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Luyioth Dakwin

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Luyioth Dakwin

Luyioth Dakwin

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Balance: what a unique word. A word that suggests equality and harmony, as the natural order would have it. Yet how can a concept with such good intentions be responsible for so much suffering and misfortune? For every person who "made it" or "succeeded" - every corporate executive, stress-free retiree and head of government - how many must not? How many people must live a lifetime of servitude and slavery, or a lifetime spent midst tragedy and misfortune, for the balance to ring true - if they get to live at all? A hundred slaves to every corporate executive? A thousand poverty stricken families to every stress-free retiree? A million tragic deaths for every head of government? How could a concept so cruel be considered so just? It is this - the tragic side of balance - that personifies Luyioth.

Luyioth didn't always represent tragedy. In her youth, as her force sensitivity began to bud, she aspired to join the ranks of the legendary Jedi Knights: she dreamed of wearing beige and tan robes, standing proud with a green saber as a guardian of the peace. She dreamed about it so much that she took from her home on Iridonia in the night, hidden in the bowels of a cargo freighter, when her parents denied her the chance. It took her almost a year to cover the distance, her pilgrimage taking her from the core worlds to the outer rim alike, before she stumbled onto the doorstep of the now-abandoned Silver Jedi temple on Voss. For a time, she even was a Jedi: a hopeful padawan under the tutelage of the wise masters of the Silver Jedi Order. She struggled through her trials but refused to give in. It was in her nature: she was much too stubborn for her own good.

It was her stubborn nature that led to the start of her tragedy. She could have easily aborted her mission to Stygeon Prime - all of the warning signs were there, after all - and yet she refused, insistent on proving her worth to her masters on Voss. It was there on Stygeon Prime, alone in the snowfields midst a blizzard, that she was gunned down and captured by the Galactic Empire. By all reports, she had simply vanished without a trace, presumed dead under 6 feet of snow. Yet given time, she returned: and when she did, she did so at the helm of a squad of death troopers, cutting through the same familiar faces that she had once helped raise her. The Empire's methods of "reconditioning" Jedi are known, albeit spoken of only in whispers, for the techniques are better left unsaid.
Yet, tragic as it was, Luyioth did not stop: for while the dark side initially held her in chains, forcing her to the Emperor's bidding, it later offered her a way to break them. Is that not the way of the Sith code, after all? Through torture and the dark side, she found passion, dug up after being long suppressed by the teachings of her former Jedi masters. Through her passion, she found her new strengths, where she then learned of the power of the dark side; and with time, as she became more familiar with the ways of the dark side, her fear of the Emperor's torturers gradually became her greatest weapon. She never forgot what the Empire did to her. Now, with the strength of the Empire continuing to wane and her promotion to Inquisitor in the Emperor's own palace on the horizon, she plots for victory; and through victory, as the code teaches, chains are broken.

But while the path of the dark side may let those left to die on the unmentioned side of balance find power, that path only has one destination at the end. How could a personification of tragedy be fated to anything more?




Species: Zabrak.

Gender: ♀ Female.

Age: Twenty (20).

Homeworld: Iridonia.

Occupation: An Imperial Inquisitor, employed by the Galactic Empire.

Appearance: Luyioth stands at 5 feet and 7 inches with a faded complexion, adorned in a collection of lesser scars and dark purple spider veins. Her face is marked with a collection of tattoos with sharp edges, telling a story of war and mysticism by way of traditional Zabrak tattoos. A series of small horns and grown dark hair sit atop her head, although they are often tied back and hidden away under a hood or helmet. Every day, with her training and Iridonian heritage, she continues to become more athletic in her build.

Physical Abnormalities: Luyioth has a number of scars and purple spider veins across her body - while almost all of the spider veins come from the Galactic Empire's "reconditioning" process, the scars are a mix of lightsaber burns, blaster strikes, and remnants from surgeries. Fortunately, none of these injuries have any lingering permenant effects.

Psychological Abnormalities: With her exposure to torture and the dark side considered, Luyioth's mental health is holding surprisingly well. Through the dark side, Luyioth has shed the brainwashing put over her by the Imperial Inquisition, although this has come of the expense of becoming further corrupted by the dark side and its temptations.

Personal Starship: Luyioth flies a Scimitar (Sith Infiltrator) stolen from the Galactic Empire when Luyioth defected from the Inquisitorius. While the unit itself is mostly stock - which isn't particularly a bad thing for the production specifications of the machine - it is modified so that it won't be registered on the Empires systems. [Appearance] [Schematics].




Forte - Iridonian conditioning
Iridonia is an inhospitable planet, so inhospitable that Iridonians are considered a race of it's own. For Luyioth, her Iridonian heritage rings true: her athletic body pushes on for longer, fatigues slower, moves faster, and works better in extreme conditions and terrains.

Flaw - Renegade
Luyioth has a history of leaving factions on sour terms: whether it's her abduction from the Silver Jedi Order or her up-and-coming betrayal of the Galactic Emperor. In many corners of space, from the Empire to the Alliance, she has an assortment of enemies - some more powerful than others, and some willing to pay a pretty chit for her elusive head.

Forte - Independent
In the midst of tragedy and misfortune, Luyioth has learned how to rely on herself. Whether it's putting on armor that normally requires help to strap on or teaching herself what would normally be best taught by a teacher, she's capable of carrying on at full pace even when the social deck is stacked against her.

Flaw - When you look into the abyss...
Through the dark side, Luyioth has broken the chains the Galactic Empire put on her and has found her independence; yet the dark side is a dangerous path, one that consumes those who dare to walk it. As Luyioth delves deeper into the dark side, it continues to pull her mind and soul deeper into the abyss.




Force Sensitive:
Yes, and trained to the Knight level.

"Fallen Jedi" - corrupted by and well read into the dark side of the force.

Force Methodology:
While Luyioth originally leaned onto the light as a dark side user, she has since gone over the cusp and succumbed to the temptations of the dark side of the force. As the dark side of the force "broke her chains", she now views it as the one reliable practice of the force - and while she can see how the light side can work for those who are well off, she sees the light as simply not an option for the downtrodden of the galaxy.

In comparison to her saber skills, Luyioth's force powers excel by far and continue to develop as her studies progress. Almost all of her powers come from the dark side of the force, with the few exceptions being gray force powers. As of current, she has no unique or noteworthy force abilities.

Lightsaber Construction:
Luyioth's lightsaber is a saberstaff constructed from fairly standard materials: durasteel with a diatium power cell and other common parts. The saberstaff itself is designed in accordance to the more simplistic school of thought: with two sets of lightsaber parts instead of the one with additional parts - effectively two separate lightsabers rigged in the same hilt, in effect - as opposed to the smaller, more advanced variant. This is a design she favors for its ability to continue functioning if struck in half and its ability to only use one side, not entirely unlike a traditional lightsaber.

The use of a saberstaff instead of a traditional lightsaber was an important part of Luyioths fall to the dark side. As she was once a Jedi, no precaution could be spared to ensure that she fell to the dark: to this end, the much more aggressive saberstaff - a design made by the first Dark Lord of the Sith, Exar Kun, which flourished with the use of dark force techniques - would contribute to Luyioths ongoing corruption. Likewise, designing the saberstaff with two crystals instead of one came naturally: while she would only need to kill one Jedi for their kyber crystal, she ended up with in her possession: one from her old Silver Jedi lightsaber. This meant she had to bleed two kyber crystals, further plunging her into the dark side.

Lightsaber Methodology:
In essence, Luyioths lightsaber methodology revolves around aggression and versatility. While her technique is based in the first and third forms, it takes techniques and practices from the fifth and seventh forms, as well as the fourth form to a lesser extent.

In combat, Luyioth relies on aggressive application of a spread of techniques to keep combat offensive and dynamic. This spread of techniques is more broadly applied with her saberstaff, by using both one side and both sides of the saber at will. With both ends activated, Luyioth will often focus on rapid and aggressive attacks, where a single end allows for more precise and varied techniques. 




The Light of Ashla - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth visits a Jedi temple to continue her studies and meet new masters.

Kessel Konundrum; Imperial Skirmish of Jedi-Controlled Kessel - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth finds herself caught in the defense of a Silver Jedi Order spaceport.

Perilous Escape - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth attempts to steal Imperial fleet data from a derelict sensor array, but the Empire has other plans...


It's Time for the Jedi to End; Imperial Invasion of Silver Jedi Hex 27-AJ - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth bloods herself with her former friends and allies: the Silver Jedi Order.

We All Fall Down - [Withdrawn - thread inactive.] - [x]
Imperial authorities investigate a dark facility, but what they find is ghastly...

Operation: Phantom Fury - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth takes charge of a stormtrooper squad to steal Phrik from the Coalition.

In the Emperor's Name - Aboard the INV Black Reach - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth trains with her peer, Varik Ice, and a high inquisitor.

Enemy of my Enemy - [Withdrawn - thread inactive.] - [x]
Luyioth oversees diplomacy with the First Order.

The Warrior King's Domain; The Imperial Dominion of Zenith Prime - [Completed.] - [x]
Luyioth follows a high inquisitor in assaulting a rogue kings stronghold.

Prison Break - [Completed.] - [x]
The ace pilot Aryn Teth is captured by the Imperials, and it comes to Luyioth to learn what he knows; but she senses something more...


Distance Makes the Force Grow Stronger - [Ongoing.] - [x]
Luyioth, seeking support for her grand plan, travels to Coruscant to meet with a gathering of crime lords; but this meeting is mysteriously - and unintentionally - interrupted by an old foe.

Lost to Time | The Sovereignty - [Ongoing.] - [x]
Luyioth continues to gather support - this time lending aid to an old peer, Varik Ice, in exchange for his aid later.

Ulterior - [Completed.] - [x]
In the calm before the Imperial raid on Eridau, Luyioth seeks out an apprentice; but at the same time, she seeks a piece in her deep conspiracy.

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I would be open to being your master if you wish


Luyioth Dakwin

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Luyioth Dakwin, Cool character. Strengths and Weaknesses are solid, and the history is well read. I look forward to seeing this character in some threads.