights of Ren on Yalara during their expedition of the Temple of Ragnos, guarding the entrance to the ruined temple whilst the others searched for the supposed Holocron of Tavion Axmis. Above Dosuun, Avedia begun to meet with the individual members of the Knights of Ren, with the goal of gaining their allegiance for an upcoming attack on three holders of rare Sith Holocrons that she know of from her seminal life. 


Avedia begun to meet with Avreet, the Mon Calamari man who had led the Knights on Yalara during their expedition of the Temple of Ragnos. After revealing the existence of Darth Revan's Sith Holocron, Avedia bartered with Avreet, explaining that she would only confer the knowledge held within the fist sized pyramid in exchange for his assistance in the murder of a Mandalorian Warlord and two Jedi. Explaining that these individuals were Gatekeepers of rare Sith Holocrons, Avedia and Avreet reached an agreement. In exchange for access to her Holocron, Avreet would help her murder the Gatekeepers and take the Holocrons that they were hiding. After returning to her quarters, where Avreet had been left to study the Holocron, the pair learned of each others true identities and allegiances. In a test of each others strength, a duel between the two ensued, as both Sith Lords vied for supremacy over the other.


Following her duel with Darth Veles (Avreet's real identity), Avedia discovered the location of the Holocron of Heresies. Together, Veles and Ayra (who was deceived into thinking her Sith name was actually Vupua) ventured to Tatooine and broke into the homestead of Jedi Grandmaster Corvus Raaf, who was presumed dead during the One Sith Wars. Discovering the Sith Holocron inside the late Grandmaster's home, Avedia took ownership of the Sith Holocron and returned to Dosuun to steady it's secrets. Later, Avedia Lacroix would leave the First Order and host an excavation on Tund, seizing control of a library of ancient tomes and books belonging to the Sorcerers of Tund.


Entering a period of seclusion on Ambria, Darth Ayra planned her return to the galaxy in the guise of Jedi Knight Ella Nova.





Powers & Abilities:


Ella was taught in the ways of the Force by Sochi Ru. She was also taught in the ways of the dark side by Darths Pandeima, Revan and Andeddu as Darth Ayra:


Force Barrier

Force Resistance

Force Grip

Force Push

Force Pull

Force Speed

Force Lightning

Force Suppression


Battle Meditation


During her formative years as a Jedi Padawan, Ella Nova learned and became an adept practitioner of it Form III - Soresu. As a Sith Lord, she secretly knows the techniques of Form V - Djem So / Shien, Form VII - Juyo, their Jar'Kai variants and the martial art K'tara.




Miscellaneous Threads:


A chi vuole, non mancano modi - Poisoned by a parasite on Dxun, Darth Ayra knows that she is dying. But the Dark Lord does not want to die. Enter a Jedi Knight who may ironically serve to be the catalyst of the Sith's survival...


Exile (Open) [Lake Natth / Ambria] - After the completion of the Essence Transfer ritual on Jedi Knight Ella Nova, the previously thought to be Sith Lord- Darth Ayra- lives in seclusion upon the barren world of Ambria, near the shores of Lake Natth. That is until she is discovered...


Crossing A Line - Leaving seclusion on Ambria, Darth Ayra has begun travelling across space once again board the Ayrix. With her ship low on fuel she pulls into a remote space station to re-fuel her ship...


Humbarine Election - After meeting with her former Sith Master on the planet Ambria, Darth Ayra departs to begin her latest plan of galactic domination. She begins on the planet Humbarine, using the identity of Ella Nova and politics to enter the running to become the planet's Senator on the New Republic senate. But to accomplish this she needs the assistance of another...


Taking the First Steps - As the New Republic expands it's territory into the Rendili Hex, Darth Ayra arrives on board the Ayrix to visit the Jedi Temple down below under the disguise of the Jedi Knight whose body she had taken over with her powers...


Purple Moon - A group of gangsters who call themselves the Purple Rejects are threatening to disclose information about their ties to Darth Ayra and use it to exploit her connection to the InterGalactic Banking Clan. To protect her interests and assets Ayra arrives on Formos to meet the gangsters one final time to shut them up for good...


Jen'ari-Republic Alliance - Darth Vyrassu, leader of the Order of Jen'ari, has called for a conference between himself and the leaders of the New Republic on the neutral world of Duro to discuss terms of an alliance against common foes. As the newly elected senator of Humbarine, Ella heads to Duro on board her personal ship with a Jen'ari agent in tow. But will her true nature be exposed by the Jen'ari when she arrives?


Senatoral Proposal Debate - The New Republic Senate convenes on the capital of Carida to discuss and debate the proposed Bill Alpha-32116 or Enhanced Core World and Security Bill which would see a greater expenditure on Republic military in order to render aid and assistance to worlds found in the Core region, which were left affected in the wake of the Galactic Alliance's fall.


Humbarine - In her chambers in the Humbarine Council office of District One, Ella meets with an invited guest of the Confederacy in order to gain some influence with them as well as the woman that she had invited...


Once The Key Has Been Turned It Cannoit Be Undone - A contact in the IGBC has told Ella of rumour regarding a discovery at the Erstwhile station back in First Order space.


Home of a Legend - Returning from the Erstwhile station, Darth Ayra takes a different route home en route to Humbarine to visit Mustafar in order to discover more about the mysterious Sith Lord called Darth Vader, who Ayra suspects to be a member of Darth Bane's lineage.


The Rise of a Pickle - Ella has been invited to explore the newly constructed warship, the Pickle Rock, in the Kashyyyk system. Using the invitiation as a means to gather information on her future enemies in the Silver Jedi Ella makes her way to Centurion Station to explore the ship for herself whilst keeping her ulterior motives to herself.


Contact - On the planet Tund, where she had previously overseen an excavation into the Sorcerers of Tund, Darth Ayra sets up first contact between herself and a warrior race called the Bryn'adûl, with nefarious purpose in minds.


The Sacking of the Green Jedi - As the New Republic welcomes home Corellia, Darth Ayra uses the chaos of the situation to attack the Green Jedi and explore an unlikely connection between them and the Rule of Two. (New Republic dominion of Corellia)


The Shadow Rises - The time has come. Another Sith Lord by the name of Darth Animus has reached out to Darth Ayra to form the Order of Shadows, an organisation designed to overthrow the rulers of the Sith Empire and takeover from the inside out.


Crystalidium - Aware of the inevitability of being investigated for being a Sith Lord, following her attack on the Green Jedi, Darth Ayra returns to the Skyhook she had built in order to prepare for what was to come.


Second Senate Session - Senators reconvene on the world of Carida to discuss a proposed bill made by Sankt Yora of Kuat. Ella attends to give Humbarine (and her own) opinion on the bill.


Seven Moons Rising - Following her meeting with Tmoxin Temi Ella heads to Bothawui to attend a party that she has arranged with other Viceroys and influencers in the Confederacy.


A Summit of Governors - Ella attends a summit between galactic leaders on Alderaan in the home of Alexandra Feanor.


All my old threads done between 2014 - 2017.



All my old development threads created for factory and codex submissions circa 2014 - 2017.



Dominions / Skirmishes / Invasions:


All my previous dominion/skirmish/invasion threads circa 2014 - 2017. (The ones I remembered to add to my biography at the time.)



Personal Items / Equipment:


Ella Nova's Lightsaber - Constructed by Jedi Knight Ella Nova as a Padawan learner, it currently acts as the weapon of the Sith Lord that took over her body until she can construct a better one.


The Ayrix (Indispensable-class Corporate Flagship) - A larger more equipped interstellar vessel to travel across the galaxy for long periods of time. Used to house Darth Ayra's dark side creations or discoveries.


The Initium - Personal starship that was constructed through a joint classified venture between Chandrila DataTech and Ri'ess-Emeritus Industries on behalf of the Sith Lord.


Factory & Codex Submissions:


Factory - Darth Revan's Sith Holocron - [Holocron]

Factory The Holocron of Heresies - [Holocron]

Factory - Chandrila DataTech - [Tier 3]

Factory - Chandrila Group - [Tier 3]

Factory - Hudrel Robotics - [Tier 2] (Sold)

Factory - Imperial Arms Incorporated - [Tier 2]

Factory - Anax Arms - [Tier 1]

Factory - Lenoi I - [Datapad]

Factory - Lenoi II - [Datapad]

Factory - The Core I - [Computer / Desktop]

Factory - The Core II - [Computer / Desktop]

Factory - The Raxor I - [Communique / Phone / Comlink]

Factory - The Raxor II - [Communique / Phone / Comlink]

Factory - "Chon" Operating system - [Software]

Factory - The "Chon" store - [Software]

Factory - Neutralizer II-class bomber - [Starfighter]

Factory - Annihilator-class boarding shuttles - [Starfighter]

Factory - Chandrila DataTech's "3457-89-01" Prototype - [Podracer]

Factory - Acavus-class Bulk Cruiser - [Ship]

Factory - The Ayrix (Indispensable-class Corporate Flagship) - [Ship]

Factory - The Initium - [Ship]

Factory - #3567-956-827 - [Technology]

Factory - A Tund Tome - [Technology]

Factory - Ella Nova's Lightsaber - [Technology]

Factory - The Sochi Ru - [Technology] 

Factory - Praesidium-class Shield - [Technology]

Factory - Jaron Lesan's Lightsaber - [Weapon]

Factory - Freedon Nadd's Short Lightsaber - [Weapon]

Factory - #3567-956-827 - [Technology]

Factory - The Creatura Reactor - [Technology]

Factory - Personal Signal Jammer - [Technology]

Factory - Portable Dampening Field (PDF) - [Technology]

Factory - "Pendant of Aay'han" - [Technology]

Factory - Acavus Sprinkler System - [Technology]

Factory - Cortosis Transportation Crates - [Technology]

Factory - The Morpho Burger Dulux - [Foodstuffs]

Factory - Nerf Steaks - [Foodstuffs]

Factory - Endorian Chicken - [Foodstuffs]

Factory - Roba Chops - [Foodstuffs]


Codex - The Order of the Sith Lords - [Lore]

Codex - The Home (Skyhook) - [Location]

Codex - Sun Guards of Sojourn - [NPC]

Codex - Arsix - [NPC]

Codex - "the Fort" - [Location]

Codex - The Spice Mines of Kessel - [Location]

Codex - Drey's Cortosis Mine - [Location]

Codex - "DataTech" stores - [Location]

Codex - Underground Facility on Mytus VII - [Location]

Codex - IAI Headquarters on Kalee - [Location]

Codex - The Emita Farmlands - [Location]

Codex - Dubrillion Factories - [Location]

Codex - Serj Sularis - [NPC]

Codex - Terrik Hudrel - [NPC]

Codex - Hamal Matterfire - [NPC]

Codex - Purple Rejects - [NPC Unit]

Codex - The Katarn Maneuver - [Lore]






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Ella Nova

Ella Nova


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Basically my most up to date biography with what has happened and what is going on with this character. I wanted to reveal that Avedia Lacroix was Ella Nova (my old Jedi Knight) and then by extension do a double swerve and reveal she was Darth Ayra the entire time as well, but I don't have to time to write nowadays and I don't have the time or energy to try and put together a story line of that magnitude.


I covered the explanation in this thread. Probably not returning to Chaos this year, I have a lot on my plate, but I will pop in now and again to lurk probably. That's that I guess, back to lurking.

Alexandra Feanor

Alexandra Feanor

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Looks awesome Avedia, good to see Ella still out there.