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Asha Seren, The Returned

Clone Asha Seren Epicanthix Jedi Master Jedaii Master

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Kalyn Shif

Kalyn Shif


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General Overview

  • Name: Asha Seren
    • ​​Titles:
      • Asha Seren-Ordo
      • Asha Lorr, Formerly
      • Master of the Je'daii Order
      • Temple Master of Akar Kesh, Formerly
      • Master of the Jedi Order
      • The Serene
      • The Returned
      • Cery
  • Species: Epicanthix
  • Place of Birth: Panatha, Raised on Cadinth
    • Current Home: 
      • Khar Delba
  • Age: 58 Standard Years
  • Gender: Female
  • Build: Toned, Athletic
    • Height: 6'3
    • Eye Colour: Icy Blue
    • Hair Colour: Black
    • Complexion: Tanned Caucasian
    • Distinguishing Features: Various Scars
    • Playby: Not Applicable
  • Force Sensitive?: Very Much So
    • Force Rank: Rogue Master; Jedi Master, Je'daii Master

Strengths And Weaknesses

  • Strengths:
    • Telekinetic Mastery; Asha has spent her lifetime honing her Telekinetic Abilities. She has peaked, even going so far as to learning the lesser known talent of Ballistakinesis. This is one of her strongest abilities, and something she will always fall back on
    • Niman Practitioner; Though her initial interest was disputed, the only Form Asha wished to master was Niman, which she utilizes alongside Jar'Kai, believing it to follow her philosophy of being adaptive to any situation which presents itself, though this also means she's not particularly strong in any one aspect of Lightsaber combat, trumped by someone with Form-specific Mastery
    • Balanced; Despite the fact that she turned her back on the Je'daii early on, Asha was always drawn back to their philosophy by force and by choice, and as such she took their tenets of balance and moderation to heart throughout her life. Deep down she still views herself as a Je'daii, even helping to create the Order which stands to this day
    • Jack-Of-All-Trades; As already stated, Asha believes in a need to be adaptive to whatever situation she stands in, and as such she spent much of her Padawan years attending as many versatile classes as she could. She is wise to a great many paths and abilities, yet only a few were taken beyond their most basic forms
    • Compassionate; Asha has always had a gentle heart, and a desire to help those in need. From her sister back on Cadinth, to the child that was Thurion Heavenshield on Pelagon, she strives to do what is right, and will often listen to her heart even against better judgement. This isn't helped by the fact that she is Empathic
    • Epicanthix Mind; Simply put, her mind is an impenetrable fortress
    • Healer; One of the few things she fulfilled to the fullest, Asha is a licensed medic and Jedi Healer, utilizing both physical and Force methods to treat the wounded both on and off the battlefield
    • Multi-Lingual; Her time with the Mandalorians, as well as her duties as a Sentinel, forced Asha to adapt to languages she otherwise would have never known. She is fluent in various languages, and competent in many more, though the latter would be harder to remember these days
    • Shadowed Sentinel; Much of her Knighthood was spent undercover or stealthed. Asha is a very competent Sentinel, having led them in her prime and carried out countless missions both by herself and alongside Joshua Dragonsflame
  • Weaknesses:
    • Master-Of-Few; Though she may have a vast amount of skills under her belt, Asha's genuine focus has always been on just a select few things, and as such she actually lags behind many Jedi Masters in what she's physically capable of
    • Epicanthix Mind; The fortress that is her mind does not gain assistance by the likes of Battlemind
    • Clone; A recently created clone, Asha is not the real deal and is still facing some sickness from her awakening. She had spent over a decade apart of the Force, and does not quite feel connected to this new body which has been unwantingly created for her
    • Captive; Freedom is a right she does not possess. Held in captivity by the one who brought her back, her long-term enemy, and the man who was responsible for her death, Asha is limited in what she can do, and her sanity is being tested by the confines of her cell
    • Cannot Swim; Cadinth wasn't known for its lakes, and even after all the years away from that desert world Asha never once thought to learn how to swim. If she falls into a large body of water, she's likely done for unless she can hold her breath and hope to be found. But that would be ludicrous
    • Burned Bridges; Nobody knows she's alive, and even if they did they'd likely not be pleased to see her. Asha unintentionally burned a great many bridges during the latter years of her life, estranged from her family, and the Order she served, there's little for her out in the Galaxy
    • Wavering Light; Her current circumstances leave her battling with the Force, holding on to the thin strands of light which remain within her, though her captor does not make such easy. There's only so much one can take, especially after having been so rudely awoken from the throws of death
    • Out Of Touch; The Galaxy is a forever changing place, and the one she eclipsed in is not at all the same as the one she's now awoken back to. Should she ever escape her bindings, Asha would find herself completely out of touch with the Galaxy and those within it
    • Force Sick; Since being forced into a foreign body, admittedly one that is an exact clone of her, Asha is finding it difficult to draw upon the Force, and any attempts to do so make her feel violently ill. Only through meditation or complete abstinence has she found respite, though failing to reach for the Force has the darkness purposely set around her pressing in uncomfortably
    • Wound In The Force; During her time as a Knight, Asha became Force-Bonded to Tracyn; This bond was split by another Jedi, however they messed it up and now Asha lives with a small hole in her presence, even now, a festering wound that acts like a mini pit of darksided power that gnaws at her and those around her

Family And Relationships

  • Family:
    • Khahur Seren, Father
    • Isaya Vaux, Mother
    • Phoenix Vaux, Sister
    • Thyra Sol, Sister
    • Gareth Yalthik, Brother
    • Eli Lorr, First Love, Father of her Children
    • Tracyn, Estranged Husband
    • Jyn Sol/Rhiari Lorr, Eldest Daughter
    • Thrask Lorr, Eldest Son
    • Thurion Heavenshield, Adopted Son
    • Cassus Seren-Ordo, Son
    • Kobe Seren-Ordo, Son
  • Friends:
    • Joshua Dragonsflame, Once Close Friend
    • Thrask Morn, Lifelong Friend
  • Rivals:
  • Masters And Apprentices:
  • Pets and Mounts:
    • Not Applicable
  • Successful Kills:
    • Not Applicable

Pre-Roleplay History
Though Asha was born on Panatha, her most formative years were spent on the distant planet of Cadinth which couldn't have juxtaposed the verdant jungles of her homeland any more than it did being that it was a dustball, a barely populated world of dunes and sandstone mountains.


She was raised by her Mother, alongside her half-sister Phoenix, and her lousy husband who brought naught but trouble to their door, and on one such night it cost her Mother her life. Phoenix's father did not stick around to clean up the mess he had caused, leaving the safety of her sibling to Asha.


Not wanting to risk more of the same, she fled with her sister out into the mountains and there they made a home for themselves using trash they had salvaged. It wasn't much, but soon the caves were almost hospitable. They became experts at stealing from the nearby City, one of the few the planet boasted, but would only take as they needed, typically in the form of sustenance. Food and water were hard to come by in the sandy mountains, after all.


Fate had other plans for the girls, however, and soon enough they were swept up by two wandering Jedi who claimed to have been guided their way by a mystical entity known as The Force. Asha was skeptical, but the Jedi had brought with them more than the offer of a better life, and they found themselves under attack within the network of caves and caverns the girls called home.


Realizing that once again their home had been compromised, wanting only to keep little Nix safe, she agreed to try out a life among the Jedi and was transported away to Tython. The life-filled land was bright and bustling in comparison to all she had known, and took quite some time to adjust to. Thankfully she was given space, but only after being taught the basics of an ancient art known as Alchaka. The Jedi who was overseeing her progress insisted it would help her to focus her mind, and so it was that her appreciation of meditation began.


From there her training progressed, philosophy and Form Zero took up most of her time, though a small introduction into the Force and Lightsaber Training were a must. During this time she had become somewhat estranged from her sister, who had been training alongside the second Jedi, and after a while she realized that there was nobody else in the Temple aside from them.


When traveling out into the lands beyond the Temple, Asha came upon a clearing within which a man was meditating. He asked if she would like to join him, and when she expressed a need to move in order to do so he seemed confused, skeptical even. When she began the motions under his scrutiny he informed her that such was an art that had not been utilized for centuries, and referred to her in an odd way. The term Je'daii was thrown around, but she assured him that wasn't the case.


Further talks revealed the truth of the matter, though. It turned out that the being who had taken her from Cadinth was no Jedi at all, and the philosophy and teachings she had been provided with belonged to an ancient Order of believed-extinct Force Users who believed in Balance, in utilizing the Light and the Dark. While this meant little to Asha, the man insisted that she be shown the error of her ways, and he guided her away from the Temple of Lies.


This man turned out to be Thrask Morn, and over the next few months he trained her himself, preparing her for the road ahead, ensuring that she learned the Jedi Code to forget the false one she had been taught, and even helping her to construct a training lightsaber. From there he led her to a Jedi Enclave, and got her situated inside. Though she did not see him for some time after that, Thrask continued to monitor her progress from afar.


Some weeks into her life at the Enclave, Asha participated in a telekinesis class. Most of the students were incapable of doing half of what was asked of them, yet Asha had already been taught the basics between the Je'daii and Thrask and upon noticing this the instructor, who stated that he did not recognize her at all, pulled her to one side and continued to push her, larger rocks, harder obstacles, until she faltered. Satisfied, he stood before the present Jedi and took her as his Padawan, with the promise to focus on her training, and to help her grow into a promising Jedi Knight.


Carn Dista, for that was who the man was, proved to be a very talented yet pushy Master. He would constantly up the ante, forcing her to break a sweat, to build up her stamina, and her strength, and her affinity to the Force. Whenever she succeeded in something he would make the task harder, providing little in the way of respite, and while she found it exhausting at the time over the years it proved to work in her favour.


Already larger than most humanoids, due to her species, she became toned, lightly muscular even, by her mid teens, and her grasp of Telekinesis had continued to grow. During her training a great many trials were set before her, both intentionally by her Master, and by wanton Sith who sought to get to her Master through her. Carn, after all, was a known Sith Hunter, more aggressive in his approach than the rest of his Order, yet never allowing Asha to see or mimic this side of him.


She was captured, tortured, hunted, and yet the Order prevailed time and time again, rescuing her by whatever means possible. Soon, however, she avoided the Sith all together, honing in her affinity for stealth. And during the times when she was confronted, her training paid off. Time and time again she fought them off, until the very foundations of her Order were shaken and desperate measures were called for.


One among them, a Councilor no less, had fallen to the whims of the Darkside. A demand was sent out to cleanse the Order, and the doors were opened to the might of the Sith Empire. Few managed to flee, fewer survived, yet fortune granted that Asha was among those who did. Devastated, and uncertain of where the path would lead them, the Jedi were forced to retreat.


A small faction of Jedi-sympathizing Mandalorians stepped in to render aid, and when their sanctuary was attacked one took Asha - who had admittedly been learning to fix machines alongside him to free up their lost time - away with him to Dxun, forcing her to pose as one of them and swiftly adjust to their culture. It was strange, to no longer be able to rely on the Force for support, or her lightsaber, instead her armour was heavy beskar'gam, and her defense a blaster rifle.


Years passed by without a word from the Order she had served. Asha had immersed herself completely into their culture, and all hope of returning to the Jedi had gone entirely. Satisfied with her lot, and grateful to be alive, she was surprised, and truthfully a little disappointed, when a man she saved from the jungle's predators turned out to be none other than one of the Jedi who had found them all those years ago on Cadinth.


Not the one who had lied, but the one who had taken Nyx away to train her. Levi Windrage.


Nyx, she learned, had been lost during the purge, and she spent a short time mourning her loss even though her Jedi teachings taught against that. She was also informed of the Jedi's resurgence. Though she was in no rush to leave behind the life she had found on Dxun, Asha knew that she had a commitment to the Jedi, and as such she returned with Levi, learning under him for a time.


When Levi dropped off the radar following an undercover mission, however, Asha was passed to Peritus Vis and under him she finally completed her trials and reached Knighthood. It was a bittersweet moment, especially given that neither of the mentors who had fashioned her toward that stage in her life were there to see it, and yet from that point everything changed.


[To be Completed... There's a lot of history...]


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Asha Seren


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The Matador

Hello Myself


Tathra Khaeus

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Asha Seren

The gif disappeared :o


Anway, looking forward to seeing this character in action.

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Asha Seren

Kalyn Shif

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The Matador


I see it.


And you'll see her around, I'm sure, once she's out of Kaine's laboratory.


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