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Katrine Van-Derveld Hawk

katrine van-derveld van-derveld hawk hawk lupine witch mandragora cis dathomir

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Katrine Van-Derveld

Katrine Van-Derveld

    Nightmother of the Mandragora

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{ Social Information }


{ Physical Information }

GENDER: Female
AGE: Twenty-one
HEIGHT: 5 ft 2¼ (158 cm)
WEIGHT: 115 lbs (52 kg)
EYES: Sapphire Blue
HAIR: Naturally blond
SKIN: Porcelain/Pale
LUPINE FORM: White fur (see bellow)
VOICE SAMPLE: Dove Cameron
Dove Cameron (spell casting)
Dove Cameron (singing)

NAME: Katrine Van-Derveld Hawk
NICKNAME: Kat, Katy (by Father only), Gummie Bear (by Karna), Ceta (callsign)
ALIAS: The Desecrator of Bones (on Orcus)

  • Heir of House Van-Derveld / The Schwartzweld (Figaro Favoura VII)
  • Nightmother of the Mandragora, Witches of Ryloth

SEXUALITY: Pansexual
BIRTH CLAN: Singing Mountain Clan
LIVING SITUATION: The Crimson Shadow, Templar-class Lighter Freighter
CITIZENSHIP: Currently, CIS planets. In the future, Dathomir, Figaro Favoura VII, Nar Shaddaa, Coruscant, Ryloth

{ Affiliation & Force Information }

FACTION: The Confederacy of Independent Systems, Witches of Dathomir
FORCE ORDER: Mandragora, Allyan
RANK: Elder, Neutral Master
ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral
CLASSIFICATION: Claimed by Doashim, Jart and Lylek. Belongs to all Pacts.
OCCUPATION: Nightmother of the Mandragora, Witches of Ryloth

P h y s i c a l

A p p e a r a n c e


Since birth, Katrine had appeared to be purple haired with sapphire blue eyes, making her unique even as a Hawk. However, upon her first transformation to her wolf form, she appeared to have white fur. Due to being a full blooded Lupine, Katrine developed and grew faster than Dathomiri girls, coming into her current height which is just a little bit shorter than that of her Mother with a body slim and gently curved. Life span of Witches is longer and thus they age slower, but as Lupine, Katrine arrived into her young adulthood faster, and is headed for a shorter lifespan than those of her Hawk bloodline. her face is oval shaped however its more her pale/porcelain skin that made her stand out, making her way for her intense iris color and her purple hair to stand out. Katrine is a combination of her parents - her father's eyes and lips with her mother's nose, eyebrows and complexion. She was originally labeled as human, however that was only because it was unknown at the time that her Mother had been cloned into a Lupine, making her stand out from her sister who inherited predominately their Lupine genes even with their then human Mother.

The case of fur was however an indication of her true appearance. The purple hair with which she had been born was a genetic trait of her progenitor which had been recessive in the Hawk bloodline for generations and had emerged in Katrine as a physical sign of her curse, as she was haunted from birth by Avarisa, the true family progenitor the Hawks know nothing about. However, as Katrine breaks free from her curse and defeats the woman's spirit and eventually smashes her bones to rid of her completely, the purple begins to fade. Currently, it appears a lighter shade of purple it had been but eventually, it will completely fade, showing the blonde she truly is.

INHERITED TRAITS: Small in height, skin pale. Those are the traits she has taken from her maternal family. The Hawks, believed to be humans, hail from Dathomir which gives them a bit of uniqueness in such things as aging. In light of her half origin, Katrine developed much faster than the rest, however, there is still hope that in her adulthood, that could change. Her skin matches that of her great grandmother Satara and like her, her other features are all enhanced by the tone of her skin. For the most part, the Hawks before Satara have been dark haired and dark eyed, making such things appear even more intense because of their pale porcelain skin. It was originally believed that Katrine had inherited her mother's fire redhead, common in the Hawk line by now (Ti'Cira, grandmother Na'ala, and long before that Satara's mother as well) but it turned out to be nothing more than a trick of light because once she'd been brought out into the sunlight, her hair had been proven to be purple, a color seemingly unique to her among the bloodline. Her eyes make her unique as well, even though there is a documented blue iris color among the Hawks (Satara's father Tocho, Na'ala's father Arik Kane, Katrine's aunt Áine'ki) but in truth, her eyes hail from her father, the distinctive sapphire shade standing out quite profoundly in light of her purple hair and porcelain complexion. Much like other members of her family, and possibly even more so due to the power of her father, Katrine displays great potential in the Force, suggesting that once again the midi-clorian level of the Hawks has been proven quite note-worthy. However, like her sister Chloe, Katrine for the most part demonstrates it through act-react form of usage, much like their mother Curupira once upon a time. Despite that, there are rare occasions when Katrine will use Satara's method of learning a power or spell the hard way.

FASHION SENSE: Katrine has a very colorful and sometimes upper class fashion sense. Her most nominative colors are purple and black but the true amount of colors she will wear on any given day will depend on solely on her mood. She has quite the knack for leather as well, a remnant from the days of her childhood when she would sneak into her mom's closet and try on different clothes the older woman had. There had been incidents though when she'd try to put on her father's long leather coat, only to fall and injure herself under the weight of it. She also loves her more formal outfits - dresses, skirts, prettying up. While Kat can tone it down through wearing more simpler things, jeans, shirts and such, she often chooses not to and instead, enjoys the finer materials she owns. She developed this very early on, showing a lot of displease to the common fashion Dathomir women had and instead, locking herself in Satara's closet and attempting to wear her formal gowns which her great grandmother preserved for special meetings and events. Off Dathomir, she also took to wearing her mother's high heals very early and while they were some sizes too big for her, she still managed to learn to walk in them properly.

Knowing fully well what kind of clothes she likes, Katrine took it on herself to pick her own clothes, shoes, everything. And Curupira let her do it since, while in certain things they may disagree, Curupira can certainly understand the need to express herself. Not to mention that by that time, Kat's mother has changed her own style to far more mature than what Katrine found in old holo-videos of this time or even earlier times.

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Katrine Van-Derveld

Katrine Van-Derveld

    Nightmother of the Mandragora

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P e r s o n a l i t y


When Katrine came through the black hole, from the future, she was a child. Though she was a child with a mission. Her sister had vanished, and Mother developed memories of Chloe back in her youth so Katrine, stubborn and determined to save her big sister achieved what others on Dathomir claimed was impossible - traveled through time. She was cute as a button, seemingly always happy and cheerful, heavily medicated to keep the darkness and madness at bay and could often lose concentration of what she was doing. All the way, she met different people who had been her Masters and Mentors, all somehow helping her grow into the woman she would become. Though none of them had as much influence as her imaginary friend, Avarisa, who in truth was the true progenitor of the Hawk bloodline, a woman of purple hair and eyes, completely devoted to darkness. She had guided and molded Katrine through the ages, building her into an image Katrine couldn't begin to imagine.


Though, if there was one thing that could never be broken in Katrine was her devotion and love for her family. Kat would walk through all circles of hell and back for Mommy, Daddy, Chloe, and Seren. Though as Mommy vanished from her life, gone, Avarisa took a chance and latched onto her as never before, pulling her into Unknown Regions, into the ancient planet from where their family began, where she was strongest. There, Katrine's ascend to darkness truly began, all with the ultimate sinister goal she still didn't understand. Those two years had changed the child into a servant and student. Katrine completely fell beyond the will and broke, surpassing her former fears and illnesses because her Master had pushed her across the breaking point over and over again.

Ultimately, though, through a shred of light and love, the spell over her broke and Katrine defeated the progenitor, sending her back into the beyond where she belonged. And in a final act of freedom, Katrine shattered Avarisa's bones and destroyed any chance of her returning. At that moment, Katrine, wiser than she had ever been, calmer and completely unaffected by what had once bothered her, broke free of her own chains of disease and weakness. Leaving the planet, she was no longer a child, but a young woman, a Knight. Her cheerful nature isn't too far gone, nor is her personality disorders, but she is far stronger now than she had ever been.

Following her departure from Orcus, things began to progress quickly. First, it was the spirits of Mandragora on Ryloth whose call she had finally heard clear enough as the grimoire was recovered. As she was marked by Jart, she began to hear them and listen to them guiding her all up to the second large event in her life - her ascension to Nightmother, when she had been claimed by all three spirits. She had also been summoned to the spirit realm where she met Shery deWinter, who entrusted her granddaughter to Katrine. Scherezade deWinter, Pebble, became her Ward that same day and soon enough Katrine came to love her as her little sister. All these events made her lose some of her childish behavior throughout the months passed with all the responsibilities.

However, a lot had changed on Stewjon as a drunk Kat sensed another Lupine and ended up meeting Gerwald Lechner, the first of her kind she met that wasn't a Van-Derveld. She was captivated by the incredibly tall man and drawn to him in ways she didn't fully grasp at the moment. He confused her at first before she comprehended better just what it was that she felt for him, realizing she knew all about it, just never experienced it. She fell in love, to both the wolf and the man, by her own wolf and with her heart. Despite everything she knew and thought about herself, her heart began to belong to him even before she claimed him. Though she couldn't begin to see just how much it would destroy her relationship with Pebble. It happened after Kamon Vondiranach nearly killed her, with her spending a week in a coma as she recovered from her wounds, trapped inside the darkness she had once been in, seeing horrible scenarios, including one where Katrine had sold her to Avarisa to be free of her, only to leave the darkness to try and kill her, all before she found out about her and Gerwald. He still chose Katrine and her sister demanded she is released. From being her sister and from being in the Mandragora. Katrine had agreed, with a heavy weight on her heart.

{ Relationships }

PARENTS: Ket Van-Derveld, Curupira Hawk
SIBLINGS: Chloe Van-Derveld, Wolfram Van-Derveld, Seren
WARD: Scherezade deWinter
GRANDPARENTS: Diego Van-Derveld, Celeine (paternal, deceased); Na'ala Hawk, Kir D'Arr (maternal, deceased), Seth Draclau (adoptive, maternal)
AUNTS AND UNCLES: Vega Van-Derveld, Cat Van-Derveld, Ignasius Van-Derveld (paternal), Ryori Za'tire (adoptive, paternal), Mercureus Hawk, @Ti'Cira D'Arr Hawk, Áine'ki D'Arr Hawk[, Milan Hawk, Kytarra Hawk, Aston Jacobs, Spencer, Ana'eli Hawk-Sullen, Rach Sullen, Cennika Hawk, Skiazo Solstice, Torsten Hawk, Ana'eli Hawk, Raol Ka, Inara Ka, Sakeri Hawk, etc.
ANCESTORS: Adel'aide Hawk, Arik Kane, Satara Hawk, Madoc Hawk, Avarisa, Ceta

(+) Blue Blood. Katrine descents from nobles and leaders. Inside the Van-Derveld bloodline, there is a feudal claim on the moon Figaro Favoura VII to which Katrine is the proclaimed heir by the decree of her Father, the Lord. At the same time, Kat descents from the Hawk bloodline which has led the Singing Mountain Clan of Dathomir for generations.
(+) Badass Family. Descendant of the Hawk family and daughter of Ket Van-Derveld, Kat has quite a bit of potential with the Force within her though much of it is still untapped into.
(+) Little Miss Badass / Badass Adorable. Adorable in her own right, as well as a badass by birthright which she has been growing up to become in her own right.
(+) Powers and Magic. Katrine's initial studying of the Force and Spells came through her mother and great-grandmother. Each woman took very different approach in their studies. One took to simply feeling the Force and embracing it, the other preferring a teacher-student approach. Katrine eventually discovered that the Force was part of her and a such, it came to her much more naturally than for most people. And while certain powers she has to actually practice to get right, others lay down for her like lovers, her brain quickly figuring them out and thus enabling her to pick them up easily.
(+) Spell Creator. While any Witch can write spells, Katrine has proven to be rather quick and able to come up with new spells on the spot when necessary, whether they're new spells altogether or re-writes of older longer spells in order to achieve their effects faster.
(+) Pilot. Kat is a skilled and efficient pilot, learning early from different unofficial tutors how to operate different vessels. Curupira described her piloting as reckless and bold at one point, noting she hadn't learned it from her which she hadn't. Like most things in life, the young Lupine likes to take the risk when she's flying though she's only crashed one ship, which is the Firecracker and she managed to get it to fly for a while after smaller repairs.
(+) Hyperthymesia. Katrine has always had a unique gift of being able to remember much more than an average person, able to recall an abnormally vast number of details in her life in near perfect details and moments of personal significant, able to vividly "see" a depiction of events and store a great deal of information stored.
(+) Mediumship. Katrine was born with an odd gift, one that has allowed her a connection to the spirits. This was the key to Avarisa's curse, allowed the deceased ancestor to latch onto the child and begin her corruption. Whereas one curse was broken, Katrine's ability to communicate with the spirits remains, both manifesting in her ability to reach out to the spirits of Mandragora, Mikko's spirits and even to the growing connection with the Hawk progenitor. There is a particular reason though why she was born with this gift. It defined her future from the moment she was born, which was to ascend to the role of the Mandragora Nightmother though this wasn't revealed to her when she had joined the group.
(+) Dominate Mind. Having been chosen by the spirit Jart upon becoming a Mandragora, Katrine has a natural affinity towards mind domination. (See attached weakness bellow)
(+) Animal within. Katrine is a Lupine and has for several years now been able to transform into her wolf form (though it takes her a few minutes). But being in her animal form makes her stronger, faster, more dangerous.
(+) Broken Curse. With a little help from her future self from as well as a reminder of how love runs deep inside her, Katrine overcame the curse inside her and rid herself of Avarisa for all times. Since even her purple hair is washing out as physical evidence of it.
(+) A plethora of different skills: dancing, singing, marksmanship, swordsmanship, martial arts (heavily influenced by dancing), ability to pick up languages, forging
(+) Languages. Galactic Basic, High Galactic, Paecean (highly fluent), Bocce, Huttese, Binary (slightly above average), Ancient Sith (average, enough to use Sorcery)
(+/-) Magical Ichor. During the mission to the old Sith Academy, Katrine encountered the magical ichor which had trapped tortured souls and was used by an old spirit. Due to her ascension as a NIghtmother, Kat absorbed some of it and the spirits inside it. The spiritual energy is a powerful weapon but when used, it's the only magic Katrine can use because of its power.
(-) Cursed. Since birth, Katrine had been haunted by the ancestor of the Hawk progenitor, intending on making her body strong enough to eventually take it over. After defeating Avarisa, whom Kat had always believed was nothing but an imaginary friend due to her own personality, the purple which was a physical manifestation of her curse began to fade away little by little.
(-) Honest. As much as she tries, Katrine is incapable of keeping secrets. As much as she tries, she eventually blurts out everything.
(-) Mistrustful. In light of her spending most of her life with parents and siblings, Kat can be quite mistrusting towards strangers. Her talkative and curious nature masks it to a degree but it does eventually show up in the small things.
(-) Talkative. Kat is extremely talkative and curious which is often visible in her ability to ask a ton of questions under just one minute, often she won't bother to wait for an answer because she might not like it.
(-) Vain. But along with being very talkative, she also very much likes the sound of her voice.
(-) Dominate Mind. Extensive usage of Dominate Mind may cause physical strain appearing as debilitating, cranial pain and hemorrhaging from various orifices.
(-) Dathomirian Genes. Though a descendant of the Hawk bloodline, who has been Dathomirian for generations, Katrine lacks the genetic structure of Dathomirian humans who live for hundreds of years and retain their youthful look. She has however spent her entire childhood on the planet, which has made her appear younger than her actual age, an issue that often emerges in her travels.
(-) Half-Breed Discrimination. While Katrine is not a half-breed at all as she was born of two Lupine parents, she was born on Dathomir among humans of her birth clan who have always looked at her wearily for being different than she was, more so even due to her psychotic tendencies.
(-) Easily Distracted. Because of the way Kat's mind has always worked, she often loses focus of what she'd doing and moved on to the next. Example of this being that her purpose in the past is only to find her sister Chloe and go back home but instead, she's had many adventures all by being distracted from the most important task.
(-) Character Flaws. Audacious, Blunt, Bold, Deranged, Disturbed, Erratic, Fierce, Finicky, Fixation, Hedonistic, Hoity-toity, Impatient, Overprotective, Overconfident, Perfectionist, Proud, Rake, Rebellious, Smart Ass, Spiteful, Spoiled, Stubborn, Vain, Unpredictable, Temperamental, Theatrical, Trouble Maker
(-) Allergies. Kat is allergic to latex.
(-) Disorders. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
(-) Phobias. Apeirophobia (fear of infinity), Automysophobia (fear of being dirty), Bacillophobia (fear of microbes), Soteriophobia (fear of being dependent)
(-) Lacks medication. Due to her Borderline Personality Disorder, diagnosed a few years back, Katrine has been regularly receiving medication which she takes in the morning and afternoon. On her trip back in time, she took the two prescription bottles she had which eventually run out, leaving her disorder to reach full potential.


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Katrine Van-Derveld

Katrine Van-Derveld

    Nightmother of the Mandragora

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K n o w l e d g e o f F o r c e + M a g i c



  • [Elder] Call Frost / Snow
  • [Elder] Call Rain II
  • [Spellweaver] Animal Healing
  • [Spellweaver] Arrow of Fire II
  • [Spellweaver] Call Mist
  • [Spellweaver] Call Rain I
  • [Spellweaver] Shield Spell
  • [Spellweaver] Spell of Element Protection
  • [Spellweaver] Spell of Fire Creation I
  • [Spellhunter] Arrows of Fire I
  • [Spellhunter] Force "Blanket" I
  • [Spellhunter] Night Sight
  • [Spellhunter] Song of Power
  • [Spellhunter] Tempest I
  • [Spellhunter] Spell of Focus
  • [Master] Advanced Sith Sorcery
    • Summon Fear
  • [Knight] Basic Sith Sorcery
    • Animate Animal
    • Force Blast
    • Illusion Casting
  • TBA


  • [Master] Astral Translocation
  • [Master] Force Vision (limited)
  • [Master] Mastered Force Sense
  • [Master] Mastered Telekinesis
  • [Knight] Combustion
  • [Knight] Dominate Mind
  • [Knight] Enhanced Force Sense
  • [Knight] Enhanced Telekinesis
  • [Knight] Force Choke
  • [Knight] Force Deflect
  • [Knight] Force Drain
  • [Knight] Force Healing
  • [Knight] Force Scream
  • [Knight] Kinetite
  • [Knight] Mediumship
  • [Knight] Psychometry
  • [Apprentice] Animal Friendship
  • [Apprentice] Basic Telekinesis
  • [Apprentice] Enhance Abilities
  • [Apprentice] Farsight
  • [Apprentice] Force Empathy
  • [Apprentice] Force Jump
  • [Apprentice] Force Persuasion
  • [Apprentice] Force Rage
  • [Apprentice] Force Sense
  • [Apprentice] Force Speed 
  • [Apprentice] Telepathy
{ Training }

MASTERS: Curupira Hawk, Satara Hawk, Avarisa, Ceta, Spirits of Mandragora (Doashim, Jart, Lylek)
MENTORS: Ket Van-Derveld, Chloe Van-Derveld, Aston Jacobs, Thurion Heavenshield, Salem Norongachi
STUDENTS: Paige Blossom, Scherezade deWinter, Kayla Wylen

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Katrine Van-Derveld

Katrine Van-Derveld

    Nightmother of the Mandragora

  • Character
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P e r s o n a l  P o s s e s s i o n s



  • Nocte Aranea, Nightmother Mark 1 (NK MK1) - Built by Aegis Corporation and House Verd, Incorporated, under Shaman Muad Dib's design, its a moving temple of the Mandragora and the new home for Katrine Van-Derveld.
  • Bianca Ceta, Mandragora-type Fighter/Transport - Gift from Uncle Isley with some unique features to allow for a smaller transport when necessary.
  • The Firecracker, R-41 Starchaser, one the smaller vessels also owned by her father, which Kat "borrowed" to travel through time and ended it on Dirha, once CIS space. Originally damaged and left on there, it was eventually repaired and used by Katrine. Currently left on Ryloth locked and needing repairs again.
  • CV-1776 Freedom Wing Speederbike - Gift from Uncle Isley following the Tatooine invasion.


  • Jemla bo Tosarta, Grimoire of the Mandragora - The book was discovered in on Ryloth, created by the slaves in ancient times. It is the Grimoire of the Force Order Mandragora and thus belongs to the entirety of the order, however with Katrine's ascension to Nightmother, it is put in her care as per tradition.
  • Spellbook - a small, hand held hard cover book with actual pages which Katrine uses to write out spells she knows and those she creates in her adventures, along with additional explanations on creatures met on her adventures
  • A.K.R.I. - Manufacted by House Verc Inc and Katrine herself, following a design, holographic videos, voice recording etc. of her Mother from the future, Akri was made to be Katrine's personal AI companion, which she can access through a number of different means when she requires her or if Akri herself believes she is needed by Katrine though she does have some fun atttitude atributes to tag along which weren't deliberate design.
  • Light-Shield Bracelet - Bracelet created by Katrine and House Verd, Incorporated in order to give the children of Mandragora protection.
  • Midwantara (Ichor Container) - A gift from Er'in Tenel, an alchemized container that can carry a small amount of the ichor.
  • Leather backpack - Katrine carries around her back a leather backpack which she had on the ship when she came through the black hole. Within it, she keeps some essentials, such as clothes, anti-bacterial spray, skin and hair products. On occasion there can be food in it but mostly, there isn't.
  • Talisman of Reflection - Created by Muad Dib, the Talisman was a gift to all Spellweavers and Elders of the Mandragora.
  • Communication device - a small device which stores contacts of her nearest family, however, that information is from the future and thus she has no use for them in the present time.
  • Curupira's communication device - property of Curupira Hawk, left behind when she left
  • Templar Signet Ring - property of Curupira Hawk from the future, gifted to Katrine shortly before her travels to the past (present day ring is with Curupira still)
  • Resam - "Light Ball" - Useful piece of equipment, given to her by House Verd, Incorporated



  • Nightmother's Armour - As willed by the Spirits, Katrine designed and Darth Metus created an armor for her to use.
  • Oathbound, Armour of the Ulf - Ancient Lupine armour originally made for a religious Lupine order, later became the armour of human protectors. Upgraded by Uncle Isley. Katrine has yet to decide who to give it to.
  • Katrine's Coat, leather long coat, originally Ket's leather coat which he gifted to her a while back but was too long and too heavy for Kat to wear so Darth Metus had it refitted and reaffirmed into light armor for Kat
  • A wide collection of clothes - aboard the ship Katrine came to the past with, she has a wide selection of different kind of clothes, all perfectly neatly folded by color, shading, size. However, since it was a lot of clothes, she had to leave it on the ship.
  • Taak'tabi (Bone Marcher) - boots, size 7 - Created by House Verd, Incorporated, part of her equipment, given to her by Uncle Isley at her request.


CODEX/FACTORY SUBMISSIONS (that don't fall under any other category and are meant as a list for easier find)

  • Altar of Spirits (Ryloth) - Within the Nightlands of Ryloth lays the altar build by ancient Mandragora practitioners where Katrine and many others were first claimed by the Spirits.
  • Rylothi Rancors - A unique subspecies of Rancors that haslived for hundreds and thousands of years on Ryloth, since the time of old Mandragora

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Katrine Van-Derveld

Katrine Van-Derveld

    Nightmother of the Mandragora

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H i s t o r y



Act I: Sound of Drums
Katrine's Lullaby

 A dreadful storm, with bright lightning spread all across Dathomir the night Katrine Van-Derveld Hawk was born, second child to Ket Van-Derveld and Curupira D’Arr Hawk. Her mom screamed to the top of her lungs, the pain unimaginable even though Kat had been her second, not her first child. But for Curupira, the childbirth had been worse. And even that night, as she tended to the child and tucked her into the old Hawk cradle Madoc repaired for her children and gone to rest herself, a Katrine remained awake, her sapphire gaze staring to the side of her cradle, listening carefully as a gentle melodic voice sang her a lullaby.

Sleep now my beauty, Sleep now my precious, It was you who had set me free from my prison, And one day you will unleash me upon the worlds
Sleep now my beauty, Your spirit will always be connected to mine, Sleep now my precious Katrine,The day will come when our great house will rise again

It would be just days after that Satara Hawk would perform the naming ceremony for Katrine, before the assembled Singing Mountain Clan.

Imaginary Friend

Little Katrine, unique in her purple hair and sapphire hued eyes, brought back laughter into the Hawk household. She was quick and mobile in her movements quickly on, able to escape most adults. But as the earlirest years passed, her nature became more and more clear.

All too often would Curupira find her talking with thin air, sometimes giggling, sometimes listening carefully to someone not there. Kat would say it's her friend Ava but when Ruu asked to meet her, the purple haired girl shook her head fiercely.

"No!" She quickly said. "Why not?" Curupira insisted. "She said it's not that time yet," the girl said quietly, more serious her mother would ever think she could be.

It wasn't just about talking to herself, Ruu realized later. Katrine began to change. One moment she would be loud and happy, in the next sad and refusing to play with other. There were even times when Kat punished herself for no apparent reason.

Charmed and Dangerous

Her life on Dathomir was happy and filled with laughter for the most part. Curupira devoted time to raising her daughters, beginning their training when they were deemed ready. Much like her mother many years ago, little Kat tagged along after her sister and mother as her older sister was trained, memorizing quickly the words Chloe was taught. Her ancestor Satara played an important part in her training as well, taking a different method in her teachings. Katrine followed both methods.

More and more, the child exibited unusual behavior. Like when her mother gave her a beautiful rabbit for her first pet. For days, Katrine refused to leave its side, even taking it with her when they left Dathomir. But when she found her father's explosives on one of those journey, she smuggled them with her in her little bag, unknown to her mother and once on Dathomir, set them off. Soon enough, a small explosion was heard and Curupira rushed to her daughter, only to find the girl giggling, covered in blood and feather. “Did you see?” Katrine screamed as her mother watched from the side. Katrine soon halted, covered and sticky in blood, feathers glued to her clothes and skin and in her hair. The child went unbelievably calm, staring to the side. Soon the child nodded.

Little Box of Horrors

Incidents continued. Days on end, Katrine would seem like the most normal girl in the galaxy, laughing and playing. And then in a heartbeat, she would charge and turn dark. Depressed even. Finally, Curupira had had enough and took her off-world, seeking help from medics. It wasn’t long before a diagnosis was set. Medics took to believing the girl suffered from personality disorders and the like, but Curupira felt something more. She couldn’t put her finger on it just what it was, but she knew her daughter had to be put through the process. As if that would save her life.

Whatever it was that urged Curupira to seek treatment for Katrine, she did. Before she was even in double digits of age, Katrine was give a prescription which she needed to take regularly. In the years that followed, her condition worsened when Kat didn’t take her pills, causing Curupira to employ a method of restraining her until she submitted to medicine – suspending her in mid air. Katrine would have a fit upon this, but eventually would calm down. She hated it so much. Her imaginary friend urged her to fight it, to be stronger than the older woman but the girl broke down and submitted to her medicine, taking it.

Act II: Generation Hex
Had it been a cure?

A medicated Kat shifted between personalities far less, keeping mostly an upbeat personality. Somewhere in the back of her mind, the soft melodic voice continued to corrupt her young mind, calling to her to fight, to break through but Katrine feared the suspension far more than she fought the voice. It never went away though but the girl didn’t see her again for years.

Down the Rabbit Hole

In her mid teens, her big sister disappeared. It had been a long while before Curupira began to speak of the girl of mismatched eyes, telling Katrine stories of her big sister as she’d come to the past. It would take a long while before the girl figured out what she had to do but eventually, she chose to follow into the past herself, on a mission to bring Chloe back. Using one of the smaller crafts her father owned, Katrine ventured into the past, crashing the ship on one of the smaller planets, at the time in possession of the Confederacy.

Unfortunately, the medicine didn’t battle all the other issues the girl had, causing her to often get sidetracked in her mission. This was how she met Thurion Heavenshield, buying a dress for his little girl, which he couldn’t afford. She ended up traveling with the man for a while and meeting a few interesting people before she remembered her purpose in the past again.

Another time, she met Salem Norongachi, who refused to answer her question. She ended up following him and he offered her a ride. He was curious and funny, not knowing when his birthday was. He ended up dropping her off on a Confederacy planet, but not before she let it slip she was a Hawk when he mentioned knowing her aunt Ti’Cira.

Mommy Dearest

Eventually the drugs ran out. The voice in her head became louder. Katrine, for the first time in years lost, as the voice pushed harder, the purple haired woman appearing to her again, ran home. Straight to her mother Curupira. This wasn’t her Mommy though, she argued with herself a few times but she had no other choice, especially since she didn’t know where Daddy was at the time. Curupira was on Dathomir already, finding herself, learning about their family.

Because Curupira had already met Chloe, it was easier for to accept when Katrine told her she was her daughter from the future, there to bring her big sister home. She also confessed the lack of medicine. Katrine noticed that Curupira wasn’t as attuned to the Force as she always was, couldn’t quite hear it as she used to. Because of this, she kept important facts from her. Such as the imaginary friend who began to visit her regularly now or the method Curupira used on her to calm her down, terrified of such a thing still. Instead, Curupira had to learn the hard way how to center her. Her episodes increased, moods shifting and personalities overlapping. The voice in her head was worse of all, advising her and returning to training her as she had when she was a child…

Act III: Ways to be Wicked
Corrupted Hawk

Years and years of corruption eventually had taken their toll on Katrine, as her Mommy had finally disappeared from her life, leaving the girl defenseless against the voice in her head. Avarisa clawed into her heart like she had never done before, breaking the last resistance the teenager had against her, eventually convincing her to leave the galaxy behind because she would ultimately destroy her family and her very existence if she stayed. Instead, she led her from beyond the maps known space and onto the planet where their family had began millennia ago. There, Avarisa more powerful than beyond her world, began to train the teenager in the ways of the darkness, teaching her powers and spells, both those of Witches and Sith.

Evil Like Me

Katrine still holds some sort of power over herself and keeps looking out for messages from her Mommy but finds none. Avarisa eventually breaks her mold completely and corrupts her fully. Katrine begins to see things just as her ancestor wants to see them, and begins to believe the stories of their future together. She is a monster after all, no? Avarisa's hold on her mind seemed so far gone Katrine slowly begins to feel a little less like herself and more like Avarisa, unaware that the woman's ultimate goal is to prepare her as no more than powerful vessel she will ultimately take over for herself and eliminate Kat from within her own body.

We Will Conquer the Galaxy Together

The young Lupine takes her natural animal control at Avarisa's demand, slaughtering animals in their vicinity, forcing the girl to get a taste for blood. Days and weeks on end, she keeps animal formal, slaughtering and feeding on raw flesh of animals. In her humanoid form, Katrine casts her first Dathomiri spell in Galactic Basic, which Nona had always said is impossible, proving to Avarisa she is growing in her power. Her manipulation of the girl increases, corrupting her completely. Katrine begins to be a mindless animal at her control, even in humanoid form.

True Love's Kiss


Act IV: Pact of Jart
Ryloth Rising


Becoming a Mandragora


Spirit of Wisdom


Coffee Addicts Unite!


Eat, Drink and Be Merry


We Could Live Like Legends


Act V: Nightmother of Mandragora

Marking by the Spirits


Brotherhood of Darkness




K a t ' sf r i e n d s


Evil Like Me
"There is darkness in all of us, daughter. It tempts, it seduces, it consumes. They say we fall but what if we choose it? Just beyond, there is something far greater than what all fear – power. To have the strength to truly become one with darkness, to achieve."

Name: Avarisa
Age: Deceased, ageless
Status: Destroyed by Kat

Though Katrine ultimately found little about Avarisa, the Force Spirit was in fact tied with the Rylothian force order, the ancient Mandragora, member of Pact Jart (hence the mark of the bird predator upon her chest). She was an adapt sorceress and alchemist, highly advanced in her talents and beliefs, however, it had also corrupted her extremely. So much so that once she'd been cast out from her Pact, she had gone beyond to grow her own version of the Pact. Primarily, she had founded herself her "Kingdom" on a planet in the Unknown regions, where she had given birth to her daughter with a fellow member of Mandragora who chose to leave his own Pact for her. With their daughter, Avarisa set out to travel the galaxy and spread her new twisted religion, only to end up when their ship crashed into Dathomir... thus beginning the Hawk line.

Avarisa mothered only child in her lifetime, for the sole purpose of an heir. When their ship crashed to Dathomir, Avarisa died and her daughter was taken b the Singing Mountain Clan and raised a Ceta. Despite the memories the girl had of the woman, she chose to be in the light. She became the progenitor of the Hawk bloodline. Avarisa remained in the beyond, until Curupira gave birth to her second child. Avarisa’s soul latched on to the child at that moment, binding herself to the girl. Since then, she’s haunted the girl, preparing her to do what she believed her daughter was preordained to...

Curupira in the future sensed the presence of Kat’s imaginary friend and it scared her to no end. It was because of this and no other reason that she insisted her daughter take her medicine on a daily basis. At her current state, slightly detached from the Force in the way she used to be, she hadn’t been able to detect the Force Spirit.

Radioactive in the Dark
"Many decades ago, the old clan seer foresaw the fall of the hawks. I believe there is strength within you all to fight this. But you must find it. Never concede to evil, lest you be consumed by it."

Name: Ceta
Age: Deceased, ageless
Status: Slowly reaching out from the Beyond

The only daughter of Avarisa and the true progenitor of the Hawk bloodline on Dathomir, Ceta remembered almost nothing of her life prior to the ship crashing on the planet. It was also the crash that had killed Avarisa. The black haired woman, with her black eyes, was well aware of the darkness that once dominated in her family. Unaware of the Mandragora background of her family, she grew into a Dathomiri Witch with an ease, raising four children in her time and setting up the future Singing Mountain family as it would become known.

She died peacefully, beside her children, departing with her last words of wisdom laced with the words of Allya herself as she had been taught and as she had taught her children. In the beyond, she grew stronger in some ways and learned how to reach out into the land of the living, watching over her family. Some Hawks have always believed that when invoking their family ancestors, they truly receive help from those ancestors. If this is true than it would primarily be Ceta who guides them and gives them strength to perform their magic. She had however no choice but to watch as her mother corrupted Katrine, slowly beginning to quietly whisper into her ear when the curse began to weaken. Now that Katrine is free from Avarisa's hold, she grows stronger herself and hopes to guide Katrine where she needs to be.

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A w a r d s & D e c o r a t i o n s















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