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The Lords of Chaos - Minor Faction

Lords of Chaos

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Follow me, my Children, and the glory of victory shall be yours. We shall cleanse ourselves in the crimson waters of our enemy.

We shall bring the ecstasy of quick release to those who stand before us.We shall give bloody praise to the Lord of Pleasure and sing his name as we dance across the fallen.

Follow me, my Children, and you shall taste the undreamt joys that lie beyond the bounds of mortal sense.

~ Fabius Bile



A mighty storm begins as but a humble breeze - the whispers of a scourge have begun to spread in the Unknown Regions. Missing vessels travelling along the smaller trade routes, remote stations gone dark, rumors of horrors so dark that the thought of them strikes fear into lesser men. A shadow hangs over the border between the Outer and Mid Rim, reports of missing vessels near the Redoubt Cluster, even in towards the slowly rebuilding Core worlds. Pirate raiders were by no means an uncommon occurrence in lesser governed sectors of space but there was something different about these attacks - there were no survivors. Even pirates knew that to kill outright would draw enough ire over time and make their trade much harder in the long run - these were no pirates.


Gathered from across the Outer Rim, the Lords of Chaos have been chosen by the Dread King, Moloch. A hybrid, part Yuuzhan Vong and part human, he has raised an army. Taking refuge in the Redoubt Cluster he has established a stronghold from which to strike out from and return. A natural fortress, the Cluster has only a handful of known entrances, the paths heavily guarded by both construct and vessels of the void. Six Dread Lords has the King appointed, each one more horrible than the next, each one a font of strength and power - each one, sworn loyalty to the Dread King. Given the right to field and command their own armies, each is given their own world to govern, each given the power over life and death within their domain - as for their King, he commands all.


The Hordes of the Dread King are filled with both volunteer and slave alike, their ranks earned, their freedom gained - though freedom means little to those in service of the Dread King. While there is a strict hierarchy, there are few laws under the Dread King's rule but loyalty to the King and his Dread Lords. Hadante is the self declared domain of Moloch, however each Dread Lord is afforded their own berthing. In the city of Infernus, the impromptu Capital of the planet, murder in the streets is commonplace, thievery isn't viewed as a crime, merely the will of the strong. In short - might is right. This goes for nearly all those outside the forces of the Dread King's army. Within the ranks of his horde, dissension or failure to perform is oft met with severe punishment, up to and including execution. While for some loyalty to the Lords of Chaos is a product of their upbringing, to a large portion it is fear. Fear of failure, fear of punishment, fear of the horrors witnessed upon those who defy the Dread King and his cabal. 




The Hordes


The military might of the Dread King rests not only with his personal horde, but also the hordes of the Dread Lords loyal to him. Savage in their might with little regard for their own safety, the soldiers employed and forced into service of Moloch are either those who seek power and glory, or those who have been stripped of it. An even spread of volunteers and slaves fill the ranks of the hordes, but to them it isn't merely a service, it's a lifestyle. To serve and die under the Dread King is a reward in and of itself, the promise of glory and immortality in death driving them to perform feats of inhuman strength and accomplish much in the name of their God.


The Horde of the Dread King and his Lords are a violent place, soldiers of the same rank often times pitting themselves against one another in trials of strength or combatives, a way of sharpening one against another. This creates a brutal and savage environment, fueling and creating angst with which to unleash upon the enemy. Hygiene is low, warriors and soldiers covering themselves in blood, both animal and even that of their enemy - to strike intimidation and fear into the hearts of their enemy before ending their life is considered the ultimate accomplishment. As there is limited standardization among the ranks of the hordes, each army is outfitted by the will of their Lord. As such, most armor and weaponry is provided by either the soldier themselves (However they choose to procure it) or the Dread Lord above them, or in special circumstances even at will of the Dread King. From the lowest thrall to the First Prime of the Dread Lord, each soldier is awarded by their merit. After a successful operation or raid they may be awarded with a set of armor or a choice of the spoils, in some cases even a promotion.





Soldiers of the Void


Some soldiers revel in the blood of their enemies, others gain pleasure from the knowledge that they've released their foes and those who oppose the Dread King into the cold embrace of the Void. These are the Void Soldiers, the personnel permanently embroiled in the art of space combat. Anything from fleet maneuvers to boarding and raiding space lanes, these are some of the most reckless and feared soldiers under command of the Lords of Chaos. These soldiers eat, breath, and sleep in the void, their ships modified with all sorts of subsystems and adornments, some even rumored to be covered and painted with the blood of those crews whom they've slaughtered. These are no ordinary pirates, for where they go they leave none alive. They're just as likely to destroy a passing merchant as to take the ship's cargo. The primary source of acquiring new technology, these are among the most feared in the Dread King's arsenal.





Embrace Chaos


"The natural state of the Galaxy is chaos - why fight it? Join it. Become it."
~Moloch, The Dread King 


Tired of authoritarian regimes who make you follow all the rules? Sick of rules of warfare, dictating what constitutes a valid target? Annoyed with people who are afraid to get their hands dirty? Tired of rebuilding the block tower after someone else knocks it over? Embrace Chaos. Stop limiting your options and instead, become the chaos that the galaxy should fear. If you want something, take it. If you want to hurt someone, do it. Those who are too weak to protect themselves deserve to be subservient to those with power - rise up and take what is yours! Under leadership of the Dread King and his Lords of Chaos, seek glory and immortality through the chaos you can and will rain down upon the galaxy. Let your name be remembered in the annals of history, where the passage of time shall not age you. Be the boogeyman of myth, the monster under the bed or in the closet - instill fear and sow the seeds of chaos wherever you go.






Hello! Thanks for taking a look and giving this a read! The Lords of Chaos is a new minor faction based around nothing more (Or at least primarily) than wholesale destruction! Led by Moloch the Dread King and his Lords of Chaos, the faction really only has one goal - expand their reach and cause as much chaos and destruction as possible. Think Attila the Hun, think Genghis Khan. The foundation of the philosophy is: If someone/something is too weak to protect itself, then it is only deserving that they should serve, die, or be destroyed. Taking prisoners as slaves is common, though leaving survivors is not. If you have a desire to join the faction, feel free to look around the faction forums or reach out to me! As of now, the intent is to stay a minor faction with major being an opportunity if enough people show interest and participate. There really only is one rule, and that is there are no rules (Excepting of course the inferred undying loyalty to the Dread King and the Dread Lords. This could be out of fear, out of respect, both, or even other motivations). 

Our faction forums can be found here: http://starwarsrp.ne...lords-of-chaos/
The Faction Discord Server can be found here: https://discord.gg/mUJwvYr


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This looks mighty tasty.