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Sal Kar Walker

- - - - - Missile Walker Metal Lords of the Void

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Haon Hafey

Haon Hafey


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  • Intent: To create a defense vehicle for major command centers on Metal Lords of the Voids planets.
  • Image Source: (x)
  • Video Link: (x) (To help show what it is supposed to do and full image. It is hard to find one that works) (Side Missile Launchers are NOT included in this submission)
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A
  • Manufacturer: Have Gun Will Travel (x) (Design), Metal Lords of the Void (x) (Manufacturer)
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Metal Lords of the Void (x)
  • Modularity: No (MUST be unique to be modified and will take a planet slot to create for one)
  • Production: Semi-Unique (One for each planet controlled by the Metal Lords of the Void)
  • Material: 
    Duralloy (x)
    Transparisteel (x)
  • Classification:: Heavy Missile Walker
  • Role: Multi-Purpose Missile Defense and Assault Walker
  • Size: 100 meters tall, 130 meters extended tall. 40 meters long and wide.
  • Weight: 365,000 tons
  • Minimum Crew: 8 people (Target Verification and Firing Only)
  • Optimal Crew: 40 people
  • Propulsion: Quadrupedal
  • Speed: Very Slow (5km)
  • Maneuverability: Very Slow
  • Armaments: Extreme
    144 M-G-2 General Purpose Warhead Launcher (x) (They are separated on four raisable missile pads of 36 a piece.)
    Eight Repeating Blaster (Anti-Infantry/Air)
  • Defenses: Very High
    Duralloy (x)
    Four Deflector Shields
    Sixteen Warhead Countermeasures (x)
  • Squadron Count: 1
  • Passenger Capacity: N/A
  • Cargo Capacity: Holds 1,440 Concussion Missiles OR 720 Photon Torpedoes OR 360 Heavy Rockets. (Concussion missiles equal one cargo slot, Photon Rockets equal two cargo slots, and Heavy Rockets equal four cargo slots.) Total room for cargo is 1,440 cargo slots.


840.z Holo-Targeting Suite: In conjunction with the targeting computer, the 840.z Holo-Targeting Suite allowed improved accuracy for firing at the selected targets. This was needed to balance out the amount of missile targets it acquires and so much so, it required two of these to be installed. (x)
Life Support



  • Overwhelming Firepower: Being able to fire 144 missiles at once, all guided to their targets makes the Sal Kar Walker a very dangerous machine. Land or Air, it can target and fire missiles at the targets with ease.
  • Multi-Missile Loading System: If different missiles are used, it catalogs them and makes sure to load them by the order of the user interface. This makes it extremely useful when firing a certain section of missiles at a select target.
  • Multi-Targeting System: It can target up to 144 individual target from sight alone though requires verification from various crew operators on the Sal Kar Walker. 
  • Multi-Layered Deflector Shield: Due to the nature of its payload, it has been layered with four deflector shields to protect the central torso and its surrounding body. If one goes down, the other takes it place while it recharges though it takes up to ten minutes to recharge one deflector shield.
  • Extremely Slow: It barely moves far as it takes an hour to get any considerable distance. It is designed to stay stationary and to only move to reposition itself.
  • Target the Legs!: The legs are very exposed weakness. While they cannot be tied up, they are linked to the four shield generators as destroying one weakens the shields on the Sal Kar Walker. If one leg is destroyed, it becomes immobile and must remain deployed. If two are destroyed, it cannot fire two of its missile pallets, limiting it to 72 missiles instead of 144. If three are destroyed, it falls over and no longer can be used.
  • Deploy before Firing: Due to the overwelming recoil, the Sal Kar Walker MUST deploy before being used, making it immobile while firing. This takes up to a minute to latch onto the surface and extend the extra struts to secure itself.
  • Explosive Payload: If the armor is pierced at any time in the center shell, it can produce a very dangerous explosive effect, effectively destroying the entire Sal Kar Walker in one go.
  • Long Reload Time: It takes over five minutes to reload the payload four all four missile trays. Thirty seconds to descend and lock in, a four minutes to reload the trays and then thirty seconds to extend them back into position.
  • Near Impossible to Transport: It takes a very large cargo ship to transport something of this size. Due to this, all models are produced on the planet they are assigned on. If moved, it requires a large ship and can take over three hours to load.
  • Long Resupply Time: If it runs out of missiles, it will require a reload team to release the lower section of the Sal Kar Walker to receive more missiles. This makes it extremely vulnerable and can take up to five-ten minutes to bring one firing payload on board.
  • Exposed Bridge: The head of the machine is easily found and if the shields go down, a direct blast can take down the entire Sal Kar Walker in one go as there is no back up bridge.
  • One Model per Planet Only: Only one can exist on each planet. Moons are excluded. If one is taken for a dominion assault in another system, they must name which planet it comes from. If destroyed, it cannot be rebuilt for that planet. If they lose the planet and retake it, it cannot be rebuilt.
  • Extremely High Cost: The cost to build one of these equals an Assault Corvette built new at the shipyard. Building one on each planet requires to be built specifically for that planet such as heat, cold, windy conditions or things like heavier gravity, lighter gravity, extended night and day cycles adds additional cost. This did not include the ammunition of the missiles which amounts to a much higher cost.


Inspired from some of the oldest designs in history, Haon Hafey spearheaded a plan that was so expensive, some people questioned his sanity. The idea was to create a unique vehicle to protect their planets, one that would make even a simple army be demolished if not reinforced properly. Created primarily for defense, it was produced on Ord Mantell first to test its capabilities first hand. A prototype was created and then destroyed once it showed what it was capable of, some of the Metal Lords agreeing for a massive need for defense in case any of the other large factions or empires knock on their doors.


In production, the main legs are produced in a single factory whom is only used to create the legs. It identifies the planet it will be situated in and in doing so, strengthens it for the conditions to have optimal operating conditions. The body and its extendable top half are made in another factory to set all the electronics in the bridge, set up the Life Support and 840.z Holo-Targeting Suite which was integrated throughout the entire body. When the first model was finished on Vo, it was given another trial run against a series of starfighters, vehicles that included airspeeders and walkers. The result was a success though it was noted to tune up the for any heavier walkers which got the systems being updated for choosing which rocket to fire at which target if required.


Since then, several of these have started in production on numerous planets owned by the Metal Lords of the Void. Some are still being created due to the current conditions on the other planet, others are being considered to be fitted for their unique Metal Lord owner, adding more firepower by lowering defenses or by simply making them unique to the owners themselves by taking off the missile pads and replacing them with something that fits their needs. Regardless, the Sal Kar Walker will slowly become a staple and symbol of the Metal Lords of the Void might though the cost may outweigh its good.









This section was created to keep the design from being abused. While I highly doubt it will occur, I prefer to do quality control so people in roleplays have fun but at the same time, not overwhelmed by these behemoths of destruction. If ANY are found to be abused by Metal Lords of the Void, they will be stripped of not just their own Sal Kar Walker but another one of my choice from any of their planets. This is the only warning and the rules below are to be read before using one on the battlefield.



1: These can only be constructed on planets that the Metal Lords of the Void own. There is no exception and the design will not be given out to others for production. If the Sal Kar Walker from that particular planet is destroyed, there will NOT be another one built for that planet, no exception even if the planet is recaptured or renamed.


2: Only ONE character can use ONE Sal Kar Walker at any given time. They will note in their roleplay post if using one where it comes from and what armament it has for missiles above using the Cargo Capacity system. If a missile/rocket is to be used and not listed, it must be consulted by Haon Hafey to create a cargo slot size for it before being used.


3: A Unique Variant of the Sal Kar Walker can be created though it MUST be listed from which planet it is from before being created. Failure to inform Haon Hafey when creating one and listing the proper field will result in temporarily pulling the Metal Lords of the Void from creating the Sal Kar Walker until the matter is resolved. No person may have more than ONE Unique Sal Kar Walker, no exception.


4: There can only be a maximum of TWO of these deployed on a planet at any time and ONLY during a Dominion conquest. These will be listed from which planets they are from. For a planetary defense, only ONE will be deployed at any given time for that planet and ONLY from its native planet. If the native planet has had their Sal Kar Walker destroyed, no Sal Kar Walker can replace it to defend the native planet from another factions Dominion, no exceptions. If any of them are destroyed during a Dominion, Conquest or Defense, they will inform Haon Hafey to keep records of where the currently it resides in the submission.


5: You may ONLY fire once every post with the missile launchers. This is to prevent being entirely overwhelmed with constant missile fire. In addition, the poster will note if any of them are directed at any players. If one is found to fire it more than once on their turn, the Sal Kar Walker will shut down for the rest of the Dominion and be under review from Haon Hafey. The ammo count will be used in conjunction with post to limit the amount of missiles being fired every turn and to not make it nonstop destruction. In addition, to receive a payload once they run out of missiles, it requires a full post for retrieving them from the ground and the character WILL NOT FIRE on that post. They can use continue this if requiring more payloads though the rule still applies on not being able to fire them though may load the missile launchers to fire for next round.


6: For those who steal/reverse engineer a model of the Sal Kar Walker, while not required, Haon Hafey would like to work with the user developing their own set of rules to help remove any abuse found.


7: If one of the Sal Kar Walkers is to be gifted, they must specify which planet it is from and the Major Faction to be informed of the rules. No single individual are allowed to own one and those that operate one must be in the Major Faction. The individual operating one from another Major Faction will read these rules before operating one in a roleplay. Failure to follow the rules if gifted will result in the Sal Kar Walker being reclaimed and being BANNED from receiving one for six months. A second break of the rules will result in a permanent ban and will no longer be subjected to being gifted one and that Sal Kar Walker will be destroyed, no exceptions. The Major Faction being gifted can only have ONE, no others can be given out to that Major Faction.


8: Metal Lords of the Void are PROHIBITED from selling Sal Kar Walkers, no exception.


9: All records for current Sal Kar Walkers will be kept below the rules from which planets they are from and their current status. This can be from Active, Active Unique, Gifted, or Destroyed. Active means that it is situated on that planet and remains operational. Active Unique means this model was modified and will be linked to the submission along with listing the current Metal Lords of the Void member permitted to use it on which planet. Gifted requires the Major Factions name and current location situated at. Destroyed means the Sal Kar Walker is destroyed and cannot be recovered. This can be linked with the roleplay associated with its destruction.


10: At any time that the Sal Kar Walkers are to be permanently removed from the Metal Lords of the Void and not to be returned due to massive amounts of abuse, all Sal Kar Walkers will be destroyed. No exception. This is to keep from any constant abuse in case it becomes impossible to maintain from the Metal Lords of the Void. The Sal Kal Walkers will also NOT be created while this occurs and none can be created though creation status can shift to another Major Faction though requires permission from Haon Hafey. If this is done, all wording for the current Major Faction will be changed to fit the current status.


11: If in the event there are multiple planets in a single system, the maximum amount allowed to be created per system is TWO, no exceptions.


12: If used during combat, a character MUST be commanding the unit inside it at all times. If having to leave, the Sal Kar Walker will become immobile and will not fire its missiles, only firing anti-infantry/air, no exceptions. If this is found to be abused, the Sal Kar Walker in question will be destroyed and be reviewed for additional rules.


13: Administrators have FULL RIGHTS to add rules to this submission if required. If abuse is found, rules WILL be added to remove any abuse found when roleplayed. In addition, Haon Hafey will review the level of abuse and may add additional rules if required along with removing certain rights from individuals and in worse case, remove the Metal Lords of the Void from using the Sal Kar Walker entirely until they are shown to be capable of using it without abuse OR have finished editing the submission to keep the submission balanced.







Current Sal Kar Walkers:


Current Total: 25

Destroyed to Date: 0


Lists the Sectors with the systems and planets they are on.



Corellian Sector:
Aurea System
Aurea: Active
Corfai System
Corfai: Active
Craeen System
Craeen: Active
Dorsis System
Dorsis: Active
Goorla System
Goorla: Active
Jumus System
Jumus: Active
Khomr System
Khomr: Active
New Plympto System
Bilagen: Active
New Plympto: Active
Nubus System
Nubia: Active
Saberhing System
Saberhing: Active
Sacorria System
Sacorria: Active
Vo: Active
Tafalglio System
Talfaglio: Active
Tanthior System
Tanthior: Active
Truuzdann System
Truuzdann: Active
Vagran System
Vagran: Active
Vasar System
Vasar: Active
Velx-Shel System
Velx-Shel: Active
Denon Sector
Ardru System
Ardru: Active
Denon System
Denon: Active
Iseno System
Iseno: Active
Hakassi Sector
Hakassi System
Hakassi: Active
Loronar Sector
Loronar System
Loronar: Active
Byblos System
Byblos: Active

Edited by Haon Hafey, Yesterday, 08:03 AM.

The Major

The Major

    The Hunter, Teething

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Hello. I'll be reviewing this submission. Please use this thread for any questions or comments as we get underway.




Haon Hafey

Haon Hafey


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Only three questions I currently have when you are reviewing:



1: I have set up special rules for the Sal Kar Walker and I intend to keep them there to avoid potential abuse with submission and to limit currently the amount of Sal Kar Walkers at any given time. Is that ok to have this in the submission or should that be separate on another page?


2: Is there any rules you can think of while you read the submission that would need to be added to keep the submission from being abused? I tried to be EXTREMELY thoughtful of what could happen and open for any thoughts.


3: I know this Walker is LARGE compared to most submissions. If you know any, is there anything close to this size? Should it have a different classification all together instead of Walker just by the size?


The Major

The Major

The Major

    The Hunter, Teething

  • Factory Judge
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  • 327 posts
Okay. This has been quite the doozy. I realize it is been an extensive period of time while reviewing this submission. Thank you for your patience. I've conferred with my compatriots in the meantime.

In addition, this is a meticulously thought out submission and the level of detail and foresight you put into this idea is nothing short of amazing. I have to congratulate you for being proactive and trying to foresee how this walker might be used or abused. It's a cool concept and monstrous to imagine one of these ambling up to a position.

However, in its current form it's not something I can approve. You clearly have worked hard on this and I'm loathe to dictate edits to your work off of the bat. Some things of particular concern are the size. This walker is bigger than skyscrapers like the Chrysler Building. It offfers firepower on the scale of a modern artillery regiment and it can fire another volley in two minutes. On top of this all, it can move. This kind of firepower and scale is suitable for a defensive structure. One so massive it would require a codex location sub.

I cannot stress enough that I do not want to come off as hostile or dismissive. Please do not take this as some death bell. I only ask that you reexamine this sub, look up walkers or mobile siege vehicles in the canon, and find ways to scale this back. If you need help I am more than willing to assist, but again, I wanted to offer you to start out as this is your baby.

May this find you in good spirits ---M

Haon Hafey




Haon Hafey

Haon Hafey


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  • 44 posts

It is no problem, I have quite a bit of patience. When you spoke on size, I actually agreed as the closest thing I found to possibly its size was the Empire State Building. After you spoke your concern, I dug around for anything closer to earth on its size. Sad to say...not really. AT-ATs are close and the ones that COULD range close to its size are World Devastators and those do not even even much measurement. In short, I reduced it to a third of its original size. This also reduced the cargohold of the missile compartment by half, making those who wish to take shots take more careful though beforehand. I will note that I allowed the loading timer to go from six hours onto a ship to three hours. It got shorter, that should be as well.


In addition, I read up on how it is a Artillery regiment which was of course the purpose of this submission. A mobile walking missile platform that swats things out of the sky and on land. It was made to be dangerous, firing often though I had to even agree that in two minutes time to fire again, was dumb and probably would get me yelled at for hours. A rule was added in for that regardless to fire only ONCE per post before this though it helps to make it understand how. Regardless, I have increased the reload time from two minutes to five. The weapons wont be reduced currently, they are based on actually the amount of missile hardpoints that are in the actual pad which are 36 and kept it that way. This also coupled in that it requires a post to receive ONE payload after running out of ammo makes it rather difficult to constantly fire the Sal Kar. It also makes the characters using this become more aware of that one of their volleys can be used against a certain target or to wait as they have a limited amount to use before becoming almost entirely defenseless.


Also I understand something of this size lumbering around is a bit scary and head scratching. I like to bear in mind that an AT-AT moves at 60 KM/H and it is a tenth of its size. This thing moves at 5 KM/H which makes it very slow and lumbering...it be faster to transport it than to keep it moving. In my terms, it moves three miles an hour so if a city is preparing defenses in an assault, well it has plenty of time to wait for that thing to arrive.




Regardless, here is the changes without all the text.



-Size Reduced to 100 meters tall, 130 meters extended, 40 meters long wide.

-Reduced cargo hold for missiles. Can hold now 10 payloads of concussion missiles, 5 payloads of Photon Rockets, 2.5 payloads of Heavy Rockets. Cargo Hold size now 1,440 Cargo Slots.

-Increased reload time to five minutes

+Increased starship loading time from six hours to three hours.




If you have any suggestions or edits, I am all ears to listen to them.




Haon Hafey


The Major