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Kyli DT-6767

Kyli DT-6767

    The Cold & Loyal Warrior

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Kyli DT-6767



  • Kyli DT-6767
    • FN-6767 "Scars" (Formerly)
  • Ersa Ashlyn Wehr (Pre-Ward Lawful Name)




  • First Sergeant
    • Corporal (Formerly)


  • Crimson Heart Medal (Two Oak Leaves)
  • Golden Iron Sun Medal
  • Unit Citation Medal






24 (B. 832 ABY)






  • 205.5cm/81 In/6'8 7/8" (Post-Augmentation, In DARKSABRE Powered Assault Armour)
  • 195.8cm/77.0 In/6'5" (Post-Augmentation)
  • 177.8cm/70.3 In/5'10" (Pre-Augmentation)


  • 413 Kilograms/911 .lbs (Post-Augmentation, In Mark IX Armour)
    • 545 Kilograms/1201 .lbs (Post Augmentation, In Mark VII Armour)
  • 92 Kilograms/202 .lbs (Post-Augmentation)
  • 59 Kilograms/130 .lbs (Pre-Augmentation)


  • Deep Brown (Post-Augmentation)
    • Maple Brown


  • Hazel (Post-Augmentation)
    • Emerald Green (Cybernetic Hi-Sense Enchanced Eyes Prosthesis)
      • Hazel-Gray Heterochromia (Pre-Augmentation)


  • Kaeshana
  • Mustafar
  • Hoth
  • Bespin
  • Faldos
  • Panatha
  • Nero
  • Hydian Way
  • Dagobah





  • One
    • Three (Formerly)


  • Classified
    • Restricted (Formerly)


  • Special Forces Operator
    • Tracked Vehicle Crewman (Formerly)
    • Mechanic (Formerly)




DT-6767 is a young albeit not inexperienced combatant who has received extensive training as a result of their childhood conscription into the Stormtrooper Corps' where they were raised alongside their many peers. From a young age DT-6767 demonstrated superior technical knowledge retention and fine motor control over their classmates and was so selected to receive specialised training as an armour crewman and quickly rose through the Non-Commissioned Ranks during their pubescent period of life rapidly assuming the role of Tank Commander. They've previously participated in the First Imperial-Imperium war and Galactic Alliance-First Imperial War where their entire regiment suffered massively losses virtually annihilating it during the battles of Hoth and Bespin leaving DT-6767 with a great contempt for the Galactic Alliance. Their ear-marking for participation in Project: AFTERLIFE followed an impressive display aboard the ANS Excubitor an Alliance Battlecruiser and were inducted into the project following the battle of Varonat. DT-6767 struggled greatly with much of the project's physical conditioning albeit less so with its' training which she absorbed with surprising speed, of note is Kyli 6767's quick acquisition of advanced marksmanship skills and techniques, forging them into a formidable Sniper with toughness and social characteristics that makes them ideal as a Lone-Wolf Operator with continued medical support.



Assessment of DT-6767's force sensitivity prior to induction into Project: AFTERLIFE revealed a previously noted latent sensitivity to the force, albeit it is minimal and unworthy. It seems to manifest most acutely as vivid dreams, nightmares and visions that DT-6767 has reported to experience in the past. It's the opinion of medical personnel that this phenomena is somehow linked to her acquisition of symptoms consistent with Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis for which she will have to be continuously receive pharmacological treatment as a complication of the procedures received during Project: AFTERLIFE.



  • Battle of Kaeshana - FN-6767 briefly participated during the Battle of Kaeshana where she was preparing with her platoon to assault one of the Eldorai Citadels from the Imperial X-Class FIV Wrath before the Star Destroyer they were aboard was destroyed by some post-natural storm that disabled the vessel and caused it to violently crash; killing scores of the crew and its' Passengers. FN-6767 survived the impact though was left with severe injuries and received life-saving field surgery to later have a large amount of muscle and organ tissue removed and surgically replaced with Cloned cybernetic enhanced tissue that acts as Prosthesis. Casualties to FN-6767's company were later replaced with adult volunteer transfers from the First Imperial Army.
  • Battle of Mustafar - During the assault on Mustafar FN-6767 experienced a mental breakdown during combat believed to be related to an acquired Pyrophobia received during Kaeshana, was casualty evacuated and has been receiving ongoing psychiatric counselling. Discharge was not recommended due to declining Battalion efficiency the cause of which is believed to be the increasing ratio of adult to child volunteers. Received a reduction in rank; both to relieve responsibility on the Trooper and to publicly iterate the behavior as unbecoming of the Supreme Leader's finest. After the battle FN-6767 later developed a private positive view of the Historic Jedi Order based on logs made in a day book which we have decided to include in this report as noteworthy though not particularly concerning or indicative of sedition, meditative practices adopted appear to be aiding their recovery.
  • Battle of Hoth - Performance during the battle of Hoth was recorded as being particularly good and consistent with focused commanding of their tank based on recovered helmet footage and comlink logs, FN-6767 was responsible for protecting a First Imperial Military Outpost from a focused attack by the Galactic Alliance's Armed Forces injuries were sustained when their tank was "Catastrophically Killed" However from a suspected laser cannon power cell breach. FN-6767 was thrown from their Open Commander's Cupola behind the tank, which proceeded while burning to roll back in neutral gear over their left arm before coming to a halt. Several witnesses reported watching FN-6767 calmly perform a self-amputation with the use of a plasma torch before being rendered unconscious, the limb was severed at the elbow and later replaced with a mechanical prosthetic.
  • Taming of Panatha - FN-6767 Commanded a tank during the Panatha Insurrection during its' interregnum and bravely aided in the suppression of separatist nationalist forces alongside regular Infantry units.
  • Blockade of the Hydian Way - During the Blockade of the Hydian Way FN-6767 assisted Vlammen Pox; a TIE Pilot by fulfilling the role of Gunner aboard his TIE/sf before the pair were grounded aboard an Alliance Battlecruiser the ANS Excubitor. It's thanks largely to the efforts of FN-6767 that the star-crossed soldiers survived and were able to escape the Battlecruiser prior to the battle's conclusion but not before FN-6767 showcased the result of years upon years of combat training, impressing Pox.
  • Battle of Dagobah - FN-6767 suffered greivous injuries during the battle of Dagobah and aided in the evacuation of Galactic Empire personnel trapped on the planet's surface and bravely downed a Galactic Alliance U-wing that had circled the crash site of her LAAT/i gunship. Earning the respect of adult volunteers who survived the crash alongside her and helping to shift the Trooper's views on adult-volunteers dramatically based on retrieved personal logs detailing the battle and impressions of fellow First Imperial Combatants.




DT-6767's Psychology is unique when contrasted against her peers of Project: AFTERLIFE's Class-I and we believe this is due to her conscription into the First Imperial Stormtrooper Corps as a Juvenile. Kyli DT-6767 has the cognitive capability for defined individuality and yet appears based on psychiatric evaluation to fully embrace her role as a weapon for the First Order; viewing it as a necessity and what they were 'forged' to become. Kyli is tenacious and based on both field and professional appraisal seems to suggest is that she will adhere to her duty and is willing to win no matter what the personal cost might be to herself; exemplified on Dagobah where she bravely withstood being fired upon by a Star-fighter in an attempt to destroy the craft. Kyli possess a temper that flares when faced with an insurmountable obstacle or when she is restricted from acting such as during the Blockade of the Hydian Way where Kyli found herself manning the gunner's station in a TIE fighter which by her own admission caused great inward frustration, she prefers to be on the ground or in a tank where she self-reportedly feels like her actions contribute more to the battlespace. Kyli seems to try and avoid overt emotional displays save ones of frustration or anger, and is most likely due to her intense military training and indoctrination from a young age.


  • Acid Dyspepsia (Post-Augmentation)
  • Hypercoagulation (Post-Augmentation)
  • Manic Depression (Post-Augmentation)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Pre-Augmentation)
  • Psychotic Disorder (Post-Augmentation)
  • Traumatic-Type Amputation (Pre-Augmentation)
  • Agility Test: 11.0s
  • Handgrip Strength Test: 120kg (Left), 125kg (Right)
  • Overhand Grasp Pull-Ups: 57/min
  • Push-Ups/Press-Ups (Toes Only): 62/min
  • Prone Bridge (Hands): 5:00
  • Sit-Ups (Unassisted): 61/min
  • Vertical Jump: 90cm
  • VO2 Max: 308.7 ml/kg/min

__The above section of this profile is for IC use. Any ranking member of the First Imperial Military, The Knights of Ren, First Order Security Bureau, or any of their subsidiary branches may read, and use the above information ICly. Anything below this point in the profile is strictly OOC use. Any abuse of this information may be reported as metagaming.



Kyli is tenacious, courageous and loyal ideal qualities in a First Imperial Stormtrooper where she often stubbornly pursues her goals and objectives despite injuries or wounds that have been received. Save the most life-threatening injuries Kyli pays little-mind to her own well-being and accepts her place as a weapon within the First Order with contentment and even happiness at times; having known or raised to do little else with the exception of fight for the glory of Dosuun and its' Supreme Leader Sieger Ren. Kyli has an excessively strong sense of camaraderie and solidarity particularly with other infant or juvenile-recruited Stormtroopers who she regards as being part of a larger extended family. Contrary to the single-minded appearance Kyli gives off to observers in the casual encounter she is quite self-aware and independent which saw to her rapid promotion and later demotion within the Stormtrooper Corps when provided with adult-volunteer officers whom Kyli thought were incompetent or showcased a wonton disregard for the sacrifices of First Order Stormtroopers. As a result, Kyli has a prejudice against Junior Officers with ire driven to those of an adult-volunteer nature in sharp contrast she tends to possess great respect for Senior Commissioned Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers who have proven themselves with the testament of years and skill. Previously she has been quite asocial off the field but this has shifted with age and Kyli is now quite gregarious especially with her fellow Death Troopers and other acquaintances, and enjoys partaking in gambling or the consumption of tabac-based products.



  • All-Weather, All-Terrain Navigation Course (Advanced)
  • Capture & Retrieval Course (Adept)
  • Close Protection Course (Basic)
  • Counter-Terrorism Course (Adept)
  • Counter-Revolutionary Warfare Course (Adept)
  • Covert Reconnaissance Course (Basic)
  • Demolition Course (Basic)
  • Direct Action Course (Basic)
  • Extra-Vehicular Combat Course (Basic)
  • Human Intelligence Course (Adept)
  • Infantry Weapons Course (Adept)
  • Infrastructure Disruption Course (Basic)
  • Paramedic Course (Adept)
  • Slicing Course (Adept)
  • Sniper Course (Expert)
  • Special Reconnaissance Course (Adept)
  • Special Recovery Course (Basic)
  • Teräs Käsi Combative Course (Adept)
  • Vehicle Operator (Advanced)
  • Vehicle Mechanic (Adept)


  • Beyond Human: Kyli has been subjected to a wide variety of Biochemical and Cybernetic Augmentations that have left her with physical abilities that would appear to be unnatural at best and sorcerous at worst. Kyli's a First Order Death Trooper with Physiological Enhancements far more advanced than those provided to the Galactic Empire's supersoldiers of same title. These augmentations have left Kyli faster, more durable, stronger and capable of reacting with extreme speed and precision.
  • Pain Tolerance: Even amongst the storied Death Troopers, Kyli has an impressive pain tolerance and has previously been compared to a Rancor prior to augmentation for her ability to fight through the pain of battlefield injuries and continue operating with varying amounts of efficiency. Kyli has managed to survive amputation and once survived and continued to operate briefly after receiving grievous injuries from a strafing Star-fighter.


  • Bipolar Disorder: When deprived her counter-mutagen stims Kyli begins to become irritable and aggressive experiencing sudden and abrupt mood swings that send her from lofty happiness to unbridled fury without warning. Coupled with the onset of Psychosis, Kyli can quickly become extremely dangerous and unpredictable even to her own friends or comrades and take risks on and off the battlefield that she would normally dismiss for one reason or another.
  • Hyper-acidity: Kyli suffers from Ph imbalances due to her augmentations and finds herself suffering with chronic stomach pain that can vary from mild and progress to debilitating in the absence of medication, this arises from excess acidity of the hydrochloric acid contained within her stomach. Even for Kyli the level of pain and discomfort caused by her untreated hyper-acidity is excruciating.
  • Hyper-coagulation: As a result of her enhanced immune system Kyli is capable of healing from injuries with extraordinary speed although it comes as a cost; without her counter-mutagen medications Kyli's body overcompensates for even minor injuries and is at high-risk of developing a cardio-pulmonary embolism which could cause heart failure, heart attack or cardiac arrest.
  • Psychosis: As a side effect of her extensive biochemical and surgical augmentations Kyli finds herself suffering from symptoms of Psychosis, she usually treats this with stims although neglecting to self-medicate can result in marked deterioration of her mental stability. When Kyli suffers from her symptoms she begins to experience vivid and often disturbing hallucinations and becomes unable to distinguish reality from hallucination. Most often this manifests in the theme of voices commanding Kyli to perform certain actions or engaging in conversation with these same voices, who Kyli usually identifies as individuals of prominence within the First Order Military's chain of command. As a result of her usually latent Psychosis she is also extremely vulnerable to the Force Power known as 'Mind Trick' or 'Dominate Mind'.
  • Pyrophobia: Exposure to fire leads Scars to feel nauseous and faint with the potential to outright paralyze the Death Trooper. This is particularly noticeable where flamethrowers are concerned or where Kyli can see individuals who have been immolated. Kyli winces away from coming into contact with fire in fierce desperation. Coming into close proximity with fire forces Kyli to relieve violent and unpleasant memories involving her own past disfigurement prior to becoming a Death Trooper.




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Skyler Swaffer

Skyler Swaffer


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Hey wanna rp?





    Standing ready.

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Kyli DT-6767

Kyli DT-6767

    The Cold & Loyal Warrior

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Updated w/new biography template with increased biographical information.

Kraken Society

Kraken Society

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Wow, this is a really good profile, good job! This is a really interesting character and I can't wait to see where you take her. We can rp sometime if you're interested ^_^ 

Sky'ito Yumi

Sky'ito Yumi

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Nice scar FN-6767

Kyli DT-6767

Kyli DT-6767

    The Cold & Loyal Warrior

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  • 250 posts

Profile has been updated and now reflects FN-6767's training and augmentation as a First Order Death Trooper under Project: AFTERLIFE.