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Varas Kyrel

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Varas Ren

Varas Ren

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Varas Kyrel
NAME: Varas Kyrel
FACTION: The First Order
RANK: Knight of Ren
SPECIES: Half-human, half-Hapan
AGE: 21
SEX: Female
HEIGHT: 5’7”
WEIGHT: 125 lbs
EYES: Green
HAIR: Dark-brown
SKIN: Pale
+ Ambitious. This is a trait both her parents share in equal measure
+Mentally combat-ready. Based on her memory flashes, she is proficient in quite a few manifestations of combat and even the basics of saber Forms
- Muscle memory lacking. Even if her memory is rich in warfare intellect, her body is not and will need to be conditioned in order to fight on the battlefield.
- due to her accelerated growth in the lab, Varas is subject to mental instability
- Varas has a surgically implanted Inhibitor Chip of which she’s unaware
Excerpt from Lab Case Summary Report: Case no. 398745
Authored by Lim Da
The subject is mixture of prime clones, Kyrel Ren and Tmoxin Temi, although Temi (who is also a shareowner in Kaminoan Klones) has forfeited all parental rights to the subject, despite her genetic material being made up in equal measure from both primes as though she is an offspring. The DNA samples from both were fit for use.
After the incubation period the clone’s muscles were conditioned. We trained her how to perform basic functional needs until she no longer needed assistance and could walk, eat, sleep and bathe on her own. Her mind has been conditioned through memory flashes from the prime clones brain patterns and she knows Basic, plus Kamonian. While she exhibits no sign of physical deformities or behavioral problems, her accelerated growth is a risk factor for both as she acclimates to her new environment. This risk will only increase as she ages and matures, though our cloning techniques are much more sophisticated than in previous eras.*
*translated from Kaminoan
Force Push/Blast
Force Sight
Force Choke
Control Beasts

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Mishel Noren

Mishel Noren

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Varas Kyrel


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