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Knight-class Starfighter

- - - - - Alderaan Engineering

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Laira Vereen

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Intent: Starfighters for the Knights of Alderaan

Image SourceHere

Canon LinkT-65XJ3 X-Wing

Restricted Missions: Not Applicable

Primary SourceSprite-class X-Wing



Manufacturer: Alderaan Engineering

Model: Mk1

Affiliation: Knights of Alderaan | Royal House of Alderaan

Production: Limited


  • Alusteel Hull and Frame
  • Titanium Cockpit
  • Starfighter Components
  • Electronics


Classification: Starfighter

Length: 12 Meters

Width: 6.45 Meters

Height: 2.65 Meters

Armament: Average

  • Modular Weapons Mounts (4)
  • Flex-Tube Warhead Launchers (2)


Squadron Count: 8

Minimum Crew: 1

Optimum Crew: 1 + Astromech Droid

Passenger Capacity: None

Cargo Capacity: 50 Kilograms

Consumables: 5 Days

Maneuverability RatingHigh

Speed RatingAverage

Hyperdrive Class: 1.0 

Backup Hyperdrive Class: None 




  • Handling: The Knight-class is built to provide the pilots with the utmost capabilities in maneuverability and handling. Using AE Rotational Engines, the Knight is able to accelerate in almost any direction and preform sudden stops.


  • Overclock: Strain on the engines and inertial dampeners is common, which leads to other systems being drained. When maneuvering at peak capacity, sensor and targeting systems note a decrease in processing power, resulting in it taking longer to achieve target locks.


Sensor, Targeting, and Communication


  • Distress Beacon
  • Repulsor Rudder
  • S-Foils


The Knight-class Starfighter is based on the same principles of the Champion-class, drawing inspiration from the the aging T-65 X-Wing and its successor models such as the XJ3, T-70, and XJ6 Starfighters, all known for being standard issue Superiority Fighters of their time and era, and the Mandal Hypernautics Beskad-class Starfighter. However, the Knight-class was instead designed and implemented as an Elite, top-of-the-line model for special missions operations, experienced pilots, and the Knights of Alderaan. Where the Champion was designed with cost effectiveness in mind, the Knight was designed to make use of the highest quality materials available.


The Knight-class is built from a light weight Alusteel space frame with a titanium cockpit armor designed to protect the pilot even if the fighter has taken significant damage. For armor, the Champion makes use of an alusteel frame supplemented with G-32 Evasive Armor Plating. It features an upgraded Military Deflector Shield projector to protect the hull and cockpit. Chaff and Flare Launchers help protect the starfighter from missile locks, and a single use cap drain protects it from Conner Nets. Electromagnetic shielding reduce the effectiveness of Ion and Electromagnetic weapons, allowing for quicker recovery of essential systems and reducing the effectiveness so that Ion and EMP weaponry is no more effective than traditional weapons in disabling the vessel.


The Propulsion Suite uses three of AE's own Rotational Engines with a KV609-B Engine Battery in addition to the Cryogenic Generator made popular by Incom during the Galactic Civil War. With three engine units it allows one to be damaged and the ship to maintain functionality with only minor handling issues, since the vessel is designed to be able to fly with almost a third of its frame heavily damaged. This allows for the occasional stop and pivot maneuver to help shake enemies on their tail, and allow the Knight-Class to accelerate in any direction, left, right, forward, backwards improving its handling and agility, bringing it back in line with standard Starfighter weaponry.


The Knight-class features fairly enhanced Sensor and Targeting equipment, much of the same types of technology used in the X-Wings with advanced processing to help cut through the enormous amount of sensor signals in space combat with precision and allowing for faster missile locks and its warheads better able to predict and adjust for the use of countermeasures, though the cockpit makes use of side, rear, top, and bottom holoscreens to enable a pilot to use visual sensors to view craft flying outside their usual line of sight rather than cutting windows through the ship. Its sensor suite is designed to detect electromagnetic, light, and thermal distortions not normally detectable with a very powerful close range active sensor system. Its communications are standard issue, with the added Interrogation Module which forces a ship to broadcast its ID codes when targeted by the Module, often used in patrol ships and police starfighters, made standard on the Champion-class.


In terms of weaponry, the Knight is superior to the X-wing. It features four Modular Weapons mounts capable of being fitted with Laser Cannons, Particle Beam Cannons, Ion Cannons, Mass Driver Cannons, and other similar sized weaponry, all roughly comparable in output as a standard Laser Cannon. Like the X-Wing it has two Flex-Tube Warhead Launchers, each capable of firing four starfighter grade munitions such as proton torpedoes, cluster warheads, homing concussion missiles, disruptor missiles, and other munition types.

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Travis Caalgen

Travis Caalgen

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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.

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Travis Caalgen

Travis Caalgen

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira

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