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NAME: Mirvak / The Wolf of the Confederacy
FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems.

RANK: Acolyte.
SPECIES: Worgian.
AGE: Unknown, young adult.
SEX: Male.
FORCE SENSITIVE: Unrefined and untrained, yes.





HEIGHT: 2.5m/8'2"
WEIGHT: 243kg/535lbs
EYES: Yellow.
HAIR: Black.
SKIN: Black.
GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Mirvak is a hulking mass of a beast, his body pockmarked with scars of various types where the thick coarse fur no longer grows. He wears simple leatheris armor, but stands prouder than a Sith Lord.






+ Brute
Mirvak owes his imposing strength and physical resistance to years of slavery in barbaric pit fighting arenas that would make gladiatorial combat look like a civilized holo-opera. 
+ Frenzy
When in combat, Mirvak will give his all to destroy his enemies. Using his overpowering stature and strength, he “loses himself” to more baser instincts, a Worgian self-defense mechanism that he has honed quite efficiently. In this state, he ignores greater amounts of pain and is not likely to rout from a battle.


+ Despicable Monster

The giant black embodiment of dark side rage can terrify the uninitiated quite easily.


+ Cunning
While not educated in the slightest, Mirvak possesses a dark, bestial wit.
- Easily Manipulated
Mirvak is easily strung up by even the most amateur of puppet masters. Despite his innate hatred for those who control him, he is predictably loyal if his masters have an enemy for him to dispatch. 


- Massive

Mirvak is incredibly huge, and as a result is a larger target, cannot hide except in total darkness, and moves slower than most.
- Blind Rage
Worgians by nature are already prone to being flung into a fit of rage if provoked, Mirvak has had to use this natural instinct to survive on so many occasions in the pits that the switch is always just a chin hair away from being flicked. Pain, humiliation, the risk of failure, and desperation can easily set him into this state. When in this state, the lines between friend and foe can become fuzzy. Not to mention his attacks, while much stronger, are completely uncoordinated and rely on just that, strength, and nothing else.
- Self-preserving
Don't expect Mirvak to stick his neck out for you. While he's no stranger to pain or defeat, if his survival means leaving you behind, he will unless given further incentive.
- Detests Blasters
Mirvak is terrible with a blaster.

- Uneducated
Mirvak is generally not aware of how to operate most computers, machinery, space craft, etc.
Hates Servitude
Mirvak will, if he senses weakness in his master, strike and attempt to take their place by any means necessary.


Dislikes Hutts
Having been made into the monster that he is today as result of a Hutt who owned him, he despises Hutts.










Ungrateful Slave


Sentenced to the Pits


Lost to the Beast


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