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    Every rose has its thorns

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 Petal The Wantabe Swoop Champion




petal2.jpgNAME: Petal.

FACTION: none but favors  The Mando'ade and The Galactic Empire* as well as The First Order* ( *mostly because of propaganda )


RANK: runaway slave


SPECIES: Twi'lek


Birth word: unknown

Homeworld: planetoid of Avaraxes.


AGE: 18

SEX: Female

  • Sex pref: (prefers females hasn't met a male that doesn't scare her yet )


HEIGHT: 1.53m-5.0ft

WEIGHT: 55.7kg-123.lbs

EYES: Bright Blue

HAIR: Rose Petal Pink Lekku ( no tattoos)

SKIN: Rose Petal Pink

Languages: Basic, twi’leki, Mando'a


FORCE SENSITIVE: yes but weakly





I’m a talented swoop pilot and mechanic (engineer) with social anxiety ( especially around men) also I've never been very limited combat skills.I spent most my life cooking for my Former owner so I quit a good cook as well  and sometimes I get this feeling weird feeling when someone is watching me



A little shorter than the average twi'lek. Also very beautiful even for a twi'lek as well as well developed and has pointed teeth



Petal never knew her parents a slave from birth she was sold at a young age to a repair shop owner on the planetoid of Avaraxes. Here with her older “sister” Vivian (Vi Vi a hot-headed yellow twi'lek), she learned how to work on all kinds of equipment form small wrist comms to massive starship engines, She also became quite the pilot. Petal and Vivi would spend what little free time listening to swoop races.On top of doing most of the work at the shop petal and Vivian were both being train to come dances. 2 years ago Vivi was sold to a new owner to a new trainer and petal hasn't seen/heard from her scene then. The 2 days before she became 18 and was about to be sold to her own trainer her owner tried to give her a final lesson while petal was cooking she slips they fell and her kitchen  knife slide right into his neck panicking she fled taking only the clothes on her back and a modified speeder she been making for a few years now she fled to the nearest space dock  2 days away. Able to catch a ride as a pilot/ mechanic for a sympathetic Mandalorian bounty hunter. Spending a few months working for the bounty hunter. Setting off to reach her dream of becoming the best swoop racer and maybe find her sister.


Equipment: a few thermal detonators, some credits, a shock glove and a blaster.



Undicur-class jump speeder (slightly modified to go 350 instead of the normal 250)










Unorthadox Transport

Zero hour -Bimmisarri [Thrain adventure]





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