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Fiolette M. Yvarro

First Order Grand Admiral

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Fiolette Yvarro

Fiolette Yvarro

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Name: Fiolette Minerva Yvarro

Nicknames: Fio, Fee / Iron Dragon (Old Iron Pants)

Titles: N/A


Age: 70 | DOB, 783

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8" / 1.72m

Weight: 162 lbs / 73.4 kg

Eye: Blue

Hair: Blonde (Natural) | Red (Dyed)

Skin: Pale Pink / Rose Warm Complexion


Species: Human

Homeworld: Galidraan

Citizenship: Genesia, Galidraan, Eriadu, Sith Empire


Current Residence: Stormvale Manor

Occupation: Chief Executive Officer, Rear Admiral

Employer: Primo Victorian Shipwright, Sith Imperial Navy

Supervisor/Manager: Self-Employed, Supreme Admiral Omarest Croscal.

Wealth: Extreme

  • Salary, Primo Victorian Shipwright (Owner)
  • Salary, Sith Empire (Naval Commander)

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual / Biromantic

Marital Status: Divorced | Relationship Status: Dating Taeli Raaf

Children: Lucinyia Fiolette Yvarro (23), Ryssa Noehmi Yvarro (16), Ariel Josefina Yvarro (10)

Godchildren: Adara Raxis


Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Fortan (Deceased) | Family Tree

Siblings: Frejrik Fortan (Deceased), Pierce Fortan II (Deceased)


Destiny: Heroic Self Sacrifice

Force Sensitive: No

Alignment: Lawful Evil





  • Close Combat: Trained during the early years of the Atrisian Empire, Fiolette became quite adept at hand to hand combat. While she's no slouch at range combat, she's much more vicious up close and personal with either her fists, a weapon or firearm (even improvised as a bludgeoning device). Her training would be complimented by the fighting skills she'd learned from the One Sith and later the First Order. 
  • Naval Veteran: In spite of her outward youthful looks, Fiolette has years of experience in combat. Although she much prefers to strategize from a command ship, she's got no problem with commanding from within the battle. Even during the Attack on Anoat, the blonde maintained command and control of her forces throughout the sector knowing when to delegate tasks and when to conduct them herself.
  • Compassion: Enemies will not share your compassions, an instructor once told her. She can be quite compassionate about those under her command, those who serve her in the field and those closes to her. She feels though that without her compassion she would be nothing more than an emotionless being. Compassion drives her, keeps her motivated to see not just her own goals through but that of others as well.


  • Martyrdom: Always thinking that she'll have to sacrifice herself, Fiolette often puts herself last in combat situations. Her instinct is to save others at her own expense, and this can be troublesome if she acquires tunnel vision and is unable to see any other way out or be convinced otherwise.
  • Tunnel Vision: Once she's fixated on something it's quite hard for her to see it otherwise, tunnel vision in combat can be a terrible thing and a detriment to others. 
  • What Pride Hath Wrought: Pride will always be her downfall, a proud woman of her accomplishments she is perhaps too proud at times and is unable to see the fault. Whether that is in her own work or self, or in those she takes pride in. In combat, this can also equate to her own arrogance, and this can be quite costly.
  • Dark Side Influence: The more and more Fiolette becomes intimate with Taeli and the more they establish a bond, the more the dark side can be seen corrupting the Galidraani woman. While not as overtly affected by light side powers they will still come across as burns to her, and she will react accordingly.


  • Presence:  Fiolette's presence can be more than intimidating, even without her ol' white hair. She still maintains her signature walk that air of confidence, arrogance and the knowledge to back it up. Anytime she enters a room eyes are drawn in her direction, you needn't be one with the force to realize when she's arrived. Perhaps it's something about her upbringing in the old Galidraani customs that demands the attention. 
  • Lead from the Front: Get in the trenches, as they say, she is not an admiral who enjoys leading from an office or behind a desk. More often than not you'll find her moving with her fleet, teaching hands-on when she can. More importantly, she'll lead from the front even without proper cover the Admiral will take the hits and inspire those around her. Allowing them to attack first in the majority of situations due to this inspiration. 
  • Assault Gambit:  You cannot succeed if you do not fail, and to do so you must be willing to risk. Take risks, and gamble leaving the rest to fate itself. Eyes on the battle wherever it may be, Fiolette knows that to win a battle or even a war you must be willing to lose. You must know that you will lose but that you can learn from those losses and mistakes. Her gambits allow her to either seize the moment or be lost to the jaws of hell. When she sets her captains up against opponents she knows it's always a fifty-fifty gamble. 


  • Startling Report:  Hunting was always a favorite past time of hers, in fact, she managed to become quite a good shot while growing up on Galidraan. Whenever she shoots a firearm those who are around to hear it typically become startled or intimidated. 
  • Inexorable Enforcer: Growing up in an environment or sensing motives and suspicion were the games of most dinner parties. Fiolette is typically better than most to be able to sense motive from another and usually keeps a set of ties around her or on her person. If she's within Sith Imperial territory she'll be all the more intimidating given her authority within its realms. 
  • Condescending:  As well-meaning as she might be on most days, and for the length of time that she's spent away from Galidraan. The Rear Admiral can still come off as condescending, and off-putting as if she had been raised with the reassurance that only her word was worth any self-respect. 


  • Intimidate: Fiolette doesn't need to raise her voice to become intimidating. A skill learned through life on her homeworld of Galidraan, she can intimidate with a smile. She uses this skill to gain access to what she wants when she otherwise would not, by threats, prowess or other means.
  • Pilot: Navigating the stars and skies was a skill acquired over a lifetime. Fiolette began her training with the Atrisian Empire and to this day maintains her ability to navigate just about any craft. She is most proficient with smaller craft than larger but can assist with piloting most vessels. 
  • Engineer: Before moving into the tactical field, she started off as an engineering officer very early on in her career. It was a love of hers then as it is now, this has led her to become the Grand Admiral of the First Order's Naval Engineering. Having designed and built many of the ships within the fleet herself, she's perhaps the most proficient at being able to repair or modify them on the go. 
  • Sense Motive: Life within Galidraan's upper echelon meant poison served with a smile, hidden truths, and double meanings. She grew up knowing that behind every polite gesture and every kind smile lurked an ulterior motive. As she moved on from her homeworld, she carried these skills with her and is usually able to sense motive within a person.
  • Perception: Years of service, training, and experience have served Fiolette well, she seems to have the ability to see things that others may not. Her senses and intuition are strong and seemed to have grown stronger within the last few years. 

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Fiolette Yvarro

Fiolette Yvarro

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The oldest of three children, Fiolette was born to the Earl of Herevan on Galidraan. She grew up in a society where everyone had a place and purpose, there was an etiquette to it all and a way of speaking to various classes of citizenry. The daughter of a noble meant she kept abreast of fashions, literature and the arts it was the hope to have Fiolette marry well. Suitors while sought out by the lady, were not exactly the men her family wanted. Indeed the future of the family rested on how she married and more importantly who. While she would not have inherited the estate, however; in order, to keep the estate within the family. Fiolette was made to marry her cousin Emrys Fortan, her mother thought the match unfavorable as their personalities clashed too much to make it work but her father reinforced the idea that the two should marry. The wedding had been simple, yet elegant and for a moment the young woman thought she could grow to love Emrys. He was an agreeable fellow, with just enough charm to get him through but he was a rather spoiled man when no one was looking. And still, she tried to make things work with him.


 After two years of marriage, Emrys and Fiolette did produce a male heir, Ferrathias. One would have thought that a child would have kept the marriage alive, but instead, it only proved the Lady of the House right. Her daughter was unhappy and for the moment there wasn't much anyone could do. Chin up, is what Fiolette often heard and he's a rather nice man, don't you love him? She did not, as much as she tried - she knew she had to at least pretend to be happy and that she did. And still, the woman knew she wanted to do more with her life she no longer wanted to be the sacrificial lamb for her family. Unable to smile or feel joy simply so they could retain their estate and fortunes. She wanted to do more, become more than she was - more than her station could afford her. Divorce is what she thought of, the only problem was getting it done, more than that - seeking out the legal avenues discretely. 


Divorce, was and still is a dirty word within the Galidraan society even more so within the upper class. Marriages were favored over divorce and both worked more in favor of the men, quite often turning a blind eye to a man who committed adultery. If a woman, however; were to do so - then it became clear grounds for divorce. Traditionally any money and children shared between the two went to the men. This made things incredibly difficult for Fiolette to maneuver her way through the legal systems and moreover she had to find a lawyer who not only knew the Galidraani legal systems but was progressive in the terms of how they viewed men and women. It had taken the young woman quite awhile to find a lawyer but she had found one with Mr. Henry Reseigh and his staff came to her aid and assisted her in breaking off her marriage with Emrys. She then not only retained part of their fortune and their son but gained child support and alimony from Emrys as well. 


This, unfortunately, came at a great cost Fiolette was disowned by her father. She had become a disgrace, a public showcase for all of their society to see and had so sullied their name and blood. To say she was hurt was an understatement but she knew, she knew this would happen but perhaps not to the extent that it had gone through. Cut off from family, friends and all that she knew the young woman was sent off-world and while she mourned for her family. She knew now that she was free, she was free to make her own way. And yet the words, the last words she had heard from her family rang in her mind. Ungrateful, selfish, were the more polite terms of the ones given to her as she left. It stuck with her, and she used this as part of her own determination to make her life work. Of course, she soon realized that even with fortunes she needed to find a way to survive in this great big galaxy.  


Imperials. The Imperial life and lifestyle were nearly as delicate and pronounced as Galidraan and it made it quite easy for Fiolette to fit in. From Sith to Atrisia Empires, from One Sith to the First Order it had always been nearly the same in regiment and form. It started with a single step inside of a recruiter's office where she excelled at their testing, but her physical prowess had yet to be unlocked. So, rather than throw her away - the recruiter worked with her and soon she fit the bill for officer's training. Of course, this meant enrolling at a university but that was all well and good wasn't it? Fiolette worked hard, harder than she had ever worked in her entire life. She graduated as an Ensign and soon began her naval career and at the moment she sort of laughed at it all because she never once in her life believed that she could do something on this level. A naval officer with an Imperial society at her back and her son was now well cared for.


It was while she served as a Lieutenant that she met a young man, an enlisted fellow by the name of Josef Yvarro. Josef had been born on Belsavis the prison planet, for crimes his forebearers had committed. Republic officials took pity on him and several young men and women who resided there and offered them a sponsorship within the military. He had taken the opportunity but soon defected as he did not personally identify with the Republic's ideals. He was a rugged looking man, but he was handsome where it counted, more importantly, the man took a shine to her son and that was all she needed. Josef and Fiolette would arrange to meet at certain ports or harbors, sometimes they would get away with trips disguised as research. The two took their careers more seriously than they had each other which resulted in such a long span of time simply dating before they actually began to think about marriage. 


Ferrathias was sixteen when Fiolette married Josef, Ferrathias at the time revealed that he was force sensitive to his parents. His mother thought he should seek the path of the Sith, while Josef did not like Sith he certainly felt the gifts would be better-kept under guard. The boy instead came under the tutelage of a Jedi and when he announced his intentions of joining the Republic and budding alliances as a member of their new order. Fiolette was the first to denounce this, Ferrathias countered this by recounting his own tale - which included his reunification with his father and this spurned Fiolette more than his joining of the order. Much like her own father had done to her, Fiolette disowned her son and banished him from her house and sent the boy who then was seventeen off on his own. Josef would say this was perhaps the harshest he had seen her, and she did regret her actions. But, felt there would be no going back her son was gone and his life apart from hers would not be known any longer. 


Two years would pass and in that time, Josef and Fiolette would welcome their daughter Lucinyia. Fiolette was determined not to make the same mistakes with Lucy as she had with Ferrathias, and thus perhaps became too overbearing. Still, Lucy was brought up in a happy home and would be joined later by younger sister Ryssa and for a time they were happy, they were all very happy but it became apparent that perhaps Fio more than Josef had become even more married to her career. She was a rising star in the navy, her ferocity, her tenacity and overall eagerness to not only see the mission done but done well became a ripple effect. She was efficient, brutally so - a consequence of her upbringing some would say for there was a way she did things, and there was always a purpose to it. Nothing was ever out of place, and so both she and Josef felt that perhaps it was time to call it quits and thus began a draft for their divorce. Fiolette drank her pain away, and when she wasn't glued to the bottle she drowned herself in work and met a man by the name of Ulysses Westfall. She and Westfall were great together for a moment, even began to see each other as the divorce from Josef was still ongoing.


She and Josef decided to share custody of their two children and she would pay alimony to him. 


Once the divorce had been final, she and Ulysses were quick to marry. Unfortunately, she was once again drawn into her work, having been named Captain within the early One Sith navy it meant she was gone for long periods of time. Something Mr. Westfall seemed to have forgotten for while he was so spontaneous and fun, he was perhaps a bit too much. She arrived home to find him in bed with another woman and was quick to divorce the man. While that divorce was going through, Josef moved back into her life as it were and the two reunited. They had reunited long enough to have their third daughter, Ariel. But just as it had been before, Fiolette had not changed her ways and continued to put work before family. Josef who had finally retired decided it had been enough and the two separated once again. 


Josef would remarry, a woman by the name of Georgina Collins. The two were married briefly before he divorced her and rekindled something of a friendship with Fiolette.


Fiolette briefly dated Cambria Helotes but between Cambria's catering company and Fiolette's naval career, they too separated. 


And somewhere in between all of this, Fiolette came to know the First Order and more importantly the name Natasi Fortan. You can imagine her reaction upon hearing of the name within the First Order's realm, and even more so when Natasi would be named Grand Moff. Boldly, the woman who had come into the First Order as an Admiral revealed herself to Natasi. But she did so only after painstakingly revisiting her family's past. She returned to Galidraan under an alias "Cordelia Durling," where she reunited with her lawyer Henry Reseigh and together he was able to confirm to her the truth. The same truth that she took with her upon her initial meeting with Natasi who at first did not believe what she was being told, but would soon come to find the very same truth. Fiolette was indeed her aunt, and that she did have three young cousins. 


After having survived the Battle of Castameer, otherwise known to most as the Omega War. Fiolette realized her mortality, she knew that death would be her ultimate end but to have had it whisper so closely scared the Admiral. Worse due to how she survived the battle, her mind would become her own enemy. Or as one doctor put it, forgetfulness, dementia will slowly turn you into a shell of a woman. She feared the loss of life and love and because of her fear, became desperate to put an end to it. To reverse her age, to find her youth once more. And so she did, on Tokmia far from the eyes of the prying just away from their capital in an area where Alchemists and Scientists fair well together. These alchemists were not the controlled pets of the state, rather those who had gone rogue and become something of an apostate. They promised her, her youth - but at a cost, what this cost was they would not say and she should have known better than to trust in such words. 


But she did, and so soon Fiolette went from a dying, old woman to a young and vigorous one. When she revealed herself to her daughters, they were taken aback. Lucy did not feel this was right or natural and thought that this was not the workings of the woman who had raised her. They argued and it became apparent that Fiolette was not as she had been, and that something more had changed, more than what she had bargained for. Josef would not support her and thusly decided perhaps even as friends - they would need space. She was left alone in the galaxy with nothing but her youth. This did not stop her work however, she took over Primo Victorian Shipwright and began to work closely with the First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers and more importantly the Naval Engineers. 


When the Ssi-Ruuvi Imperium had launched its attacks, Fiolette had arrived in force to defend Skye and Virgillia from their cold talons. 


She participated in the would-be rebellion of Kaeshana where Grand Admiral Cyrus Tregessar more than adequately held the battle. She moved her ships to assist the fallen and bore witness to the carnage wrought by the Galactic Alliance. It was the start of the war, she would arrive at Rutan to reinforce the fleets there and punch a hole through its shields. She reconnected with troops who had been separated and worked then to build a base on the moon of Senali. Fiolette was notably absent from Skor as it had been a private incursion, and one seen to by Carlyle Rausgeber. So she remained at Dosuun, working tirelessly to bring the now older and somewhat aging First Order fleet up to date. 


More recently she was present at Anoat and was there from start to finish as the FIS Kuragin became a victim of the Galactic Alliance's Warmachine. Their SIS Agents and New Jedi Order in their attempt to hyperspace jump the station failed to recall the mines, the pulse mass and gravity mines that lay in wait. They pulled the Kuragin with such veracity that combined with the kinetic damage of Cameron Centurion (Sith Lord)'s own self-destruction - it was torn into pieces, and while the station has since been cleaned up. The scar within Anoat's space remains, a stark reminder of what had been lost on that day. And while their forces moved on the Alliance sympathizers in Janara, Fiolette was confronted by a kin of Cameron's presumably his son Caid by the language of their conversation. 


Cameron and Fiolette had met during her campaign on Rehl Prime. They kindled a bit of a rivalry that turned into an attraction, their affair had turned into something more before Cameron's untimely death. Although the very nature of their relationship reminded the blonde of what she had lost with Josef. What she yearned for more than ever before but could not have, and so she turned to bury her demons at the bottom of the bottle. Between the bottle and work, the now Grand Admiral hopes to refocus herself away from her personal life and onto a more professional one. Even so, it became harder to concentrate when her daughter Lucy approached her, at first Fiolette was glad to meet with her daughter until the cards were out. Lucy urged Fiolette to give up her parental rights, a conversation that had gone round and round for quite some time. The blonde had always placed work above family throughout her career and now more that she had been given a second lease on life as it were. 


Eventually, Lucy won. 


And so Fiolette began the motions to sign her parental rights over to her niece, Natasi Fortan. 


They would become her wards, the girls Ryssa and Ariel. Lucy would assist in watching over them just as well as Josef. 


For Fiolette, it came down to a simple letter to her daughters. She loved them dearly and knew now more than ever that perhaps she was not the best thing for them, and that there was another who could do better in her stead. With a heavy heart she wrote each word and when it was done, she turned to what she knew best work and alcohol. It wouldn't be enough and soon she was looking for a way out.


When the First Order decided to renew their aggressions against the Galactic Alliance, Grand Admiral Fiolette Yvarro wanted no part of it. She resigned her commission with their navy and took her shipwright company independent. The former grand admiral agreed to continue to build for the First Order and maintain their fleet under conditions of a new contract. Until then she knew that in order to grow, to compete and survive in a war-torn galaxy Fiolette had to move beyond the nation's borders.

This also means diversifying her assets, which included shopping for other shipwright companies. Unfortunately, there were not many for sale, and so when Amaya Cardei decided to sell her company. Fiolette moved quickly to secure it, at the same time she utilized Valessia Brentioch's contact with Point Nadir. This led the Galidraani to meet with Aver Brand who introduced herself as Dren Var Nabba. The two would sign a contract after a night of negotiations. With the contract secure, Fiolette returns to First Order space, the long way around. A detour on Naboo to finalize the sale of Amaya Cardi's House Verd Hangar and Armory and then a stop at an Outer Rim Coalition affiliated station, where she met with Jorus Merrill. The conversation while good, would lead Jorus to sit on the subject of converting the former First Order admiral to his cause.

Instead, the two left each other with contact information promising to be in touch soon.

From thereFiolette travels to Lothal and Kro Var where she conducts spatial scans, with aims to produce a new station. Her own port of call, a place to call home that wasn't the Fleetwood a civilian ship registered with the First Order's records. After the stop between Lothal and Kro Var, she continues back home, traveling to Bakura where she looks to ensure the completion of the FIS Hughes.

On the way, she runs into Slavers and makes an attempt to stop them and at the very least record signatures and registry information before she returns to her travels. Upon arrival at the FIS Hughes, her Atrium (a secret lair of sorts) has been completed and she undergoes surgery to install Hi Sense ocular implants.

Bakura meanwhile is raided by the Cabal and Fiolette does nothing to stop them.

Instead, she completes testing of two Mark II ships, a new Muhktiar and a new Conyers both for the First Order. All the while she conducts field operations for the
Redece a prototype for the R'Dece Zaga ship line for Point Nadir. She also secures a meeting with Joza Perl which means a return to Outer Rim space.On her way back to ORC territory she is informed that the efforts to consolidate Primo Victorian Shipwright and House Verd Hangar and Armory are complete and that Primo Victoria, an Independent Shipwright company is now ready to sell to buyers.





Primo Victoria Shipwright quietly grew within a year and a half with help from various factions and other companies. Working to not only purchase ships created by Primo Victoria but creating partnerships with the company. One of the factions that aided greatly in Primo Victoria's transformation had been the Mandalorian Empire led by Yasha Mantis. Fiolette aided the Mandalorians in their expansion to Contruum and later asked for their assistance in relocating Primo Victoria's headquarters from Zonju V to Botajef. While on Botajef, Yasha informed Fiolette that she was pregnant and had little guidance on the matter. The Galidraani woman took to the Mand'alor in a maternal way helping her understand pregnancy and providing advice and assistance when needed. This eventually led to Fiolette being named the godmother of the Mand'alor's daughter.


Another equally significant if not more so event was the meeting with Taeli Raaf.


Initially set up as a business dinner with the other woman, the two went straight into talk of business but soon found their conversation turning. Questions of what to do after the meeting and meal were over. When the meal and their business negotiations came to a close Fiolette asked if Taeli would stay a night with her. Taeli agreed and the two then arranged to meet again at a small business expo on Hosnian Prime. Which led to a third meeting at the Southern Systems Bazaar Expo held by the Arceneau Trading Company. When Taeli seemed despondent over a missed item she had been tracking. Fiolette offered her a small getaway on a private vacation home on Genesia.


On Genesia Taeli and Fiolette became more intimate and shared secrets with one another that left both women in emotionally vulnerable states.


However, both seemed to be quite accepting of the other and confessed that they were willing to make a go of an actual relationship with one another.


This also led to Taeli revealing her master plans on the Alliance's Fleet Day, where they were set to unveil their newest ship. A Super Star Destroyer, one that both Taeli and Fiolette had aided in construction. Furthermore, this was the cumulation of ten years worth of work on Taeli's part, ten years of planning for the moment of betrayal and deception. For the moment that the Galactic Alliance would fall and perish with one swift movement.


And so it was, an end game for the Galactic Alliance and a pivotal moment in history and for the Sith Empire who had been working with Imperialist factions such as the First Order and Galactic Empire to eclipse the light. Fiolette on her part found herself fighting on behalf of the Sith Empire, for the second time. She had thrown her weigh tin before when the Sith Empire went on a crusade to finish what was left of the Free World's Coalition. There Fiolette saw herself at Kuat, and now here again the Galidraani was at Fondor this time. And this time, she secured the plans to the dreadnought and aided in the partial destruction of the Fondor Shipyards.


Soon afterward the Admiral and the Sith Lady would be back at the private vacation home. Here, Taeli banished the foul spirit that sought to possess Fiolette and restored her lover's youth and vitality. At the same time, the two discussed the possibility of Fiolette's return to naval command but this time as part of the Sith Empire and not as a civilian as she had in the previous engagements. When the subject was brought up Fiolette promptly said no but after a few days of talking she eventually caved in. And found herself back in uniform at the invasion of Dubrillion leading the Sith Armada against what turned out to be a fleet of the Dominion Remnant.


All the while Fiolette and her daughter Lucy reconnected with one another.


This then led to Fiolette and Josef talking to each other once more, and Fiolette talking with her two youngest daughters. It prompted her to think of living arrangements while in service to the Sith Empire. A conversation she and Taeli had together while on Genesia, this prompted them to hire a real estate agent who showed them flats, penthouses and luxurious abodes throughout the Empire. However, it would be a countryside manor that had fallen into disrepair over the years that would catch their attention. This manor revealed itself through the renovation process of being called Stormvale. Stormvale would then receive a fierce injection of old Galidraani charm and style, Fiolette going as far as to hire servants from Galidraan to facilitate the lifestyle. And while time is needed to adjust to the lifestyle for bothTaeli and Fiolette. The two now hope to build a life with one another on Bastion, in their new home.










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