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Nyx Verd

Some Slight Changes The Return

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"If you want to be strong, learn how to fight alone."

Basic Information

  • Name: Nyx Verd
  • Alias: The Street Rat
  • Force Alignment: Dark Side
  • Force Rank: Knight
  • Species: Human
  • Races: Umbaran, Korun
  • Age: 26 Standard Years
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Build: Athletic
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Pigmentation: White
  • Face Claim: Rubi Malone - WET
  • Force Sensitive: Yes


  • Master(s): N/A
  • Mentor(s): N/A
  • Apprentice(s): N/A
  • Successful Student(s): N/A


Strengths & Weaknesses

(+) Criminal Background: Nyx grew up on the streets of Coruscant, where only the strong survive. She learned to fend for herself, how to fight, how to survive. This existence has made her tough, and taught her to improvise.

(+) Unpredictability: Nyx prides herself on being unpredictable, both on and off the battlefield. She takes risks, makes snap decisions, and most of all, does things so stupid that no one expects her to do them.

(-) Big Fat Mouth: Nyx tends to mouth off to everyone she meets. Constantly. It's not unusual for her motor mouth to get her in heaps of trouble.

(-) Quick To Anger: She has a very short fuse, and goes off very easily, and it's not easy for her to calm down without damaging something.

Notable Possessions

Notable Vessels

Notable Force Powers

Apprentice [ I ] - Knight II ] - Master [ III ] - Specialist IV ]

  • II ] Telekinesis
  • [ II ] Force Rage
  • [ I ] Force Sense

Notable Lightsaber Forms
Nyx does not specialize in any one lightsaber form. She uses her experience with blades to supplement her combat style. She can be considered as skillful as most other Knight level Force Users.
Her use of a crossguarded lightsaber maker her moves slower, more stiff. She must be extremely careful to not hurt herself with the crossguards, barring her from many mainstream moves and styles. (Ugh, mainstream)


The tale of Nyx is one of circumstance, and environments. The exact location of her birth is unknown, even to her. The earliest record of her existence is found at the Honorhall Orphanage, on Coruscant, estimated to be a few days after her birth. It was there she was given the designation 'Orphan #117'. Accounts of the inner workings of Honorhall are sparse, but what little is known is enough to get some people in quite a bit of trouble, if anyone bothered to persecute some no names on Coruscant.

It is known that she escaped Honorhall at eight standard years of age, where she lived on the streets. There are scattered police reports involving her, by then she had taken on the name 'Nyx', and was leading a gang of orphans. By the age of sixteen, she was involved in smuggling, assault, vandalism, and murder. 

The next few years puts her all over the galaxy; Tattooine, Kessel, Sriluur, and several other locations. Mainly crime, but it was observed that she was exhibiting signs of Force Sensitivity, specifically of the Dark Side variety.

Then, at age twenty, she vanishes for a year. Just gone, without a trace.

Authorities found her in the Outer Rim, and promptly arrested her. For three years, she rotted in prison, before some well placed bribes cut her sentence short.

From there, she sought out her heritage. She found her birth family, and spent time living the life of a Mandalorian. It could not last forever, however. And once more, she was gone, in self-exile to Tattooine.

But her eyes turn to the stars, once more, and she can feel the call to adventure deep within her.

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To symbolize my return, I have made a couple alterations to Nyx, and chosen a new playby.

Here's to more adventures!






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Added thread tracker.






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Updated Weapons, Armor, and Family.






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Bit of a return to a classic look.




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Zephyr Carrick

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Good to see you back. 

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