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Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

- - - - - marina devoe mariya fleischer

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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"Yea, I'm military trained. No luxury for slowness when changing attire. But it is also useful during sexy times too, haha..." she joked.


While her friend was undressing in the pool, she dived back in to retrieve her own clothes at the bottom and tossed them over the ledge. One of the maids moved over to collect the two ladies' wet clothes. Gordon himself was nowhere to be seen, presumably excusing himself the moment the ladies began stripping. He did brief one of the maids to look after the two of them before leaving the area, making sure there were towels ready to be handed over when the whole craziness in the pool was finished.


"Trust you to think of this, heh. But you haven't seen everything yet."


The blonde glanced up into the night sky, swimming to the shallow end of the pool and found her feet. She leaned against the edge of the pool where it was designed for sitting and asked for Marina to follow suit next to her. Their bodies triggered the automatic sensors, water jets spurting out on their backs for a relaxing massage. She sighed, enjoying the comfort of the jacuzzi function. The water temperature had been adjusted to suit the environment, lukewarm and comfortable. The pool lights were nice, a soft yellow glow but she wanted something more.


"Pool lights, showtime."


Music suddenly went on, coming from the nearby speakers. The lights slowly shifted from yellow to a multitude of colours. A mini light show for the two of them. One of the maids went over, placing two glasses of fizzy lemon soda next to them.


"So, impressed?" 


There was a smirk on Mariya when she posed her question to her friend.

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Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

    Not a flight stewardess...watch your step, please..

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"Impressed with this?...the chateau...pool..vineyards...no." She moved away from the jets and back into deeper water slowly backstoking, before diving back in and resurfacing and wading over closer again.


"It's nice...but nothing as impressive as you, Mariya. You've impressed me....not this grand scale manor or the property...you."  Marina swam a bit closer till her feet once more touched the shollow part and she stood, shoulds out of the pool. She pulled her hair back and wiped the water from her features.


"I always hoped you'd find your place...someplace you could call home...or where you could at least hang your rifle awhile and just be you. You deserve this, of all people. You impress me, that you've done all this on your own initiative...your own sweat. You've risked your life serving others and had little to show...aside from your cantina. But this...all this is your making. Your design. Your toils coming to bare fruit. " She leaned back and pushed herself back floating on her back.


Her eyes were looking up at the ceiling full of stars. She were suspended in the lukewarm pool that were a perfect temp. In the pool and on her back, she could not feel the water as it were attuned to her body. At that moment she could as well be an angel floating in space among those stars...it were that feeling.


"Come...come float with me among the stars..."

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

    She walks like she don't care; Smooth as silk, cool as air

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"Thanks, but you can stop praising me now. I'm just enjoying this lifestyle as much as possible for now, hehe..." she grinned, taking a sip of the soda and left the water jets. A few strokes to join her friend who was floating in the water. Mariya's body was more muscular, which translated to more density. But she managed to do so, with a deep breath and some relaxation. The water gently caressed her face while her legs remained submerged. Good enough, as long as no one disturbed her.


"Okay, floating... but I'm watching you. Won't want to suddenly be dragged into the water again," Mariya issued a verbal warning in jest. There was no way she could turn her head and look at Marina in this floating position. Emerald eyes stared at the darkness above, lit by the countless stars. Definitely a mesmerising sight.


"A shooting star! Look."


She pointed at the general direction, unsure if Marina caught it. The last time she stared at the starry sky, she caught several blips streaking across. So even if her friend missed the first one, the chances of seeing another was high with so many stars above them.


"Play starry, starry night..."


The music switched under her command, a familiar tune flowing in the air.


"Starry, starry night... paint your palette blue and grey. Look out on a summer's day. With eyes that know the darkness in my soul...."