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The Areta: Never A Dull Moment (CLOSED \ Scrapped Thread, See OOC)

- - - - - The Areta Open Thread Smuggling Spacer Crew Looking For Passengers

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Saoirse Flynn

Saoirse Flynn

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LOCATION: Sneaking around the Areta

NEARBYMeiraIrma OlantheFidelisZef JalbaKip RidelLyla Quinn (sorry to the many folk I missed)


Fifteen minutes felt longer by the heartbeat. The scattered crew were too distanced to spy on and too close to let her move freely--her makeshift hiding place directly beside the opening of the ship was much too temporary even for the brief time she needed to kill. But the rush in her ears and the thump of her pulse wouldn't carry her far enough to find a more lasting safety. Saoirse knew she couldn't hide, here, like this.


And still--


Hell if she wouldn't try.


Breathless, she strained to catch the words, the sounds, that said where she could go and be unnoticed. The port's buzz was grating in each moment where it was all she could pick up, and by the time she decided it was safe to move the smuggler felt more restless than ever--scrambling to get further inside the ship was as relieving as it was a terror.


Now's the part where you think of a plan. The odds of making it through the flight unnoticed were just shy of nonexistent and there wasn't a great she could do to save her skin once the multitude of worse outcomes played out. 


Her best chance was bargaining. And. Well. Her second best chance was to steal the alcohol and prepare for the worst.


Aryn Teth

Aryn Teth

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Aryn Teth  

CoCo Town, Coruscant, Corusca Sector, The Core Worlds

Interacting With: Dewbacca, Lyla Quinn


The number of passengers and visitors to the ship had been much greater than Aryn had initially anticipated when he contacted the crew, luckily there were precious few among those passengers that Aryn truly recognized at all. Perhaps, travelling incognito has he had desired would still be possible. Watching as the Twi'lek woman began to approach, he smiled in a polite manner, chuckling softly at her words as he glanced up to his Wookiee friend, giving him a gentle slap on the arm. "This big one and I were hoping for some passage down to Eriadu, if you are able to provide it. Don't mind paying some extra if it's out of your way, either." He explained simply, turning his gaze back so that his eyes met the captain's. 


"And, if it's any consolation..." He took a half-step closer, lowering his tone to an almost conspiratorial one. "We would prefer to travel incognito as well, if possible, though I can assure you, we're not going to be trouble for the Alliance." He commented, giving her something of a knowing look. Whether or not the woman would actually recognize him was beyond Aryn at that moment, the galaxy was a big place, and although Aryn had been quite involved in galactic affairs recently, he didn't have such an ego to assume he was so well known. Still, things would be easiest if Aryn were able to avoid the possibility of any recognition entirely. 



Koda Fett

Koda Fett


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CoCo Town, Coruscant, Corusca Sector, The Core Worlds

Interacting With: Aryn Teth, Lyla Quinn


The walking ball of fur's eyes shifted about, as did his head. Watching and surveying the surrounding area. This would suit just fine, or so he and his companion had thought - though in this tale it was he who was the companion to the Supreme Commander. It gave the creature a great life, able to see all the great things in the galaxy. Yet also the worst. Then again, everything came with a cost now didn't it? A single, relatively soft roar came from the beats mouth. Confirming what Teth had said, but in a language of his own. Not many understood it after all.




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Nearby: @Saoirse @Flynn and Fidelis Lyla Quinn Meira

Not As Nearby: Aryn Teth Dewbacca Ghorua the Shark

Out Of Range: Irma Olanthe, and Kip Ridel


Tin just mentally face palmed, as the woman's response as she rushed past, again trying to be nice and all but nooooo,everyone was an ass hole... is that what she sounded like to other people when still in this business? Probably, but at the least her crew was not like the two she had met so far, but as for credits, she had enough, more then enough, could buy the ship if she wanted to,but no, just latching on for a ride, wherever this ship went.


"Fine, we will do it your way", giving a small sigh the Twi'lek waled down the hall way into the crew lounge, giving a small wave to who ever was there. From here on in Tin did not care who said what, when how or why, she was staying and there was nothing this ships crew or passengers could do about it, 'just hope this trip in fun, last one was a real bore'. Leaning against a nearby wall the disguised Jedi would just wait until the ship took off, nor really wanting to mingle with the crowd just yet.

"If you can't beat them, join them, then stab em in the back when they ain't looking"

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Despite the female's body language changing faster than the weather on Togoria, Maur took it in stride. She let the little one lead her into the ship, angling her body ever so slightly to let her larger frame block as much of the humanoid as possible from outside eyes. The freighter positively reeked of human. There were the usual scents of oil, lubricants, and anti-rusting agents, fading smells of Zabrak and their default aggression, but above all, human filled her nostrils. Enough that she snorted as the female ran off, shouting something at another Twi'lek as she did. Maur paid the petulant biped no mind as it walked off. Gods, the walks of Coruscant smelled better. Granted, they were out in the open air but one would think that a planet crammed full of predominantly humans would smell more of human than one freighter. If the little female was a human,the girl—cyborg, she corrected herself—that just ran past was human, and the guy outside was human, that made only three. This smelled like twice that and a bitter tang hung in the air. The hair on her nape bristled and her lips twisted into a scowl. Adrenaline or fear.


But perhaps they were crew as well, only more startled than the little female—Maur decided to dub her LF or Elf—at the sight of security. Which, being honest, did send a little rush of adrenaline flowing through her veins. But the important thing, the professional thing to do was to stay calm. How any of these people expected to stay under security's radar when they literally jumped out of their skin at the sight of them made no sense to her.


Maur folded her arms across her chest and waited by the entrance for a moment to talk with the captain. Elf had let her on board; Elf was crew. Only the captain would be kicking her off now.


Interacting: Irma Olanthe (momentarily)

Nearby: Meira, Tin'tinag

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The port was bustling with travellers. Some making their way into town, some heading directly towards one particular ship, others just browsing around.  The closest ship to her was the Moor. She started making her way towards it, being ever so careful. I wonder if the belt keeps me hidden if I am close to people… better not take the risk. Besides I don’t want anyone to bump into me. Farishta stuck to the edges, doing her best to avoid everyone. If people noticed her when they got too close, they paid her no attention. “I’m just another bleeding urchin to them Farishta muttered under her breath. Upon realizing she said it outloud. She gasped and covered her mouth with her hands. Wide eyed, she looked around to see if anyone heard. If anyone was staring straight at her. Everyone she looked at continued to ignore her and went on their way. Farishta slowly let out her breath. She didn’t realize she was holding it before.  I have to be more careful.

She finally got close enough to the Moor. She waited off to the side to see if they were leaving soon. A minute later, a Duros dressed like a pilot left with a large Weequay who was clearly armed. Kriff! It looks like they just docked and are making their supply run. I need a ship that is leaving now.

She made her way to the next ship on the dock. The Areta. There were a few people at the bay area. But they were just standing around talking with each other.  Farishta got frustrated. I can’t tell if they are about to leave or not! Ugh, I have to get closer. There were two Twi’leks, a Togorian, two Humans, and a Cyborg in the area. She started to tip-toe closer and paused a couple yards away from the Human and the Togorian, listening in on their conversation.

Perfect! That Human looks like she is the pilot and is heading back inside.They must be leaving soon.  Farishta continued to make her way toward the inside of the ship following the Human and Togorian. She gave one more look behind her and kept walking.  Looks like the people chasing after me haven’t come to the port yet. Good. She turned around and abruptly stopped. The Togorian was waiting by the entrance.  Kriff! Look where you’re going!

Farishta took a wide berth of the Togorian and was inside the ship.

Now….where to hide?



Nearby:Maur Aryn Teth Dewbacca Saoirse Flynn Meira Tin'tinag Irma Olanthe Lyla Quinn

Lyla Quinn

Lyla Quinn

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Finishing Up With: Aryn Teth and Dewbacca

Now Interacting With: Kip Ridel

Next Up: Maur

Currently On-Board: Tin'tinag, Saoirse Flynn, Zef Jalba (all hiding, gawd damn, so many stowaways)

Take-Off In: 3 posts


"Say no more, sir," she said reassuringly. The smuggler gave him (Aryn Teth) a knowing smile in return, although she hadn't the faintest clue who the distinguished looking gentleman and his Wookie friend really were. But no need to let them in on her ignorance, right? Her time with the Confederacy of Independent Systems HAD allowed her some opportunity to brush elbows with high ranking members of other factions, and she had a feeling she'd be running into more of them once her position as Viceroy of Ryloth became official. The way 'Mr. Teren Shosha' (as she was currently entering into his crafted profile on her datapad) had mentioned the 'Alliance' had Quinn extra curious, but she capped it before it bubbled over.


Plenty of time to secretly stalk everyone on the holonet later.


Her program had a rough time trying to come up with a Wookie name that was semi pronounceable, so the Twi'lek entered the first thing that came to mind and saved everything in her files. "I'm sure we have room for Teren Shosha, architect and arts appreciator from Silven Industries, traveling to Eriadu on business with his..secretary… Spot." She narrowed her eyes at the screen, frowning with pursed lips. A quick flick up of her bright blue eyes at the Wookie's face had her scrambling mentally. "...We can fix it later, no worries, or you can use whatever name you want, I mean no one ever reads my records anyway." She flipped the datapad around and offered it for 'Teren's' approval followed by a smile. "I'll get you to Eriadu, if you don't mind a bit of a short wait. Got some cargo to off-load, but considering how quickly my crew brought it aboard, towing it off shouldn't take more than an hour. I put you both in Cabin E5, it's our biggest, plenty of space for you to stretch out and relax." The march of police droids caught her eye momentarily, the clear, insistent voice of Fidelis clearing them for takeoff following closely after them.


Maybe it was time to go.


Quinn swept her hand invitingly at the lowered ramp, noting the towering Togorian waiting cross-armed by the front. Man, this was turning out to be a busier pick-up than she'd expected. Guess people had places to go today. Not that she was complaining. Credits in her pocket were a nice feel. She gestured to 'Teren Shosha' and 'Spot', two 'no trouble for the Alliance' travelers just looking for passage. Home, maybe? Who knew. Certainly not she. "Welcome aboard! Looks like we're wheels up soon so hop on in. Plenty of chairs in the galley, buckle up during take-off and then you're free to roam anywhere except cargo and my cabin. I'll see you on-board! Looks like we've got one or two more to straighten out before we're outta here."


She'd been about to address the Togorian but noticed a man approaching ahead (Kip Ridel), and she'd caught his eye before she'd finished turning around. So the Twi'lek beamed at him, looking very available as she gave him a small wave. "Can I help you? Name your destination! I bet I can get you there twice as fast than the rest of these tubs of metal."



Kip Ridel

Kip Ridel


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Kip Ridel


Location: Outside the Areta
Interacting With: Lyla Quinn

The twi'lek Captain had caught Kip's interest as much as her ship.His datapad had given him some noteworthy background information as well as a record of successful jobs, market worth in various trade circles, and various rumors.The majority of which, Kip knew, was pure nonsensical speculation.Mostly anyone worth a credit had a thing or two to hide and had reasonable skills to hide them.What interested Kip was the subtleties.The lines between.People interested Kip, and Lyla Quinn, for all the mediocrity that her records showed, was no exception.Right on queue, the Captain emerged from her ephemeral state of data and solidified into a tangible entity with a smile and natural charm.Kip responded in kind.

"I have no doubt about that," Kip replied with a smile as he waved back.His gaze turned to the ship as he eyed the captain, glancing it over for perhaps the tenth or hundredth time.he gave an approving nod and looked back at the Captain, casually extending his hand in a polite greeting."The name's Kip Ridel.My droid is sending you my details.I have a meeting in Bespin that I'd like to attend within a week, but I'll need a place to stay and work in the meantime."

R3 had already begun transferring Kip's credentials, diplomatic history, and an upfront offer of credits for the duration of his stay.The credentials listed several noteworthy contacts and references with various political factions.It also listed references to R3's recent history and service capabilities.

After R3 confirmed completion of the the information transfer, Kip added, "Of course, my droid and I would be happy to be of service for the duration of our stay in addition to the cost.I like to keep busy."





Irma Olanthe

Irma Olanthe

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Irma slipped through the ship like a shot, only stopping once she had made it clear to the cockpit. She slid the door closed, resisting the urge to activate the locks that would keep anyone else from entering (Quinn hated when she squirreled herself away up here) and took the first real breath she had had since the markets.

"....There we go," she moaned on the exhale, half-out of breath from the run.The smell of a well-maintained cockpit was as good as, or better than, any muscle relaxer on the market. Just a whiff of it--Dust, leather, and the faint ozone tang that always came off good electronics-- was enough to put Irma at ease. 

She sucked in another lungful before crossing the tiny compartment and checking her private locker. As far as she could tell, the locker had been truly private in all the months she had been on the ship, with no sign of her new crewmates attempting to break it in. Checking, though, was part and parcel of her routine whenever she left the ship without Spot, and she wasn't about to break routine now. If Spot wasn't in his place, then Rodian or not, she wouldn't be letting this ship offworld until he'd been found. 

But, the rifle was right where she left it--resting easily above several well-hidden bottles of Corellian whiskey. She ran a hand across its barrel, savoring the vaguely greasy feel of oiled metal under her fingertips, then shut the locker and turned to sink into the pilot's seat, flicking at the switches that would begin the ship's activation sequence. As the console began to come to life, its colored lights casting their shadows across the backs of her hands, she finally allowed herself a genuine smile.


This was her place, or as close as anyplace would ever get to it for now. Forget the stupid Rodian, or the damned cops. Irma Olanthe was untouchable here. And as long as she was at the helm, so was the Areta.


She sent out the two-beep announcement of takeoff procedures, and--at last--lost herself in the live load calculations she'd need for that Herglic. 


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