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Makai Dashiell

Makai Dashiell

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Rosa Gunn



Entering, Makai placed his bag on a chair, with Koa hopping up to rest on the arm. The Loth-Cat turned around in a small circle several times before settling himself on the arm with a content sigh. Clearly Koa was worn out from his ordeal with the janitor droids. Or just being his usual semi-lazy self. 



"Oh don't worry Mrs.Gunn I am a semi-decent cook. Well, I can make relatively edible meals, I shouldn't get ahead of myself."  A small nod followed about the need to know location. "I don't think it will be a problem. I wouldn't want to jeopardize anything. " 



Briefly he thought about messaging Myra Elspeth and asking if she wanted to join him. The second time his thoughts had drifted back to the girl. Probably best to get a little space, especially after the entire black eye incident not to long ago. 



"So where do you want me at? I can be ready to start in a few minutes..." A pause. "Rancor den, right?"


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