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Commander Jody Parker

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Stephanie Swail

Stephanie Swail

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Intent: To be an ally and friend for Jedi Padawan Stephanie Swail.
Image Credit: SJ Pinterest Community https://www.pinteres...35228483380064/
Role: An Antarian Ranger who has worked with Stephanie a couple of times and sees her as a sister figure over being just a Jedi.
Links: A couple of SJO threads she has appeared in:

Age: 32
Force Sensitivity: Non-Force User
Species: Human
Appearance: Raised as a soldier, so lives and breathes in being a solider. Dresses in the usual Ranger style of black, silver and navy blue and has short black hair and a pale face. Her features are almost baby-faced and petite, but don’t let appearances fool you.

Name: Jody Parker; Commander in the Antarian Rangers.
Loyalties: The Antarian Rangers | The Order Of The Silver Jedi
Wealth: Has a good pension pot in the background, and is able to live comfortably, but Jody is not wealthy at all with nothing else saved or secure anywhere.
Notable Possessions: Nothing bar the kit on her back and a few personal items of sentimental value that bring good luck on the battlefront.
Skills: Trained with the Antarian Rangers and so she can fight and fly. Ground combat and melee comes as easy to Jody as breathing, and she can also pilot small fighters and gunships into drop-zones and make hasty exists.
Personality: Jody isn’t a machine, and is very compassionate when she has to be. She is level headed and supportive to those around her, pushing them to do their best and to think logically in any situation. A good friend to call your own who will make sure to have your back if you need her to.

Weapon of Choice: Standard Antarian Ranger SMG - http://starwarsrp.ne...38-rangers-smg/
Combat Function: Jody is just a soldier. Trained to fight and serve until she physically can’t. She holds no special connection to anyone out in the galaxy, and so works with her brothers and sisters to fight the good fight when needed. She can use a firearm and fly a ship within her training remit and to everyone else is just another face in the mighty Ranger military.

Jody Parker came from Phindar to Voss in seeing their influence expand across the Eastern region. She came to enlist with the Antarian Rangers after always wanting to serve within a special police force and military unit. Voss became her new home and she spent four months in training before hitting the ranks and working her way up slowly and steadily.

Participating in missions across the galaxy from the safe dominion of planets, to liberating systems from the clutches of evil and engaging in brutal battles across the stars, Jody has a home with the Silver Jedi and her Rangers, and will continue to do so even more now she has a friend in Stephanie Swail.


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Stephanie Swail


Under review.


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Stephanie Swail


Good stuff. Pending secondary.



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