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Beneath the Waves

- - - - - Noelani Kai Judah Dashiell Gala

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Judah Dashiell

Judah Dashiell


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Noelani Kai



"It doesn't matter. Makai's room is on the uppermost floor alone, I've got my own space on the main floor. There's three other to chose from.One down here on the main and two on the second floor. All ready to go. You're welcome to decorate or rearrange how you like. Just don't go crazy and paint the walls black or something on me. Thankfully Makai seemed to skip that stage."



Judah held the door open for her as they entered. The house was expansive, dark exotic wood walls, thatch-style soaring ceilings. Open and airy it was clear a woman had a hand in helping Judah decorate at one time or another.



"Its your home now too, so you've got free reign. If you're going to be off for the day sailing or something just let me know, I'd hate to worry, I don't want to hover over you. "