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The Sharuka

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Jorus Merrill

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  • Intent: A fairly serious antagonist for Wild Space and the Outer Rim Coalition.
  • ​Image Credit: The Chosen, XCOM 2
  • Canon: Descendants of the Sharu
  • Links: 


  • Name: Sharuka (adjective: Sharukan)
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Homeworld: Rafa V, originally; now located deep in Wild Space.
  • Language: Sharukan
  • Average Lifespan: 120
  • Estimated Population: Inter-Planetary within their own territory; extremely rare outside it.
  • Description: The Sharuka are more or less humanoid in form. They are physiologically comparable to their Sharu ancestors. Lean, rangy, tough and aloof, the Sharuka consider all other species to be lesser beings.


  • Breathes: Type I
  • Average height of adults: 1.9m
  • Average length of adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Gray, sometimes blue-tinted.
  • Hair color: Black, white, gray, brown - never red or blonde
  • Distinctions: Sharuka have a slightly broader visual spectrum than humans, making them far more sensitive to minute aesthetic variations in their bluish skin coloration. Both male and female Sharuka are genetically predisposed toward lean muscle; they are unlikely to gain muscle bulk or significant amounts of body fat. An ageing Sharuka will have gray or white hair, significant facial lines, and often an emaciated appearance. 
  • Races: Few major internal distinctions. The Sharuka stem from an extremely cosmopolitan civilization, and do not conceive of race in the same way as other species might - at least not among themselves. They marry without regard to phenotype variation, apart from personal aesthetic taste. It's also worth noting that they entirely externalize the concept of the 'other', so discrimination is uniformly directed at non-Sharuka.


  • Strengths:
    • A Sharuka has very steady hands and extreme finesse by human standards. Sharuka make excellent doctors and snipers.
    • Sharuka are natural runners and are prone to lean muscle development. Their cardiovascular systems give them solid staying power.
    • Heritage. The Sharuka stem from the awakened Sharu civilization, who terrified the Galactic Empire, and who pre-dated both the Republic and the Rakata. The Sharuka have a genuinely ancient culture and technological base, giving them unique competitive advantages as a people. Their knowledge of other prehistoric races, such as the Kathol and the Kwa, is old but hard-won.
  • Weaknesses:
    • The Sharuka have significant difficulty gaining muscle bulk. A particularly hefty human will toss a Sharukan warrior around; a Wookiee will rip one limb from limb without trouble.
    • The Sharuka are often contemptuously blind to the advantages of other civilizations and technological bases. 
    • Force-sensitivity is rare among the Sharuka, and their cultural Force traditions are fairly simplistic and inconsistent as a result. Sharukan Force-sensitives are not strong as a general rule. A Sharukan Darksider is more likely to stop your heart than shred your army.


  • Diet: The Sharuka are omnivorous, with a preference for refined vegetable substances. Their cuisine uses fats and oils extensively. 
  • Communication: The Sharukan language is more complex but more normalized than Basic. Irregular verbs, for example, are virtually unknown. Some Sharuka disdain learning Basic and other trade languages, relying on interpreters or protocol droids.
  • Technology level: On average, comparable to the Core Worlds in capabilities, but based on deeply alien principles. Sharukan technology is rarely compatible with galactic standard technology, and a good deal of work is required.
  • Religion/Beliefs: The Sharukan civilization venerates several broad groups of ancestors: those who created their pre-Rakata civilization; those who made the ancient sacrifice that turned the Sharu into the Raka; those that lived as Raka for thousands of generations; those that rebuilt the Sharu civilization after their reawakening; those who led the Outer Rim exodus that became the Sharuka; and, to a lesser extent, those within recent memory. Obedience to parents is linked to obligations to all forerunners.
  • General behavior: The Sharuka are rulers, conquerors, masterminds, and builders. Their interaction with other species always presupposes that the other species are inferior or less fortunate in some way. However, the Sharuka are more than willing to share the benefits of their civilization and culture. Their families are often raised by domestic servants belonging to client species. (Explicit slavery, however, is considered gauche.) Any given Sharuka world is a local trade and communications hub for non-Sharuka, a halo of client species and hangers-on. Consider them Hutts, just much cleaner, more dignified, and far less interested in profit or debauchery. Sexual relations with other species, for example, are a major taboo, incurring 'correction' via intricate neural reprogramming. Sharuka infighting can be as craven and bloody and intricate as politics anywhere else, but the Sharuka form a united front against outsiders - always, without exception. To take a foreigner's side against an individual Sharuka would be rare, and require compelling evidence or logic; to take a foreigner's side against the interests of the Sharuka people would be virtually unheard of. The Sharuka consider themselves masters of fine arts and all sciences, and though they tend to misinterpret or dismiss outsider information, science and art play a significant role in their society.

The Sharu civilization remained deeply isolationist after its reawakening in 4 BBY, despite Imperial fears and New Republic curiosity. That state of self-interest continued until the Gulag Virus. A number of Sharu colony ships left Rafa V for Wild Space, intending to rebuild their civilization. However, they found themselves surrounded by worlds even less respectable than the Republic, and their innate superiority wove itself even tighter through their culture. They went from disinterested tolerance to a more imperial mindset almost overnight. At some point during the Dark Age, the new civilization began to call itself the Sharuka, or the 'Sharu Unity.' In later centuries, the word came to apply to the species itself. 


The Sharuka noted the modern era's local powers - the Moross Crusade, the Omega Protectorate, the Outer Rim Coalition, various incarnations of the CIS - with near-total disinterest. As various parties of Kathol remnants began interfering with the Coalition, however, the Sharuka found themselves entangled by proxy. The Sharuka began to consider the Coalition a potential threat, largely because of the Coalition's interactions with other ancients.Their client species existed in the same realm as worlds caught up in the ancient Kathol plots and grudges, such as the Uukaablians, the Qektoth, and the Aing-Tii. It became clear to the rulers of the Sharuka that certain groups within the Coalition needed the one thing all Sharuka hate to give outsiders:



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Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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Under review.



Jairus Starvald

Jairus Starvald


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Jorus Merrill


This is cool. Canon species extrapolated into something new, while still respecting the canon. 


Not overpowered- even their main drive, the fact that they are ancient doesn't really makes this unbalanced, because at the end of the day things subbed with them still go through the regular process of the factory/codex.


Yeah, I am good with this, so this gets my stamp. Enjoy!



Zeradias Mant

Zeradias Mant

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