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Kyli DT-6767

Kyli DT-6767

    The Cold & Loyal Warrior

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Name: Kyli DT-6767
  • Alpha-One (ALPHA Team Callsign)
  • Chief (Rank Contraction)
  • Kyli Ashlyn Haas (Lawful Name, Classified)
  • FN-6767
    • Scars (Nickname)
  • Current Titles
    • Champion (Unconventional Warfare Division Marksmanship Competition)
    • Chief Petty Officer (Rank, First Imperial Navy)
  • Former Titles
    • First Sergeant (Rank, First Imperial Stormtrooper Corps)
    • Scion of House Haas (Pre-Ward, Kuat Aristocracy)
    • Tank Commander (First Imperial Stormtrooper Corps) 


  • First Order
    • Special Warfare Command (Formerly; reorganised into Unconventional Warfare Division)
    • Stormtrooper Corps (Formerly; transferred to Special Warfare Command)
    • Unconventional Warfare Divison
      • Group Four/ALPHA Team
  • Sith Empire (Faction Ally)
  • Chief Petty Officer
  • First Sergeant (Formerly)
  • First Imperial Citizenship
  • Kaminoan Citizenship
  • Kuat Aristocracy Citizenship
Birthworld: Kamino
Residential Addresses
  • Hydian Bastion

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Marital Status: Unmarried

Languages Known
  • Bocce: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Caridan: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Cheunh: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Galactic Basic Standard: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Hapan: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Huttese: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Kaminoan: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Kuat: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Mando'a: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Shyriiwook: Broken - Semi-Fluent - Fluent - Native
  • Voice Sample:  Tahyna Tozzi - Daina Le Guin
Species: Human (Augmented)
Age: 24 - Born B.832
Gender: Female
  • 205.5cm/81 In/6'8 7/8" (Post-Augmentation, In DARKSABRE Powered Assault Armour)
  • 195.8cm/77.0 In/6'5" (Post-Augmentation)
  • 177.8cm/70.3 In/5'10" (Pre-Augmentation)
  • 413 Kilograms/911 .lbs (Post-Augmentation, In Mark IX Armour)
    • 545 Kilograms/1201 .lbs (Post Augmentation, In Mark VII Armour)
  • 92 Kilograms/202 .lbs (Post-Augmentation)
  • 59 Kilograms/130 .lbs (Pre-Augmentation)
Eye Colour
  • Hazel (Post-Augmentation)
  • Hazel-Gray Heterochromia (Pre-Augmentation)
    • Emerald Green (Cybernetic Hi-Sense Enchanced Eyes Prosthesis)
Hair Colour
  • Deep Brown (Post-Augmentation)
  • Maple Brown (Pre-Augmentation)
Skin Colour: Fair
  • None (Post-Augmentation)
  • Extensive Facial, Thoracic & Abdominal Scarring (Pre-Augmentation)
Medical History
  • Post-Augmentation
    • Acid Dyspepsia
    • Hypercoagulation
    • Manic Depression
    • Psychotic Disorder
  • Pre-Augmentation
    • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • Traumatic-Type Amputation
Physical Capacity Test
  • Agility Test: 11.0s
  • Handgrip Strength Test: 120kg (Left), 125kg (Right)
  • Overhand Grasp Pull-Ups: 57/min
  • Push-Ups/Press-Ups (Toes Only): 62/min
  • Prone Bridge (Hands): 5:00
  • Sit-Ups (Unassisted): 61/min
  • Vertical Jump: 90cm
  • VO2 Max: 308.7 ml/kg/min
Force Sensitive: No
Force Rank: None
Force Alignment: Grey
Obsessed with victory and winning at all costs Kyli's determination and tenacity manifests as a ruthless unrelenting drive with an ability to remain absolutely calm in the most distressing situations that would ostensibly be symptomatic of malignant psychopathy. The sheer emotional and psychological resilience of Kyli was once best demonstrated where she performed a traumatic self-amputation in field conditions without general or local anaesthetic with a plasma torch after getting pinned underneath a burning tank in order to free herself from what otherwise would have been certain death and remained conscious throughout the entire ordeal. Through more than a decade of Military training, Kyli has been honed into a precise weapon who appears ostensibly at least to be without emotions or fear however this isn't exactly accurate she rather acknowledges her feelings or fear and sets them aside focusing wholly on whatever objective she's pushing towards in the present.
Kyli is calm in the face of danger although not foolhardy as is seen in her teammates Rexus and Dergan who often arrogantly underestimate their foe and charge headlong into any danger which she views as unnecessarily reckless which can be seen as somewhat hypocritical when she herself braves immense personal risk to achieve Victory. Stern and Solemn, Kyli isn't without humour and sometimes makes sardonic or dark remarks about their current situation which is a method that she employs to cope with tactfully concealed stress or fear. In her career as a First Imperial warrior, Kyli has been forced to make difficult decisions and is loathe to disobey orders and place their comrades in jeopardy however she is extremely loyal and will if necessary abandon allies to dutifully obey her superior however the love Kyli holds for her teammates runs deep and will always return to their aid once whatever task has been bestowed upon her is completed.
Born and raised as a soldier, Kyli does not have the difficulties accepting her position as a living weapon for the First Order embracing her fate happily and holding no resentment towards the architects of Project: AFTERLIFE for the debilitating symptoms of the augmentations viewing it as an opportunity to reach potential that would not have otherwise been possible serving as a mere Tank Commander prior to training as a Death Trooper. Possessed by a strong sense of duty and commitment to the First Imperial Realm Kyli would never truly betray her Government although it is entirely possible that she might disobey her orders where she believes genuinely they are contrary to the goals or values of the First Order or where obedience would undoubtedly cost its' Human citizens their lives. Kyli views herself as physically and psychologically superior to most other soldiers although balancing this vanity out is the belief that her enhanced Physiology and Capabilities are to be used to support her comrades, regardless of any personal disdain she might hold for the incompetence of adult volunteers.

Where possible Kyli attempts to keep the baseline Humans fighting alongside her alive and often takes personal responsibility for their deaths if she perceives that her performance was lacking and something she did or didn't do could have saved them and is loathe to unnecessarily placing their lives in danger preferring to risk her own life instead of others believing that only selfish cowards willingly put their comrades into Danger to save their own person from potential harm. Kyli is especially protective of Stormtroopers who were trained from a young age who Kyli herself holds a special kindred bond in having been recruited to serve as a child. Cautious, Solemn and Observant, Kyli possesses high average cognition and is capable of approaching issues with unconventional albeit effective solutions which contrasts her to the much simpler Dergan Twigg, another Death Trooper. Kyli does not yearn for life as a regular citizen viewing their lives as being characterised by a lack of discipline which she finds unappealing, accepting her role as a Protector and Guardian.
Insurgents and Rebels often find themselves subjected to cruel treatment from Kyli who is fiercely protective of First Imperial Citizens and Soldiers, the woman's cold fury drives her to feats of extreme prejudice when dealing with Unlawful Combatants slaughtering them with a disturbing enthusiasm and cold fury. Kyli along with Rexus and Dergan Twigg was instrumental in shaping ALPHA Team's propensity for summarily executing and destroying all rebels who came into their custody, when Kyli elects to spare an insurgent the decision is often spurred by cold calculation rather than mercy viewing them as little more than coward barbarians who deserve little more than to be slaughtered wholesale in turn for their callous targeting of First Imperial Citizens and Soldiers. While outwardly maintaining a stoic appearance Kyli has been gifted and cursed with an especially vivid and detailed enduring memory that is expressed through all too frequent distressing dreams, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder acquired across years of combat. When off the field Kyli prefers to escape crowds and other large gatherings of people seeking peace through solitude, gregariousness in Kyli is generally only extended to her immediate team members otherwise she maintains a stoic demeanor.

Kyli's recalls her life prior to joining the First Order in vivid detail although she cannot remember her full name or family but does possess detailed memories of her home on Kamino and has a fondness for both storms and the sea as a result, somewhat of an expert simmer in her own right. Water is commonly seen in Mythology as being the opposite of Fire, the latter of which Kyli fears greatly due to her experience of being immolated after the catastrophic explosion of her Tank on Hoth and being a victim of the FIV Wrath crash on Kaeshana. Fighting Human soldiers and ending their lives is an experience that Kyli never enjoys recalling or committing quietly carrying a burden of guilt curiously the alien troops she has killed do not leave this impact upon Kyli and is the product both of her First Imperial Indoctrination and combat experience where aliens or Non-Humans are over-represented in opposition forces. As a soldier and Death Trooper, Kyli has long accepted that her fate will most likely be to die in battle and made peace with this near grim certainty.
With excessive amounts of military training and combat experience, Kyli's youthful appearance belies her considerable lethality although hints of the woman's strength can be exhibited through her robust sinewy contoured limbs. Prior to receiving the augmentation procedure Kyli possessed an already extremely athletic physique with the face, thorax and abdominal region covered in large amounts of distinctive scar tissue caused by several different types of grievous including puncture, laceration and immolation.The scar tissue has been removed although not quite the long standing self-consciousness of Kyli's countenance she does break from military regulation noticeably in the application of mild cosmetics to her aquiline nose, broad jaw, full firm lips and thoughtful almond-shaped eye sockets. Kyli's eyes once exhibited a total heterochromia that has since been corrected with Gene Therapy with both iris now being monochromatic in a startlingly clear & deep attractive hazel straddled by a pair of thin arched eyebrows that is seldom seen by those outside the Death Trooper's team due to the woman electing to remain entombed within powered assault armour whenever possible so as to remain prepared for combat.
Kyli's grooming screams of somebody who has been born and raised to be a warrior from a young age with the dark brunette hair covering crown kept tied back into a long albeit neat ponytail that reaches shoulders when freed. Kyli's blood type is O-Negative making her a universal donor for the purposes of blood transfusion and thus can be used to provide lifesaving treatment to her comrades when necessary, her genome has been significantly modified with sequences introduced in Project: AFTERLIFE becoming something 'beautiful' from a geneticists points of view as a picturesque example of Human genetic adaptability, strength and resilience. Though Kyli is aged in her early twenties some consider her appearance to suggest an age slightly older than this and could be attributed to the sheer amount of combat she has participated, prematurely aging prior to her augmentation procedure which introduced recombinant telomeres into her physiology. First Imperial Geneticists believe that the Death Troopers will live for several centuries at the least potentially even in excess of a millennia, Kyli's physical aging process has nearly halted all together and will likely be locked perpetually in young adulthood atleast in terms of outward appearance.
Armour & Clothing


Immediate Family

  • Johahn Vikto Haas (Paternal Grandfather)
  • Vaelyn Elara Haas (Paternal Grandmother)
    • Asho Sevi Haas (Father)
      • Anya Sigel Haas (Junior Half-Sister)
      • Jyn Edrii Haas (Junior Half-Sister)
      • Lysan Cato Haas (Junior Half-Brother)
      • Rylee Vydel Haas (Junior Half-Sister)
  • Gideon Sanguin Kuhl (Maternal Grandfather)
  • Viqi Rakel Kuhl (Maternal Grandmother)
    • Eryn Amus Kuhl (Mother)

Beast Companion(s)



Beast Companion(s)



Early Childhood
Born on the stormy world of Kamino, approximately eight-hundred and thirty-two years after the battle of Yavin. Kamino would be where Kyli is raised and their home for several years her Mother a professional geneticist and former Sith Lord who desperately attempted to put the force and dark life into the past for spouse and child's sake. Kyli's Father had an equally odious history and once counted himself as a former soldier for a shadowy fascist military organisation with the trappings of nobility and legitimate government before realising the depth of his moral turpitude and turning his considerable ruthlessness to the service of the local Kaminoans who utilized his experience and skills to train cloned soldiers destined for use by Warlords in their petty outer rim squabbles. Kyli yet remembers her Mother who she recalls smelling of a laboratory while Father seemed constantly possessed of Ozone which she would be able to later identify in life as being indicative of energy weapon use. Often, Kyli's Mother would take her daughter to swimming lessons alongside other children on Kamino and learnt how to communicate fluently in the Kaminoans' own language which engendered the young Kyli to her alien peers warmly.
Kyli would be possessed with a love of water and swimming due to her upbringing on Kamino and enjoyed watching lightning dance through clouds in a beautiful cascade of light in the pitch black darkness of night which several Kaminoans found curious due to seeing in a wider spectrum of colours than the human Kyli. Incredibly strong and cunning even as a youth Kyli would routinely ignore her Mother's warnings, fearlessly swimming and diving Kamino's violent oceans in the company of Kaminoan friends which earned her Father's pride seeing a reflection of his own courage to face the unknown in Kyli's staunch defiance. Within school Kyli was noticeably quiet and preferred to observe both peers and teachers within Primary Education Facility #053 where while not introverted was remarkably reserved save for those she counted as friends which would become characteristic later on in life for Kyli most noticeably after becoming a Death Trooper. At School, Kyli became known as a fan of strategy games and hide n' seek where she became quite adept at the 'hiding' part proving on more than one occasion extremely difficult to find in no small part thanks to her daring combined with creativity when seeking suitable places to hide and wait, it became so difficult to locate Kyli that she was prohibited by her peers to actually hide and thus became a seeker exclusively.When Kyli was not playing games or swimming in Kamino's most decidedly violent oceans she adopted the profession of a couch potato and consumed vids in copious quantities, especially in company with loving parents.
Abduction & Deliverance
At around the age of ten Kyli and her two parents were abducted whilst holidaying on Naboo by a group of Human Agents posing ostensibly as Slavers, the young Kyli using deception and feigning illness managed to escape her holding cell and murder the slavers' physician aboard their frigate before escaping into an asteroid field via escape pod. Kyli managed to evade the slavers in her cold, near entirely powerless escape pod waiting patiently for the vessel to break search pattern and jump away to an unknown destination. Deep within the unknown regions Kyli successfully activated the Pod's distress beacon and would later be rescued by personnel belonging to a secretive shadowy fascist paramilitary organisation that would later come to be known as "The First Order". Sadness from the traumatic separation gave way to anger and then acceptance, welcome this new fate in quiet resignation to the idea that she would most likely never find her parents. Kyli, then some eleven years old inspired by the Father's example and desire to punish the wicked volunteered to follow the same well-trodden road of Father, the path of the Soldier in service to a truly ruthless regime "Kyli Ashlyn Wehr" was reborn as "Kyli FN-6767".
Stormtrooper Training
Recruited into the nascent First Imperial Stormtrooper Corps, Kyli was placed within a youth training company and lived within Army and Navy training academies all through her adolescence. The very first day of training would be burned into the eleven year old girls' memory for the rest of her life and serve as an encouraging reminder of her own resilience and determination through the years to come. Kyli was roused from a frightening dream of her earlier abduction at 0400 hours by a wave of screaming bellowed from the lungs of a Gunnery Sergeant clad head-to-toe in white Stormtrooper Armour although the close-shaved man had been absent a helmet. From the very beginning these children, mainly orphans were treated like machines marched onto a conveyor belt and washed in jets of barely lukewarm soapy water only to be rinsed in a chilly spray before being issued a footlocker filled with First Imperial uniforms and Physical Training gear the latter of which the odd one-hundred company-sized formation of Stormtrooper Cadets were ordered into by the Gunnery Sergeant.
Kyli and the other children were organised into platoon-sized formations, these would become their permanent platoons for the entirety of their training. Though she was usually quiet Kyli went out of her way to comfort some of the younger volunteers who like herself were visibly shaken while performing a series of high-intensity interval calisthenic training and only after they've completed an entire circuit filled with bodyweight excercises were they permitted to access drinking water in between the body weight exercises and a ten kilometer jog through the barracks, down along a winding river, across a several hundred meter long bridge to finally arrive at a gargantuan amphitheater used to train adult volunteer officer candidates. It was here that the three hundred children of Kyli's training battalion would be formally educated by a purpose-built sophisticated droid intelligence. Every morning this education would begin immediately following physical training and covered such topics including Literacy, Numeracy and conspicuously the galaxy's chaotic history along with political theory designed to indoctrinate the children into Imperial Ideology.
The lynchpin of their training focused around courage, initiative and teamwork with an emphasis on teamwork to foster an overwhelming sense of unit identity that subsumed the individual if the team did not win than nobody won regardless of personal performance. Kyli was consistently responsible for her section failing as she'd neglect to aid them when traversing the obstacle courses where most required aid to navigate, this prompted Kyli and the other seven children on her section to break out into a brief albeit violent scrap that was swiftly ended by the instructors, reconciling their differences the children proceeded to perform admirably although seldom the best. The Stormtrooper Cadets were ever motivated by their company teamwork excercises as the losing team would often not be served any food in the mess hall but in a surprising and unpunished display of solidarity the victorious teams would generally share portions of their ration with this team and encourage them to strive for greater levels of performance. Interestingly on the second day of training Kyli and the other Cadets' instruction focused more closely on teamwork, images of the Kaminoan Aiwha and how they hunted their prey in packs brought fond memories to the front of Kyli's mind of home it would be one of the last times in years of service to the First Order that she'd recall Kamino at all, that life quickly receding into the depths of subconsciousness.
Training only increased in intensity with time coming to the point where the Cadets would be required to navigate assault courses while their instructors fired upon them with paint ball guns with the intention of bruising the children to punish mistakes and inattentiveness. At the end of the assault course these Stormtrooper Cadets would be forced to perform ridiculous amounts of push-ups with the goal on the part of Gunnery Sergeant Angro to teach the children to persevere through pain as would be expected of them on the battlefield when merciless insurgents were baring down upon them. When discussing Project: Resurrection with its' director Gunnery Sergeant Angro suggested that FN-6767 be elevated to the position of Section Commander for her exemplary performance in physical and military training, his recommendation is accepted and Kyli found herself elevated as a Corporal coming to command the seven others in her section, appointing a boy named "Ben" as her trusted second-in-command.
In just two years of training as a Stormtrooper, Kyli had received a better than average education when compared to what she would have otherwise received on Kamino, which would have already been superior to most worlds. The droid intelligence "LEGION" who had been responsible for teaching the recruit battalion began focusing on complex historical tactics and strategy from records that had miraculously survived the Gulag Plague. At just a modest thirteen years of age Kyli was fully capable of constructing fortifications, lacing tripwires, firing most small arms and stabilisng victims of blaster or slugthrower wounds. The geas left by Father in Kyli's sould influenced the adolescent girl to conclude that hers would be the life of a soldier and she thought little of her family or Kamino, when she slept it came to her consciousness as some distant albeit persistent memory barely recognizable. The Stormtrooper Cadets would be deployed regularly into the remote wilderness via dropship clad in their camouflaged First Imperial uniforms the exercises they'd perform would vary wildly although frequently they were required to get back to their barracks while fully armed and armoured First Imperial Soldiers diligently searched for the teenagers with the aim of capturing them. The Stormtrooper Cadets were required to utilise their survival and evasion skills imparted onto them by Gunnery Sergeant Angro. Kyli would consistently lead her section to penetrate their pursuers security loc and steal supplies and speeders to make the several dozen kilometer trek back to the barracks a breeze for their training company.
The Stormtrooper Cadets who averaged about twelve to thirteen years old would engage in war games with their opposition forces consisting of adult volunteer First Imperial Soldiers where the Stormtrooper Cadets demonstrated the merits of their recruitment by incredibly overcoming trained professional soldiers through superior teamwork and discipline. THis miraculous result occured reliably and in varied terrain from mock urban environments to hilly wildlands it mattered not for Kyli and her Company they would overcome any opponent the Gunnery Sergeant and Project: Resurrection's director could conjure, atleast that's what the rather vain teenage girl believed. At the modest age of fourteen Kyli, Ben and the other Stormtrooper Cadets had earned proficiency awards in every every possible combat arms category to the quiet pride of Gunnery Sergeant Angro decided he'd 'treat' his trainees to a 'vacation' where he planned to turn said tropical island vacation into an exercise in aquatic rescue training. The Gunnery Sergeant's plan failed when Kyli recognized thanks to her years of diving and swimming on Kamino that the oxygen tanks provided to the trainees were light with sabotaged valves. Kyli alerted Ben and the pair resolved to steal the tanks that were supposed to be provided to their handlers and replaced them with the faulty ones the trainees had been issued.

Once the Company began their dive circuit with handlers in tow the latter including Gunnery Sergeant Angro found themselves unable to continue, all the Cadets opportunistically seized this moment to break from their circuit and mischievously retired to a nearby Island and spend forty-eight hours fishing, swimming, eating and surfing the beautiful waves. Gunnery Sergeant Angro greeted this knowledge with glee, his Stormtrooper Trainees had proven themselves more than obedient drones and embraced a level of creativity in approaching problems under field conditions and beamed with a professional pride when he finally retrieved the teenagers and prohibited their handlers from meting out any sort of recrimination or punishment but conversely did not outwardly praise them either. Gunnery Sergeant Angro decided to increase the frequency that live ammunition and full-powered settings on their blasters would be used, giving the Trainees increased 
Courage, Initiative, Teamwork
  • Notable Operational Deployment
    • Battle of Kaeshana - FN-6767 briefly participated during the Battle of Kaeshana where she was preparing with her platoon to assault one of the Eldorai Citadels from the Imperial X-Class FIV Wrath before the Star Destroyer they were aboard was destroyed by some post-natural storm that disabled the vessel and caused it to violently crash; killing scores of the crew and its' Passengers. FN-6767 survived the impact though was left with severe injuries and received life-saving field surgery to later have a large amount of muscle and organ tissue removed and surgically replaced with Cloned cybernetic enhanced tissue that acts as Prosthesis. Casualties to FN-6767's company were later replaced with adult volunteer transfers from the First Imperial Army.
    • Battle of Mustafar - During the assault on Mustafar FN-6767 experienced a mental breakdown during combat believed to be related to an acquired Pyrophobia received during Kaeshana, was casualty evacuated and has been receiving ongoing psychiatric counselling. Discharge was not recommended due to declining Battalion efficiency the cause of which is believed to be the increasing ratio of adult to child volunteers. Received a reduction in rank; both to relieve responsibility on the Trooper and to publicly iterate the behavior as unbecoming of the Supreme Leader's finest. After the battle FN-6767 later developed a private positive view of the Historic Jedi Order based on logs made in a day book which we have decided to include in this report as noteworthy though not particularly concerning or indicative of sedition, meditative practices adopted appear to be aiding their recovery.
    • Battle of Hoth - Performance during the battle of Hoth was recorded as being particularly good and consistent with focused commanding of their tank based on recovered helmet footage and comlink logs, FN-6767 was responsible for protecting a First Imperial Military Outpost from a focused attack by the Galactic Alliance's Armed Forces injuries were sustained when their tank was "Catastrophically Killed" However from a suspected laser cannon power cell breach. FN-6767 was thrown from their Open Commander's Cupola behind the tank, which proceeded while burning to roll back in neutral gear over their left arm before coming to a halt. Several witnesses reported watching FN-6767 calmly perform a self-amputation with the use of a plasma torch before being rendered unconscious, the limb was severed at the elbow and later replaced with a mechanical prosthetic.
    • Taming of Panatha - FN-6767 Commanded a tank during the Panatha Insurrection during its' interregnum and bravely aided in the suppression of separatist nationalist forces alongside regular Infantry units.
    • Blockade of the Hydian Way - During the Blockade of the Hydian Way FN-6767 assisted Vlammen Pox; a TIE Pilot by fulfilling the role of Gunner aboard his TIE/sf before the pair were grounded aboard an Alliance Battlecruiser the ANS Excubitor. It's thanks largely to the efforts of FN-6767 that the star-crossed soldiers survived and were able to escape the Battlecruiser prior to the battle's conclusion but not before FN-6767 showcased the result of years upon years of combat training, impressing Pox.
    • Battle of Dagobah - FN-6767 suffered greivous injuries during the battle of Dagobah and aided in the evacuation of Galactic Empire personnel trapped on the planet's surface and bravely downed a Galactic Alliance U-wing that had circled the crash site of her LAAT/i gunship. Earning the respect of adult volunteers who survived the crash alongside her and helping to shift the Trooper's views on adult-volunteers dramatically based on retrieved personal logs detailing the battle and impressions of fellow First Imperial Combatants.

Edited by Kyli DT-6767, Yesterday, 06:14 PM.

Skyler Swaffer

Skyler Swaffer


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Hey wanna rp?





    Standing ready.

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Kyli DT-6767

Kyli DT-6767

    The Cold & Loyal Warrior

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Updated w/new biography template with increased biographical information.

Kraken Society

Kraken Society

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Wow, this is a really good profile, good job! This is a really interesting character and I can't wait to see where you take her. We can rp sometime if you're interested ^_^ 

Sky'ito Yumi

Sky'ito Yumi

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Nice scar FN-6767

Kyli DT-6767

Kyli DT-6767

    The Cold & Loyal Warrior

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Profile has been updated and now reflects FN-6767's training and augmentation as a First Order Death Trooper under Project: AFTERLIFE.