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Bayr Tki'r

- - - - - Death Watch Aryn Spar Fortress

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  • Intent: To sub a fortress for Death Watch
  • ​Image Credit: J.C Park, me, Ra Vizsla
  • Canon: N/A
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  • Military Base Name: Bayr Tki'r
  • Classification: Defensive Fortress
  • Location: Concordia
  • Affiliation: Death Watch
  • Population:

The Bayr as many people simply call it isn't an overly large outpost. At maximum capacity the fortress can only hold about Two thousand men and women, and this number is pushing it's capacity. Generally the Bayr is only garrisoned by about seven hundred men and women, usually kept only as an outpost and prison where more valuable detainees can be safely held. In an emergency however the Bayr Tki'r can fill to the prim.

  • Accessibility: 

As might be expected, the Bayr Tki'r is absolutely located in the middle of nowhere.


Concordia was long ago mined to almost desolation. The Bayr sits within the middle of the worlds most hazardous mining zone. All around it are marked cliffs and dugout sinkholes, deep pits and expansive layers of mining waste. The fortress itself has been dug into one of these former mines, buried and reinforced with heavy durasteel plates. The Bayr is also hidden within the mountains, making it difficult to spot from high above.


Getting to the Bayr is not a simple task, by foot, speeder, or even air. 

  • Description: 

The Bayr Tki'r is not a pretty structure, it is not beautiful and it was most certainly not built to catch anyone's eye. The building is mostly buried within the an old mine, hidden from view. The only thing that is readily apparent above the surface is a large hangar bay door and two towers sticking out of the mountain rock. Every bit of the fortress blends into its surroundings, holding the same drab gray as the stone.


Bayr is a fortress, and it's inside as well as outside reflects this to perfection. The entire place was created to hold Warriors, and thus every hall, every room, and every little alcove is bare to the bone. Everything is streamlined and well put together, from the barracks to the Armory.


It is clear that while it was being constructed the Architect had only war in mind. The corridors are winding and confusing, with many alcoves and pockets. Auto-turrets and blast doors are everywhere, and the prison cells sit at the deepest part of the mine. The Bayr is a structure designed for a fight, and only for those who know it.



Hangar: The Hangar bay is the most obvious feature of the Bayr. Located in the site of the Mine's old staging quarters, the hangar bay is an expansive area hold enough to hold two transports and a squadron of fighters. The bay itself is well organized and put together, no tools out of place and everything finely squared away.


The door of the Hangar Bay is a massive Durasteel blast door reinforced with Titanium and length of Beskar film. The door is meant to take a beating, Ray shield projectors hovering over it in case the blast door were ever to fail. This is the only known entrance and exit to the Bayr, and it's defenses reflect that.


Command Tower: The only other section of the Fortress that is found above the ground.


The Command Tower is where all communications to and from the Fortress occur. This structure is built of durasteel and duracrete, lined with fiberplast and painted to match the surrounding rock face. The Command Tower blends into the environment and holds various tools that the garrison of the Bayr Tki'r regularly utilize in their day to day activities. Without the command tower the Bayr would lose communications, though it could still function well enough.


Barracks: The Barracks are the living space of those who reside within the fortress.


Plain as one might imagine, most of the barracks are nothing more than communal showers, large rooms containing racks of beds, and of course other amenities that soldiers require. There is nothing fancy about the barracks, though hardly anyone complains about them.


The Barracks are located very close to the Armory.


Armory: Containing most weapons stored within the fortress, the Armory is one of the most well defended areas of the entire structure. Auto-turrets, three blast doors, as well as a twenty four hour guard stand watch over the weapons kept inside of the armory. Located closely to the Barracks, the Armory is incredibly important if the Bayr were ever to be attacked by enemies of Death Watch.

Despite it's important status, most men and women carry their own weapons within the Bayr.


Prison: Located at the very bottom of the fortress hundreds of meters below the earth, the Prison of the Bayr Tki'r is one of the most secure places in the entire galaxy.


This isn't a boast, and also isn't due to any special security measure that the fortress itself takes. The fact of the matter is that the prison is quite plain. It has standard cell doors, standard ray shield projectors, auto-turrets and of course blast doors.


The trouble with escaping this prison is the fact that between you and the exit sits an entire structure filled to be the brim with Mandalorian Soldiers. The prisons location at the very bottom means that any escapee would have to traverse the Bayr's maze like tunnels, all the while fighting against some of the best soldiers the galaxy has ever seen.



Though not the most well defended Fortress in the entire galaxy, the Bayr Tki'r is perhaps one of the most easily defensible.


The entire structure is built into a mountainside, and there is only one way in and one way out. The mine that had once been the Bayr is built hundreds of meters into the ground, and its tunnels have all be reconstructed and reinforced with durasteel plates and rebar, keeping the structure up and secure. The entire complex is a complex woven interlace of hundreds of tunnels, almost maze like in their construction. Dozens of blast doors, ray shield projectors, and auto-turrets line the halls.


The fortress itself is dug deep into the mountain, meaning it is incredibly resistant against most forms of attack, even orbital bombardment. The two exposed parts of the building are the command tower and the hangar bay door. These are both protected by a powerful shield generator within the facility itself. The door to the Hangar bay is triple thick durasteel reinforced with a ray shield projector.


All in all the Bayr Tki'r is hardly the most impenetrable fortress in the galaxy, but it is one of the most well defended. Those who enter the Bayr rarely leave it without permission of the Death Watch, and fighting ones way inside is a nightmare that even most Sith would shy away from.



The Bayr Tki'r is not an ancient or old fortress, in fact it is less than just a few months old.


It was constructed originally at the behest of Aryn Spar.


The building was set to become a defensive fortification for the Death Watch lead by Aryn. Constructed to become the last vestige of freedom should Death Watch ever be eradicated. It was commissioned during the first reign of Ra, when the crusades tore through the galaxy and the Mandalorians were at their apex.


Though construction was slow, the mines were reinforced, the tunnels were rebuilt, and the hangar bay at the top of the Bayr was constructed in short order.


Things were nearly finished when Ra disappeared, his death shattering much of the confidence held by Death Watch. 


As soon as the loss of the Mand'alor was announced many people fled from the project, deciding their time was better spent elsewhere. The Bayr Tki'r stood untouched for some time, fading away from memory until only very recently. 


Aryn returned to the structure some months ago, using resources from Clan Spar and other supporting Mandalorians to finally finished the construction of the Bayr. 


The Fortress now serves it's intended purposes.


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Under review.



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Aryn Spar


Cool art, nothing too shabby for a military base. Good idea for its location.





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