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Two Blonde Besties in Alderaan

- - - - - marina devoe mariya fleischer

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Mariya Fleischer

Mariya Fleischer

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"I didn't know you were at the kitchen," Mariya said, munching on her toast and glancing at her friend who had wandered in and found her seat at the table. Her hair was not exactly messy, but Marina DeVoe probably decided otherwise with the quick hair brushing. "Haha, thanks. Though I think the hair will get messy again when we head off." 


She tackled the food head on, now that her friend was sitting with her. Scrambled eggs with cream, mushrooms and bacon on her plate. The servants had also brought out jars of jam with different flavours. Alderaan strawberries. Pineapple. Starbloom. The latter was ingenious to Alderaan, which Mariya had been trying ever since she stepped foot on the planet. She spread the jam onto her toast and topped it up with blue milk butter, giving it a sweet and savoury taste with each bite.


"Print equipment? If you are talking about skiing stuff, I think we have some readily available," she said, casting her glance at Gordon who gave a assuring nod. "See, there's no need for printing. As for visiting your grandfather, I reckon we still have that case of wines somewhere."


"Indeed, mistress. The case is kept securely in the cellar. I'll load them up with the ski equipment on the speeder later before you go," the middle aged man said, his voice not betraying a hint of emotion. 


"Good. It's not her grandfather's birthday, but we should still bring a gift along," Mariya on the other hand, could barely stop herself from grinning.  Emerald eyes glanced at her friend's face for a moment, wondering if Marina would react to the topic. She could still remember the commotion that happened.

Marina DeVoe

Marina DeVoe

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"Hee-hee...then I'll fix it again some more." She teased about her friend's hair getting messed up later.


Mariya hadn't answered her about if she had gotten a good night's sleep, but Marina remembered her effort in keeping her friend up, as she herself wasn't tired out like Mariya and wanted the night to last a bit longer. Maybe it were best her fiend didn't answer, now that she thought about it.

And her friend who had said she never skied, had equipment? Hmm...that was something she didn't expect. Marina simply smiled to the fact that Gordon too acknowledged the equipment.  


Hmm...kept thinking Marina...what kind of ski equipment?... was it suitable and set up for beginner or expert? 

She didn't comment on her friend's reveal of the equipment she had, as Marina had not seen what her friend was talking about. If anything; she figured she'd go over the equipment when they got over there and make any necessary adjustments as it pertained to her friend's level. Marina was certain her friend would pick up on skiing quickly and would adjust her bindings accordingly. As far as ski clothes, if her friend's weren't adequate, she had a few complete and mix match clothes at her mountain chalet anyway.


Then Mariya mentioned the wines. Wines of three days ago.


The case!" Marina just remembered the case of wine that Gordon helped her put in her speeder not two days ago. It had it been left in there to become cooking wine in the closed glass canopy of her speeder...or worse.. had they turned to vinegar?

She thought this when her friend first mentioned the wines.


But as it turned out, that first day had been quite a trial for both of them with so much drama that had seemed to pop out of nowhere. marina had not been aware that Gordon had retrieved the case of wines, knowing marina wasn't going to depart. He had been in the wine business all his life, as his father and father before him. he had the wisdom of retrieving the Sovereigns and place them in their ideal storage environment...the wine cellar.


"Oh...thank the heavens..." Marina sat back in her chair relieved at the fact that someone had remained cool headed and reserved these past three days. 

"I mean..thank you, Gordon....whew.." She sighed a relief.

The case of the varied Sovereigns had been a gift from her friend Mariya, and to have it have gone to waste in the heat of the speeder's interior during the day would show little care for such a thoughtful gift. But Mariya's butler and trusted friend had saved not only the wines, but Marina's grace.


"Oh wow... It would have been three day in a row of strikes." She shook her head, reaching for her toast again. This time taking a much bigger bite than just a bird's .


"I mean...I know I've been like way over the top the last two days...but honestly, I'm trying to tone it down today.Although I still can't believe you're here...here on Alderaan. I know I've been a klutz for the past two days...just that seeing you again is beyond words...you know.." 

It were true, she had missed her friend for so long and without word of her whereabouts.


"Oooh..." She just remembered the prison part and of the Imperial entanglement.


"Uhm... yea, listen." She then put her toast down and leaned a bit forward toward Mariya.

"No biggie, but would you mind not mentioning the escape thingy and of the doctor?..." She then asked.


Not that she were embarrassed of her friend...no, far from it. 

Just that she didn't wish to bring the Imp thing with the incarceration and stuff the first time her friend got to meet her family. It wasn't that Marina was going to keep it from them, but she knew what first impressions could do and she wanted her family to love Mariya as she did.

Then again, they did put up with Marina,especially as a youngster, with so much of her high spirits and antics seemingly never making for a boring unexcited day on the mountains. And never once did they ever throw her off the mountain top.

Well Ok, maybe the one time when she fired up one of the star fighters at the age of 6, and literally had it rolling toward the edge of the main platform.

Her father had chased it down before it rolled over the edge and climbed in just as it went over. He then quickly strapped an escape chute on her and threw her out of the tumbling fighter...off the mountain. He too had escaped the craft before it crashed and exploded below...


"...at least not on the first round."She finished.

Yes, Marina had hopes that her friend would maybe spend as much time on her mountains as she was spending time with her in the valley. 


"Anywho... I don't have much to pack, seeing that I've been mostly wearing your clothes. But would love to help you pack. besides...wana check out more of your cool off world clothes. haven't been shopping off world for months." Which of course was true, as she had been quite not herself without her bestie missing and all for all those months...





Mariya Fleischer

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