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Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

- - - - - marina devoe mariya fleischer

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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"Perhaps it's just growing up," Mariya found herself sitting on the couch, admiring the view of the valley below them. When they had first met years ago, she was in her early twenties. Now, years had passed and the blonde was now edging close to the thirties. "Learn to stop and enjoy the moment instead of dashing in because your belief told you so." 


She was touched by her friend's attempts to reach out for her, but she had been busy. First, she found herself tossed into prison for a short stint. Then it was a crazy rescue attempt by some strangers which gave her the opportunity to escape. A kind doctor patched her up and the rest of the time was spent trying to make things work. Like finding new contracts. Starting up a company. Learning new things like making wines.


Speaking of wines, she had never been much of a wine drinker. Her new business had certainly taught Mariya how to enjoy the stuff she was making. She had lost count of the glasses she had drank, but Marina DeVoe had probably hit more counts than her. And now there she was, muttering about putting a tracking implant on Mariya's body.


"Erm... an tracking implant sounds like a lot of work. And a lot of pain. I'll pass..."


She plucked some grapes picked from the vineyard and tasted them, nodding her head at the sweetness. No doubt about it. Alderaan did grow some of the best grapes in the whole galaxy and she was somehow lucky enough to purchase this vineyard. Eventually she would have to buy more land as her business grew, but for now this was a good start. She made some space available for her friend to join her in the couch.


"You sure you can still drink? You look like you are going to hit the sack soon."

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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"And what...possibly wake up back on Mt Cetril to have this..." starts gesturing to their surrounding, not aware that she's spilling her wine.

"...all this, just be a dream?..."she looked down to her glass wondering why and how it came to be empty.


"Nope." steps up to put the empty glass down on the patio table, noticing the spilled wine that was splashed on it. "Heh..." she points to it, then nods an understanding.


Turning around realizing she just may be over her limit, Marina side step on over to sit on one of the couches.

"Ok...lost count now." She said, as the slow effects of the wines slowly and surely finally peak. How many varieties did she have? Marina was in no condition to even do simple math, let alone recount the different wines that Mariya had currently produced. And the fact that they were Sovereign wines..wines that had been coveted and only ever had not more than a half glass; now had been consumed like it had not been so in over 850 years. Marina was not used to having so much of it, as it had previously been reserved.

"Hehe...tracking device...you have to admit that's pretty funny huh?"  She couldn't help but be drawn to her own wet humor.


"Ahem... yea.... I think I'm..." stops mid-sentence as she looks over to the vineyards..and the sunset painting the Alderaanean sky in a swirl-...no, a wash of colors. For a second, she could have said it were looking at one of the paintings that she had admired at the Queen's palace. As she were drawn to it's beauty, Marina realized where she was at the moment and shook herself away.


"Yea... I think I'm pretty shot right now..." She then said, leaning back on the couch, returning to that ever changing painting of the vineyard.

"You know..." Marina pointed nowhere in particular. " ...I'm wondering if I'll get to see the finished work.."

She were referring to the sunset colors washing over the vineyard landscape.


Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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She looked towards the direction pointed by her friend's outstretched hand. The sun was setting in the distance, the golden rays casting a paint of red orange over the valleys. The locals called it the red sea and rightfully so, for the greenery was now in scarlet hue.

Looks like a magnificent painting, isn't it," she smiled and finished her glass of wine, leaving it empty on the table. She turned her head to check on Marina DeVoe, finding her friend leaning against the couch and lazily stretching herself. She laughed, amused by her friend's drunken behaviour and reached for the blanket nearby. Her fingers slipped several times before finally touching the fabric, a thick and well woven comfort that she wrapped around herself and Marina.

"Mmm.. nice..." She giggled, cheeks flushed with alcohol as she smuggled her best friend for warmth. The last time they did this was on a moon planet in a tent. Why they were there, she seemed to have forgotten. "I could like... fall asleep soon..."

Her eyes felt heavy as they slowly shut themselves.

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Strange it didn’t make her question the fruity aroma of the sea breeze. Marina reveled at the warm light of the morning sun caressing her features as she walked toward the rising star of Alderaan cresting above the sea’s horizon. She loved the coastal plains by the sea. More so on her home world than any, for she were raised on mountain tops made of ice, rock and snow. Now in a state of complete euphoria her feet had reached the surf’s edge, feeling the ocean caress her feet. It mattered little or none at all that she couldn’t feel the coolness of the water. It were as if she weren’t entering it at all…


Marina’s eyes flickered in the tantalizing sunlight making the sea suddenly become a distant memory.

For a moment, she were lost. Where was she?....How did she-

The rush of yesterday’s events flashed through her mind like a wave crashing down on her from an angry sea. A flash memory of Mariya caused her to draw in a deep breath, spurring Marina wide eyed and to fully awake. It took a moment sitting up, collecting her whereabouts that  she were on the couch outside on the very same patio she recalled in a dream?

The comforter had naturally dropped off her person to mid torso, but it were not only she whom it enveloped. With bated breath her eyes made out an additional form snuggled under the shared comforter. Marina carefully slid a bit away from the form, not wanting it to stir or awaken. In doing so, it revealed a tangle of blond hair.

It hadn’t been a dream. Mariya was here on Alderaan! Her heart raced a moment in pure joy …until-


“Oh…god…” She uttered to herself in an almost whisper, as all that which took place the day before replayed in her head…in a somewhat  random order.

Still…. Still, her friend had stayed out the night with her and had not left her out in the cold.

But what was this?

Marina took note of her clothes…they were not hers.

Sure enough, all of what had transpired the day before played out in her head in an almost perfect order.


Marina quietly reached for the fold of the comforter that her friend had pulled over herself to ward off the night air and lightly pulled it back, enough to expose her friend’s sleeping eyes. Marina barely dared to move so as not to awaken her friend, as she watched her sleeping peacefully. She figured she owed her that and much more for being the best friend she ever had.

So Marina remained awake sitting next to her friend, under the same comforter as the sun continued on its morning rise over the estate.  

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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Dreams were rare for Mariya.


Usually they would only happen whenever something vivid happened during the day, possibly bombarding her body with heightened excitement or experiences that lingered till the night. One moment, her eyes were closed. The next moment she opened, she found herself back into the battlefield, clad in her armour and looking at an invasion from the Sith. General TK 4215, a clone was leading the charge with other clone troopers, one of the them with distinct red paint markings on his helmet that could only be identified as RM 117. A green Mandolarian known as Kane E. Smart was behind her, firing rockets at the enemies.


The Republic was dead long ago. Long live the Republic. She was given the chance to make things right again.


A nearby explosive forced her to cover her eyes with her hand. As the smoke cleared, she was seated on a spectator seat, viewing the fight of the life time. A strange beast was fighting a red head brawler who looked familiar. Her mind screamed out two words. Saede Taggart. She leapt up from the chair impulsively and raced down the stand, hopping into the ring. The ring dissolved into a scene of a ball room, herself clad in a fancy dress. A roguish pirate with golden fillings for teeth approached her and she smiled at him, holding his hand as they danced into a whirling void with rathtars appearing.


One of them caught her by its tentacles and sent her tumbling through space and time... landing on a hospital bed. She looked at herself who was bandaged from head to toe, a strawberry blonde doctor busy cutting open her arm and aligning her shattered bones. She stepped forward towards her body and reached out... whispering for help...


Emerald eyes opened, greeted by warm rays from the sun. The quilt was still covered on her body, and someone was next to her. Marina DeVoe.


"Marina... "


Mariya struggled for a moment, her eyes fluttering. She laid down on the couch, looking in blank space as her mind tried to orientate the whole situation. 


"What the... I'm in Alderaan... right."


She got up and sat on the couch, running her fingers over her messy blonde streaks. Her head was throbbing and she reckoned some hot tea would be useful. 


"Tea... tea would be nice. Breakfast too..."

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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It were somewhat of an awkward moment that seemed forever to pass. Marina greeted her friend a 'good morning' before she picked up the comforter that Mariya had left on the couch after getting up. 


"Yea..breakfast sound...good" She replied as she took to folding the comforter as best she could. It were rather large and she were only folding it for something to do rather than just stand there. After all, the memory of yesterday's escapade was bouncing around in all directions in her head.


"Thanks for staying out here with me...." She then started. " You didn't have too. Not the way I freaked out on you like i did..." Marina wanted to apologize over again and again.What she had done, she knew she could never forgive herself, despite knowing her friend Mariya could.

But before she could continue on that, a house servant came over with an initial offering of morning pastries and a hot decanter with serving cups.

He greeted Mariya first then her before stating that the hot plate would be brought in a few moments. Marina gave him a grateful smile and as proper etiquettes played out, it were Mariya who thanked him. After all, she were the Lady of the house.

"Impressed..." Marina chuckled, before reaching for the comforter she had put down to now move it to an unoccupied chair. She was making room for her and Mariya to have a sit down breakfast. maybe it were best she drop the matter of yesterday for now. No sense dwelling on a horrid mistake. marina was ecstatic to be here with Mariya..even more so that it seemed that her friend may just make a home here. The idea of having her on Alderaan was kind of a dream come true.


Well Ok, there was like 2,000 kilometers distance between her house and Marina's chateau. But it weren't millions of light years distance, that was for sure.


The servant soon came out with what looked like a large platter with hot cakes, toasts,variety of prepared eggs and- well, it certainly reminded Marina how hungry she was, as she had barely touched yesterday's food, as she were a bit busy with the wines.

It didn't take an invite to sit herself down and pick off the platter like her friend did, to fill their plates. The tea steeped as they did and both got down busy with breakfast.


The awkwardness that they had risen with soon melted away like their hunger, and as they slowed down, they were babbling about old things..new things and things they both were planning to do aside from business. But business didn't wander off too far as it seemed to be settled without further discussions. Her friend liked the idea of Cetril to once again be the primary shipper of the Sovereign vines. It had been so 850 years ago for hundreds if not nearly a thousand year stretch, so why not be Soul Brothers and Sisters main shippernow?


'Lady DeVoe... your attire.' One of Marina's other house servant came up to them and it appeared he had her clothes... yesterday's clothes that she had soiled all ready washed, cleaned and pressed. They were neatly folded and on a clean bath towel. "It's all cleaned, pressed and ready to wear..."


Oh...Oh, thank you.." she hesitantly received it. It weren't that she was embarrassed as it were the same gentleman that she recalled had been down in the wine cellar with Mariya when she had a crazy moment. No, it wasn't because of that. She somehow didn't wish to change back to her clothes, as she liked what she was currently wearing..her friend's clothes.


Marina sat there a moment waiting for the gentleman to leave, before putting the small folded bundle on one of the side chairs to their table.

"I'll... uhm.... put them in the speeder later." She smiled at her friend.

"Actually, if you don't mind...I'd like to keep these on for awhile."


Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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"I don't mind sleeping outside... no worries, I kinda fell asleep. Must be the wines..."


The blonde stretched herself lazily while Marina made herself busy with the quilt. While the table was being cleared by one of the maids to allow room for breakfast, she took the liberty to walk back into the manor and hopped into the toilet. She spent a minute brushing her teeth with the electric toothbrush before joining back her friend at the couch. Breakfast was good, with freshly baked pastries, toasts and eggs for proteins. She thanked the chef silently for knowing her preference to have sufficient proteins in every meal. Tea was a dark strong brew known as Alderaan breakfast. Mariya suspected the locals named it because of its frequency of being served in the mornings. 


"Nice... never knew tea could be this good," Mariya made a comment about the tea after mixing it with blue milk and some sugar. She tucked in the food, talking with Marina DeVoe between bites. Just then, Gordon appeared briefly to return Marina's clothes the servants had washed before excusing him. 


"You like my outfit? Sure... you can keep them on till you go home. You are welcome to stay here as long as you like."


Mariya smiled at her friend when Marina expressed her liking for it. The clothes were light, soft and yet comfortable, a triple combination that would made her bought them for home wear in the first place. She then caught herself yawning even with the strong tea. Her sleep had been uneventful, plagued by the strange dream that basically made her go through her entire adult life so far. It felt tiring, draining even to think about it. And yet the dream remained vivid in her mind, playing back every now and then throughout the meal.


"Yawn.... I... might take another nap... Didn't really sleep well last night. Had a... how should I put it...vivid dream about my past. You can ask my butler Gordon to give you a tour of the place if you like. If you need to wash up and have a room, I'll gladly ask Gordon to arrange everything for you. Let's meet..."


She took a glance at the clock hanging on the wall.


"... for lunch?"

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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"Oh..." Marina wasn't sure what to make of it. 

Was Mariya sending her off? It were a polite way of telling someone that they had pretty much enough for the time and needed some quiet time alone...away from their guest.


"...uhm, yea... sure. Yea..." She started gesturing behind her, nodding a mutual understanding.

"I need to get speed'n on home anyhow."  Although she were gesturing behind her, the speeder she had dropped in with yesterday was out in the open court yard almost in front of her, if it weren't blocked by the shrubbery.


"I mean...I've got to tell them that the Sovereins are back in production, right?"She didn't need no other reason to excuse herself. A promise was a promise to her and whether Mariya would still welcome it tomorrow or never; Marina would still hold her promise forever. 

Ok, Marina...don't go loosing it now. Fight those tears, girl...fight those tears...

With what you did to her...accusing her of all things-  she was coaxing herself to remain calm and not make a scene. Then again, any scene right now couldn't topple that of yesterday. All she wanted to do right now is spare her friend another one, even if it meant taking the hint to scram and do it without breaking down. She owed that to Marina...and much more.


Marina put on her happy go lucky smile and picked up her bundle of clothes, leaving the towel there. Lord it was getting a bit warm under the collar down in this valley. She was looking forward to get on home and dive face first into a fresh bank of snow. God she needed to cool off so bad...she was feeling herself sweat. Only it were a cold sweat. Still, face first in that cold snow...yea.


'Lady DeVoe.." came a male's voice, suddenly drawing her attention.

Marina turned to the same gentleman that had brought her clothes earlier.

This time, he had a case of the wines. Marina could easily see that they were a few bottle each of every hue...the new Sovereigns that her friend had promised to her.


"Oh..yes, of course.." Marina stepped up to him, and tried to take that heavy load from him.

"Lady DeVoe..please, I can put them in your speeder for you." He then said.


Marina was tripping over herself inside, despite retaining a calm and collective outlook. Of course her servant would have done that, she thought...what was she doing tripping up like that?

But the very idea that her friend had graciously opted out of spending any more time with her was killing her. But she had to take it, for she knew she deserved it for what she had done to Mariya.


"Lunch.." She nodded like it were a good idea." Yes..lunch.."



"Gasp..oh wait...Oh Lord..lunch." She made like she just remembered something of the day.

"My grandfather...his birthday.... Oh my God no!!.... Yea, I had told him. I mean it's a surprise thing...you know...and now this wine. 

Great way of surprising the old Duke, heh?" She laughed making light of it, although it were something and all she could quickly think of. Only doing so, allowed a tear to escape,and raced down her cheek.


"Anywho.." She turned quickly with her bundle of clothes and started for.-.. 

Now which way was that damn speeder-

Oh yes, the speeder was parked out front there...


"But yea, lunch, sure!.." she was walking away with the gentleman following with the case of wines, at a quick pace while speaking.


"We'll have to get together soon and do lunch." tears were now blurring her vision, but her back was to Mariya so she didn't have to hold them back.


"C...Call me...ok?!" Her last words shouting back before she reached her family speeder sedan. The canopy automatically opened to receive her. But for a moment as she came upon the vehicle, she stopped short of hopping in. She wanted too so bad, if only she could open the door.

"Lady DeVoe... the trunk lifts up I believe."


"Huh?" she squinted a few times to try and focus. Sure enough she were pulling on the trunk.

"Oh, yea...I just got this stupid thing." She stepped back and quickly wiped one eye clear, making like a dumb prissy temperamental spoiled Duke's daughter knew nothing of speeders.

She then reached for the right door.


Marina wasn't by any means angry at the man. She were angry at herself for ruining the best friendship she ever had.

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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Mariya yawned again, ready to go up her room to take a nap. There was much to talk about, but the lack of sleep was killing her. They could catch up again during lunch time. She turned around and was about to enter into the hallway when she noticed a weird expression from her friend. Her friend looked unhappy... for some reason. Before she could say anything though, the other blonde had left.


"Hey... darn it."


Her mood was not exactly the best due to her lack of sleep. Still, she felt that something was up and followed behind, wondering what the whole fuss was about. Gordon had done his job of bringing in the crate of wines as she promised, so Marina could bring them home whenever she wanted. She could only hear the word lunch being repeated, then a sudden gasping from Marina DeVoe as she exclaimed about her grandfather's birthday.


"Wait up..."


And yet Marina was gone again. The mercenary was getting annoyed now, her pace hastening to catch up with her friend. She finally found the Alderaan woman trying to pull the truck when it was supposed to be lifted. 


"Hey!.. stop!..."


She finally caught up with her friend, who was obviously crying. Mariya gave her a puzzled look and sighed. Her mood was not helping as she began to toss out whatever was going through her mind.


"Okay, Marina DeVoe. What is your silly head thinking about now? Didn't I say catch up during lunch later? Why are you rushing to go home? Don't you ever say good bye if you want to leave so urgently? Can you just tell me what is bothering you?"

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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She had not been aware of Mariya tailing behind her, as she was trying to hold it together without braking down.

 "Gasp.." She was startled finding that Mariya was right there right now behind her, when she heard her yell something like stop.


The gentleman had already put the case in the luggage area of the sedan, when Marina turned to face Mariya.

She couldn't look into her friend's eyes for she were now exposed of her distress. No... no, she hadn't said goodbye because she couldn't say goodbye. No on her end she wouldn't for she didn't want to leave. But how many ways could Mariya have said for her to leave?

Marina had gotten the cue that it were time to leave, otherwise why would her friend act and say she were tired and was going down for a nap?


But Mariya's disposition and demand for Marina to explain her behavior started to clue her in that maybe... just maybe Mariya was actually exhausted.

By this time the gentleman had already placed the wines in the speeder and vacated the immediate premises; leaving these two women to settle what differences were between them. he had little clue and enough sense to know it weren't his business...not his place.


"You're not really chasing me out?...." Marina managed to coherently reply. Yes, she were still trying to maintain integrity and poise despite getting so emotionally worked up. But this was her best of friend and had she not dismissed her?


"...you mean you're actually exhausted?"  There was a sparkle of light, of jubilation in her question of Mariya being exhausted. Yes, what kind of friend revels in her best friend being exhausted?...Marina.

Well, at the revelation that Mariya was indeed truly and utterly spent, and not just saying that to rid of her annoyance; which Marina had thought her friends seen her that way.


Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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"No, I'm not exhausted. I'm DEAD exhausted... so don't make me angry now because I am getting irritated by this... whole drama of 'I have offended my friend and she is pissed off, poor me' thing."


Her lid was blown. Mariya unceremoniously dumped her annoyance at her friend. A combination of sleep derivation and unnecessary drama in her opinion could do that to her. More steam blowing was needed, so she turned her head towards her butler who was walking away. He was the next unfortunate soul in line to be told off. "Hey Gordon!"


"Yes, Miss?"


"I am giving you one job to do, so do it right. Escort this..." she made a gesture to Marina DeVoe and continuing, "...silly girl here into a guest room and don't let her leave the manor until I'm done with my nap. No buts. No protests. Just do it. I don't care what you do... tie her down with ribbons if you need to."


"... I see, I will prepare a room immediately."


The blonde took a deep breath after finishing her instructions and looked back at Marina. "So, see you for lunch. Run away again and I will literally give you a nice smacking in your ass..."


That felt so much better. Steam blowing was good. With her anger blown off, she smirked and left her friend with her butler, knowing that she could now take her well deserved rest.

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Who could mess up the best day of their life...especially since it had been dreamed of for so many months despite all of her efforts to have Mariya found had gone futil? Marina.

Who then, realizing they messed up that day and repeat it again the following day? Marina.


She stood there dumbfounded as her friend gave her a good scolding. No...it were more of 'you breathe another whine and see how fast your butt hits the dirt'kind of threat. Only it were from her best friend. 

Not a word. Not one syllable came out of Marina. Hell, even her tears decided to keep a lid on it...lower lid that is.


Marina stood there with her butt up against her speeder,motionless for awhile, lest Mariya turn and see her do something else stupid, by no intentional purpose. But it seemed that she had been on a crazy streak going on two days now. Marina was literally afraid of moving a muscle, lest she somehow start some third act by which the mischief gods had scripted her in doing.


Nope, she remained propped up like a statue against the vehicle even a minute after Mariya disappeared inside her chateau.


"Lady DeVoe.." The man's voice attracted her eyes over.

"Madam...are you alright?"


"I think you'd best be showing me to that guest room..." Marina took to walking back with the man.


"Very good, madame"


"Gordon is it?..." 


"Yes, madame."




"Pardon me, lady DeVoe."


"Please call me Marina."


"Of course, madame. I will address you as Marina per your instruction." 


So it went as they walked back toward Mariya's chateau. 

Inside, Marina looked around. She knew her friend. If Mariya said she was going to hit the sack, as she remembered her saying in the old days, then that's what she were doing. Why in all of the gods had she questioned that?

Marina was set to keep her trap shut till her friend called for her. Ok, until her friend called down to her because Gordon was leading her to the upper family chambers. The guest chambers were downstairs and he were leading her upstairs. She knew customs, despite Marina was from Northern Alderaan where there were no such manors. At least her home was not like those here in the valleys and countryside.



She were led to one of the manor's family chambers. Marina's heart skipped a beat and her throat welled up tightening for Mariya was treating her like family.

"Thank you,Gordon... I think I know the chamber's layout." She said, not wanting him to take up more time than necessary. 


He smiled and gave her a small bow, excusing his person. Marina stood there insideby her door watching him leave, before closing the door. She had wanted so bad to ask him which room was Mariya's. But thought it best if she just do as instructed herself and not drive her friend further insane. 

So now what?Maybe a due shower, hitting the sack and wait to be called down for lunch, wasn't something so unreasonable that she couldn't do..right?.


20 minutes later, all showered and still in her towel, Marina lay down on the bed a moment. She intended to just lay there a moment; to maybe clear her mind..reset herself from some awful joke of a program that the gods had been running on her for laughs. But upon clearing her first thought, she fell asleep...damp hair and all.

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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The sound of hot running water filled the air. Mariya hummed an enjoyable tune as she lathered herself in the bath tub, feeling more relaxed after the whole drama. At least to her it was a drama. Marina was her best friend, but sometimes she found it difficult to comprehend what her friend was thinking. It could be just be her friend being more emotionally sensitive and in tune with her femininity. Or it could also be her friend having a imagination that ran wildly at times.


Whatever the case, she hoped that she had set the record straight. She got up from the bath tub and dried herself, slipping onto a new set of comfortable attire that Marina had been gushing about. She had to admit that the quality of the fabric material did make a difference in the comfort. The credits were definitely well spent on this instance. She walked out of her room, her hair wrapped in a towel and saw Gordon approaching.


"Miss Fleischer. Your friend is in the next room."


"How is she?"

"I think she is more calm after your talk with her."


"There's no need to mince words. I didn't exactly talk to her nicely... perhaps I was a little harsh." Mariya felt a little guilty for raising her voice, but was appreciate of her butler's way of putting his words across.


"Perhaps, or perhaps not. Some words were necessary to be spoken. Regardless, I am sure your friendship with Miss DeVoe would improve after this little incident. Now, I must excuse myself to see that lunch is served and gifts are prepared for Mr DeVoe's birthday."


"Thanks, Gordon."


"It's my pleasure."


Mariya made her way into the room where Marina DeVoe was in. She knocked on the door but received no response. Shrugging her shoulders, she went back to her own room and collapsed on the bed, setting her alarm to ring by 12 noon. It would give her plenty of time to take a good nap. She might need the energy to attend Marina' grandfather's birthday later, though that was really up in the air.

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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So many conflicting promises she had committed herself to. It were literately tearing her apart from the inside out. Her loyalty to the Queen, her family, her heritage and now mostly her friends. It were no wonder why the girl had trouble keeping them all neat and tidy and in proper perspectives....


"It is so much looks like Alderaan", Marina stated looking out of the NIS shuttle heading to Karlie's estates.


"Alderaan?... You mean holovids of Alderaan. " The young womanheld her breath, finding herself a bit put out. "It was why we had broken away, so you know..."


"Yes, you kinda drilled that into me..." Marina lightly tapped her forearm.


"You don't understand... what we were made to do no longer gave validity to the Galactic Empire. A few systems found the means to break clean from that regime..." She sighed, as it was awkard for her to speak about it. "...following the genocidal attack on your system."


"Karlie...I don't know what you want to hear from me, but I can't be the one to forgive what had happened in the past. You aren't responsible for the past...you can only move forward and avoid ever repeating it. "


"But here you are...a foster child of that event....a nomad... a gypsy-"


"What are you talking about?


"Your Alderaanean ancestry....you're world..your home was -


"My world's fine."


"Come on... I saw the holo-vids of the destruction and aftermath. Those butchers recorded all they did...for prosperity."


"Yes... Alderaan is just a graveyard now... I have gone there for as long as I can remeber with my family...now on my own...we pay homage to our ancestors...." Marina's eyes distanced a moment as the remnant of her ancestral world seemed to appear withing arms reach. But it soon opened up to the front courtyard of Karlie's estate.

Marina turned around looking at the Lamba class shuttle. Strange she didn't recall the landing, nor disembarking from it.


"You're welcome to settle on Castagne..or any system within our sector."

"Settle what?!...where?..here?!!" Marina shockingly stopped in her tracks. "I thought you said I wasn't going to be detained?!"


"What?!..No!..NO!No one's detaining you. I'm offering you a home..your family a home!"


"My family a home? My family's fine on Alderaan...New Alderaan."


"New Alderaan?...your people found a system to settle on?"


"Nooooo...my people had terra-formed a near replica of Alderaan...nearly 5 centuries ago....I thought you got that."


"Oh my God..." Karlie took to giving Marina a huge hug. "You don't know what the following generations to this day are so remorse about."



Her grandfather's hug were long overdue. She had been long overdue. "Yea..I'm sorry, just that time ran away on me."

"Come on..come on..." he held her hands eager to hear of her adventure. "Tell me of your trip..you were gone far too long....I want to know everything.." He genuinely loved to hear of his granddaughter's off world adventures. He had been her greatest supporter in indulging his granddaughter's adventurous spirit.

"Oh God yes..." She replied, but somehow she couldn't continue. She didn't know why she couldn't speak of her latest adventure..just that she couldn't.

"Yea... yea....yes...." was all she could say to her grandfather, but words just couldn't be formed or made to speak of it.


The trail led to the opening of Aeiden Pass...the way to the mountain range as it came up from the valley. Marina was hiking alongside her grandfather. It were what they had done since she could literally walk. Hike the Aeiden mountain sides in the warmer months. And in those months, with the snow melting in the upper ranges, a mist or fog always seemed to flow within the lower ranges as the cool mountain air from the North met the warmer air from the valley at the pass.

"This is God's country.." Her grandfather said..like he had always said when they got to this point.

Marina couldn't be in a better place..or with a better man...Ok, well her father too. But she just adored her grandfather as she looked up the misty pass as she had always done-

Suddenlyher worst nightmare emerged out of the mist.






Marina suddenly sat up screaming!

Realizing where she was and that it had only been a nightmare, she cupped her mouth shut.

Only it were too late, for she knew it must have rang out like someone were murdering her or something...


She sat there a moment..maybe less before realizing she were still wrapped in a towel.

"Shoot..." Marina scrambled off the bed and made for the washroom...her towel slipped off her and onto the floor before she made it to the washroom.


"Oh my God!..." She took a look at the wild woman, starring at her in the mirror.

Her hair was simply..untamed.

It had dried while she were asleep and with her tossing and turning through her dream sequences. Wild, untamed, jungle girl.


"Lady DeVoe?...madame...you need assistance?" She heard a man's voice outside the chamber's door to the bedroom.


"Yes, mad-...Marina, I mean. It's me Gordon. I heard a scream...you alright?"


"Yea... Uhm...yea, sorry...spider. I...I freeked out. Hate. Despise spiders.." There she went again...drawing up excuses out of thin air. She dropped her head in disappointment. Had she not learned anything here?


"Do you wish for me to dispose of it, Marina?


"Er...no. No, I squashed it myself..."  She bit her lip. Now why would an arachnophobian go and do that herself? 


"Ok..very good..Marina. Should I call the maid to clean it up?"


FLUSsssshhhhh....The toilet was heard flushing."Got that!" She replied.


"Then everything's fine?"


"All good...be down in a half hour..."


"Very good then...Marina...I shall inform the mistress."


Marina sighed a relief, then shuffled her hair about. "Yea, wild crazy jungle woman's in the house...." She then said, before turning around and getting back to another shower.

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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You know the times when one was too tired to be waken up easily?


The times where loud noises were everywhere but you remained snoring peacefully in your comfortable king sized bed?


Mariya was enjoying the same situation. 


Not even the scream of her best friend was able to wake her up. No, she actually slept her way through the whole thing soundly. The scream, the voices of her butler interacting with her friend, the toilet flush? None of it mattered to her or stirred her. Her body had been deprived of the much needed rest, thanks to the tiring dream and bad sleeping position last night.She was in la la land, in sleep land, in a place where she was recharging and rejuvenating herself. And why not? The pillow was comfortable, the bolster was cuddly and the blanket was cosy. The room temperature read 24 degrees Celsius, a good number for sleeping soundly. She definitely was enjoying the much deserved rest.


However, her alarm clock was more merciless compared to her friend's scream. The ringing sound failed to stir her from her blissful sleep, but triggered an automatic sensor in her room to activate the wake up mechanism. The room temperature shot up quickly, turning into a sauna. The cosy blanket became a piece of fabric that trapped so much heat that she opened her eyes immediately and sat up. 


"Holy crap... what kind of wake up system did the renovation crew install... "


She yawned and tapped on the ringing alarm clock to silence it. The reading on the digital thermometer dropped back to normal, though she found herself starting to sweat. She frowned and hopped back into the shower for a rinse, using a new towel this time since the old one was still damp. With that done, she got out of her door and walked back to the door where Marina DeVoe was sleeping. The sound of running water told her not to intrude, so she merely knocked and shouted outside the door.


"Hey Marina, I'll see you downstairs for lunch, alright?"


She stepped away from the door and walked down the stairs in her slippers, stretching herself. The dining room was busy with her servants putting several dishes conjured by the chef. A serving of flatbread, Alderaan stew, saltlicker ribs and a side salad. No wine was served, but there were bowls of hot soup. Mariya felt a little hungry, but decided to wait for her friend to come down. She always felt better to eat together with her friends.

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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"Ta da!"

She put the dryer down then ran the brush over to an already tamed mane. "...and now we have AFTER."


Her hair tamed from that previous wild woman look, she let her fingers walk through the vanity's selection of light hues to compliment her natural look. Not that she needed makeup really,as she were more natural than made up... but a little rose` to brighten her outlook never hurt. 

"Hmm..." She then started to wonder as to the selection of the hues and blushes. "What's this?..."  It were as though someone gave a good guess as to her taste.

Marina looked up at her reflection thinking of this morning's events.

Mariya had instructed Gordon to show her to a guest room...but this were no guest room, as guests stayed downstairs. These were the chateau's family rooms...Mariya's family rooms and Gordon had taken her upstairs and not where guests were quartered..usualy.


"Mariya..." She spoke her name in fondness, coming to the conclusion that it had been planned for her to sleep here overnight. Well, maybe not last night, but the room, especially the vanity was pretty much set up in her taste of makeup.


It were obvious as to why then that Gordon had taken her to an upstairs room.Despite in the manner that her friend Mariya had ordered her to stay put and be shown to a guest room, it were actually a room that Mariya had already made ready for her. It were just a matter of time or said manner that she'd wind up exactly where Mariya had intended her to be. And that was in one of the chateau's family suites...close to her.


"Sigh.... don't go blowing it, Marina..." She pleaded with her likeness.

"You've put her through more than one wringer so far...don't blow it." She then took a deep breath to collect and then shed all the little splinters that seemingly were trying to surface.


"She has her reasons why she waited so long to contact me. ..her reason's alone. Got it?" A stern face to self.

"Got it" She replied, ready to get on downstairs. Hopefully Mariya had awakened and was waiting for her ...maybe not. Whatever the case, she were set to get herself downstairs and-


Knock knock... "Miss... Marina?..It's Gordon." 


Marina looked herself over...same clothes she had come over with, only that they were freshly cleaned overnight.

"OK..." She nodded to self and went to answer her door.


"Good morning Gordon.."


"Good morning to you, Marina. I had thought I'd come up and see if ...that spider is giving you any more troubles."


"Oh that..yes. ..er, no. No I sent him off on his way. You do know that spiders are actually beneficial here..they keep the unruly insect population in check." She gave him a smile, as he stepped aside and gestured that all were ready downstairs.

"Of course Marina....so you know, it didn't awaken the mistress."


Marina turned, just before her first step to descend the main staircase. Gordon was certainly a gentleman of the keep, as they said of trusting servants that are pretty much like head of house...in a butler sense.

"Thank you...it were actually a bad dream-" She went about to explain, but Gordon wouldn't have it.


"I quite understand Marina." he gave her a sweet smile. Yes, he understood. "Dreams are in many ways a way to play out what we hold too tight of things hard to let go." He understood alright.

"Your brunch awaits, Marina." And there were no need for more words. marina almost seemed to hop and skip down those stairs. Although not really, but inside she were beaming as such. For one thing, her friend Marina had one hell of a gentleman at her beckoning. For this fact alone, marina was happy. happy for her friend.


"It's this way, Marina" Gordon corrected her as she were going towards-..well, just going without direction really, as the only thing in her mind right now was to have a real sit down with her friend.

"Right.." she changed course and followed his gesture..then, she turned once more to him.

"No wine...right?"


"No mam...Marina. No wines.... fresh fruit..juices and stimcaf amongwhat the mistress-"

He didn't need to continue as they arrived at the table where it were all laid out. And there sat her friend Mariya.


With a quick hop and a skip the first thing Marina did is greet her a late morning and gave her best friend a nice overhead hug, from where Mariya were sitting.

"I don't know how you put up with me... but thank you." Marina then said as she released her friend.


Gordon had already pulled a chair for her to sit. 

The beaming smile on Marina as she looked over to her tired friend was like sunshine....hopefully contagious.

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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Mariya broke into a smile when she saw Marina DeVoe came down the stairs. She was about to get up when her friend walked up behind her and gave her one of those nice cuddles from the back. She tilted her head backwards and grinned at her friend who seemed to have calmed down after the whole dramatic incident regarding the wine. Marina did ask a valid question. Why would Mariya put up with a friend like her? She merely shrugged her shoulders at her friend's question, not exactly sure what to reply. Friends would come and go, sure. But certain friends would always be around, no matter what happened. If she ever needed help, she knew that Marina would be more than willing to extend her hand. Same for her case.


"You look refreshed. I think the nap did both of us some good. Okay, I'm just going to say tuck in, because I'm starving,"


Mariya finished her sentence gleefully and started her attack on the food. The first casualty was the flatbread, which found itself being dipped into the hot warm soup of cream before being torn into pieces by Mariya's mouth. Ribs were being sliced apart by the blonde's knife, followed by a generous helping of the stew.


"Ummm Mmmm.... I never knew that Alderaan stew was this good. Marina, you are so fortunate to be enjoying this at home."


The blonde laughed, clearly in a much better mood with the food warming her up and her friend's company. Whatever drama or petty arguments they had, they were tossed out of the window. The mood had lightened up, so it was a good time to pop the question.


"I overheard it's your grandfather's birthday today. If you don't mind, perhaps I could pay him a visit and send him my well wishes? I am sure Gordon would have already packed the wines nicely in a basket or something."


"It has already been done, Miss," the voice of her butler answered the query. Gordon was standing nearby, ready to make sure the meal was taken care off.

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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Oh thank the gods...the worst was over, like a nightmare dissipating in the morning light. And who says, light doesn't sweep darkness aside?


Marina wasted no time in helping herself to a well prepared brunch. She got seated by Gordon who then left his mistress and Marina to their own device.

Mmm.... she readily took a few slices of bacon, an egg, toast and a pancake...well, make that two pancakes. And fresh fruit topping...and sweet natural syrup...Mmm...delicious.

Te was steeped and coffee poured with a touch of vanilla cream.

The bright valley sun had risen high in the sky, but they were somewhat shaded by overhead shutters that were in style with grape slats...only these weren't for vines but were architecturally designed to compliment the chateau as well as the estate itself.


Did Marina miss home cooked foods? She had acquired a better taste for it, ever since she took to the freedom of the stars. Yes, she loved her traditional Alderaanean cuisines. She needed answer Mariya about her taste, it were apparent. Funny how one realizes and misses home and all of its amenities when away from it awhile.


Yes, it were near of what good dreams were made of...or at least of what she dreamed of her and Mariya doing should her friend ever come to visit her on Alderaan. But this was better than what she had ever dreamed of...Mariya actually residing or having at least a home here on Alderaan. It wasn't impossible for Marina to think that perhaps Mariya had a few homes scattered about in unexpected corners of the galaxy. But having one here was more than she could have hoped for. At least she'd visit her own winery and Alderaan...and thus, there was a means of not loosing her friend to the cold expanse of space and the millions of light years in between.


"Lord... I'm hungrier than I thought..." She then said as they talked and ate, with Marina finishing her plate clean.

She hadn't touched the tea, which at this point had cooled too much to really enjoy it. But a second cup of coffee, was calling for her...and so was her appetite.

She placed her empty plate to the side and reached for a clean one for a rare seconds. But this being a bit past noon, she had skipped breakfast and pretty much last night's dinner. So a second helping although rare was now being constructed.

"Lets see...Bacon..eggs-...."

She froze going for the toast.


"Say what?

............my grand-"Marina continued with the motion of putting the slice of toast on her plate. Amazing, she was no longer hungry.

The gods must of snicked among themselves watching this play out.


"My grandfather...yea..yea...hehe....Oh Lord..." Ok, what now? Marina's sudden change of pace and seemingly bright outlook got her friend's attention.


"Uhm...about that...my grandfather's birthday....uhm...it kinda passed like 5 months ago."

If ever her friend Mariyainclined on hunting the wild deer of Alderaan, she'd come up to the same look in their eyes as Marina's at that moment; when the deer realized they were in the sight of an archer. 


Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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Mariya was happily drinking the bowl of soup with her spoon, tasting its delicious broth when her friend seemed to be stumbling over her words. She stopped, looking up at Marina DeVoe with her trademarked raised eyebrow. Time seemed to be slowing into a crawl when her friend casually mentioned that her grandfather's birthday had passed more than five months ago. The blonde was stunned by the new information, her mouth open for a moment. Her eyes stole a look at Gordon, who looked equally just as surprised.


"Your grandfather's... birthday... passed five months ago... Seriously? Five months ago?"


An uncomfortable silence filled the air. Mariya found herself unable to find the right reaction to the whole situation. Her brain decided that she could either treat the whole thing as a joke, or kick up a fuss and spoil the mood. She decided the former and broke out into loud laughter.


"Hahaha.... Oh Gordon... tell me you were... fooled too... hahaha..."


"I... I certainly was, Miss," the butler remained composed and answered in a controlled manner. He was a true professional, his face not displaying any outward signs of anger or amusement.


"Oh Marina... Marina... hahaha... what am I going to do with you," she continued laughing and stood up, walking over to a new bottle of wine on display at the cabinet. She grabbed the bottle and walked over to her friend's seat, unsealing the cap and pouring a full glass of red.


"Well, you definitely deserved to be punished. A full glass for starters. Hmm, should I make you finish the whole bottle?"


There was an mischievous twinkle in her eyes. Mariya placed the glass in front of her friend who had brought her too much amusement. Perhaps amusement was not the right word. More like a roller coaster ride of emotions. Whatever the case, the glass was a fitting punishment for her friend. A full serving of red wine almost to the brim.

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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"Hehe..." Marina timidly followed along at her friend's mock humor.

Oh she knew her friend...and knew her well enough to recognize this wasnot what she found funny at all. But lucky for Marina this was her friend, for when she had been in the presence of Mariya with that same mock laughter, that scum who had thought he had come up on easy prey found that one prey had a predator alongside her that ate scum like that as an appetizer. naturally, Marina's instinct told her not to make any sudden moves...just in case in this little play. So she simply followed along, waiting...seeing what her friend had in store for her.


"You can't be serious..." She commented on the glass being filled in front of her. 

"Seriously...it's...it's not even noon...." Marina stated, as it got filled to the rim.


"It's quarter past one... ahem.." Gordon to Marina's surprise was not only the perfect butler, but the time keeper. 


"Tehe... " She nodded a thankful acknowledgement to Gordon for that correction. Was Mariya really going to make her drink...the entire bottle?


Marina reached out and settled her fingers on the bottom end of the wine glass stem. But she didn't pick it up, just slightly and without spilling it spun it around a quarter way.... obviously procrastinating, as her mind raced to avert her getting tipsy once again so early in an already rolling coaster. 


"I may have blurted something along that line....the birthday thing." her eyes cautiously came up to Mariya's. Nope, the other blonde wasn't budging. Just a quick stern glance to the glass, then back to Marina told her that there was no way she's squirm out of this one.



"I was wrong...been wrong since yesterday...everything I've been doing somehow has bitten me back for whatever reason or another...." No, she weren't weaseling out of it, or giving a lame excuse. It was true. What had the gods against her these past two day? Had they decided to mess with her for some reason or other? 

Marina knew too well, that for every action there has to be a reaction. And boy had her actions caused such reactions. Good thingthen she had studied political sciences rather than nuclear physics. 


Still the glass did not leave the table.

"I just fibbed...lied. I lied..yes. It was the only way for me to leave gracefully. Sigh... I thought you had told me in a lady-like manner for me to leave" She confessed.


....Frak..." Marina then picked up the glass. A little spilled as the red broke the surface tension of the glass when she picked it up. her hand weren't trembling, but it wasn't steady either.


Her lips took to the rim, taking in the Sovereign. She couldn't deny it were good...just that it had not been on her mind to do any drinking today...maybe for awhile while in the company of her best friend. So she didn't get the bottom up, but did take it down to half a glass, before resettling it back on the table. Her hand remained on the glass.


" I didn't mean to outright lie... " She tapped a finger on the stem. "I've rarely, if ever...had to lie to you." Ok, so she had to stop and think mid sentence to do an audit of their relationship. And at this time given to her..she couldn't recall ever having to lie to her...ever.

So why did she?


The glass got picked up and went bottoms up. "Cough..cough..." a bit got misguided and went past the larynx, in her haste to down it.

She picked up one of the napkins to wipe her lips and a bit that had made it to the table.

But it were just a slight unintentional mishap and Marina regained her posture, then held the glass up glass up for a refill. She was no quitter. If this was Mariya's reaction for Marina's actions, then she was getting off easy.

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