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Reggie Faayare

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Reggie Faayare

Reggie Faayare

    Friend To All

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Reggie Faayare





NAME: Reggie Faayare


FACTION: Order of the Silver Jedi


RANK: Padawan




AGE: 19


SEX: Male




WEIGHT: 160 lbs


EYES: Blue


HAIR: Black


SKIN: Brown









Friend To All:


 Joy of Knowledge (+While Reggie no longer has the insatiable desire to seek out knowledge, he still enjoys finding out new things.


Oath keeper (+) A promise is something that Reggie doesn’t take lightly. Whenever he promises something, he is determined to honor that promise.


Patient (+) Reggie is slow to anger and doesn’t rush into things. Reggie is also patient when it comes to listening to others.


Force Attuned (+) Reggie finds it easy to learn force techniques.



Kind/Selfless (+/-) Reggie will always put others before himself. Whenever a person needs assistance, or he sees an opportunity to help a person redeem themselves, Reggie does everything in his power to help them. Being kind has backfired on him many times however, most notably when people do not deserve his assistance. Reggie has even put his life in danger to protect people he doesn't know.


Easygoing and Social (+/-)Being a social person, Reggie enjoys the company of others. Talking his way out of a situation instead of fighting is how he likes to handle things. However, this can be used against Reggie, making him go the extra mile to settle things peacefully if he believes there is a chance to do so. Another weakness to this is that some people don't like his easygoing and social spirit.


Missing eye (-) Reggie lost his right eye from a attack when he was younger. This causes problems with his vision of course.


Poor Piloting skills (-) Reggie has trouble learning how to pilot a ship, and doesn't put much effort into changing that.


Weak (-) Reggie is weak in terms of strength. His peers will almost always best him in a test of strength.


Abilities and proficiency:


Novice - Proficient - Expert - Master


Telekinesis: Proficient

Force Heal:  Proficient

Force Jump: Novice

Force Sense: Proficient

Force Stun: Novice

Force Concealment: Proficient

Force cloak: Novice

Tutaminis: Novice

Force Stasis: Proficient

Sand Manipulation: Proficient


Shii-Cho: Proficient

Djem So: Novice




Reggie is a average looking young man with blue eyes, a scar across his right eye, has short black hair, and has dark skin. He wears simple and comfortable clothing which are usually the opposite of fashionable. He’s a person who makes use of what he has, so he’s never worried about looking flashy.

 He is usually seen with a radiant smile on his face. Happy and excitable is how he always seems, even in times of stress. This gives off a atmosphere of friendliness for anyone around him.




Reggie has lived with his parents on Tatooine for as long as he can remember. After hearing stories about the Jedi from his father, he has been obsessed with learning whatever he can about them, and hopes to become a Jedi in the near future.


At the age of 15, Reggie lost his right eye to someone he called a friend, Jason. This betrayal and the loss of sight in his right eye devastated him, but he learned to deal with the loss.


Reggie wishes to leave Tatooine in hopes of learning what else the galaxy has to offer, and has a desire to help people in need. Reggie awaits for the opportunity to achieve his goals.


After Meeting Jessica Matthews, Reggie knew that his opportunity finally arrive. He arrived on Kashyyyk and joined The Silver Jedi Order. After acquiring his lightsaber crystal Ilum and triumphing his trial, Reggie had a lot to think about. His desire for knowledge almost made him kill Jason. Even though it was only a vision and his desire to help overpowered his desire for knowledge, it made him realize that he had darkness within him.









1. Tatooine 851

2. Introductions on Kashyyyk

3. Ilum Crystal Hunt(Reggie Faayre, Lasky Rynn)

4. Lightsaber lessons: shii cho

5. Kashyyyk living

6. Farmville Balamak

7. Kashyyyks morning dew

8. Kashyyyk rendevous

9. Coming Home

10. Cularin huntin

11. discovering what was lost

12. Sleepers Awaken

13. Meeting On Voss

14. Padawans unite: Training

15. The Padawans: Homecoming

16. Into The Valley

17. Two For Flinching

18. Valley of Blooms

19. A Place in Nature

20. Ring of Fire

21. I believe in a Forward Motion

22. Elusive as Sand

23. arcanum stellarum quaeritis

24. It's The Eye Of The Sarlacc. Its A Lightsaber Fight!

25. Djem So me the way.

26. Wild Hunt - SJO Dominion

27. Jurassic Kingdom - SJO Dominion

28. Aquatic Adventures (training)

29. Stasis and animals. What could go wrong?

30. Wheels in Motion

31. Magical World

32. Peer Review

33. New friends, new opportunities 

34. New Beginnings [SJO]

35. Battle Against Our Nature

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    You're pretty good

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Oh, you lost your right eye too Reggie Faayare



CC-1 l SES

Reggie Faayare

Reggie Faayare

    Friend To All

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Yes, I lost my right eye as well Kiso

Amilthi Camlenn

Amilthi Camlenn

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Reggie Faayare


I'd suggest, if I may, that you expand on the appearance section a little. It's quite important for other writers because it determines the first impression their character will have of yours. It can be difficult to write when you just don't have an idea of the impression another character makes on yours. This is especially true for Force users with their empathic abilities. Also, for a lot of people, the appearance section is basically the only part of your character sheet they ever read, so... :P


This board also has a useful feature that people will thank you for using: in your account's profile, there's a place where you can link your character sheet, i.e. this thread.

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Please be aware that my posts tend to present my character's opinions as factual.

Reggie Faayare

Reggie Faayare

    Friend To All

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  • 333 posts
ok Amilthi Camlenn! I'll get right on that, thank you.

Edited by Reggie Faayare, 03 November 2017 - 04:32 PM.