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Destron X, Ion Engine

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vuUbxVF.pngwns5NYy.png VA3bVlB.png





  • Intent: To create a new line of heavy ion engines built for larger capital ships and stations for the First Order

  • Image Source: N/A

  • Canon Link: N/A

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: Starscream-9


  • Manufacturer: Seinar-Jaemus Fleet Systems (x), Primo Victorian Shipwright (x)

  • Model:

    • Destron X MK IV - Starships

    • Destron X MK VIII - Space Stations

  • Affiliation: First Order ; Primo Victorian Shipwright

  • Modularity: No

  • Production: Minor | Closed-Market

  • Material:

    • Power Cells

    • Liquid Chemical Reactants

    • Onboard Generators

    • Fusion Reactors

    • Other Ion Engine Components



  • Emissions Dampener: The Destron X MK IV for starships has an automatic concealer that works to dampen the overall ion emissions. This does not eliminate the ability to trace starships with this engine as there is still a small trace of ion emissions.

  • Reduced Consumption: The Destron X MK VIII for space stations was built with reduction in mind. A reduction of waste as it is essential that nothing goes to waste. The engine has a built in ‘recycle’ process that reuses any excess energy produced to be brought back into the system and kept within the engine’s chambers through additional containment units and conversation tanks.

  • Signature: For both the MK IV and the MK VIII drive signature is reduced, this does not eliminate the ability to track them. A new type of signature coder was built into both models along with a small processor to continually change the code and lower the signature radius.

  • Space Station Ratings:

    • The MK VIII does not possess a reactor core, rather it has an extended set of chambers, tanks, and additional cooling systems to ensure that overall power consumption is reduced while reusing excess energy to keep the station powered. The space station does possess the ability to move on impulse and can move as follows depending on size.

      • 1000m - 1800m: Max Speed; Average / Max Maneuver; Low

      • 1801m - 2600m: Max Speed; Low / Max Maneuver; Low

      • 2601m - 3200m: Max Speed; Low / Max Maneuver; Very Low

      • 3200m - 4000m: Max Speed; Very Low / Max Maneuver; Very Low

  • Maximum Speed Ratings: *Starships Only*

    • Moderate, Class 2

    • Average, Class 3

    • Low, Class 4

  • Maximum Maneuverability Ratings: *Starships Only*

    • Average, Class 2

    • Low, Class 3

    • Very Low, Class 4

  • Hyperdrive Class Ratings: *Starships Only*

    • 1200m - 1800m: Class 2

    • 1801m - 2400m: Class 3

    • 2401m - 3000m: Class 4


  • Power:  Reduced power consumption makes the Destron X a more efficient choice over standard engines. The less power an engine consumes the less waste there is overall.  (*Space Station Only/ MK VIII*)

  • Emissions: Comes with an emissions dampener that reduces the emissions but does not eliminate it. (*Starship Only/ MK IV*)

  • Signature: Due to the reduced power, the signature in both the MK IV and VIII is also reduced although not completely eliminated. The reduced signature does make it more difficult for the starship or station to be detected.


  • Emissions: While the MK IV has an emissions dampener, this does not eliminate the idea of tracing, the starship can still be located and still be rendered useless by enemy weapons. (*Starship Only/ MK IV*)

  • Ion Weapons: The Destron X is vulnerable to Ion/EMP based weaponry running a real risk of  shorting out, leaving any ship unable to defend itself should the Destron X (both models) be hit with Ion Weapons.

  • Missile Weapons: Destron X (both models) is also quite vulnerable to missile weapons as well, the sheer destructive force of many missiles will rupture the engine causing a fatal blowback and a catastrophic end to the ship/station.

  • Sitting Duck: Without a hyperdrive, the Destron X MK VIII is a sitting duck, even with impulse engines, the engines won’t be able to outrun her own doom. (*Space Station Only*)


With the Howlback XII now in production, the Destron X was next on the block for SJFS and Primo Victorian Shipwright. The Destron X was initially made with starships in mind, but when the need to service a space station without a hyperdrive came about. Both companies rose to the challenge and after a few models, the mark eight was the success.

Given the sheer size of the engines, the production for the moment has been limited. Focus has been on the Howlback XII as it will see more action than the Destron X. Just like the Howlback XII the Destron X was based off the Starscream IX. The idea again was to provide an ion engine, but for larger vessels such as battle cruisers and star destroyers. For space stations this meant gutting the hyperdrive and in its place putting in additional measures to reduce waste.  The MK IV / Starship variant has an emissions dampener although this does not remove the emissions altogether, it does make it a little more difficult to trace the ship.


Upon completion of the Destron X, Grand Admiral Fiolette Yvarro ordered one of each of the models to be sent directly to Victoria. There she would build a prototype of the new Galidraan stations, and her own personal command vessel the FIV Rae Sloane. She noted the MK IV was remarkably similar to the Howlback with the exception of the heat, unlike the Howlback the Destron did not have an excessive output of heat. But, like any engine, the Destron X on both models would still be vulnerable to standard enemy weapons, both missile, and ion, and of course, turbolasers should that even arise. Assuming the engine has survived the onslaught of the first two, although the Grand Admiral did not think that the engine would survive beyond a missile attack.


NOTE: When building a ship with this engine, please state in the submission which model you are using it must say either Destron X MK IV or Destron X MK VIII.



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Hello, I'll be the factory judge reviewing your submission. If you have questions, please feel free to respond to this thread once we are underway.




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Awesome. Pending Admin Approval. Thanks! Cira




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