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No Further; Imperial Dominion of Dressel

- - - - - The Galactic Empire

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Koda Fett

Koda Fett


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Koda Fett


Orobautz City, Dressel, Noolian Sector, Inner Rim Territories


As Fett moved away from the burning wreck that was the speeder he offered it a glance, the flames reflecting through his visor as well as the two charred bodies, or at least what was left of them as they slowly became nothing. The sound of a starship closing in became apparent, but of course it did, it only happened after a button was pressed on his gauntlet. The Concord Spear floating before him, then rotating to land on what would be considered it's 'back', incinerating what grass and foliage was beneath it. The Bounty Hunter made his way aboard with his carbine slung over his shoulder and the satchel now flailing in the wind behind him as the data-disc was held before him. Whatever was on it happened to be important enough to warrant immediate action, and who else was there to call?


With his left hand he slapped at the red button that rest on the wall near the door, causing it to subsequently close as the ramp lifted itself back into the rest of the vessel. Venturing the short distance towards the cockpit, the disc found it's way inside a secure stand, resting just inside Koda's peripheral vision. Taking off and heading in the direction of Orobautz City, it wasn't particularly large but it was enough.




The Firespray Starship that easily identified Koda Fett was spotted by the air control, a small vessel soaring up alongside it as it made it's way towards the landing port. An attempt at communications was made, and it was also accepted. Though he wasn't your average law abiding citizen, instead he tried to pull a trick on Fett, hoping he was naive enough to fall for this. "Want to argue a landing fee?" He questioned in his attempt to extort some extra credits, but unfortunately for him he didn't know who he was dealing with. The infamous individual replied with his gaze from his cockpit to the Dresselian that evidently seemed worried after spotting it, turning away and diverting his course. That would be the last he saw of him.


As he came into land the Concord Spear's thrusters died down, eventually coming to a complete silence as they were no longer activated. Disembarking the cockpit he grabbed at the disc, holding it within his hand as it was easily protected by the case in which it sat. The Mandalorian disembarked his ship, tossing a glance back towards it whilst the ramp was raised. His right hand reaching around to his side, retrieving a holoprojector that would display a map to a certain location, wherever it was, that's where he was heading.


The Imperials had their mission, and he had his own.

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Location: Aboard his command ship orbiting Kamino

Objective: Protect Kamino and it's assets


- - -


While the assignment to man the defense of Kamino had come as a surprise, as did a great many defensive operations, it hardly fit the description of a task valid for disregard. As such, it came without surprise that the Chiss took great care with his plans for the defense of the Galactic Empire's core world. His correspondents were arranged accordingly, his preparations perpetually current with the ever changing flow of time itself and his mind clear of the concerns that had likely weighed heavily upon the members of his crew.


There were a great many things the Chiss had studied in his time in the Chiss Ascendancy's naval academy. While a great many of them were vastly comparable to those he had learned at the Imperial Naval and Military institute, the extent of the Chiss' knowledge of the galaxy proved to grant him far more than he had yet expected. And while a great many of his understandings had come in the form of offensive tactical strategy, and often times restrictive to the domination of defensive measures, there were those to be attributed to the position of defense itself.


It was that very knowledge that fueled the machinations of the Chiss' mind as he pored over the collective of ships forming up outside the viewport of the Praetor Class Destroyer. Squadrons of TIEs scoured the system for anomalies, destroyers loomed precariously in an almost intimidatingly tight, yet scattered web about the orbit of Kamino that faced the nearest hyperlanes. With his fist pressed to his chin, one arm supporting the other, the Rear Admiral observed the formation of the defense fleet with a mind to take little for granted. One could never be too careful in regards to the possibility of uninvited guests. Lest one leave openings to those less noble than the undertaker.


Pausing in his thoughts, bringing his hands behind his back and clasping them together, the Chiss took a few short steps closer to the viewport as he observed two Auxilla class Destroyers moving into place at the right flank of the Praetor. With a twitch of his features, barely noticeable to the crew scurrying around him, the Chiss flicked his eyes between the Auxilla's and the Imperial IV's forming up to the left of the Praetor. A puzzling concept to be sure, but one he considered baffling to the mind of a less practiced tactician. For what was hidden behind the Auxilla's was the important piece of the puzzle, and not the long range guns themselves.


Taking the motions to stride over to elevator off of the command deck, the Chiss made course to return to his office. Where, awaiting him, he would find his specialized hologram projector with a mock up of the entire systems defense networks.


- - -


The projection was a masterpiece of sorts, were one to consider it such observing it as the Chiss would. Pressing past the convolution of numbers and statistics, one immediately noticed the sheer quantity of ships orbiting the Imperial Capital World. While it was hardly a number the Rear Admiral considered daunting, it sufficed as a force capable of defending the system against most any attack granted favorable circumstances. A cluster of Victory IV's here, a pair of Imperial IV's there accompanying an Interdictor Class Destroyer and not far from the center the Praetor itself surrounded by Thrael's own personal fleet. Like a planet sized game board, each cluster of ships represented a piece to be posed in the game.


Reaching up and hovering a finger over a small group of Victory IV's the Chiss took into consideration their number and took a step back once more.


"Captain," his voice rang with a chilly directness as he pressed a finger to the communication console at the edge of the projection table. The response was delayed, the captain flustered by the extra responsibility of overseeing a number of other officers scattered about the system.


"Yes, Admiral?" Came his response, a forced calm accompanied by the apparent apprehension in his voice.


"Tell group seven that they are out of position," he mused and began to finger towards the holoprojection and picture in his mind where he would prefer them to be. "Have them reposition three clicks from their present location. As they are placed, though effective, they cannot properly support their neighboring groups."


"Of course, Admiral, I'll relay the orders." The captain responded, his voice holding back an obvious crack as he took the blow to his confidence. While the captain held prowess in his ability to apprehend the Chiss' decisions, it was apparent he was only human.


"Very good, Captain, while numbers prove to be effective it is the precision with which they are utilized that proves most efficient." The Chiss added with a small fleck of satisfaction in his observation though none could see the non-auditory effect from elsewhere aboard the ship. "Better we can hit our enemies than simply out number them."


Proven time and again by the records of the ancient Empire and it's Rebellion foes, power often played into the hands of those prepared to make the necessary sacrifices. And, while he was sure such sacrifices would be answered in kind, he would utilize them to the best of his ability.


Gromm Cardan



Gromm Cardan

Gromm Cardan

    7th Fleet Admiral

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"Moderate hull damage to the unidentified vessel, Admiral!" An ensign called out from the crew pit, clasping her hands behind her back as she gazed up at Cardan. "Interesting, it seems as if the vessel's condition has deteriorated over the past few centuries." The vice admiral began "Otherwise, we would not be this far already in the process of destroying it. What is the status of our agents that were dispatched?"


He looked up at Commander Praxon, piercing brown eyes meeting blue. "They've evacuated from the battlecruiser, the last one having departed right before it came into firing range. We've retrieved them already on one of our star destroyers." Praxon reported, staring intently at the datapad in his grasp. "Excellent, see to it that they are commended for their work. In the mean-" Gromm was interrupted as the scene before his fleet devolved into a blazing white explosion, signifying the destruction of the ship.


The vice admiral smirked "It would seem that this threat wasn't as existential as we thought." The bridge crew seemed to calm, relieved at the sight of the alien debris. "Chase our transmission to the grand moff, we've dealt with the threat accordingly." He commanded, rising from his command throne to pace near the viewports. Several minutes passed before one of the bridge technicians went white in the face, "Admiral, sir. He wishes to speak with you now, the grand moff, sir." Cardan was at a loss for a moment before the blue visage of one Tanomas Graf appeared on the bridge.


"Vice Admiral Cardan," The grand moff boomed, causing several of the crewmen to jump, "Congratulations on both your handling of this threat and the Invasion of Rothana; it would seem that today is a ripe day for Imperial conquest. Meet up with High Inquisitor Drakar at Dressel and take the system for the Empire." The man ordered with unrivaled authority. Cardan lowered his head in respect "It will be done, Grand Moff Graf." With his acknowledgement, the old man disappeared, allowing the admiral to turn and utter one phrase.


"Deploy the fleet; set our course for the Dressel system!"