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NEW Starship Location template and minor updates

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I am happy to offer an addition to our location templates for Starships! This is for people who want to flesh out their ships beyond technical parameters and give them a more personal feel. It's a great way to provide scene-setting for anyone who may be using your ship for an RP. All Starship location submissions must use a Factory Approved Starship or a canon starship model. 


Starship Location Template


For the lazy


We also have some minor rules updates. It was brought to our attention that we did not have a formal rule for AI concerning factory approved tech and it was not clear where AI (Artificial Intelligence) should be submitted. AI is technology and therefore should be submitted first and foremost to the Factory with a completed Restricted Materials mission thread. Approved/canon AI may then use the Codex NPC Individual template for purposes of expanding on further personality/appearance type details.


The updated rule can be found here.


That's all for now.
Happy Codexing!


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Codex is Best.

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I love this!