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The Burning of Thyferra | TSE Invasion of GA Held Thyferra Hex

- - - - - Thyferra TSE The Sith Empire GA Galactic Alliance

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Darth Caecus

Darth Caecus

    Where Do We Go From Here?

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852 ABY/ 7,752 ATE



It was difficult to have faith in anything when the fires rose around you. The Sith had come to Thyferra with darkness in their hearts. They had put their faith in the fire and in the night, striking from the setting sun as it cast long shadows on the capital. The shadows were shorter now, less well defined, but that was only because they rose in a hundred directions from a thousand flames that cast the night into the brightness of high noon with none of the comfort. The Sith came for one reason, and one reason only.


To burn it all.


They were not here to parlay, to make peace. They were not here to wage a just war- this was no conflict ruled by the failed Ruusan Accords. This was no Mirial where they concerned themselves with lives saved as surely as with the enemy defeated. They were not here as conquerors. They were here as Reavers.


Xozhixi, the capital- first struck, and there the fires raged the hardest. But now there were reports of Sith in the Jungles, at Xucphra City…. And the fires rose as reports grew.


The Alliance did not sit idly- did not panic and shrink back from the hatred bright in the form of hungered conflagration. They replied with heart, with faith in something besides the night and the fire- faith that dawn would see them standing, ash covered and bloody perhaps, but tall and triumphant. To use their hands, their heads, their hearts, to turn back the tide of reckless hate. They met them in the streets, in the wilds, in the skies. And they fought, because what else could one do when faced with a foe that did not wish you to bend the knee or abandon a plot of land, but to die bleeding at their feet?


Live or die.


There was no other option that mattered.






J'us jena'tes, anas Nu tapti' sulig,

You darkness, that I come from,

Nu nulis j'us vel us visa tave saud

I love you more than all the fires

anas vinelita is tave visuom,

that fence in the world,

nuo tave saud fasona

for the fire makes

zo purja iv irus nuo aliai,

a circle of light for everyone,

ir na rareu garthaz is svies iv j'us.

and then no one outside learns of you.


Kad tave jena'tes geti is viskas:

But the darkness pulls in everything:

tutka ir saud, mals ir ja've,

shapes and fires, animals and myself,

kait sulo zhol vokti savimi! —

how easily it gathers them! —

midwan ir tauta —

powers and people —


ir zhol buti idne zo zavus jegala

and it is possible a great energy

buti akcij fe've nun.

is moving near me.


Nu zinot tikyba is naktis.

I have faith in nights.





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Vrak Nashar

Vrak Nashar
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Space - Hssiss

Enemies: Them People

Allies: Those People




Anger boiled through his blood, an emotion that was all too familiar as of late and held little to no outlet. Things had become rather difficult as of late, and it was not because of the fall of the Resurgent Empire, it was not because of the Bounty Hunters that still chased him, and it was not even because another Empire now controlled the territories that he had once held dominion over.


No. Things were difficult because of his child.


He had never thought himself the type to have children, though fate had proven him the fool on that count. The true difficulty of it came from the fact of what the child was. Even at only a few months old she was already showing signs of understanding within the force, and with that came push back. Her mother worried of her development, and of course Vrak sought only what all Purebloods wanted from their children; power. It was a balancing act, and in truth as the situation ground on it became more and more important that there would be a breaking point.


Of course whenever that breaking point would be Vrak had no idea, but he knew it would come from the child itself. It would be some time yet before she had any true understanding of herself, what she was, but when she did Vrak and Sera would both attempt to push her in the direction they wanted. Each parent knew this for a fact, and each one kept silent upon it. There was no point in crossing that bridge, not yet.


This trouble however was not why he had come to Thyferra in the wake of his ostracized brethren, no.


He had come to stop the fools from ignorantly burning what Neesa and himself had crafted here. He cared nothing for the planet itself of course, nor it's people, but there was a small thing he had kept here since the early days of the Resurgent Empire, before he had managed to take his place on the Council. Vrak couldn't risk it falling into the hands of these fools, and even less it's destruction. His contacts within the Empire had sent him the plans of the invasion, and as the stealth Shuttle screeched through space Vrak knew what path he would take.


The Pureblood only hoped the fools hadn't destroyed it yet.



Amaliya Darrena

Amaliya Darrena

    Blue Leader

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Faction: The Sith Empire

Location: Xucphra City

Allies: TBD

Enemies: TBD

Equipment: 1x Sith TIE Interceptor, 11x Sith TIE Fighters

Objective: BURN THEM ALL


"Ready for another pass, on my go."


Commander Syrena Colsin, flight leader of Blue Squadron, adjusted her grip on the controls of her Interceptor as she prepared her ship for another pass on the city. The other eleven pilots in Blue Squadron repeated affirmatives as they moved to follow her. Below them, Thyferra burned. Death had come to Thyferra, to the Galactic Alliance, and at that moment, the pilots of Blue Squadron were its angels.


She squeezed the trigger of her weapons, and the fighter's blaster cannons shot green death, peppering a large building as she screeched by. She did not enjoy killing civilians, not in the least. Hated it, even. But she was first and foremost an officer in the Sith Imperial Navy, and she followed orders, to the letter. And if those orders were to fire until there was nothing left to fire at, then she would do just that.


Behind her, Blues Two through Twelve did the same, peppering the city with their lasers. Igniting fires, causing already raging ones to be even bigger, and even setting off large explosions. There was little chatter on the Blue comms, this day. No one was interested in jokes or quips, and if they had doubts, they dared not express them over comms. Commander Colsin did not tolerate treason in her squadron.


Syrena spotted a group of civilians running on the streets below, men, women, and children, some wounded, trying to get to safety. Perhaps, ten, twelve of them? It was hard to tell. Colsin almost considered letting them go. Almost. Her wings spat lasers, and there were no more running civilians. Her orders were clear. No mercy.


"Keep and eye out for enemy ships. I want everyone's head on a swivel."

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Slevin Thawne

Slevin Thawne

    The Cracked Mirror

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Location: Xozhixi - Downtown

Allies: GA

Enemies: TSE


Jorg's breath was caught in his throat, his eyes were aching, and his entire body seemed to shake even as he desperately gripped the Disruptor in his hands. A deep breath flowed into his lungs, the HUD just ahead of his eyes flashing as another explosion went off in the next block over.


He didn't react, only looked at the four other men to his left. "A34?"


They had long ago forgotten what the buildings were actually called, and instead assigned simply codes to each building and city block. Things were easier that way, and although it wasn't exactly Standard Practice in the Alliance the soldiers of Nova were somewhat more exacting when it came to that sort of thing. A shrug was received in reply to his question, the man clinging to the wall opposite him apparently not having a good enough vantage point.

Jorg frowned, then quickly glanced up.


One of Nova's snipers was placed at the end of a block on the forty sixth floor of a skyscraper, but he doubted she had a good enough view.


"Alright." Jorg said as he heaved himself off the wall and checked the charge on his powercell. The Vanir Technologies Disruptor was still working surprisingly well, even after having been through a dozen or so combat zones. "Let's see if we can't catch someone out."


Easier than fighting directly at least.

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Coren Starchaser

Coren Starchaser

    Captain Alliance

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Thyferra -Jungles outside the city

Defending the Alliance

Looking for a Sith to combat with.



Coren was not too pleased with the news he was receiving. The SIS seemed to have received word that the Sith may be back in the turf around the Core. He thought that the Alliance had handled the Sith back while he was in the Unknown Regions, pushed them back to the Rim of the galaxy and back to the hellhole that spawned them. But no, that was not what he was seeing here. No, Coren Starchaser was looking at a pretty big reminder that the Sith were a hard pest to exterminate. And with the Sith showing up, that meant he was going to be around.


What it meant was he was here. And he was going to battle. His armor already on, the pilot had made the call that he was going to be of more use elsewhere than on the bridge of his ad hoc command ship. Stepping from the landing craft, Coren was already leading a SpecOps team planetside. He was tracking the feeling in the Force, that feeling of darkness, of something wrong.


“Ok, team, keep frosty.” He called over the commlinks. Looking around, he knew where his team was, and he himself was taking part of the point job. A Nightstinger Special in his hands, with his Power 9 and lightsaber on their hooks at the belt of his armor.  Calling the Force to him, Coren was preparing, he knew the Sith wouldn’t be far.


Cedric Grayson

Noah Corek

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John Becken

John Becken


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Space - Exterminator-class Heavy Corvette


John stood on his bridge This was the first mission as acting captain which was to draw fire away from the cruisers.

As he watched the battle rage he felt a sense of duty rush over him; he ran his hand down his Phrik Vibrosword as he ordered his crew to move the shiptowards the enemy and to focus fire on the shield generators of capital ships "that will draw their fire" he thought

He was happy to know that his ship had blast boards as he hated boarding action after the death of his captain.

After ordering the secondary gunners to focus on bombers he looked down at the planet and imagined the chaos below.

He needed this if only so he could prove himself before he felt like he was ready to reveal his force connection.

"Bring the guns to bear," he said as he thought about the chaos that would follow.

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Darth Carnifex

Darth Carnifex

    Kinta Gelezis Getira

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"Others will hammer out metals so gracefully that you would think that their statues breathed, and bring out the living features of a face from stone.

They will plead cases better, better trace out the wanderings of the heavens, and name the rising stars.

But you, Imperial, remember, these are your skills: to govern the peoples with power and to establish the habit of peace;

To be sparing of the vanquished and to crush the arrogant in war."


 - The Sith Emperor, ca 852 ABY



Location: The Crestfallen - En Route to the abandoned Zambrano Estate

Allies: Darth Prazutis | Darth Adethys

Enemies: Taeli Raaf | Sundara Nyveit



The battle had already begun by the time the Emperor's flagship materialized into orbit above Thyferra, surrounded by a screen of lesser warships of varying size and function. War Fleet Black Iron had gone through much tribulation to painstakingly assemble itself behind enemy lines, partially traversing the Blood Trail through the Unknown Regions and using calculated hyperspace jumps that had been charted out during the age of the One Sith Empire. The Dark Lord had personally overseen the charting of the Unknown Region on behalf of the Second Sith Empire during his tenure as Voice, later Ecclesiarch, and had taken the maps with him as the Empire crumbled into dust.


Such secrets paid off in the long run when facing an old foe.


Several dozen obsidian fighters emerged from the warship's ventral hangar bay, swarming like a cloud of locusts down towards the planet as a distinct black shuttle followed in their wake. The fighters were bound together by the Dark Side of the Force, and communicated on a level no mortal pilots could hope to match. Their conversations were instantaneous, and their ability to react was heightened by cybernetic implants and the Force. If one was to listen in on their communications, all they would perceive was an intricate garble of seemingly incomprehensible binary.


101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010.  

101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010.  

101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010.  

101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010. 101010101010101010101010101010.  


The shuttle descended through the planet's atmosphere, flanked by several of these Shadow Droids. Already the fires of war engulfed the planet, there was fighting across all sectors as the Sith emerged from the darkness to swallow up Thyferra's defenders. It was unlike the previous battles. Whereas on Mirial they had shown restrained, and on Krayiss II they had shown calculated precision, now they were unveiling their primal rage. The Galactic Alliance had tasted the unwavering rigidity of the Empire's shield, now they would feast upon the Empire's sword as it was rammed squarely down their throat. 


Most of the Empire's forces would gravitate towards the planet's defenses and the capital city, but the shuttle that emerged from the Dark Lord's warship traveled across vast expanses of forest and mountain. Hidden away deep in the untamed wilds was an estate, derelict and decrepit, that had once served as the Zambrano's seat of power after they had been ousted from their previous home on Panatha shortly after the birth of the current reigning patriarch. No living soul had set foot on the estate grounds in decades, its existence wiped from all public record and any secrets that had once lingered within its walls had been spirited away to other holdfasts in the galaxy.


It would serve a new purpose now, as a rallying point for the Dark Lord and his most barbarous butchers. For in their desire to see Thyferra burn, they had mustered a massive horde of one of the most brutal races ever to grace the stars with their malignant presence.


The Graug.


It wouldn't be long before the transports carrying them would arrive en masse, and would converge on the old Zambrano estate in preparation for the world's funeral pyre.

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Kor Vexen

Kor Vexen


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Kor Vexen


Outskirts of the Capital | Location

TSE Ground Forces | Company


The thunderous march of many mechanical footsteps could be heard as a large convoy of walkers and columns of Fang wardroids moved in between each of the armored vehicles. Amidst the mass of steel and flesh stood a tall and armored figure, with a shorter individual in combat gear following not too far behind him. The Sith Knight, Kor Vexen, only had one objective in mind; and that was to rain utter destruction on the capital far from the reaches of traditional ground forces. Forces would need to be diverted away from the capital to deal with him and his siege convoy, or there might not be much of a capital left to protect.


Vexen would raise his hand up to signal a halt, in which all units under his command had come to a synchronized stop. His vocoded voice boomed and echoed across all channels, " Let this be a warning to all, be they Jedi...Or Alliance...Let this be the message we send to the galaxy, that we of the Sith Empire will not tolerate insolence against our glorious Empire. " A short moment after he would point his hand forward towards the capital as their newly created AW-04 'Harbinger' which had presently been in a tank like state shifted to form a firing line. The wardroids under Vexen's command would move to create shield walls to serve as cover using their massive durasteel tower shields.


Once the dozen walkers Vexen had with him had lined themselves up with an adequate amount of spacing, there would be a series of hisses as the repulsorlifts that held the Harbinger walkers up shifted, converting themselves into reverse joint legs. A secondary set of 'heels' would extend from the calves as they dug into the ground to provide further stability as metallic spikes drove themselves deep into the earth for what was to come next. Now in an elevated firing position, the Harbingers had a clear line of fire on a very specific target; the skyscrapers and other tall structures of the capital city.


The Harbingers would begin to charge their heavy rail cannons as they picked their targets far away from the city and outside the reaches of any conventional defenses or threats as Vexen turned to the shorter figure beside him. " Lieutenant Saryn, deploy the troops and Monoliths into defensive positions. Set up Squads Aurek through Grek along the front line and the rest to cover the rear. Station our Monoliths to form a defensive perimeter. I will have no Alliance rats attempting to disrupt us until we have done an adequate amount of damage before pressing forward. " The female Lieutenant who had been accompanying the Sith Knight would straighten up as she bowed and responded, " As you wish my Lord. "


The Lieutenant would turn away as she began to bark orders for the troops to move to their assigned positions. A majority of them would begin to move and use the Fang wardroids that had established themselves as cover while the five Monolith assault walkers moved into a pentagon like defensive perimeter around the area. Their size and impressive firepower would likely draw the attention of whoever came close as the Harbinger walker was dwarfed in size compared to it.





Victory belongs to those that seize it with their own hands



Kaida Taldir

Kaida Taldir

    Ice Lady

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Thyferra: Random bacta laboratory #9

Allies: Apparently GA

Enemies: TSE. Specifically Darth Ophidia.



All of a sudden, war had come to Thyferra. To be fair, it was time for the other canon planet that produced magical healing substances to be invaded. Before, it had always been Manaan. Less than two decades had passed since the end of the Dark Ages, and Ahto City had already been sunk an absurd amount of times.



One eternally grumpy, terribly chilly Space Elf was caught up in the ruckus. Kaida being here was a concidence, for her bosses had sent her here with a team to escort a purchase of bacta back home on the other side of the Galaxy. As it was, she had little love for the Galactic Alliance. Or rather it was close to zero.



But here she was now, inside a bacta lab that had received an influx of Sith minions. Volleys of blaster fire burst across the corridor, invaders and defenders clashed with blasters, vibroswords and grenades. Cries of pain were heard, people died. Fortunately, she was paranoid enough to always take weapons with her. Hence why she wore phrik armour, had a battle shield, guns blades and explosives. So she made a snap decision.



"Get to the transport and take off. Verana, you're in charge," she ordered a junior Angelii, a young Host Leader.


"But, ma'am..."


"Do as you're told," she cut her minion off frostily. Her armour sealed up, and she emerged from her cover behind a pillar. Alarm sirens howled, and a voice over the loudspeaker declared that the Sith had arrived. They'd gotten here quite easily, considering their empire was on the other side of the map. The Alliance had apparently been unable to prevent their arrival. Incompetence or treason? That was what Kaida was undecided on. The cynical part of her mind said treason, the rest attributed it to Alliance incompetence.



The air around her began to chill as it suddenly became a lot colder. As she stepped into the corridor, which was filled with stormtroopers ascending over dead bodies, a blast of cold rippled from her. The kind of cold that froze mooks and turned them into solid ice statues. They shattered when she pulled out her revolver and fired.



Much to her annoyance, a Jedi Padawan saw the need to speechify while storming towards Sith troopers who were still in the fight. "Lightsiders, rally against the forces of darkness! The dark has risen, but the light rises to meet it! We are the spark that will light the fire that burns the Sith Empire...," the Padawan's undoubtedly brilliant oratory was cut short by a Sith trooper shooting her with a shotgun. Kaida hated speechifying in the midst of combat - and everywhere else. She was inclined to conclude the random stormtrooper had done her a favour. So she gave the Sith goon a clean, quick death with her blade.

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Darth Prazutis

Darth Prazutis

    The Dark Titan

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Location: Thyferra

Objective: Burn it all

Allies: Darth Carnifex | @The Sith Empire

Enemies: Taeli Raaf | Sundara Nyveit



“Wipe them out. Burn their lands black, set their oceans aflame. Let their rivers run red with blood and choke the very air with the ashes of the fallen. In my name, in the name of justice burn it all.” – Emperor Kaine Zambrano

In war only true victor was death.

​Imperial, Alliance. War erupted over every inch of Thyferra as the full wrath of a vengeful empire came down upon the defending forces. But this wasn't about conquering their world, adding another planet to the banner of the Sith Empire. This was about destruction. Across a dozen different battlefields the Shadow Hand of the Dark Lord could feel death. As defending alliance soldiers and imperials alike were mowed down or hacked to pieces, their final lasting moments playing out in his mind like a cinema. The innocent pleading for their lives as civilians were mowed down as they tried to flee their homes from the monsters unleashed upon the battlefields. It was an atrocity of the highest order, it was raw, it was visceral, it was absolute carnage. Everyone who lived on Thyferra, everything that moved was declared an enemy. One could even say life itself was the enemy of the Sith Empire below.

It was glorious.

The battlefield was one of the only places the Destroyer truly felt alive anymore. The price for power was steep and he had given up so much in the pursuit of it. But when engrossed in glorious battle feeling the torment of others around him, the palpable stench of fear in the air as lives were lost and bodies fell at his feet was a sensation unlike any other. Thyferra was just one of many put to the sword by the Reaper of Worlds alongside Kaine Zambrano, and it wouldn't be the last to fall. But it would mean a new beginning for House Zambrano.

The last of their line had come here when their house had slipped into ruin and disgrace. But by then the greatness of their line that came with the likes of Magnus, Solomon, Dagon and many earlier Zambrano ancestors who were legendary Kings, masters of the dark side had burned out. Their family had devolved into a bunch of mewling cowards that wallowed in their own hatred and too preoccupied with their obsessions to evolve and rise up. They were weak. When word came back to Braxus of his relatives Rameses and Viktoria’s deaths he celebrated the culling of the weak, someone had done their family a great service.

It wouldn't be long at the time that he learned it was the man who rode beside him, Kaine Zambrano.

Today the ancient estate wiped from all records would serve as a rallying point for the Jen'Lazea - the Dark Legion the most vile butchers in the Dark Lords service would be unleashed. When the dark shuttle had finally docked its ramp dropping to reveal an ancient banner depicting the Eye of Solomon, after so many years it was worn and ruined along with the rest of the sorry excuse of an estate.

Today they would wipe this chapter of their family away forever, along with all of Thyferra.

The Shadow Hand descended the ramp alongside Kaine himself his distaste for the estate was visible in the rising hatred within. All around them ships descending in the wake of the two dark masters carrying their harbingers. "A new day for our family my friend. Call them to us, let us begin."       


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Taheera Sollo

Taheera Sollo


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Location: Xucphra - Downtown
Allies: GA
Enemies: sith and anyone who needs a fight

There was a significant tremor of warning in the force of an approaching shadow. But it was more than that. A beast of the night coming to devour all in its path. Troubled myrtle-ellipses widened as the clinic shook around her. The force was there - urging her to hurry.

Smoke filled the window's view as another boom resounded down the streets.

"Start getting all the patients prepared for evacuation. I need medvac units on standby now." A twilek nurse nodded and began transmitting along emergency alliance channels. The mirialan grabbed a portable shield generator and motioned to a human and bothan clinic worker.

"You two with me. We've got to get these set up along the roof. Follow me."

Plus she wanted to see. No, needed to see. What was happening? Get to the roof.

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Sig by Chris because he's the bestest

Scipio Alta

Scipio Alta
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Fast as the wind, the invasion has begun
Shaking the ground with the force of thousand guns
First in the line of fire, first into hostile land


Xucphra City burned. The Sith eagerly putting it to the torch. Smoke replaced the skies, flames replaced the earth. As the artillery divisions of the Sith-Imperial Legion relentlessly pounded the city with no mercy, Stiletto Company was tasked with the protection of an artillery company of the 42nd Airborne Division.


For now.


Scipio's men quickly were losing their patience, they felt they needed to be within that hell. Purging every soul as retribution for the worlds the Galactic Alliance had attacked brutally. Some men had come from these planets, eager to put all the Alliance loved on a pyre of justice.


They were the adjudicators today.


Command expected the Alliance to either retaliate swiftly or entrench their positions. Whatever they had in mind, Scipio believed High Command would always deliver a contingency.

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    defy the tyrannous stars

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When two Gods wait on the windowsill
The wick of the world is burning, still
But when one God in triumph shouts
The candle of the world goes out


Xozhizi, City Streets


His lightsaber pierced her heart, and the Sith Knight's still form crumpled into a heap at Zark's feet.


A wild look in his eyes, the Jedi Master winced in pain and mild surprise as a painful burning sensation emanated from his lightsaber's hilt. Its core, an alchemized fragment of the Heart of Sullust forged on Sulon, violently rejected Darkside influence. In the instinctual exultation of victory in battle, he must have inadvertently allowed some of his baser emotions to get the best of him. Glancing down at his already tattered greatcoat, the phrik plated vambraces on either arm marred with the rends of glancing saber blows, he knew already that he would be tested to the limits of his self-control and resolve today.


Ten to fifteen meters behind him, the flaming ruins of the vice admiral's crashed military airspeeder burned merrily, adding to the chilling candelabra these resurgent Sith had made of the Thyferran capital's skyline. Blood dripped down his brow and clouded his vision, and not for the first time Zark remembered that he had been wounded in their emergency landing. There had been someone else with him, he knew, but he could not quite remember who. They had been on their way somewhere, but he was having a difficult time holding on to any of the details.


His supernaturally heightened instincts sensed another's approach, and the confused Master held his burnt orange blade aloft in a defensive posture.


"Friendly approaching."


The droid was forced to repeat itself several more times before Zark cautiously lowered his saber at last, and before he knew it his body was being held upright by a strong metallic frame and he was staring into the photoreceptors of an ancient Clone Wars era Trade Federation commando droid. He recognized that model from somewhere.


"Good to see you, sir," the droid said, holding onto its lightweight E-5 blaster rifle one handed as it supported the Jedi in its other arm with little effort, "Still no response from local authorities or Alliance Guard. Attacks like these are breaking out all over the city, and hostile units have air support in play."


"Bee Ex?" Zark mumbled uncertainly, finally remembering in his stupor who this kind droid reminded him of.


"Yes admiral, its me," BX-32 cocked his head to the side quizzically. The former gladiator and personal valet to the Hereafter's commander was smarter than the average combat droid, but it still took Bee Ex several moments to process his superior's current state, "You have been wounded. Sith are all over the city, it is not safe here. I am going to help you to somewhere where you can heal yourself."


The commando droid snapped off a few shots with artificial precision, maintaining its hold on the Jedi in a mixture between a stumble and a drag down the downtown Xozhizi streets and farther from the wreckage of their government marked atmospheric transport. Zark's saber arced out almost drunkenly in front of them, tensing the droid beside him, but to 32's mild amazement the Jedi managed to deflect a wave of blaster fire arcing towards their position.


Military rated servomotors kicked the door to the lobby off its hinges, and eventually the Jedi Master sorted out that Bee Ex had dragged him off the street and into some sort of interior structure, the Vratix architecture giving it away as certainly not outside anymore. Suddenly the whole world spun and he was falling, falling...he hit the floor with a thud.


"Sit," the droid said after it had dropped him, photoreceptors scanning their surroundings for potential threats, "Meditate. Heal."


"I'll be fine..." Zark mumbled, as much to himself as to his robot aide, "I'll be fine. Just give me a second..."


He blacked out.

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Velok the Younger

Velok the Younger

    When I Was A Young Warthog

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Damian Starchaser


The smell of charred manflesh wafted above boiling vratix ichor and smoldering carapace. If 'long pig' hadn't been a racist term in relation to human-whiphid relations, Velok would have made a cannibalism joke. And joke it was - like any civilized being, he found cannibalism entirely repugnant. Could other ethical standards be applied? Certainly, but norms varied: sentient beings ate each other all over the galaxy. In many cases, the critical factor was nutrition; in others, it came down to respect. Gnawing the detached forearm of a young adult Jedi, Velok felt the Padawan's energy and audacity flow through his veins. Those qualities had real value, when tempered by judgment and experience. 


Velok tossed the arm aside. His nostrils flared. He looked down the burning street at a dapper young human who'd just entered his field of view.


"The Force is strong with you," he said, stomach growling, and knew his voice carried through the flames.


Nyra Mazul

Nyra Mazul

    Sith Thief

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Allies: the Sith Probably
Enemies: Whoever stops her from stealing stuff.

Was it defenestration of you throw yourself out of a window? A smile crossed Nyra’s face as he considered this along with the fall towards the ground. She was business woman a few days ago, but now she was back into her comfortable form of a cat burglar. The city had been great and all but really it was going to hell and was time for Nyra to move on. That left her in this strange predicament of falling from a rather tall building within the city. The building was the local headquarters of Consolidated Bacta Ltd. Nyra had been casing it for several days and used the distraction of the invasion to gain entry. Security forces would be too busy to answer one alarm out of the thousands that were most likely going off by now. At least that was her thinking.
The building itself was tall towering above many of the others. From the outside in she gained entry scaling the walls with the power of the force and judicious use of her favored whip. From there she managed to break into their labs and secure the sample. Kolazhi one of the ingredients needed for Kolcta a healing poultice more powerful than bacta. It had been re-discovered, or invented by some little plant kid and Jorus Merrill? That hardly mattered now. She had the plant and would random it back to the highest bidder.
With the case carrying the valuable plant firmly in hand Nyra lashed out with her whip and grabbed a nearby post swinging from it to land upon the side of the building looking up at the window she had just left….

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Well it wasn’t going to be such a boring day afterall. Damian had been in town to attend a charity gala when all hell had broken loose. There was fires and explosions emanating from the streets as crowds dispersed and ran for shelter. Damian walked to the coat check and grabbed his jacket stepping out in his suit. Within his pocket still were his trusty blaster and lightsaber and leaning on the counter his umbrella. With a quick check of his chronometer he picked up his belongings making himself presentable and then exiting out the door.
Panic had set in with civilians running to and fro. Many had no idea what to do and Damian found himself directing those who would listen. Stay indoors, get to any shelters that may exist, stay off the street and let others pass! And of course, help the elderly and young.It was in this process that Damian turned a rather unfortunate corner.
There was a surly whiphid eating what appeared to be an arm. The great beast of a sith spoke to him and mentioned power in the force. Great just what he needed, then again at least he didn’t monologue. “I’d ask you to unhand him but I think that would be rather too tongue in cheek.”
Lifting up the umbrella he smiled and said, “Shall we?”

Velok the Younger

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Location: On top of unmarked building, Xucphra

Vessel:  Alliance Stealth U-Wing (U-60x) (parked on top of building Xucphra)

Objective: Defend the Alliance

Allies: Galactic Alliance, Jorg, Taheera Sollo 

Enemies: The Sith Empire 



A gloved hand moved to wipe the sweat from his dirty face. He wore the haggard expression of age and the wear and tear of the day, knowing that things would continue on for a good deal longer. Setting down on the ledge of the building, beneath the shroud of the phantasm cloak, he click on the tripod of the sniper rifle and fixed it to the duracrete. Several buildings away, the U-Wing sat idle beneath a similar cloak of stygium and sensor dampeners.


Removing the lens cap and loading a magazine in, he took to spotting through his dominant eye. The city was being rampaged by a Sith Force. It was simply a matter of time, he thought, before the Sith emerged once more as a dominant force within the universe. Through the ashes of the One Sith, the Sith were slowly reborn with renewed purpose. And now the Alliance sat at the confluence of several entities, all poised to confront the light in open combat.


The Marshal was simply thankful that they did not stand alone. That when the darkness came, the light stood up tall to meet it.


Clicking on the communication device against his ear, he watched as the Scout Drone moved high above the streets. From what he could tell, the direction he faced was thereabouts where a group of allied forces had been bottlenecked and contained in a local clinic. He pressed a coding sequence into the forearm datapad.


//Begin Encryption

​///Load Algorithm

​///Initiate Astraeus Watcher Protocol: Long-Distance Lover

///Initiate Astraeus Watcher Priority: Scanner and Spotter

///------------------LOADING COMPLETE----------------

///Long-Distance Lover initiated

///Scanner and Spotter priority allocated

//End Encryption


He opened up Alliance encrypted lines, hoping he could assist where needed.


::This is Marshall Sionoma. Is everyone at the clinic alright?::


Maybe Taheera would pick up the phone.

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Damian Starchaser


"Yes, by all means, keep your tongue in your head while you can."


Sith these days loved their tricks and obscure powers and so forth. In Velok's experience, words like 'darkshear' and 'tsaiwinokka hoyakut' didn't correlate well with people who knew what they were doing. His father, collector of nonsense, had been one such.


For his part, Velok the Younger just threw out a hand and pushed.


The telekinetic shockwave picked up grit and flaming debris, the kind that might make someone flinch. The goal wasn't damage, at least not from the debris; the goal was to toss the dapper blonde through the wall of the nearest burning building.


Slowly, with some discomfort, Velok trudged down the street in the wake of the blast. The palatable Padawan was proving digestively disagreeable.

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Location: Thyferra - Bacta Labs

Objective: Destroy & Distract

Allies: Enyo Typhos | The Sith Empire

Enemies: The Galactic Allance & Allies

Gear: Sith Lightsaber x2 | Armour | Oculus | Firestarter |




Burn. It. All.

Oh, how that was music to Vaylin’s ears.

It had been too long since she had been given orders to unleash upon the Empire’s enemies. The last had been with the Anx, but that was on a much smaller scale. Mirial had failed to provide her the opportunity for a bloodbath, given they were there as defenders.

But this time the Sith Empire were the ones aggressors, and hell was already being unleashed upon Thyferra.

Vaylin had been amongst the first of the groups that had landed, although she had waited until after the invasion had begun, before she moved in herself. Using the intel gathered by the Sith Assassins prior, the Zabrak used an old entrance to access the Bacta Labs. A portion of their facilities were located outside of the city limits. And it was precisely why she was hitting those and not the ones within Xucphra itself.

She waited until the invasion force hit the city, and used the chaos that caused to slip in with a small detachment of troops. Vaylin wasn’t alone however, she was in fact accompanied by Enyo Typhos, an ally to both herself and the Sith Empire. The cyborg had joined up with her before the Valkyrie’s ship had departed.

The pair of them had proven to be an intimidating duo before, and that certainly wouldn’t change today.

“Push forwards! Do not give them an inch, even once we’re through the doors!” Vaylin’s voice carried over the battlefield, her yell reaching the ears of the troops that were assaulting one of the more far off laboratories. They’re assault had been met with light defences, with a number of their forces having been diverted to assist in the city.

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Vahliath Imperious

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Affiliation: Sith Empire
Objective: Disrupt the intentions of any Alliance associates - kill without hesitation

Getting to Thyferra - that wasn’t the hard part. Many a time did Vahliath manoeuvre his craft through the celestial plane of space, evading those who had a desire to turn him to ashes. Conflict arose all around, both beyond and within the atmosphere of the world. This was it: Alliance against the Sith Empire, the cosmic balance swaying its pendulum of stability as the faction that would stand as victor fluctuated with every body that fell. Vahliath wasn’t oblivious to the events of death transpiring on both sides. Both would suffer their losses and gains; and in the end, it would lead to only one dominating Thyferra. Vahliath was there to ensure the deserving side would come to hold that claim, for the oppression of the Alliance was long overdue in ending its reign. Today, the veil of oppression would lift, and the galaxy would come to accept the Sith Empire in their superiority.

It was within the forest where Vahliath felt it: the fluctuation in the Force. His senses weren’t blind to the side associated with the light, for that experience came in its decades of interaction. How long he had been lingering within the trees was undetermined; however, there was one which was ultimately certain: if there were in fact Jedi associated with the Alliance within the vicinity of his acknowledgement, they were close enough for him to intervene in their intentions. There was no doubt that they were there for conflict - like him. Protect what they believed in. Vahliath accepted that, but it was still wrong in the eyes of a Sith. He acted on meeting those said users of the blind side of the Force, walking between the trees, a modified Battledroid rifle clutched within his grasp. He only got so far, however, before he came to an abrupt halt. That sensation - it had grown stronger. If he felt it, then so did they: the fluctuation. Perhaps they were already searching for him? That mattered not, for Vahliath’s analytical behaviour soon led him close enough that those vibrant hums in his mind became so distinct, he could almost taste the Light Side on the tip of his tongue. He descended to a knee.

He balanced the rifle on his knee, putting his hand to the belt around his waist. One— two canisters were detached from the material, triggered for detonation within five seconds of leaving his embrace. First - Vahliath closed his eyes. Focused. It was the Force; he deeply concentrated on it, feeling where it was most concentrated around him. It didn’t take long before he opened his eyes and propelled those canisters from his hands, extending their throw via the Force to propel them to a more precise location. They hurled between trees and plant life alike, and finally tumbled across weeds and grit, not far from where those Alliance associates lingered within the wilderness. At first, they ceased to show function, only sitting in the dirt. Then a distinct ring emanated from the canisters, and a purple fume expelled from the vents within the technological devices, spreading far and wide. Vahliath knew what he was doing. If they realised it was poison, surely they’d manoeuvre before they were exposed to the radioactive substances. That’s exactly what he was counting on.

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