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Atlas Viridian

MPTC Pilot

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Atlas Viridian

Atlas Viridian


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NAME: Viridian, Atlas Tyrel

FACTION: Mara-Perlemian Trade Council, TCN

RANK: Lieutenant, CSC (Council Starfighter Corps)


AGE: This helps as a quick gauge for other writers to guess how old your character would look.

SEX: Male

HEIGHT: 6 ft 2 in | 1.87 m

WEIGHT: 173 lbs | 78.4 kg

EYES: Green Blue Shift

HAIR: Dirty Blonde

SKIN: Fair, Tans Easily







Fast Learner: Though he doesn't have a photographic memory he is able to visualize things in his mind with ease. Whether it's picturing the way an engine works or solving a puzzle, he can almost watch the pieces move and fit together in his mind. Atlas is quick to pick up concepts and visualize them - when the time comes to put those into practice, he can do so with ease.

Talented Mechanic: If it's got to do with spacecraft, he'll not only know how it works but how to repair it. With a father who was a mechanic and a mother who was an electrical engineer, he had a head start when it came to blue collar work. Even as a young boy he often watched his father work at the spaceport on Centares, sometimes even skipping class to do so - his argument that he actually learned more from watching than reading books.


Jokester: Sometimes the line between appropriate and inappropriate gets blurred for Atlas, it's landed him in trouble with his superiors more than a few times before. Though an excellent pilot and a reliable officer, he tends to let his immaturity shine through more often than his peers. This tendency can be re-assuring in the most extreme of situations, but in some it lands him in hot water so to speak. 


Over Confident: When you know a lot, and you know you know a lot it's difficult to admit when you're wrong. Unfortunately for Atlas, this means he often finds himself arguing a point when it would be much better to simply fold. He can be quick to retort and in the newly forming Trade Council Armed Forces, that can be a problem. 


Risk Taker: Even when the odds aren't in his favor, Atlas walks a fine line between being confident and taking unnecessary risks. Though he almost always has a plan, his cavalier attitude can often end him and those around him in hot spots, or dig them deeper into an already extreme circumstance if he's not careful. 






Atlas is tall for a pilot, at six foot two, one might expect he'd have joined the TCA rather than the Starfighter Corps. Dirty blonde hair and a slim frame give him a distinctly military appearance if not a pilot, and his fair but tanned skin speaks of countless hours in the sun.






What is the measure of a man? If it were simply height, one might question how Atlas Viridian became a pilot in the first place. 


The son of a mechanic and an electronics engineer, it was only natural that he'd be inclined towards spacecraft but to guess a pilot over a mechanic or technician was one his family never quite anticipated. At an early age, Atlas began skipping school to instead watch his father work at the spaceport on Centares. Though he was forbidden from touching any of the tools or client's ships, he watched intently, learning as his father would talk him through each repair or modification he was doing. A man of patience was his father though as a boy, Atlas couldn't wait for much longer than two seconds before he blurted out another question about what his father was doing. 


For many years he was not allowed to touch, merely to watch. Then one day, that all changed. Much to his surprise, Atlas was invited to help his father - it was at that moment, starships became his obsession.


Fast forward to his young adult years, he began a rigorous routine, learning everything he could about starships and their systems. Taught by both his mother and father, he dropped out of formal schooling to work at the same spaceport as his father - at least at first. 


Young and immature, Atlas was anything but a perfect child. In fact, he never even had a 'warming up' period - his first infraction? A run in with the Centares Police Force after taking a cargo trawler for a joy-ride. It was there the spark was ignited, and it was there Atlas found his true love - flying. From that moment forward, he knew he belonged amidst the stars.


It was a long road for Atlas, going from social deviant as a young man to a fully commissioned officer of the newly formed Trade Council Armed Forces. Given the choice between prison or volunteering, he quickly chose the latter. From that point on, he played it by the rules - or at least he did his damn best. Managing to graduate in the upper quarter of his class from the Academy on Centares, he was quickly assigned to the Council Starfighter Corps. Recently assigned, he has yet to report for duty.

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