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Enyo Typhos 2.0.

Enyo Archangel Clone Terminatrix

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Enyo Typhos

Enyo Typhos


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  • Name: Enyo Typhos
  • Age: Technically speaking she ought to be about two-three years old now. Though modelled to appear in her thirties. Since she's to all intents and purposes an HRD, she no longer ages.
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Formerly a Human Clone, now an HRD Simulacrum.
  • Height: 180 cm due to her cybernetic body. This is slightly taller than Siobhan.
  • Weight: 120 kg.
  • Eyes: Brown.
  • Hair: Brown
  • Skin: Caucasian, tanned. Her skin is synthetic.
  • Force Sensitive: Yes, very much so.
  • Force Alignment: Dark Side. Enyo is not mindless berserker, a sadist or a megalomaniac, but cold, callous and ultimately selfish. The only people other than herself whose needs she considers important are her clone 'siblings'. She regards the Force as a tool, nothing more.
  • Force Rank: Dark Jedi Master. Enyo was trained by a Dark Eldorai called Talsir Vanaeth, but is not part of any Force cult.
  • Affiliation: Archangel Research and Design, Iron Fist Consortium, Revenant Industries, Typhos Clone Family.
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil.



Affiliates, family members and enemies:

  • Moira Skaldi: Terminatrix 'Mother', co-director of Archangel, enemy.
  • Maelion Liates: Terminatrix, 'Mother', co-director of Archangel, enemy. Dead.
  • Amara Zarides: Clone of Kaelin Isandros, little 'sister' and morality pet.
  • Ylva Wolfsbane: Valkyri berserker, one of Enyo's lieutenants in the Iron Fist Consortium
  • Joza Perl: Zeltron tycoon, business partner, friend.
  • @Vaylin: Zabrak Sith, partner-in-murder.
  • Maris Fero: Youth gang leader on Vorzyd. Apprentice.


NPC servitors, allies etc:


NPC unit and group submissions:




Factory subs:


Clone posse:


Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Affluent Ascetic: Enyo was raised in a monastic way by Archangel and had few possessions and no real income. Now she's a crime boss and financially well-off, but chooses to live spartanly. This is partly because she cannot really enjoy most of organic pursuits due to being a droid, but it's also partly a deliberate choice. The trapping of power do not interest her, just power itself. Rather than spend lots of credits on pretty things for herself, she invests into her organisation. Especially in weapons. She's tried to cultivate a similar attitude amongst her siblings, but her success has varied.
  • The Unfettered: Enyo has no loyalties or attachments except to herself and her fellow clones. Having started out as someone who was brainwashed, controlled and abused, she has sworn to never let anyone control herself, is suspicious, cynical and rather selfish. Her defining trait ist her ruthlessness and she has a great capacity for cruelty. With the exception of her sister, Enyo is all alone in the Galaxy. However, there is rarely any malice in what Enyo does. Most organics are simply pieces on a board for her.
  • Control freak. Enyo has become crueller, colder and more suspicious of others' motives since the events of Korriban City, which were an awakening experience for her. She is suspicious, fixated on being in control and treats her minions as tools.
  • No Social Skills: Maybe not quite that bad, but Enyo is the exact opposite of a social butterfly or a people person. She was raised by a cult of abusive, genocidal machines, who never really intended her to be an infiltrator and thus did not tech her the necessary skills. As a result, she is socially stunted, lacks tact and tries to cover her lack of grace by acting tough. Lack of control makes her deeply uncomfortable. She is only really at ease around the tiny circle of people she feels comfortable around.
  • Mind Over Matter: Enyo has inherited her counterpart's formidable potential with telekinesis. Whether she develops it in the same manner is another question, but she has the potential to become very proficient and cause carnage. So far Enyo uses telekinesis more to shield herself and augment her body.
  • The Stoic: Enyo is aloof and displays very little emotion. She's dispassionate about killing.
  • Feel No Pain: As a result of her transformation into a grotesque hybrid, Enyo no longer feels pain.
  • Tyke Bomb: Enyo was created with one goal in mind: To serve as a tool of Archangel. Everything about her life is supposed to serve this purpose, meaning that she is tightly monitored and grows up in a controlled environment. When Archangel discovered how difficult it is to control an organic, let alone a Force-user, they essentially zombified her. Eventually, their totalitarian control backfired, creating their own Frankenstein's monster. She is deeply scarred by her experiences, distrustful and lonely.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Enyo is deeply attached to her sister Amara Zarides. She is the one Enyo trusts the most and has for a long time has been her sole human contact. Archangel exploited this trust in order to bind the clones to them. Enyo is extremely protective of the girl and would react violently should she come to harm. Ever since Amara's birth, Enyo has assumed the big sister role, guiding the younger clone and training her in the Force. Unlike her older sister, Amara is an extroverted, eccentric prankster and a bit of a pacifist. This makes them an odd pair.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Probably self-explanatory. She broods about it. A lot. Boy, there's sooo much brooding. To all intents and purposes, Enyo is dead...yet lives on through the power of twisted science. She despises her metal cage, but requires it to survive, since she is unable to return to living flesh. Throwing herself into a campaign of vengeance is her way of dealing with her pain and focusing her rage, but the exact opposite of healthy. She probably cannot be considered sane. Her past looms over her like a shadow, and she is haunted by the torment she endured.
  • Determinator: She has been used and abused since she breathed air. Her entire life has been a lie. She died and what was brought through twisted science. She does not give up. There's nothing left for her to be afraid of.
  • Methodical: Enyo is patient and precise. This is reflected in her training methods, which differ strongly from Siobhan's impatience and abrasive attitude. In battle, she has a tactical mind and is able to think on her feet, though she's willing to sacrifice others as pawns. She plans her moves carefully.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Compared to her gregarious younger sister Amara, Enyo is rather serious, reserved and sometimes chilly. One could say she has a bit of a prim and proper attitude. However, she takes this one step further because she has become quite ruthless over her past missions. She has a few moral scruples and is inherently selfish.This goes hand in hand with Archangel's attempt to teach her to prize logic over emotion. She manifests a warmer, friendlier personality when she interacts with her clone sisters, showing a more human side. Though she occasionally treats her harshly, she loves her sibling. However, her cold, chilly and rather abrasive personality wins her few friends, which furthers her isolation.
  • Took a Level in Cynic and Took a Level in Jerkarse: Enyo started out as a Knights Templar type. She was convinced that she was on the side of the righteous and doing good. In her eyes, Archangel served the greater good and would make the Galaxy a better place. If this required sacrifice, then so be it. As a result, she participated in many heinous actions, such as processing people into machines, false flag ops and the like. However, over time her idealism was eroded. She no longer believes in Archangel, but has not found a new faith. There's a void in her; she's jaded, cynical and distrustful of authority, having become convinced that most people just want to use her. This makes her ruthless and callous. To her, the galaxy is a dark and bleak place. The strong do what they will, and the weak suffer what they must. So the only solution is to be one of the strong to avoid being kicked around or manipulated.
  • Fantastic Racism: Enyo grew up in a sterile environment with limited contact to the outside world. Her sole longer-term human contact was provided by her fellow clones and her Eldorai teacher Talsir Vanaeth. All are Force-users. HRDs are superior to commoners, but Archangel turned to them for assistance because droids cannot wield the Force. Moreover, Talsir was an unrepentant supremacist who passed her beliefs on to the clone. Thus Enyo is convinced that she's superior to the Force blind masses. She also sees herself as apart from organics, without considering herself a droid. Machines abused and tormented her, after all.
  • Doppelganger: Enyo looks like Siobhan Kerrigan. Sometimes this is a problem. Or an asset.
  • Blood Knight: Enyo really, really enjoys combat. She relishes the thrill of the fight, is quite fond of violence and fighting in general. In that regard, she's similar to a younger Siobhan Kerrigan. Violence isn't the only thing she lives for, but one of her favourites. She respects strength and above all martial strength. To her, the strong rule and the weak serve.
  • Cain and Abel: Let's just say that this form of sibling rivalry is...very intense, though it's presently one-sided because Siobhan doesn't know about her clone. Enyo considers Siobhan to be her older sister and, as mentioned above, is extremely envious of her.On the bright side, Enyo is not plagued by existential crises about not being 'real' due to being a 'copy', but quite fixated with stepping out of her mirror's shadow. Her mirror has power, fame and wealth and is not shackled to a metal shell. At the same time, Enyo considers herself superior to her mirror because the latter is reliant on the Force and attached to luxury and creature comforts. In other words, she has an Inferiority Superiority Complex.
  • Achilles Heel: Her cyborg physiology means that she cannot conjure Force Lightning or Ionise Droid without damaging herself. This also makes her vulnerable to electrical attacks. While one attack will not destroy her mechanical limbs or make them short out, several powerful blasts are dangerous to her because she relies on her mechanical parts and electronics to survive.
  • Fragile. Though the body is strong, the head is vulnerable. Concussions from impacts can damage the sensitive brain matter and electronics which keep it alive. Any penetration to the brain case will allow vital fluids to leak out, causing death if sufficiently emptied.
  • Stripped. Enyo can use the Force as a droid, but it comes at a cost. The organic tissue which covers her helps augment the power of her mind and the crystal. If her organic coverings are damaged or destroyed her ability to call on the Force will be reduced by up to half if it was all destroyed.
  • Super Strength: Self-explanatory. Even without the Force, she punches extremely hard and is the equal of a Terminatrix. It helps that her body is made of phrik, which also makes her very durable.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Superhumanely strong and durable, but also fast and endowed with HRD reflexes. With a phrik endoskeleton and the power of a mechanical body, Enyo is much stronger than an organic as well as faster. Her body is extremely resistant to lightsabres.
  • Technopath: Enyo has displayed an aptitude for mechu-deru since being reconstructed. This makes her adept at manipulating machines and repairing damage her cybernetics sustain. She's also got a knack for designing droids and cybernetic implants.




On the outside, Enyo looks like the spitting image of Siobhan Kerrigan, minus the red hair, since she has not dyed it and is thus still a brunette. Indeed, she has far less scars than her mirror. However, appearances are very deceiving. In reality, she is an HRD. Her Simulacrum body is the culmination of Archangel's efforts to create an organic and mechanical hybrid, a being that melds both aspects of the Galaxy together and is able to use the Force.



The Simulacrum is a droid body containing a human brain. Additional connective tissue and cloned skin etc combined with a focusing crystal allows Enyo to use the Force. She has a phrik skeleton which is naturally resistant to many forms of damage including lightsabres. Her organic brain, the only thing that remains of her human self, is contained within a self-sustained ‘tank’ in the skull. In effect, she is a brain in a box encased inside a metal shell covered in synthetic flesh. Unlike a standard droid, she can draw upon the Force to augment her physical prowess and shape the material around her. Even without use of the Force, her strength, speed and durability are considerable and make her a potent fighting machine.



However, she is very vulnerable to ion and electrical attacks. Unlike a droid, she cannot just shut down and reboot because like with Vader the electronics keep her alive and are thus vulnerable. To counter this weakness, Enyo wears insulated armour, makes use of ionisation buffers and Electrical Capacitance Shields. Although resistant to damage, her head is vulnerable to concussions, which can hurt the fragile brain inside. Finally, she must endure the horror and madness that comes with being an organic locked in a metal shell. In effect, Enyo is in limbo, forever unable to return to true flesh. She no longer feels physical pain...but also no pleasure.



When it comes to attire, Enyo is the opposite of her fashionista template. She loathes dresses and skirts and dislikes revealing clothing that leaves her exposed. Instead, she prefers more martial, paramilitary-style clothes. In that regard, she's quite similar to the younger Siobhan. She always carries a lightsabre and at least one gun. Then again, at this point she can be considered a living weapon, so it's safe to say that she's never unarmed, even if she doesn't carry an external weapon on her person. Due to her body's weight, Enyo cannot swam, would probably sink in a swamp and finds muddy terrain more difficult to traverse.



Force Abilities: Though not on the same level as her mirror, Enyo has become a strong Force-user since she awoke in the cloning tube. She is strong in telekinesis, utilising it in a rather brutal manner. Consume Essence gives her an advantage against organic opponents who project strong negative emotions, but would put her at a disadvantage against droids or Jedi who stay serene and strong in the Light during combat.



Her clone sisters are both empaths, so Enyo had to learn from early on to protect her mind against unintentional backlash. Enyo is proficient in using the Force to augment her body, increasing her already considerable strength and durability. Prior to her reconstruction, Enyo was fond of using Force Lightning. However, post-reconstruction her cybernetic nature makes this hazardous to her, so using Force-based electrical discharges is not an option. Moreover, she cannot swim and risks sinking in swamps. She has manifested strong technopathic abilities, enabling her to manipulate droids, electronic systems and repair damage to her own cybernetics. She has a great understanding of the construction of droids and cybernetic implants. Her talent enables her to assemble mechanical servitors from scrap parts to fight for her.



Enyo has a strong defence and offence. One of her favoured forms is Soresu. Unlike a human, she does not tire, so she can keep defending until the key moment to strike comes, moving from a solid defence into a powerful attack. She is skilled in the five classical styles of lightsabre combat, excluding Ataru. She cannot employ this style because while she is fast, her heavy skeleton prevents her from performing the intense acrobatics that form relies on. She has a preference for Soresu, as her droid physiology allows her to outlast many organic opponents and strike when the time is right. Enyo prefers to use a single blade in combat, but usually carries a second lightsabre as backup. Usually she keeps her off-hand free for grappling, punching, Force or gun use.


  • Consume Essence
  • Electronic Manipulation
  • Enhance Attribute
  • Force Barrier
  • Force Cloak
  • Force Concealment
  • Force Flash
  • Force Body
  • Force Drain
  • Force Sense
  • Force Speed/Jump
  • Mechu-Deru
  • Protection Bubble
  • ​Telekinesis
  • Thought Shield
  • Tutaminis






Kills: Maelion Liates


Ships: The Quasar Star Yacht, the Harbinger corvette.




Enyo is the product of the ambitions of Archangel, a company that serves as the front for a cult of genocidal and possibly insane death machines pursuing megalomanical plans of galactic domination. Way back Moira Skaldi and Maelion Liates were highly placed in the intelligence apparatus of the Protectorate, even ran it for a good while. There was no love lost between them and Siobhan Kerrigan, the Protectorate's battering ram and eventually Exarch, though they fought side by side on battlefields such as the hellish world of Gehenna, where the Bando Gora were defeated. Ironically, it was the HRDs who saved Siobhan's life when the subterranean capital of the Chaos worshippers was being torn down by her power after she slew the 'dark god'.

Indeed, long after leaving the Protectorate Moira conspired with the scheming Sith Lord Darth Shadow to lure Siobhan, then Vice President of Firemane, into a trap and murder her, which resulted in the Countess being spaced. (Un)fortunately she survived, though she was put in a coma for a good while! Cautious that the woman would seek vengeance, Moira abstained from further attacks but kept an eye on the Eldorai homeworld of Kaeshana. Through use of a courtesan, who was rewarded for her services by being enteched, she acquired a DNA sample from Siobhan.

That done, she took the sample back to the very brilliant Madeline Kahoshi, Archangel's chief scientist and former Atrisian Empress. A staff of HRDs worked tirelessly over several months in order to produce a clone and eventually their efforts succeeded. Enyo appears close in age with her counterpart, but without her scars and bionics. Without much of the original DNA donor's memories, thoughts or idiosyncrasies this new cloned human was essentially a blank slate. Completely ready for her HRD overlords to mold into whatever they so desired. The project was still being kept secret and Enyo was been shielded from the outside world until Archangel could be assured that she will be of use and stay loyal. She was intended to work in tandem with Phaedra Amaryllis and compliment her skills. Both were indoctrinated by the machine cult and trained on the hellish world of Gehenna, the former Bando Gora homeworld.

As time passed, Enyo was exposed to the outside world and completed many missions for Archangel, performing raids or eliminating targets that stood in the way of the Age of Steel. At their behest, she aided the First Order during their expansionary ventures and briefly affiliated with the Knights of Ren, though she did not forge any lasting bonds. She impersonated her sister on a number of occasions, such as on Nar Shaddaa and Balmorra, where she seized the chance to blacken Siobhan Kerrigan's name.

Over time, Enyo became more and more ruthless, helping Archangel acquire organics to process into HRDs. Hardened, cold and increasingly cynical, she became a killer, but still clung to the idea that she was in the right and her mirror was the villain. Broody and lonely, she was not the type to make friends, but built a strong bond with her new sister Amara Zarides, a clone of Kaelin Isandros. The two made an odd pair, since Amara was gregarious, eccentric and bubbly, whereas Enyo was formal, humourless and aloof. Despite still being inexperienced, Enyo assumed the responsibility of teaching her the ways of the Force. Ironically, she considered it her mission to ensure that her younger sister did not become evil and depraved like Kaelin, but she was blind to the fact that she herself was turning into a monster.

She represented Archangel during its negotiations with the Sith Order, pledging support for their campaign to 'liberate' the Stygian Caldera. This included providing warm bodies for the Zombie Queen Matsu Xiangu so that she'd have materiel for her undead. On Korriban, she stood with the Sith when a rogue Silver commander bombed Korriban City. Feeling a spark of humanity inside herself, Enyo saved a child from the bombardment. Unfortunately for her, she could not escape herself and was severely injured. Archangel recovered and rebuilt the clone's shattered body, turning her into a cyborg. Much like Vader, she was dependent on a grotesque breathing apparatus to survive. Unbeknownst to her, they also subjected her to mental conditioning to assure her loyalty. After her reconstruction, Enyo performed many missions for Archangel, spilling blood in the name of her creators. She joined a Mandalorian raid on Ossus, where she duelled a Jedi called Sorel Crieff.



However, despite the indoctrination, her bitterness only grew, though the same applied to her rage against Siobhan. During her recovery period, Enyo and Amara became aware that Archangel had tried to brainwash them. The two resolved to find a way to overcome their mental conditioning and free themselves from the machine cult's control. At this point, Enyo abandoned the last vestiges of her earlier idealism.



On a mission to recover artefacts on Coruscant, Enyo and Amara rebelled. However, their HRD controller Vess managed to subdue Enyo and turn her against her sister by using her programmed code phrase, turning the clone into a puppet. Amara escaped and eventually hooked up with a group of vigilantes led by Naamah Aesham, a former Inquisitor with a grudge against Archangel. After returning to Archangel's base with a damaged Vess, Enyo was able to briefly see through her brainwashing. After beating up Vess and a large number of Archangel droids, she was subdued and her creators decided on a far more radical measure to control her: the Simulacrum.



Enyo died inside the processing machine and was reborn as a grotesque hybrid. To test her obedience, Maelion Liates ordered her to murder a newly-born Tempest clone. Despite her best attempts, Enyo was unable to make her body resist this order and so she killed the poor clone. It is an event that has deeply scarred her.



Eventually, she was reunited with her sister, when Amara and Naamah's gang tried to steal Archangel's Maladi. Ironically, said ship had been stolen by Enyo and Amara from a Kuati shipyard. After thrashing Naamah and her friend Arryn, Enyo confronted Amara. After beating her sister to a bloody pulp, Enyo finally snapped when Vess ordered her to kill the other clone. Finally breaking free, Enyo demolished Vess, escaping with her sister and the vigilantes.



Now Enyo was free from Archangel's control, but the spectre of her creators had not left her. Her obsession with fighting and destroying Siobhan Kerrigan had been replaced by a burning desire for vengeance on her creators. They manipulated, abused and tormented her, now she wanted to make them pay. At the same time, she is driven by strong urge to liberate the clones Archangel has created or is in the process of doing so. However, while her sister Amara wanted to destroy Archangel, Enyo wanted to take over. To this end, she gathered allies and raised her own army. She launched a series of raids against Archangel to weaken them and acquire resources. Her power base expanded as she took advantage of various conflicts. During the Incursion Crisis, she allied with the Contingency to deal a serious blow to Archangel, then betrayed the Shards when she no longer needed him. Working with the Sith Empire as a mercenary, she showed her mettle by fighting a Jedi Knight on Mirial and Jedi Masters on Thyferra and Kashyyyk. Morality did not matter to her, only results. Finally she made a pact with the savage Kraal, enabling her to recruit a legion of the ferocious lizardmen. The final battle with Archangel was a bloody one, but she emerged victorious, though at a cost. Due to their conflicting alignments, she and Amara parted, though both siblings promised to help one another if need be. To protect Amara - and keep an eye on her - Enyo assigned an HRD to her crew. Enyo is now in control of Archangel and its droid army. The question is, what now?





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