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Looking for Force Users who hate the Force

- - - - - Faction Force User Order Secret Society

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Hi folks. We (the Shrouded Republic) are trying to start a neutral-darkside secret society / order of Force Users who's ultimate goal is to destroy the Force. The philosophy of the organization is prominently inspired by the character Darth Traya from Knights of the Old Republic 2, particularly the belief that the Force is an ultimately evil entity which manipulates and divides the galaxy, in order to feed off the ensuing conflict. Here's some details about our order's philosophy and structure:


- Introduction


The Wardens of the Shroud are the Shrouded Republic's affiliated order of Force Users. Far from being just another branch of the government, or military, the secretive Wardens perform a mixture of functions and exist outside of the normal structure of the government.


Part monastic order, part political police, this secret society exists to insure the safety and security of the Shrouded Republic, as well as to safeguard its interests and further its goals, by any means necessary.


Internally, they act as a political police force, insuring that the various branches of the government do not deviate from the official philosophy and insure ideological compliance. Externally, they act as warriors, assassins and diplomats, countering the Force Users of other, rival nations and quietly disposing of inconveniences, when necessary.


The Wardens follow their own code, which is centered around the idea that the ends always justify the means and that sometimes, it is necessary to carry out a lesser evil, in order to prevent a greater one, or to serve that which they believe the greater good.


Far from being a Lightside order, however, the Wardens will not hesitate to resort to violent and extreme methods in order to advance their mission and they employ a combination of both Light and Darkside powers, depending on what the situation requires.


- Symbolism


The emblem of the Wardens is the Torch of the Black Flame, which represents the tenets of the Code of the Shroud. Members of the order wear animal-themed black and crimson-colored robes, adorned with feathers, animal bones and/or furs, for psychological beliefs. The lightsaber color for members of the order is black and every member receives a black lightsaber after completing his or her apprenticeship, although individual members are free to use whichever lightsaber they prefer.


The symbolism is intentionally designed to set the Wardens apart from other orders of Force Users, as well as a psychological weapon meant to instill dread in their enemies.


- Internal Hierarchy


The hierarchy of the Wardens of the Shroud is organized into a Master-Knight-Apprentice structure, like classic orders. However, these ranks hold different names and advancing is handled a bit differently. The ranks are as follows:


  • Crusader Lord: The Crusader Lords are the masters of the Wardens, charged with the role of leadership, spiritual and philosophical guidance and overall strategy for the order. In order to become a Crusader Lord, a Knight Warden must first receive approval from at least half of the existing Crusader Lords, then must complete a Journey of Solitude, where the aspirant must survive for thirty days alone in the wilderness of a harsh, unpopulated planet, using only their wits, lightsaber and meager survival supplies that they are given.
  • Knight Warden: The Knight Wardens are full members of the order, tasked with being the eyes, ears and the arm of the Crusader Lords. They also perform the task of training initiates. In order for an Initiate to become a full Knight, he must first receive the approval of his teacher, before attempting a Trial of Shrouds, essentially a spiritual journey that an Initiate's Knight Warden teacher devises. Each Trial of Shrouds is different.
  • Initiate: Initiates are apprentices, who have yet to learn enough to be qualified as full-ranked members of the order and are still under the tutelage of a Knight Warden. There is no set number of years for the duration of this apprenticeship, in order to advance, an Initiate must first receive approval from his or her tutor, then attempt to pass a Trial of Shrouds.

- Beliefs


The beliefs of the Wardens center around the idea that the Force itself is the source of all evil in the galaxy. The Force itself is viewed as a sort of puppeteer which divides the galaxy into Light and Dark categories and subsequently feeds off of the ensuing conflicts that are the result of this polarization.


Thus, the Wardens take upon themselves the task of freeing the galaxy from the Force, by any means necessary, even while using Force powers themselves. The ultimate goal of the Wardens is to destroy the Force itself.


These beliefs are condensed down into the Code of the Shrouds, explained below:


The Force is a chain, thus I seek Freedom.

The first line of the Code represents the belief that the Force is a chain which enslaves and controls its wielders. Jedi are believed to be hypocritical, mindless drones who lack individuality and independent thought, while Sith are seen as little more than animals, lacking self-control, driven by base instinct and momentary impulse. A Warden seeks internal discipline, while maintaining individuality.


Through Freedom, I find Truth.

The second line of the Code represents the enlightenment and inner balance which comes after one has gained freedom from both the Light and the Darkside. This is achieved through mastering, but not suppressing one's emotions.


In Truth, I find Purpose.
The third line of the Code explains that the Warden has a duty and serves a higher calling than the Force itself. The Warden has ascended from being a mere Force user and has become more than the Force's tool, gaining a true understanding and acceptance of the concept that the Force is evil and being willing to work against it for the greater good of the Galaxy.


From Purpose, I gain Strength.

The fourth line explains that a Warden gains the unshakable willpower that is derived from commitment to the greater mission of the order. A Warden is willing to do whatever it takes to advance the order's goal of putting an end to the Force's enslavement of the galaxy.


Through Strength, I bring Justice.

The fifth line represents the order's mission to restore balance to the galaxy by ending the Force's influence over it. Both the Light and the Darkside are ultimate evils which must be swept away.


Through Justice, I bring Peace.

The sixth line represents the belief that once the influence of the Force is removed from the galaxy, peace would finally be restored, as the eternal conflict between the Light and Darkside would finally end.


I shall break the chains.

The seventh and final line of the Code represents the order's ultimate mission to free the galaxy from the destructive influence of the Force. This is to be accomplished through any means necessary, even if those means are an evil onto themselves, as they are seen as serving the greater good.

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