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For Good Measure (Lady Kay)

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Veiere Arenais

Veiere Arenais

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As Lady Kay guided his hand to sit gently upon her lower stomach, Veiere looked to her for a moment with uncertainty. This was a first for the both of them and knowing what to expect didn't exactly come easily though they both clearly knew the facts around what they were dealing with, their emotions were still somewhat in the air what with Kay's up and down hormones and Veiere's rather protective nature over her for not only her sake now but so too their soon to be children. 


Something gave a hard kick, much more evident than he expected, his head fell to look down to where his hand sat against her and another couple of more subtle bumps moved against him forcing him to smile somewhat broadly to himself in amazement. They really did seem active though her suggestion that she might be having twins took a moment to register, a moment where he would mutter the word in response and question as if not really hearing her correctly though needing to repeat it for the sake of his acknowledging the possibility; his eyes closing as he sought to sense the life within her through the Force, a gift that only came with Force Practitioners during such times. 


The reality of their situation was not at all one that Veiere had ever expected to find himself in. The Jedi Order of old had always spoken against child rearing for the personal attachments that could sway ones allegiences and priorities over the people that might require their full support yet nowadays Veiere had barely visited Deneba and his focus had been clearly pulled in to be at home alongside his wife. He still partook in the odd venture yet now here alongside her, everything just felt so certain. Even if it was to be temporary, for whatever the Force might bring them both, they were both in the place they were meant to be.


"I think you are..." He murmered under his breath, a slight chuckle in astonishment escaping him.




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Kay Arenais

Kay Arenais

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It was a strange feeling to have life moving around inside of her. The muscles all gave way to the poking, rolling and kicking from underneath them and there was nothing that she could do to control it. But at least now Veiere Arenais could experience it too. Given that he was a man, there was a disconnection with the whole process. But now, now that he was feeling it himself, that connection was made.

Kay watched as her dear husband closed his eyes, using the Force to seek out what she herself was only just coming to realize. Twins. Not just one child, but two. At once. Were they girls? Were they boys? Or were they both? She didn't really want to know, not until they were born.

Veiere opened his eyes then, chuckling after he gave his confirmation. She gave him a small smile. "Well...I suppose that this means that we'll need to get more essentials." They'll need double of everything. Kay was glad to have Veiere with her so that he could help. She wasn't so sure that she could do it alone.

A laugh came out of her then, a mixture between fear and happiness. Her first pregnancy, maybe the only one that she'll ever have, and she's having twins. Kay wasn't sure if that was some kind of punishment, or a reward. All that she knew was that she wasn't sure what was going to happen or how their future will unfold. "I suppose that they'll keep me out of trouble for a while...."


She still couldn't believe it.