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First Order Security Bureau Ops Team

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Kuril Vehn

Kuril Vehn

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  • Intent: To create a generic group of agents to do field work or other miscellaneous tasks set forth by FOSB characters
  • Image Credit: How to properly source your images
  • Role: Ops Team, Undercover
  • Links: N/A


  • Unit Name: First Order Security Bureau Operations Team
  • Affiliation: First Order Security Bureau
  • Classification: Undercover field agents
  • Equipment: N/A


  • Availability: Uncommon
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: 
    • ‚Äč[+] Agents on the FOSB Ops Team are generally self-sufficient and retain a higher level of competence and judgment than their military counterparts.
    • [+] Multipurpose in just about every way, agents on the FOSB Ops Team are both tactically and technically proficient and can hold their own in hostile engagements.
    • [-] With the exception of one or two agents on any given ops team, no agent specializes in a particular field.The vast majority of agents fit the bill of 'jack of all trades, master of none' to a tee.
    • [-] Given the nature of their work, the FOSB Ops Team may sometimes maintain radio silence or lose communication with their higher headquarters altogether.This isn't an uncommon occurrence, and can sometimes cause misdirection in an everchanging environment in which adjustments need to be made in real time.
  • Description: The foundation of the First Order Security Bureau (FOSB) is it's intelligence gatherers, analysts, and field agents who work tirelessly and thanklessly throughout the night to keep First Order sectors safe.Among these individuals are agents of the FOSB Operations Team, a collective of agents that are distinguishable by their rapid response time and efficiency in addressing any task before them.Agents from the Ops Team generally do not conduct clandestine operations, though they can often find themselves working in an undercover capacity.When there is a dire situation or an agent in need of rescue, it's the Ops Team that gets it done.

    The Ops Team is headed by a staff officer from behind the scenes, but all the boots-on-ground work is lead by a supervisory special agent.  

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