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Bard Independent

Approved Connory Workshop Tier 5

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  • Corporation Name: Bard Independent
  • Headquarters: Eshan
  • Locations: None
  • Operations: Connory's workshop develops personal gear (usually combat- or engineering-related) and dabbles in starship design consultation.
  • Tier: IV (Workshop)


Bard Independent is a small, autonomous workshop specializing in personal gear, much of it designed to kill or inconvenience Sith Lords. In a hostile and unpredictable galaxy, Connory trusts few; only a handful of droids and associates populate the workshop, synthesizing Connory's designs and expanding on his prototypes. Connory's products are usually unique or close enough, though every once in a while he'll partner with various associates to make a creation more widely available. Connory also has a long history as a design consultant for multinational firms like Santhe/Sienar, MandalMotors, and Silk Holdings. Those arrangements have let him dabble in shipbuilding and creating tools for people like himself.



Bard Independent is the personal workshop of Rel Connory, a.k.a. Galeth Hennst, a.k.a. the Bard of the Hyperlanes - an Echani/Mandalorian inventor who once infiltrated both the Republic and the One Sith. Connory accepted an offer of shelter and sponsorship from Queen Spencer Varanin of Eshan, whom he'd served as a Senator. Connory's investments in the Foundation Trust (owner of shares in multiple tier-six corporations) bankrolled construction of a new facility. Buried in the Echani snowscape, the workshop hosts Connory's latest iteration of his longstanding penchant for invention. 


Subsidiaries: None

Parent Corporation: None

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