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Murr Earrings

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Matsu Ike

Matsu Ike

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Intent: To create a decorate item for force users

Development Thread:

Manufacturer: Jedi Researcher Matsu Ike

Model: Jedi enhancing items

Affiliation: Private Market

Modularity: N/A

Production: Mass


Description: Created in limited pairs by jedi researcher Matsu Ike to honor one of the most dedicated jedi healers for his birthday. The earrings are created from a frame of Duralumin with crystal shards for decoration. Then slowly the researcher poured the force into it to match the goodness of him, the wearer may feel more stamina, more constitution as their bodies radiate with the lightside and calmer increasing focus. However they are not all powerful and do very little when under stress, theearrings are mainly there to keep you calm and focused adding to it. As time has gone on the jedi master with new knowledge and materials, funding and technology has been able to work the earrings into something else. Using crystals recovered from world as well at the power of the for empowered wellspring she worked to build up the power of them. Adding better crystals to it to and with the converters and their technology to increase how many could be produced.


Primary Sources: