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Triam Akovin - The Relentless

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Triam Akovin

Triam Akovin

    Treasure Huntress

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"I'm done preparing for war... I've fought war... I've lost to war... I've won against war. Now, I fight only for my son, and his future."

- Triam Akovin 851 ABY





Social Information


NAME: Triam Akovin

RANK(S): Treasure Huntress, Merchant, (Retired) Mercenary, (Retired) Bounty Hunter, (Retired) Tournament Fighter, Tech-entrepreneur, Mother

TITLE(S): The Relentless

WEALTH: Well-off (Couple million credits left)

RENOWN: Infamous has-been


Physical Information



AGE: 37

SEX: Female

HEIGHT: 5' 7" (1.7 m)

WEIGHT: 170 lbs. (77 kg)

EYES: Blue

HAIR: Blonde

SKIN: White

FORCE SENSITIVE: Non-sensitive


APPEARANCE: Triam's body is one with history, a decade of combat and wounds across dozens of battlefields and other combat zones. Whatever promiscuous beauty or sex appeal she might have had sixteen years ago, has been all but replaced by a stalwart pride in the weathered body of a mature, capable soldier, and a mother. Nonetheless, her scars are covered up for the most part (aside from her prosthetic hand), either by heavy armor, or by specially designed clothe armor resistant to nearly all types of damage (save a few). In the past four years, Triam has adopted a more secretive and hermit-like life style as a means to protect her son, and as such obscures her identity with masks and voice changers.


Medical Condition



  • Intelligent
  • Inventive/innovative
  • Curious and inclined to learn diverse trees of study
  • Physically conditioned
  • Cyborg



  • Must make use of a prosthetic left arm
  • Degenerating feeling in left hand due to previous burn injuries
  • Muscular pain and chronic fatigue due to frequent electrocution
  • Weakening immune system (unknown)



  • Gambling
  • Stubborn
  • Hot headed



Combat Experience


BACKGROUND: Triam Akovin was born in the Republic to General Akovin of the armed forces, who was usually absent for most of her life, and thus left to be cared for my her mother. Except Triam always awaited her father, and idolized him and his stories, and shunning her unloving mother in the process. Through her father, Triam gained the ideals of bravery and courage, of glory in battle through his many tales of adventure, sparking the child's mischievous curiosity and desire for excitement. Unfortunately, he also sparked Triam's penchant to gamble (and drink in her adolescence), due to his own crippling vices. Before her father died though, Triam was in a period where partying and sex was more important than studying or listening to either of her parents... but once he passed, memories flooded her back to reality, and through guilt caused her to join the Republic Armed Forces. Graduating top of her class and considered for a number of special forces groups, Triam's mischievous desires caused her to clash with authority, influencing her to go A.W.O.L. with a good amount of stolen armory gear. From there, her career as a criminal and a soldier for hire began.


TREASURE HUNTING EXPERIENCE: Beginning with her criminal raid of Roche (stealing large quantities of native phrik), Triam Akovin became a renowned treasure huntress. Through innumerable raids, thefts, and questionably legal mining operations, Triam Akovin became quickly known as the woman you needed for the materials that were more difficult to acquire in any other market, pioneering the "Restricted Material" trade. She fought many, and killed many more, destroying property wherever she went to acquire what the customer ordered. To keep them coming back however, she quickly found her intelligence using these materials for herself as well, innovating new advanced combat technologies for use by herself and to whoever would pay her high prices.


MERCENARY EXPERIENCE: Through a number of campaigns, Triam has fought on numerous fronts, concerned only with monetary gain and less about the ethics of whatever battle she was helping to win. Triam has fought in such bloody battles as the First Invasion of Geonosis by the CIS, honing her combat skills as a sniper and a CQC specialist against force users. However, her infamous proficiency in fighting force users, is mostly detailed in the next category.


TOURNAMENT EXPERIENCE: In the Tournament of the Cauldron, Triam Akovin made a name for herself across the galaxy in billions of homes... and even made a new one for herself - The Relentless. In her debut, she defeated a Jedi Knight in single combat without difficulty, and in her second fight, her second fight, she faced off with one of the greatest opponents one could think of - Ashin Varanin, former Empress of the Sith Empire, Conqueror of Ten Thousand Worlds. To everyone's surprise, Triam Akovin emerged victorious with a gut punch and not a lick of armor on her body. In the semi-final round, Triam Akovin, now infamous across the galaxy as the underdog making waves, she faced off against a Jedi Master, and crushed the fight with apparent ease. Unfortunately, in the final round, Triam Akovin entered a fight no one really knows how she left alive, not even herself. In a great upset, Mikhail Shorn defeated the Relentless after a long, viscous, and destructive combat. The Tournament served as inspiration for some Akovin's most ingenious technological wonders, so despite her loss, Triam Akovin was fully recovered and making money within the year due to the weight of her name across the galaxy as The Relentless.












RAW Productions

  • RAW Manipulation Projector - (Approved) A limited production, power cell hungry, magnetic clamp/stasis field projector made to mimic telekinetic abilities in all environments, to be applied to other pieces of technology.
  • RAW Magnetic Anchor - (Approved) A limited production unit that is capable of coupling with a magnetic clamp (such as the RAW Manipulation Projector) and increasing its range, strength, and power consumption depending the range it is held at, making an object fixed with an anchor far easier to manipulate.
  • RAW DIG Boots -(Approved) A limited production, powerful pair of boots with a voracious hunger for power cells that allows a user to manipulate the forces of gravity and inertial movement around their person at will
  • RAW PUR Power Cell - (Approved) A semi-unique set of Pyronium Ultra-compact Rechargeable Power Cells that hold nine times more energy than the standard power cell for rapid use, with the same destructive potential of a falling artillery shell when damaged... handle with care.
  • RAW ALE Field Generator - (Approved) A semi-unique set of five devices that give the user the ability to slow down the outside world considerably up to a thirty minute period (assuming they don't perish within six minutes due to radiation exposure or destroy their life-supporting equipment in that time due to rapid decay). Use with extreme caution and the most dire of circumstances in order to get out of otherwise impossible situations.
  • The Phantom Gauntlet - (Approved) Triam's unique gauntlet, a true technological marvel that is capable of granting her the manipulation capabilities of the force, up to and including telekinetic melee combat, all the while remaining highly robust to most forms of damage (particularly lightsabers). Extremely heavy and impossible to wield unless the user is Triam Akovin through biometric verification and gravity belt assist.
  • Phantom Claws - (Approved) Triam's unique set of five cortosis-weave/terentatek horn blade's, complete with magnetic anchors, and kinetic recharger powered tazers, for use in the Phantom Gauntlet.
  • Superconductive Energy Feedback Barrier Prototype - (Approved) A unique prototype barrier utilizing the principles of Universal Energy Cages to reflect virtually all forms of energy back to sender, including the effects of the force, even in the blocking out Ysalamiri force-nullifying bubbles and other passive influences of the force.
  • RAW Neural Shuffler - (Under Review) A semi-unique device with a terrifying power, the ability to control minds... variably effective though... The A.I. controlling the effects desired requires some measure of data, trial and error, and time in order to learn the proper frequencies for desired response on different species and individuals.




  • Cassus Akovin - Triam's son (father - James Justice)
    • Location - By her side at all times
    • Living Status - Well, healthy, and adorably stoic
  • Crol H'hurut - Triam's employee/colleague/impromptu-nanny
    • Location - Near to Cassus Akovin at all times
    • Living Status - Old but not dead yet
  • Mr. Follow - Triam's personal droid who has the bizarre personality trait of always watching...
    • Location - Always near, just barely out of sight...
    • Living Status - Operational, stalking...
  • Rigsy - Triam's sarcastic ass sentient miniature manufacturing installation
    • Location - Fixed in place on the Junk'd Up Ship
    • Living Status - Low power mode, R2-D2 style...
  • Preliat Mantis - Long time friend/colleague/former-love-interest (named Cassus)
    • Location - Unknown
    • Living Status - Unknown
  • James Justice - Former business partner, father of Cassus
    • Location - Unknown
    • Living Status - Unknown
  • Sor-Jan Xantha - Former Lightsaber/lightfoil Instructor
    • Location - Unknown
    • Living Status - Alive, and hopefully well!

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Sor-Jan Xantha

Sor-Jan Xantha

    Permanent Resident of the Time Out Chair

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  • 1,868 posts
  • Sor-Jan Xantha - Former Lightsaber/lightfoil Instructor
    • Location - Unknown
    • Living Status - Alive, and hopefully well!


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