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Unorthadox Jedi Outer Rim Desperado

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    Life is a bitch, if not it would be to easy

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{Outback Jedi Master}

"Looks can be deceaving"


"Genereal stuff you should to Know Bout me"


Name: "My proper name is Tin'tinag I am not sure what my family name is, people refer to me as Tin though, havehad some strangers call me Tin Tin, not sure what that's a reference to". "Out side of causal meeting I go by Padawan Tin'tinag, though that is a mouth full".

Race: "Well obviously, I am a Twi'lek".

Heratige/Family: "Non that I know of, though have not really delved into that much, maybe I am related to some one maybe I am not".


"My social Information, (holo number not included)"


Affiliation: "Well first it was the 13th rail, then was kidnapped by the First Oder, then I was affiliated with The Jedi Order before it's demise so I'm kind of on my own now"

Occupation/Job: "I do my typical Jedi stuff, peace keeping and what not, but I still am a Smuggler a heart, make getting certain 'items' easy, also I means I am well suited for under cover missions if the order so chooses to take one".

Rank: "Though the Order has dispanded I don't really need ranks but I am a Knight in terms of skill"

Relationship status: "Had my fair share of partners, but right now Single... boys beware"

Home World: "Nothing fancy, just your average Ryltohian, very typical, nothing to see here, move along".


"Physical Information and what not"


Age: "It id not nice to ask a girl her age, but I am 21 if ya wanna know, still in the prime of my life".

Sex: "Female, that should be a no brainier, unless your blind, dumb or both".

Height;: "Not really on my to do list, but I think I am around 176.6cm"

Weight: "Seriously? if you must know I am 78kg".

Force sensitive: "Fomer Jedi(ish) so Yes, but I don't make a habit of telling everyone I meet that".







"What I'm good at"

Stealthy:"Was quite the magic fingers and thief back when I was younger, smuggling and Jedi training also has given me plenty of practice keeping out of sight and out of mind, don't expect to spot me easily".
Ace pilot:"Have been flying since 14, running from the law and managing to get out of tight spot time after time, also helps that I am now in a proper fighter squadron, basically watch out for me in a dog fight, more crafty then most".
Expert slicer:"Being a thief had to steal stuff behind locked door as well as stuff that was not physical if you catch my drift, soooo an always count on me to hack stuff".
Athletic: "Smuggling and stealing requires a good amount of running the kark away from people, there for I am quite fast and agile, also stronger the I look, and having the force on my side just makes this even more of a asset".
Gunslinger: "Sure a light saber is good an all but blaster have helped me out more times the I can count, and I ain't no pansy on the quick draw, duel me and you'll find out".


"What I ain't"

Double crosser: "Now now don't be mad, that just how the world of crime works, those that a smart and strong survive, now I will not betray you on a whim, but if things are going to hell and I'm given an out not sure I'll be bringing you along too".
Force signature: "Son of a bitch is how the First Order caught me, still have a bit of trouble with this, but getting there.
Dark past: "Yes I was a Diceiple Of Ren, yes they may very well still be chancing me, yes I sometimes I go a little power crazy, what can I say, having strength feels good".

AWOL: "Orders are boring, I like to do my own thing, better keep up or I'll leave ya behind, that is of coarse unless you have a better plan then me".


"Other stuff, in-betweens? but better let know anyways"

Sly: "Bet ya can;t find my real motives... yes I'm sly manipulative and do what I need to get what I want, just may not always be a good move, cops tend to pick up that sort of stuff and tie two and two together".
Soft spot:"I will admit for other twi'leks I may stop being an ass and help them out of good will, just don;t expect this treatment all the time okay".
Light amour: "I like to move fast then wear a lot of armor, not the best though for fights, but that's only if the enemy can hit me".
Melee adept: "Would not say i am the best at hand to hand fighting, but I am not stranger, tussle with me and get a good old bar fight methodology".




"Me Skill in sabres, force powers and other stuff I guess, colour coded for your enjoyment"


Novice- Adept- Proficient- Expert- Master



Piloting:"What part about ACE do you not understand, yes

master in all, cannont find somone else like me when it comes


Gun Slinging: "I have turned this into a fine art in a sense so

really good at this to the point of being a master".


Hacking: "The art of stealing you stuff and opening doors without

even having to see you face to face, rather fun, would say I am


Stealth: "Making sure not to bee seen through physical means,

piece of cake, hiding my force signature, that's another thing,

got to get around to that sometime, umm 50/50 I think would do"


Marksmanship: "Okay I am not the best marksmen out there, long

range stuff is not my forty, but I have had some training in it just

not a lot, so Adept for this one"



Magic & Alchemy



Saber Fighting Styles

Shii'cho: "Younglings know this stuff, literally child play, still

takes a while to master though like all the other forms, though

I am reasonably skilled in this area,had quite a few fight to

sharpen my skill Expert".


Djem So: "Use your opponents strength against them, in my

view the best sabre on sabre fighting method, also easier to

learn and use, been my go to form for all duels I've been in

so far therefore I am Proficient at it".



"Not a fan of blaster bolts, since this is also in the same field

as Djen So I took up learning it, gotten better since last time

so around Procifent at this form".



"Khepri was a master in this field and taught me quite a

lot, though I prefer Djem So and Shien it is a nice skill to have

I would say Adept at the moment".



"Basically a combination of Cho Mai, Cho Mok and Cho Sun, a

form that focuses on making cuts to certain area's of the body

or weapon to bring down an opponent, like form 2 but with from

3 mixed into it, defensive but also very artsy, oh yes Adept"



"More just studied it form and gone through a few Kata's but that

has been it really it. Mainly to do with sword play then anything

else, Novice".



Force powers

Art Of Movement: "Using the force to make your move grafcul and smooth, mastered this a long time ago during my 'borrowing' phase, my Jedi training just completing things".


Tapas: "Look I do not like getting cold but like wearing certain outfits okay, so I have very heavily studied this art and am a Master, don't judge".


Jump/Leap: "Even a 5 year old could do this so yer Expert, just don't let anyone know about the times I've screwed it up".


Persuasion:"Yo smuggler, use this probably every day, so I'm saying that I am an Expert".


Telekinesis:"More will power needed then for jumping, gotten better at understanding how this work so I would say I am fairly Proficient".


Sense: "First step in becoming a Ren learn how to sense Jedi so you can kill em, also done quite a bit of practice on the side sooo Proficient".



Force Stun: "Killing people is sometimes a little bad, so for certain cased I use this skill to daze people, mainly if I have not go my staff or weapon at the ready or if being sneaky, Proficient"


Force Flahs: "Don't ask why but I use this skill quite a lot... what do you mean for illegal stuff, that does not sound like me *cough totally hit the nail*, anyways Proficient"


Force Lighting: "Zappy zap zap, decided to practice this more so now I can shoot lighting, getting pretty good at this, even though I try to limit my use of it so still only Proficient".



Mind Cleanse: "I like to use my minds tricks on other people, but would rather not have the same done on me, this skill is quite useful I find, Proficient".


Enhance: "Just your average stuff to boost strength and other things here and there, starting to use this more often, will say Proficent too for now".


Force Choke:"Yer sure It's a little dark, but come on, pretending to be Darth Vader is fun, guess its also got its uses elsewhere, been using a bit more often, Proficient".


Breath Control: "A useful skill for when the engines go bust and fill the cabin with smoke, underwater as well as 'other' reasons, Proficent".


Force Weapon: "To make a simple staff more powerful, I use it for my staff and for pistol whipping people, or just in bar fights when an actual weapon would cause problems, and just generally anything that needs to be strengthen for a short while, sooo Proficient".


Force healing: "Learnt this over time form a few masters and holo books, and lets just say I get into quite the scuffles and need this, so I am saying Proficient, though still need more practice".


Tutaminis: "Another skill taught by Khepri, have used it quite a bit when people shoot at me and I am not wearing any armor, so I would say Proficient at this, only just".


Force Orb: "A combination of Telikensis and breath control, just something I learned in my off time, not been used much so only Adept for now".


Dampen Force: "For those pesky Ren or Sith after me and do not fully realize my power, kind of fun to use but only an Adeptat the moment".


Force Body: "Master Khepri used this to keep himself alive for so long, and being a Twi'lek, and thus not living as long as humans, well I found this to be very interesting, though I have only studied the basics, Novice"





"Oh talking about my looks now, nice to know your interested"


Basic version


"Lets start of with my skin colour, a nice bright orange with my Lekku and body tattoos being a darker shade, said tattoos being a nice simple diagonal lines angle varies for each one". "Though I do have to mention I scar on my left Lekku from a certain master of Rens lighsabre, stung like a bitch and left some slight brain damage". "I've since recovered the scar is still there, Oh you can't see it, well that because I wear coverings over my Lekku end". "Just some basic Red and gray sashes that have been slid over the top, I think they look cool". "Moving on, eye colour, they are a nice yellow green, don't let this scare you though, ain't got anything to do with my force alignment, for make up, just simple lip stick, sometimes a nice silver, other time purple... don't judge"


"I'll give you and hint, into how I think, makes birthdays more enjoyable too"

"I'm cocky and kind of a smart ass, but don;t think I am full of myself, I can be a crafty and trickery person two, being outgoing and fun also help with just social stuff, you know going out for drinks and hanging out at 'other' places". "also as Ive said before I still kind of have a soft spot for other Twi'leks also people that have had a rough past like myself, yer, yer I get a little mushy so what"? "Buuut, don't think I am all sweet and nice, get me pissed off and I'll make sure you pay, specifically if you steal something from me or break a personal Item I hold dear".


"What Motivates Me"?

"Hmmm let me think about that, well mostly it boils down to me trying to obtain a better life for myself, well that was what is used to be during my early days as a special goods, freighter captain. When I was with the 13th rail it was more just for the money, the 'companionship' if you catch my drift. While hanging with the Disciples of Ren, guess I got a taste for power, also beating that bitch Zesiro was a good motivator. How about now with the Jedi, well mainly am back to my old self. Now though I have the desire to also help other get better in life and try to do my bit, the galaxy ain't gonna change the way is going now.




"My life so far, pull up a chair and aunt Tin will tell you a story"

Early Life

"Did not have a family of my own, well to my knowledge anyway, was what most people called an orphan, was raised in the back streets of Ryloth, mind you this was well before the CIS took over so it was still a mass slosh pit with a huge slave market". "Life was tough so I mainly resorted to stealing and other unsavory tasks for survival, and might is say getting pretty good at it too, spent a good deal of my childhood getting my skills up, and around 15 years old started picking up thief jobs to make a little more cash".


"Kept doing the same thing year in year out, getting pretty good at hacking and sneaking mind you, also found out I was force sensitive, now that was a big bonus". "On my own I slowly learned the basic of telekinesis and how to force jump, and lets just say it helped out quite a bit in saving my ass, seemed over the year I kind of gotprice on my head from the local slave traders and other big wigs".


"When I got enough cash to by my own ship, which was when I reached 18, I high tailed it off world as quickly as possible, taking as much stuff as I could with me". "So what id I spend my time doing after leaving the slums, well basally the same things, just with more gadgets, higher stakes and more moneeeeeeeey, and thus earning a slightly bounty on my head in the process, guess I just keep getting into trouble".


Rp summary


"As for the most recent events in my life, well fell in with a slightly bad crowed called the 13th rail, did some job that involved transporting killer viruses and some insurgent tasks, of course things did not end very well for me". "During a delivery run for a friend I got a call to pick up one of our operative on a FO world, unknown the guy had just bombed a garrison station"!! "Long story short, gut slashed by a sabre and abducted by the first order, becoming the apprentice to Kyrel Ren, and forming a rivalry with his other student".


"Things where rough on Mustafar, but not to bad, got a nice lightsaber, and some new skills along with it, both in swining said blade and the fore, but alas my time their did not last long". "Yer sue I got a slight craving for power, but the other Ren oh, scary bunch them, guess you could say I kind of got a bit scared, first time in a while, so first chance I got, high tailed if off Mustafar while I sent my master on a mission with some information I gathered".


"From their met a Jedi on some outer rim world, sought out 'THE JEDI ORDER' you know, that old school one in the core world, and well here I am now, a Jedi Padawan and ace pilot". "Not to say the Jedi life was easy, not many people were most accepting of my Ren past, then again better then having them trying to constantly beat me up".


"Right now, I do the odd Jedi mission, but also free lance, doing good or bad depending on how hires me, funnily enough the Empire has been a source for contract". "Still things get a little boring eventually and as of late I have actually been learning a little more about the force, so decided to look at being a sly but bad ass Light Side master".



"Things I've done with the people and the Jedi If your interested" (Thread Tracker)




"People I know one way or another"


"Immediate Family, Lovers and even In Laws"
"Ain't got nothing on this as of yet" Non

"Friends, or people that I don't hate"

Kamon Vondiranach - "My fomer master, good pilot"?

Petal - "A cure pink Twi'lek that a good mechanic and cook

very shy"

Khepri: "A isolated Jedi master that passed on most of the skills I know"



"Acquaintances, people that where friend, or people that I've run into"

Lias'sa: "A Twi'lek slave I saved and helped on their way, not sure where they went"

Lyla Quinn: Met her once on Coruscant, also from what I hear the Viceroy

of Ryloth, nice girl

Kyrel Ren - "My former master an the asshole who gave me

the Lekku scar, would be on enemy list if not for being good in bed and

teaching me stuff I like".

Veiere Arenais - "I have nothing to say about this man now,

he knows what he did"

Enemies, and people I don't like

"Most bounty hunters, screw them"


People I've killed or captured and contracts, ahh fun times

NPC: "A number of local law enforcement officer from several factions,

never really counted"

Contract-Galactic Empire (current): Helping explore some old station or

what not interesting to say the least




"Shi't I own!! don't touch!!"


Shock Whip

Electro staff


Ion and thermal detonators

Saber Staff (orange blade)



Security slicers


Dark colored Jedi Robes



Force Tattoos (TBA)

Force Jewelry (TBA)


"Transport, Got to go fast"
Ship: Tachyon class light freighter
Land: Silk-5-speeder-bike x2

(mainly for any crew members)
Other: non at the moment


( Image stuff X)

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"If you can't beat them, join them, then stab em in the back when they ain't looking"

Six Shooters l Robes


Gatz Duolingo

Gatz Duolingo

    "Remember when I said I had this? That was a lie."

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This character might be the most unorthodox Jedi I've seen on this site thus far, and I love every bit of her.



    Life is a bitch, if not it would be to easy

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Well thank you, taking her down a slightly Desperado(good) route after the fall of The Jedi OrderGatz Duolingo

"If you can't beat them, join them, then stab em in the back when they ain't looking"

Six Shooters l Robes


Odin Stormbreaker

Odin Stormbreaker

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Lil mama thicc oh boy.