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MK82M4 "Shortbow" Plasma Railgun

- - - - - PVS First Order Plasma Railgun

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vuUbxVF.pngwns5NYy.png VA3bVlB.png



  • Intent: To create a smaller version of the Longbow that acts to soften enemies up as they come into range.

  • Image Source: Duskie-06 // Deviantart (x)

  • Canon Link:  Incinerator-class Plasma Railgun (x)

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: MK 78 “Longbow” Plasma Railgun (x)


  • Manufacturer: First Order Corps of Imperial Engineers, Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Production: Minor

  • Model: Mk 82 Mod 4 “Shortbow” Plasma Railgun

  • Affiliation: First Order | Closed-Market | Primo Victorian Shipwright (x)

  • Modularity: Can be mounted on platforms, starships or stations at least 600m

  • Material: Railgun Components


  • Classification: Turbolaser Cannon

  • Size: Stationary or Ship-Mounted

  • Length: 137.32m

  • Weight: 204 tonnes

  • Ammunition Type: Ship’s Energy + Tibanna Gas

  • Ammunition Capacity: Effectively unlimited

  • Effective Range: Long Range

  • Rate of Fire: Approximately one shot every 30 - 90 seconds.


  • Low impact with an emphasis on damage over time to shields.

  • No ammunition required relies on parent ship.

  • Weapon’s initial impact equal to two long-range turbolasers (at maximum charge).

  • Damage over time equates to two long-range turbolaser batteries (at maximum charge).

  • Due to the smaller size, requires a longer charging period. ​ 3 Minute Cooldown.




  • Damage Over Time: While the impact to the enemy vessel is initially low, much like the Longbow the impact is felt over time. Causing damage over a ten second duration to enemy shields, after which the energy fizzles out.

  • Long Range: The weapon’s effective range is equal to that of a long-range turbolaser, but unlike the Longbow that can fire with less effectiveness beyond this. The Shorbow is unable to fire at beyond the standard long range for turbolasers.

Weaknesses :

  • Cooldown: Three minute cooldown period is necessary for the Shortbow due to the extra tubes that are required to keep the weapon up to par with the Longbow.

  • Longer Charge Time: Unlike the predecessor the Longbow, the Shortbow requires a longer charge time due to the smaller size. Thus for maximum efficiency the Shortbow must charge for a total of ninety seconds to achieve the same results, drawing on the parent ship’s engines. While the weapons are charging there is a small power drain other ship systems but not enough to make a drastic difference.

  • Overheated: Once more due to the heat of the charging and discharging phase there is a very real possibility of the weapons overheating. Overheating can occur during charging if all tubes carrying the tibanna gas are not clear, or if the weapons are left to charge for too long. This can lead to a break in any of the tube lines making for a dangerous if not fatal mistake for the crew.

  • Blowback: Related to the overheating, or even a possible failure on the cooling system for the weapons. If the release of heat after discharge has nowhere to go it will feed back into the ship’s engines, same if there is an overcharge - heat will find somewhere to go and that place will be the ship’s engines. The ship’s engine’s will not be able to handle the additional heat from the weapons and create a fatal blowback into the Shortbow.

  • Ion Exposure: The Shorbow is vulnerable to ion/emp weapons, if struck by them during charging phases, can cause the weapons to shut down. If it is struck during mid charge it will cause a buildup of heat, as the next opportunity to charge will create a false reading to weapons crews creating a very real possibility of overheating/blowback.


With the Hellstrom’s field testing of the Longbow, the Shortbow’s development began with a head start. Not only was the Shortbow going to be smaller but it would have to fire at the same length with the same effectiveness as the Longbow. This meant redesigning the tubes that would carry the tibanna gas would have to be smaller, but more numerous.


This also meant that in order to achieve the same overall impact the Shortbow would have to charge for a longer period of time. Due to the extra tubes, and extra charge time the Shortbow must be given adequate time to recover from discharge and then charge again. Much like the Longbow, the Shortbow does have a real possibility of overheating and causing a blowback within the ship. The weapon’s vulnerabilities to ion weapons also make this a real possibility and any commander of a ship with this weapon must be aware of the risks it comes with.


With the changes made to the Railgun design, the Shortbow would be fitted on ships at least 600 meters, giving the First Order Navy the ability to change their overall fleet design allowing for more long-range ships to be created. Allowing them to meet the enemy at a distance from smaller attack ships rather than just their large cruisers, and star destroyers.

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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira

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