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Zephyr Carrick - Verd Clan

House Carrick Verd Clan Nyx Look at Me

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I Missed Till the Break of Day




  • Full name: Zephyr Michael Carrick
  • Preferred Name: 
    • Zephyr Carrick
  • Alias: 
    • Ventus
    • Buurenaar Cabur - Storm Guardian
    • Run'Katkta Ohvita - Souless Exile
    • Stormbird
  • Titles: 
    • Harbinger of the Abyss
    • Warrior of Manda'lor
    • Reclaimer of Mygeeto
    • Dar'manda of the Mandalorian Empire
    • Chosen of Lylek(Former)
  • Species: Near Human
  • Race:
  • Homeworld: Voss
  • Faction(s): 
    • Independent,
    • House Verd
    • House Carrick
    • Confederacy of Independent Systems (CIS)(Formerly)
    • The Je'daii Order(Formerly)
  • Rank(s): 
    • ​Force Rank - Master
    • CIS - Chosen of Lylek(Formerly)
    • CIS - Adjudicator of the Obsidian Knights(Formerly)
    • Je'daii Order - Ally(Formerly)
  • Class: 
    • Anti-Paladin
    • Swordsman/Bladesman
    • Agent/Stealth Operative
  • Mentors: 
    • ​Xander Carrick - Father
    • Maya Carrick - Mother
    • Jericho
    • Isley Verd/Darth Metus 
  • Students: 
    • ​Emberly Carrick - Adopted Daughter
  • Force Sensitive: Yes, Highly
  • Force Alignment: True Neutral - Moral Compass


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 30 Galactic Standard Years
  • Height: 6 foot even
  • Weight: 195 pounds
  • Complexion: ​Caucasian
  • Eye Color: Electric Blue, Sometime dull blue
  • Hair Color: Black, Hints of navy blue. 
  • Distinguishing Marks: Letter of Xesh tattooed upon his shoulders, Thighs, and center chest. Various scars covering his body, Robotic right arm
  • Voice Sample: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Final Fantasy XV - Sample - He speaks with a slight Mando'a Accent as he has learned from birth to speak the three languages of his heritage. Mando'a, Basic, and Arkanian. 
  • Appearance description: Zephyr stands a little over the average height of most males. This is in thanks to his father and his own build that Zeph gets quite the physique. His muscular body is kept as such due to his skills in swordsmanship, Lightsaber usage, hand to hand combat, and general well kept. Various scars are along his body. However, notably he has six tattoos. Five of the letter Xesh upon his face, upper arms, back and calves. One last tattoo is the Bond of the Lylek. A sign of his cooperation with a Witch Coven with the CIS. 


  • Marital Status: Single,
  • Sexual Conduct: Hetrosexual, Sexually Active.
  • Languages: Galactic Basic, Mando'a Arkanian, Understands many more. 
  • Occupation: Vagabond
  • Residence: Moves about too much. 




  • Live by the Saber: A master of Lightsaber, and sword Combat. Trained by Xander Carrick, and Jericho who were both Masters of hand to hand, Bladed, Lightsaber, and even hammer based combat types. Thus by learning from them, and years of use, One would be hard pressed to beat Zeph in pure bladed combat. Zeph is a master at Shi-cho and Soresu Lightsaber forms. Providing him very high defenses, with a basic fighting style. 
  • Mandalorian: Zeph isn't the best shot, nor is he the worst. Having various training with the Silver Sanctum Coalition's Military, as well as Mandalorian training, Zephyr is a good combatant combined with his already expanding arsenal, as well as learning various weapons such as Slugthrowers, Blasters, and more weaponry for those who are not adept of the force. 
  • Holems Jr: Zephyr has learned from his father much about keeping an eye about your surroundings and how they can react towards you. As such, He is very observant. Retaining knowledge rather easily and keeping it there, He is borderline Hyperthymesia
  • Quicker and Quicker: Taking up on force abilities, forms of combat, and even general tactics, Zephyr is a very fast learner. Teach him, or show him something, and it usually only takes a few tries for him to get it down. This also allows him to catch onto fighting forms just from watching others. Much like he is observant, Zeph can catch on very quickly to how people react, and act towards him, and others. Letting him learn abilities, fighting styles, and other forms of combat much quicker than most. 
  • Lasts Longer than 24 hours: Having a very high stamina allows Zeph to fight a rather long time. Either by the force, or in bladed combat. After training his body to become closer and closer to its peak physical condition, He can use a sword just as effectively as his lightsaber. Being able to stand toe to toe with Lightsaber users with a heavier weapon. This is increased further with any force usage to aid him in combat.  


  • Honor Bound: Zeph has come to be known as a rather honorable person. While he may be cruel in his actions, but understands that people are just doing what they think is right. Each person has their reasons, and he gives them the benefit of the doubt. He doesn't like to face women in battle, and rumored to go easier on them. As well, his word means a lot to him. If he gives a person a promise, he intends to keep it.  
  • Muddied Blood: Born from a Mixed father, and a Zeltron mother, Zephyr has a little bit of both running through his blood. He has very good looks, and attributes most of that from his mother. He does not have the ability to release pheromones. 
  • Sides of the Force: While Zeph identifies as someone who uses the Dark side of the force, he is not someone who is consumed by it. Using his abilities more like tools, or pure skills that are best left in moderation. Zeph can be seen using rather darker influenced abilities within the force, as well as lighter sided, or neutral abilities. Zephyr has no real side that he relies solely upon. He uses a mix of both, and as such, finds no place among the Darkest of Sith, nor the Purest of Jedi. 
  • Neutral Ground: In the past, Zeph has gone against orders of his commanding officers. He has also outright denied orders given to him. While this was mostly his rebellious side, he has long since changed and learned from his mistakes. He tends to be more neutral minded. Thinking through the consequences a little more. Yes he can still be a little heated, and can go against others orders still, but doesn't do it as often as he may have once had. He enjoys his freedom to do as he pleases. Yet, understands that there has to be some form of order, otherwise everything would go to hell. 
  • Emotional Fighter: Using emotions is sometimes good, and can really help when in a pinch. However, Zeph can sometimes take it a little too far. Instead of using "happy" thoughts or emotions of good things, he also uses anger, hate, and rage. Which can lead to him seeming him a little darker than he should be. Taking this further, Time and time again is mentioned of Zeph using his emotions to allow him to fight further in combat. 


  • Women: His father has taught him to hold women to a higher standard than himself. And as such, will do so. Being a gentlemen towards most women, about the only person he doesn't act this way towards to is his Twin sister. He prefers to not fight women, and will even in some cases, not kill the opposite sex simply because he has been taught to hold them to a rather high regard. 
  • Fight till the end: With being an emotional fighter, as well as one to keeps very closely to his word, he will give it his all in a fight. Never backing down. No, he won't challenge everyone, he is smart enough when to not fight, but if he is going to die, then he will go out kicking and screaming and covered in somebody's blood. He doesn't seem to know the term "Give up." 
  • Its Time to Work: No matter what relation you have with Zeph, he takes his work seriously. Including battle. So any time that he will be in battle, he won't refer to you as the nicknames he may call you by, or by other non formal terms. He takes battle, and "work" in general very serious.  
  • That one button: There is one thing you never touch about with Zeph. And that is his dear friends, or his family. Many of those include his biological family of the Carrick Tree, as well as his adoptive family of the Verd Clan, and some others. Say anything against him? he won't care, and will likely walk away. Say something about his friends, or those he loves, and he won't back down. 
  • Bottled up: He can't share his feelings with others very well. Sure he has some small romances in the past, notably with Celiana, but otherwise, he doesn't really show you who he really is. He tries to hide himself. This can clearly be seen how he likes to work alone, and tends to use stealth abilities when doing so. 
  • Strong Arm: Zephyr had his arm removed due to the injuries sustained. Instead of trying to deal with a flesh arm that may or may not work well with his swordsmanship, he had it removed with an arm that is more capable and stronger. However, this means that his right arm is superior and thus he favors his right arm in most situations. This means his left arm is not quite up to par in fighting, and in some cases, he will punch as hard as he can with his left arm, without realizing the consequences. 
  • Family Man: Even though his family affairs have been rather shifty at times, he still loves them and cares for them. While his father and mother are Jedi, he sees the dark side of the force as a tool, and thus doesn't feel the need to be a Jedi in name. A lot of the Verd Clan that his family is tied with are also dark siders, including his master being a Sith Lord. His family comes first before everything else. Should they call upon him, he will be there. While he may argue with them, or disagree with some of their motives, he understands they too, want the family and clan to prosper, and as such, will aid them in whatever way he can possible. Family before all else. 






Growing up without a father for most of your life is hard. Considering the last known memory of him was when I was a kid trying to pick up his hammer, and him chuckling in the background. I was born on the planet Voss to my mother Maya, and father Xander. Both of whom are Jedi Masters within the Silver Jedi Order. My Father a well know Lightsaber duelist, and Telekinesis user, and my mother a Jedi Healer, and Leader of the Sage Caste within the Jedi Sanctum. I grew up with a younger twin sister. Freyia. While she was always the more adventurous one, I was the one at home studying, and training. Becoming the best I could so that one day I could fight beside my father on the fields of glory. 


I dreamed of being able to fight the Sith to protect my family. I felt as though with him gone, I had to make up for it. And as such, I would train day in and day out. While my sister may be going off to visit friends and having parties, I was in the training yards with my sword and my father's old lightsaber. Training to become a better bladesman. 


It was only recently that my father had emerged from a cave upon Voss, that he had come back to us. I have tried to grow closer to him as a Son, and as a Jedi apprentice to him, and my Mother. However, they can get on my nerves. I am close to becoming an adult, and I want to be treated as such. They need to let me into battle at some point. I will fight eventually. It's only a matter of time. 


Preparing myself for life is what I am trying to do, but my mother doesn't see that. She doesn't understand me. Dad was out in the Galaxy at my age, Why can't I be? 



After working with my father and his return from his cave, I had grown closer to him. I wanted to spend as much time as I could with the man who had allowed my mother to give birth to me. I don't quite forgive him of what he did, because mom was so distraught with sadness, and it killed me to see her that way. However, after seeing him, and getting to know him, I understood why my mom loved him. And I grew to like him. 


After training with him and a few of his apprentices, and even some more training from my mom, I wanted to start growing up and getting out on my own. I wanted to become a man. And that is why I joined up with the Mandalorian Empire. Sure I still have the Silver Jedi with me, but I think the Mandalorians who are rising in the face of not having a Manda'lor is where I am meant to be. A new place, for a new kid. I am even receiving training from a mysterious man named Jericho. Though he may turn out to be better, I had noticed that he beat my father in a tournament. 


I have participated in my first official battle. I got a few scars and bruises over it. Even as I am writing this information down, my mother is fretting over my cuts. Honestly, I like the scar on my cheek. Maybe it makes me look cooler or whatever, but honestly, I want to keep it to remind myself that battle can be harsh, and tough. As for what happened? I don't want to talk about it at the moment. Just like my wounds, my memories are still fresh. 


I just hope I can get over this, and still be able to train and perform at my best. 




It has been a few months now. After the battle, I moved in with the Mandalorians. Becoming one of the many Mando'ade who had joined with Isley in his new claim of the Mandalorian Empire. On the battle, I had used the dark side of the force to influence me. I just couldn't be with my family anymore. I left them from their home, and moved to my own place on Voss, and having various apartments on Echol'ya, the capitol of the Mandalorian Empire. While in one of my training sessions alone, I had come across Celiana. A woman who hailed from Eshan, and moved around herself. Having a spar with her, we decided to have a date. It was quite a good time. However, I still had training to do. 


Having more lessons from Jericho, and Manda'lor himself, I learned of the weapon dubbed, the Darksaber. As such, using the various items that I had gathered up, I forged my own lightsaber to be used by myself. Aimed to aid me in my useage of Shi-cho, and Soresu lightsaber forms. I have become smarter over time, and have become even more powerful than what my father was at my age. Even as an apprentice, I have already lead a battle, Fought a Leviathan, and fought against Sith in Invasions. 


Helping with the formation of the group known as the "Crimson Brotherhood" I made my way into their ranks and hope to become a Dark Jedi myself. Learning of the Dark side of the Force to protect my family. And later reveal myself to my family. Protecting them from the sidelines while my father did the same in the light of day. I will be the watchful Shadow. The villain they need to keep pushing themselves, and myself. 


Hopefully I will be up to this task. 




Taking lessons from my mentor, and surrogate father, Isley Verd, I began to grow within the force considerably faster than most. I have learned much more about the force, and its capabilities such as destruction, manipulation, and even able to use it to induce rage within myself. Going on missions to deny the stealing of Mandalorian Iron, I was hasty, rushing forward into battle. Losing my arm, and honor with the Crusaders. I went against orders. After such, I was tasked to hunt and kill a Zakkeg. I was successful, and I earned back my honor as a Mandalorian. 


After such, I was stuck training to learn how to use my right arm again. The new prosthetic was made for my body type, and I need to regain function with my arm. Even only after two weeks without its usage, I needed to be back up to fighting standards to be even considered for operations or missions. I stayed in relative contact with my father during this time. Updating him that I had my arm removed and to let him know I was fine. After this, I discovered I had a ghost following me. Gale is her name, and neither of us have a clue why only we two can interact with one another. 


During this, I found the Holocron of Darth Marr. A Sith lord who perished just before the Eternal Empire came into power. His holocron lending me strength in the area of Force teachings, Soresu lightsaber form, and even force rage. Helping me to learn how to contain the rage within my emotions. Working with various others for a sudden threat against the Mandalorians, even participating in a summit of the Mandalorian Crusaders to come to terms with the planets under our influence, and to become Guardians of those we chose to be. It was here, directly after, that I was Knighted within the force, and took up the title of Buurenaar Cabur, or Mando'a for Storm Guardian. 


After this, I have still much to do. Hunting down a Dar'Manda, aiding the Mandalorian Clans, and even getting new gear to increase my arsenal of weapons and tech. I also made a friend along the way, Brother of Nikias, Akhilleus. King of the Hellyni people. 


Now on the road to Mastery, I need to work harder than ever before. With friends, allies, and my company, hopefully I will get somewhere. 




My last update had taken place so long ago. I feel like a completely different person. 


Someone who has changed, yet is still the same.


Ra rose to power. Claiming the title of Manda'lor. Yet I left. I fled to the Otherspace. I left the galaxy when my Kin needed me the most. Why? They were not my kindred. They were not my brothers and sisters. The Verd Clan, the Carrick House. Those are my family. The Dark Jedi who I once worked with, and now no one. I am a Dar'manda. Even now as Ra seemed to come back from the dead, and proclamed that all Force user Mandalorins were no longer allowed, I knew this idea of my exile was only being enforced. 


Much has changed. 


More will continue to change. 


We will just have to see what comes next. 





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|| The Force ||

The force is a useful application in which Zephyr has found to be very powerful in. Using the darker side of the force more so than his father, He has been trained by Sith Lords, Dark Jedi, and Jedi. Yet out of all of this, Zephyr doesn't stay to one side or the other. He is in the middle ground where all of the force, and it's applications can be used in moderation. 


Force powers:

Telekinesis - Apex - Being able to use the force manifesting as force pushes, and burst, Zeph is rather adept at using Telekinesis. Much like his father is, Zeph finds that right now, he uses this ability most often simply due to not having other items to use in battle. Either way, Should you come into contact with Zef, its best to keep a distance from him. Using abilities such as Force push, Force Jump, and more. 

Alter Environment - Apex - Able to use the environment around him, and alter it to his will, Zeph generally uses this in forms of a static charge to his punches, or attached to his sword to leave a rather shocking attack. There are times when he uses rocks or other items within the environment to aid in his fighting style.

Force Empathy - Master - Much like sensing life, the force, and detection of life, Zephyr can also sense the emotions of others. He can pick up on negative emotions much more effectively than positive emotions. This ability is great in conjunction with Consume Essence which allows him to feed off of the emotions of others. Expanding his possible abilities, and uses of his skills within the force. However should someone of the same rank, or higher than him try and hide their emotions, or a species be immune to mental powers of the force, he won't be able to sense them. 

Precognition - Master - Danger Sense is the ability to feel within the force possible danger that can be inflicted upon oneself. With Xander having a high affinity for this force ability, Zeph takes that from his father. Finding he too can relatively predict an opponent's reactions. 

Shatterpoint - Master - Zephyr's Father, Xander Carrick, has the innate ability to sense weaknesses in items, and in the force and expose them using Shatterpoint. Zephyr also has recieved this ability. Using it rarely, but is able to sense the weakness withing people, armor, items, and much more. However, exposing it can take time, and energy that could overwhelm Zeph. 

Consume Essence - Proficient - A small token of having higher abilities to sense others, and their emotions, this gives way for Zephyr to feed off of others negative emotions, as well as positive emotions when channeling the Light side of the force.

Force Cloak - Proficient - The ability to cloak himself visibly with the force, Zeph can render himself invisible. This is very useful as he may need to leave a situation, or even sneak into a compound should it be necessary. 

Revitalize - Adept - Able to give himself a little boost in the force, Zeph can regain his energy rather quickly. However, he needs a lot of focus, and cannot use this in battle. he needs to be able to concentrate upon himself completely in order to perform this task. Best used outside of battle, or after a nice run.

Force Vision - Initiate - The ability to see into the future, or just to see events in dreams or during meditations. When searching for Darth Marr's holocron, Zeph was knocked unconscious and had a vision projected onto him by the Sith Lord. While He has no control over this ability, it has not happened since, but is possible due to Zeph's high affinity for the force. 

Force Alchemy(Metallurgy) - Initiate - Able to alter items through the force of Force alchemy, Zeph was required to make a glove out of various materials he had to become a Knight rank. Thus, with the aid of his master, He used Force alchemy to alter the glove in its creation process. 

Imbue Item - Initiate - After learning this process from his father. Zeph is able to perform this task to a degree, but cant completely alter an item through this process. 

Crucitorn - Initiate - Having the ability to reduce the amount of pain he receives, or someone else may feel, can be very useful. Should Zeph break a bone of feel immense amounts of pain, He can focus upon himself and lessen the pain. While he is not so great at the power, it is minimal in how much pain it takes away. He generally doesn't use it on cuts and bruises, and tends to only use it in emergencies.  

Thought Shield - Initiate - The ability to hide his thoughts from others, and even protect himself from mental attacks is useful. Due to an encounter with a man who tried to influence him through the force, Zeph went to learn this ability to prevent it in the future. Only really being able to reduce the effect and not really stop it, however he needs a lot of focus upon the force to do this. 

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Melee weapons:

Soul's Edge - Created with a Ghostfire, and a Windu's guile lightsaber crystal, the dual phase weapon can be near silent, and near invisible to the naked eye, allowing more stealthy uses of a lightsaber, as well as changing to be more suited for dueling others with melee weapons. Giving off an aura that can empower Zeph while harming others around him, This weapon is his Go-to lightsaber in most cases. 

Obsidian Knight Lightsaber - This lightsaber, once used by the previous iteration of the Obsidian Knights, is a weapon that will be carried as a replacement, as well as an offhand weapon should he lose, destroy, or otherwise require a weapon other than his go-to lightsaber Soul's Edge. 

Gold Lightsaber - A lightsaber once used by his Father Xander Carrick, the lightsaber holds great value to him. The gold lightsaber blade is very useful to him as a lightsaber duelist, a bladesman, as well as a Force user. 


Ranged Weapons:

Rocksteady Long  Rifle - A rifle that was purchased from the Reclaimer arms company for the purpose of use against Force users, as well as a general rifle against many of the lightly to medium armored troops that he may encounter. 

Eukverd SMG - A ligthweight sub-machine gun is great for close quarters than would be considered of a long gun, and still packs enough punch to be reliable. Specifically meant for the use of Mandalorians during the Crusade, this weapon is well used. 

FA-05 Stallion - Six shot revolver that packs a punch. While having a very slow reload, it can be fired quickly using a "Fan the Hammer" technique. Normally carried as a sidearm, or as an offhand weapon.

CZ-835 Pistol - A slugthrower pistol that is highly customize able for just about any need that Zeph may have. Suppressed with subsonic rounds to make a very silent, very deadly weapon for stealth tactics, three round burst to get some damage down range, and even full auto when times get rough. All the better, are the available options for slug rounds that allow better damage types. 

The Good Samaritan - A revolver like slugthrower that can really pack a punch. Build with a fixed blade upon the underbarrel, should someone be within close quarters range of the weapon, it can be used as a very light slashing tool. 

MT-14 Pistol - A blaster pistol provided to him by his father Xander. Due to the family being very much a supporter of protecting ones self through the means of weapons, Even from a small age Zeph was taught to use a blaster. As such, he carries one just in case. 



Souless Exile Iron Skin - A set of Contempt armor. Built to scramble Zephs force signature to be indistinguishable from light, dark or otherwise. As such, the armor is useful in just about any of his missions, and is also his most current and used armor. 

Mandalore's Shadow - A set of armor created quite a time ago, it was used for Zeph during the time of the first Mandalorian Empire. Now, it is battered, and wartorn. However, still effective in this day and age. 

Combat Helmet - Created long ago, and once worn by his father, The helmet has been passed to him. While rarely worn in the past, it is slowly becoming a pivotal item for him now.

Gauntlet of Storms - Not a true gauntlet, more so a glove that has increased abilities through the force. Created at the knighting of his term, Zeph created it to be opposite of his mechanical arm. 



Templar-Class Freighter - Named "Carrick's sword," the ship was once owned by his father. However now that it has been replaced, he received it as a gift from his father on his 18th birthday. Now his, he plans to rename it, but doesn't quite know what to call it yet. 

The Dinko - A small personal transport that is great for just about any need other than actual combat. 

AY-92 "Aquila" Starfighter - Named "Skysword," this ship is used most often for Zeph. A tool given to him by the recent creation of a wing of Mandalorian pilots that he has joined up in. Working part time as a Fighter pilot has its quirks. 



Lancer Class Bike - A speeder bike that is armed and ready for combat. Specifically created for the Mandalorian Crusaders, Zeph still holds onto this for whatever need may arise. 

Queen Mason Class Airspeeder - A police vehicle that was once used by the Mandalorian Crusaders, it is still in use and functional by today's standards. Used rather rarely as Zeph tends to use the bike instead, he still owns one from his time as a Crusader. 



Light-shield Bracelet - A trinket that can be worn upon the wrist that can summon forth a shield to protect the wearer in a pinch. While Zeph doesn't use this a whole heck of a lot, he does wear it wherever he goes. 

Talisman of Reflection - A necklace that can be worn and redirects a force ability away from himself. While he likely wont use this, having it on his person is still a good idea. 

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Xander Carrick - Father

Maya Carrick - Mother

Vax'ildan Carrick - Older Brother

Freyia Whitelight-Carrick - Twin Sister

Galiea (Carrick) - Force Ghost Companion


Silver Jedi/SSC - Left behind

Jericho - Mentor, Friend, Ally.

Coci Heavenshield - Mentor, Family Friend, Ally

Celiana, - Ally, Rival, Crush


Verd Clan

Darth Metus - Manda'lor the Reclaimer, Ally, "Adopted Uncle" 

Keira Ticon, - Manda'lor's sister, Ally, "Adopted Aunt"

Nyx - Manda'lor's Daughter, Ally/Rival, 

Kadala Skirata - Daughter of Manda'lor, Ally, 

Deneve Verd - Superior, Daughter of Isley, Ally

Zef Halo - Superior, Ally,

Driel Beroya - Ally, 

@Verd Clan - Adopted Cousins, Extended Family. 

Operation Darkstar - Personal Special Operations Team. 


Crimson Brotherhood - Deceased Faction

Nikias - "Leader", Mentor, Ally (Deceased)

Akhilleus - Nikias' brother, Ally

Aedan Miles - Ally

Alkor Centaris - Mentor, Ally

Joza Perl - Ally, Rival

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|| Roleplay Listing ||

The Son - The beginning of Zephyr's Training, and coming of age

  • The Awakening - Complete - Public - Discovers who his Father is after his reemergence from seclusion. 
  • From Training to Battle - Complete - Private/Training - After doing some training at Korriban, He gets into a duel with someone who may just be his match with the blade, and the force. 
  • Teachings of the Saber and the Force - Canceled - Self Training - Sent by his father to learn more about the Lightsaber as a tool, and a weapon. As well as possibly learning about the Jal Shey. 
  • There Lies a Fire that Burns Within Your Soul - Canceled - Private - Zephyr wakes up in a heavily Dark side influenced Temple. Blood over him, and having to deal with the effects, he discovered he must find a way out of this temple, with a Dark sided Lady. 
  • I can't really make a pun out of Phaeda - Canceled - Faction - Zephyr and his father lead two strike teams to prevent crime on a planet far away from the silver jedi, as well as look for loot along the way. 
  • The Blackwing Contagion - Completed - Faction - Zeph and his mother Maya join a group of crusaders on an abandoned ship to try and figure out what happened to it. 
  • Learning from a new perspective - Ongoing - Training - Zeph meets with a mysterious Jericho to begin training.  
  • The Great Reclamation - Complete - Dominion - Taking to the front lines, Zeph fights alongside the newly proclaimed Manda'lor against the Dar'manda
  • Push it to the Limit - Completed - Training/Private - Training sparks between Nikias, and Zeph as Xander, his father, decides to pit them against each other in a amped up version of Dodge-the-rock.


The Swordsman - The change in Zephyr's Life, and his emergence upon the Galaxy

  • Call to Arms - Canceled/Completed - Faction - The beginning of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi that would be a base for Zeph to become stronger, and introducing himself as Tempest. 
  • Art of the Sword - Ongoing/Training - Faction - Training in the usage of the sword only, Zeph must best others who have come before him. 
  • The Night of Terror - Canceled - Faction - Going to fight the Rakgoul with the rest of the SSC people. 
  • Fifty Shades of Crimson - Completed/Canceled - Faction - Becoming part of the Brotherhood of Dark Jedi, "Ventus" now takes his new role to fight for his family.
  • Black Ice - Canceled Faction - Being invited to the Silver Watch, a group of Padawans and Knights within the Silver Jedi, Zeph is to soon train to become a Knight, and possibly further into a Master of the force. 
  • Lessons of the Manda'lor - Ongoing - Private/Training - Training from Isley Verd. 
  • Your blade is an extension of yourself - Completed/Training - Zephyr is in the middle of training when he meets another Silver jedi very early in the morning, and thus, begin to spar. Only at the end of their spar, They come up with the mutual decision to go on a date. 
  • Consider it a Date - Ongoing - After having a spar with Celiana, Princess, Zeph and Celiana go out on a date that may or may not end in their favor. 
  • Iron Tides - Ongoing - Private - Having a semi-duel with a mentor, He learns more about fighting against those who may possess better skills than himself. 
  • Atin'yaim, Home of the Crusaders - Ongoing - Spar/Duel - Gets into a confrontation with the Daughter of Manda'lor, his mentor. From where this stems, nobody knows for sure. 
  • Operation Weedkiller - Completed - Faction - After discovering a mining post right under the nose of the Mandalorian Empire Homeworld, Zeph and others go against orders to fight those on the ground. In the process, shrapnel hits Zeph in his arm, and loses his arm as a result. 


The Shadow of Manda'lor - Becoming a Knight, and the path to Master

  • Famous Last Words - Completed - Private - After the Operation named "Weedkiller" had ended, Zeph was put in front of his Master Isley to be judged for his honor. He was given the task of hunting down a Zakkeg on Dxun to earn his honor, without his right arm. Leaving there, he was sent on his shuttle. 
  • Do it like they do on the Discovery Channel - Completed - Solo/Private - The encounter with a fight of the Zakkeg he had to hunt down, as well as fending himself against Night Hunters. 
  • The Force is a Tool - Canceled - Faction - After a week or two from the removal of his limb, and recuperating from his hunt, he goes on a training mission under his Master's orders to become stronger, and to integrate him with his arm. 
  • Gloves are underrated - Completed - Solo/Private - After a few months of being stuck next to his Master's side, and being told to learn, and grow on his own, he was tasked with doing something to prove his honor yet again. Thus, he begins the creation of a special glove. 
  • Frienemies? Ongoing - Private - After talking to his old mentor Jericho, Zephyr and Joza meet up again and decide to work together to aid him on a rather shady mission. 
  • Sword, Beskad, Lightsaber Ugh... Rapier? - Ongoing - Public - Traveling to Eshan, home of the Echani, Zeph hopes to be able to maybe find a class or two about Echani swordsmanship and their form of precognition, and maybe do some other things while on his vacation. 
  • A Song of Smoke - Ongoing - Private - Contacted by a Drone from an unknown source, Zeph follows the transmission to figure out about this threat that can take place against the Mandalorian Clans, and the Crusade. 
  • Arachnomania - Ongoing - Private - Contacted by a person interested in Zephyr's hunting company, "Ventus" makes contact with one of the subordinates about gathering Energy Spiders.
  • Marauders and Guardians - Completed Solo/Private - Searching on Odessen for any form of knowledge during the time of the Eternal Empire, Zeph stumbles across a Holocron, and learns of Darth Marr
  • Control, Discipline, and Anger Ongoing - Solo/Private - After retrieving the holocron of Darth Marr, he learns new ways to invoke Force Rage, and more from the Sith Lord. While also having a come-to-jesus-moment with Gale about his fall to the Dark Side.
  • Hammer and Tongs - Ongoing - Solo/Private - Contacted by his father to help him with a project, Zeph agrees to help, and in turn, asks to be left alone until he feels he can return to the family.
  • Hear. Me. Roar. - Completed - Dominion - Aiding in the overtaking of the Capitol city, Zeph makes a new ally, as well as use his newly learned Force Rage to the test. Becoming a Knight. 
  • ​More than Conquers - Ongoing - Faction - After the Dominion over the Hex, Isley holds a meeting with various representatives of each planet under the Crusader's influence to come to terms, and become protectors of the people, instead of conquerors of the oppressed. 
  • ​Buurenaar Cabur Atyaor - Ongoing - Private - Zephyr is proclaimed a Knight within the force, and claims the title of Burrenar Cabur, translating from Mando'a to Storm Guardian.
  • Unfinished Business - Ongoing - Dominion - After the faction came together, it's time to put it to the test. Coming to terms with the people, they investigate a missing people from a Dark city. Zeph, taking lead to the Crypts. 
  • Let's just say I knew your Brother - Ongoing - Private - After meeting up with a Deceased Nikias' brother, and now King of an entire planet, he discovers a serial killer is loose on Dantooine, and seems to have ties with the Hellyni people. 
  • Honored Enemy - Ongoing - Private/Duel - After hunting down a Dar'Manda, Zephyr confronts the man who killed his own family, and intends to bring him into justice. 

The Exiled Soul - Leaving, and Returning to the Galaxy

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