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Colluctari Nebula

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Name: Colluctari
Region: Outer (on the end of an arm)
System: Colluctari Nebula
Suns: No star present
Orbital Position: N/a
Moons: There is much debris in the sky's of Colluctari, some of them count as moons, some of them just count as debris. There is only one or two major moons left however.
Coordinates: W-16
Rotational Period: Between the differences of the crust and the ocean bottom's rotation times, it roughly rotates around in about 20 hours give or take 5 hours
Orbital Period: No orbit
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 63,000 km
Atmosphere: Type IV
Climate: The surface is completely frozen, hiding a liquid and very much alive ocean beneath several kilometers of ice.
Gravity: Five times standard or more
Primary Terrain: Ice crust, Ocean mantel
Native species: What lies beneath the ice is unknown to all, as the world has yet to be visited, but what is unknown is that there is an intelligence below the ice, evolved from extromphile fungus. The ecosystem is complex and unique, deriving energy from inorganic sources. It is divided into three categories, The Fungal Forest, Parasites, and Parasite Hunters. Parasites attempt to steal organic energy from the massive Fungal Forest, and the Fungal Forest fights back by using hormonal communication to call Parasite Hunters to eat them. Some Parasite Hunters though also eat other Hunters, and Parasites some times lech off of each other. There are many kinds of Fungi down bellow, but there is one world enveloping biological superstructure named the Collucterren, with mycellium running throughout the central core of the planet, and massive trunks that send out fish like spores to repopulate destroyed areas (either from environmental change or from the occasional moon fall that warms the world and provides renewed chemical reaction for increase in growth)
Immigrated species: None so far
Primary languages: Unknown Native Communication
Government: None observed
Population: Innumerable natives, not yet explored.
Demonym: Collucterren
Major cities: None observed
Major imports: None
Major exports: None
Affiliation: The Native Government
Culture: There is a very rich culture beneath the ice of which no one has observed. It mostly revolves on the Collucterren Fungal Forest being the parent life.
Technology: If there is an intelligence below the ice, it is primitive compared to the rest of the galaxy, lacking substantial elements of thought required for advanced civilization.

IC Knowledge: Nothing is known about this world, possibly not even discovered.

OCC Knowledge: The shorter version is that this world has existed for several billions of years floating through space, thrown out of its unknown home system by a rampaging Hot Jupiter (stealing several of the life preserving moons as it swung around it). It has survived all this time due to extremophiles and unstable lunar orbits crashing through the ice to retain the planets cooling heat, and liquefying the oceans before a total freeze over occurredThe intelligence (a Parasite Hunter) might possibly have breached the surface of the ice to view the nebula they are headed towards, and from it they have come to worship it for many thousands of years, awaiting its coming salvation.


Notable PC's: None yet
Intent: The purpose of this planet, is to create a mysterious unexplored planet. I have an idea for its use for whenever it is I return, and since the planet creation forum is closing down, I might as well put it up now. If it happens that I don't return in say, six months, use it anyone's discretion to describe the mysterious unknown ecosystem below the ice.

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