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TSE Legion of the Damned Tyrian

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Aryn Spar

Aryn Spar
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  • Age: 27
  • Force Sensitivity: No
  • Species: Nagai
  • Appearance: 

Liliana is an attractive young woman that seems to have an air of danger around her. ​She most often wears a corset of Synthweave mangled with half a dozen armored plates, a rebreather tied around her neck or resting atop her head. On her belt hang half a dozen different blades and ammo clips, her fingers gnarled and cut from dozens of fights. From afar someone might call Liliana 'pretty', her light brown hair almost always tied back into a ponytail, when one gets up close however her multitude of scars and the deathly glare gives most suitors a second thought about approaching her.



​Liliana has spent the last decade in various prisons and thus has no true accumulated wealth. Working with the Legion has it's benefits however, and she often carries around a small rucksack filled with stolen jewelry.

  • Notable Possessions: 

​​Again, Liliana has been in prison so she has no real personal possessions. The only thing she does carry is her rucksack, most often filled with stolen items.

  • Skills: 

​Through her tenure in various galactic prisons Liliana has learned a host of skills that would leave most military veterans startled. Above all she is a survivalist, capable of keeping herself going in even the most stringent conditions. Specifically she has learned to mix chemicals with enough knowledge to rival most scientists. This is her chief skill, mixing deadly pathogens and horrid toxins from even the most simple ingredients.

  • Personality: 

Oddly enough, Liliana's appearance isn't really indicative of her general personality, at least once you actually get to know her. Though Liliana has high standards, once she takes a liking to you she's probably one of the friendliest people you've ever met. Unlike many others within the Legion of the Damned Liliana actively cares for her peers, often baking them cookies and other delicious treats.​


Despite these positive traits however, Liliana has a tendency towards...apathy. It is extremely difficult to actually gain Liliana's attention, mostly because she thinks of everyone as either beneath her or simply lacking in talent. This leads to Liliana regarding most everyone as fodder, something to be killed, used, or experimented upon.


Once you pass this barrier of her personality she's great though.



  • Weapon of Choice: Blaster Rifle, Various Chemical Agents
  • Combat Function: 

[+]Chemical Agent: Liliana has no formal school education, she does however have over a decade of experience in crafting chemical agents in order to protect herself. When she was initially thrown in prison Liliana was a tiny thing, and thus had limited means of protecting herself. Due to this she utilized various cleaning supplies within the prisons to concoct chemical agents she used to protect herself. Throughout the years Liliana has honed this craft, eventually moving beyond simply cleaning products to actual chemical agents. This has also lead to her making delicious baked treats.

[+]Intelligent: It has always been clear that Liliana holds a certain amount of intelligence. She is a clever young woman who is capable of a great many things due to simple natural talent. Unlike many of the others within the Legion of the Damned Liliana isn't a simple brute driven by her emotions, she is cold, calculating, and thoughtful.

[-]Blind-sided: In one of her first chemical experiments Liliana mixed two component chemicals that had an unfortunate side effect. The two components plumed into and aerosol in and instant and exploded in her face. This compound erupted specifically in her left eye, burning it out and causing her to be blind in it.

[-]Left Wrist: Due to the beatings her father delivered her Liliana suffered many broken bones as a child. Unfortunately a side effect of her general misfortune is that some of these bones simply didn't heal correctly. Her left wrist is one of these bones, and a pinched nerve within the wrist itself causes her constant pain. When someone grabs this portion of her wrist it brings her agony enough to bring her to her knees.



Nobody really knows where Liliana was born, she has never shared this story within the Legion and when asked all that one gets is a flat stare as an answer.


What she has told others is that her father was abusive, her mother was dead, and her Aunt was a bit of an idiot. The stories that she tells of her childhood are curt, terse, and always end on an extreme low note. She makes it no secret that her father beat her on a daily basis, taking out his rages of a lost wife upon his daughter. She tells others that her family was broken from the start, a fissure that was there long before she ever came along.


The rift that existed between herself and her father eventually became large enough that she struck back. Either unable or unwilling to suffer her fathers hand any longer Liliana decided to do something about her situation. Late at night while her father and aunt slept Liliana crept upstairs. Using knowledge she had gained from a book she broke a small gas line within the house, cracking open the pipe and leaving the home after setting a small fire within the doorway. Before long the gas caught aflame, and Liliana left her family behind her.


A few months later, unable to flee the planet, Liliana's actions caught up with her.


Despite the abuses that her father had offered her the Authorities placed Liliana under arrest, taking her in for trial where she was subsequently sentenced to hard labor.


It was this that formed Liliana into what she is today. She experience no true justice given to her, and thus decided that it did not exist. She broke, for lack of a better term, and soon she began to see her fellow sentient species as little more than rabble. With this attitude she moved on with her life, beginning her punishment of labor and immediately causing trouble. Within the work camp she was sent to Liliana quickly became known as a trouble maker, breaking machinery, getting into fights, and in general being uncooperative.


These actions caused her to be sent to prison, the magistrates deeming her unable to carry out her sentence of labor.


It was in this prison that Liliana discovered her love of chemicals. A gang of older women attempted to bully her, threatening to kill her if she did not do as they said. Using her quick wit Liliana concocted a poison gas, throwing it and killing the other girls before they could even touch her.


This action caused another transfer, sending her to the planets maximum security prison.

From this point on Liliana would be transferred again and again, each time through her own fault. She pushed and prodded guards, she killed and experimented on inmates. Her touch became cruel, and before long she earned a reputation as a Viper. It was this reputation that eventually set her free. Upon the fall of The Resurgent Empire a man came to her door, asking her one simple question, 'Do you want to leave?'.


Her answer was an obvious one, and thus she joined The Legion of the Damned.


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Taeli Raaf


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Taeli Raaf

Taeli Raaf


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