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  • Intent: To create an interesting planet for public roleplay in the future, as well as add more life to a mostly empty litle area of space.
  • ‚ÄčImage Credit: Image | PlanetMaker
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: Ankhypt | Anubians


  • Planet Name: Obrula
  • Demonym: Obrulan
  • Region: Wild Space
  • System Name: Obrula System
  • System Features: Obrula has two moons - Etis and Detharven. Etis is covered in ocean and with many rich minerals beneath the surface of the water, mining outposts have been placed there. Detharven is a jungle moon filled with dangerous predators, meaning efforts to colonize or exploit it have not gone well so far. Not far from the planet itself, the Obrula System also sports a small graveyard of ships; a relic of a battle long past, though no-one knows when or why it occured.
  • Coordinates: AJ-35
  • Major Imports: Food, Durasteel
  • Major Exports: Kyber Crystals, Iron, Veda Cloth, Precious Metals


  • Gravity: 1.1X Standard
  • Climate: Temperate, though Obrula is a much colder form of it; in recent times, the planet has begun to get much colder with seemingly no cause, causing issues with growing food and increased hail and snow across the planet.
  • Primary Terrain: Grassland, Mountains, Forests, Tundra

Major Locations:

  • Cloudgate: Situated all over one of Obrula's largest mountains, Cloudgate is one of the major urban areas of the planet. The city originally began near the peak, where the most priveliged individuals still live, with the less fortunate further and further down the mountain. This has begun to change as the city has started to expand across the grass away from the mountain with impressive and rich areas there as well, something that makes some of the more well-off Mountain citizens grumble.
  • Ophebus: A neighbour city to New Fortune, Ophebus is a smaller city where almost the entirety of the Anubian population reside.Though Ophebus seems almost miniscule on the outside, once you go into the mountain they have carved into, the real city can be found, where many of the denizens live with artificial sunlight and heating to cope with the sudden colder weather. Thanks to their nature, and history with the Cathar who settled here, tensions are high with their neighbours.
  • New Fortune: Though more mixed than Ophebus, New Fortune is still a majority Cathar city, with the borders directly up against those of Ophebus. The city is open and stays on flat land, something that's odd amongst the people of Obrula. Much like their neighbours, it has grown very tense in New Fortune, with even some non-Cathar citizens voicing displeasure of their Anubian neighbours.
  • Lightsaber Crystal Cave: Within the mountain the city of Ophebus is built into lies a large and extensive network of caves, filled with kyber crystals. Discovered centuries ago, these have become a great export for the planet, and increased its prosperity. Obrulan Kyber Crystals have a unique appearance, seeming to have small misty wisps on the inside of the crystal. This is reflected in the blade of any sabers using them, which give off a small residue of these wisps like smoke.



  • Native Species: N/A
  • Immigrated Species: Duros, Human, Cathar, Anubian
  • Population: Heavily Populated


  • Duros: 40%
  • Human: 30%
  • Cathar: 15%
  • Anubian: 10%
  • Other: 5%


  • Primary Languages: Durese, Basic
  • Culture: Obrula is a very divisive culture, with many activities including sports and arts being segregated by species to avoid tension; Anubian and Cathar teams will only play against each other, and art galleries will seperate works of art into those done by Duros/Human, Cathar, and Anubian artists respectively. Despite all this, most inhabitants of Obrula share superstitions and even religious beliefs concerning the large mountains of the planet, and it is considered bad form to live outside of their influence in some manner; each of the three large cities believe they have the best way of living according to that belief, of course. Generally, Obrula runs efficiently and large conflict has not occured on the planet in years, even if racial tensions are a serious underlying issue.


  • Government: Direct Democracy - every constituency or settlement appoints their own representative to the government's parliament, who in turn vote for a Prime Minister from amongst themselves to mainly adjudicate matters of Parliament. The Parliament is then moved to the constituency that the Prime Minister represents, no matter its size or supplies; something that has caused serious logistical nightmares previously, but is a tradition that the Obrulans value and refuse to let go of.
  • Affiliation: N/A
  • Wealth: High - There is a large mining industry on Obrula, and this along with the planet's exporting of the precious Veda Cloth from the natural plants of the world means that a large amount of infrastructure and process has been built around it, maximizing the profits from exports.
  • Stability: Medium - though most citizens are law-abiding, racial and religious differences have begun to cause tension on Obrula that makes regular people very nervous - some settlements have slums mainly populated by minority species, which only increases crime and issues of racial stereotyping; every settlement has their own police force, though the size and power of it can vary wildly.
  • Freedom & Oppression: Generally, Obrulans value the ideals of liberty and free speech, and this is reflected in their lifestyle. Obrulans can make movement socially however they please, and any citizen can send letters of concern to the Prime Minister or their elected representative, or even nominate themselves for these positions. Thanks to generally having an educated view on the force, and at least one species on the planet with a large amount of force-sensitives, force use is highly regulated by the laws of Obrula, and lightsabers are highly illegal without a significant license.
  • Military: Obrula has mostly individual militias that stand for each individual settlement on the planet, who are prepared to defend it in the case of invasion or attack from either an external force or one of the other cities. Generally, these militias are volunteers and are mainly part-time citizens who sign up as reserves, though an actual force of professional soldiers serves the Obrulan Parliament, even if the force is a bit smaller than most city militias.
  • Technology: Obrula is quite standard in terms of technological advancement, only being slightly behind - most technology used is from before the Gulag Plague, though thanks to an overall slow in advancement across the galaxy as a result of it, this doesn't leave Obrula too far behind.



Obrula was discovered around 3000 years ago by Duros Explorers, who had been wandering across the south-eastern reaches of the galaxy, into Wild Space. They found the climate enjoyable and temperate enough, and after sending word back to their home planet, colonists began to appear. Before the Duros had even properly settled, human colonists from the Outer Rim came to settle on the planet as well, having heard the news. At first, things were quite tense between the two groups of settlers, but after representatives from each hashed out agreements, the two generally put their differences aside and began to work together.


Without having much in the way of defenses, the settlers found themselves battered by the various predators and natural dangers of the planet - even with new colonists arriving, they were losing people at a swift pace. Agreeing amongst themselves, the settlers decided to settle high upon a mountain, where most predators couldn't reach them and they had natural fortifications to build into if needed. As the settlement grew, it eventually became the very first city the planet had, and was named Cloudgate, thanks to the high altitude it was built on.


Living peacefully for thousands of years, the human and Duros settlers staved off famines, diseases and small conflicts with the other settlements that had risen - they did not shy away from Galactic matters either, staying as members of the Republic for years before eventually breaking off and joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Though the Republic's navy fought and Clone troopers fought on Obrula's moons, the planet itself was never successfully sieged, and remained independent from the ruling Galactic Empire for many years, being deemed too much trouble to bother with.


The independence of the Obrulans was what they were known for however, and the planet was an early supporter of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic as it came around. All these years of war however, could not damage Obrula anywhere close to how the Gulag Plague did. The plague decimated their population, causing many cities to isolate themselves entirely from others as their collective government shut down, and they were thrown into a dark age with the rest of the galaxy.


Although the specifics are unknown, it is generally agreed that the Cathar settlers arrived at some point early during the Gulag Plague, fleeing the world of Ankhypt with escaped human slaves not long after the isolationist policy of the planet was implemented. The Cathar claim that they avoided execution, whereas Anubians argue they were let go peacefully. After the city of New Fortune was founded, Anubians arrived a couple of centuries later. It is unknown and has generally been kept secret as to why or how Anubians had arrived on the world with Ankhypt's policy of isolation, though it is thought they were fleeing the starvation of their homeworld.


As the Netherworld crisis took place across the galaxy, thunderstorms and violent lightning struck the world, and some mountains were ripped from the ground and thrown to the ground. Force-sensitivty spiked across the planet, especially in the case of Anubians, and the mountain Ophebus was built into cracked open, revealing the vast network of crystal caves. As the planet recovered from the crisis, the Anubians mined the crystals and became one of the most important settlements on the planet, especially for the economy.


Despite the hardships they have suffered, the people of Obrula have weathered it all. However, as the galaxy continues to heat up with more and more conflict as time goes on, tensions only rise amongst the cities.

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