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Changing Hands

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Calina Ovmar

Calina Ovmar
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She'd told Mara she would destroy the Femme Fatale and she had every intention of doing so, but first not only did she need to dismiss the crew or find them other opportunities in the company, she had to build a new ship. Both cost money, and while she'd been given a job by Mara, it didn't pay out until she started sending evidence. What Calina did have, were eleven clubs and bars that belonged to Apoleia Inc, a company she very much wanted to dissolve.


She'd put an advert up, a quiet one just to see who would bite. If she plastered it everywhere, people would begin to ask questions. Those who knew Anaya's affiliation with the company would want to know why the lethan was selling up and she didn't want to deal with those her mother had known. 


She'd received contact from a Cthule Throne, a woman she knew very little about but as far as Calina was concerned that was a good thing. She sat behind her mothers old desk, eyes fixed on the holoprojector resting on the table. They'd agreed to conduct business via holocall. Calina's eyes flicked to the chronometer, any minute now....