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Nuuc Lapt

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Nuuc Lapt

Nuuc Lapt
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"Freedom is a natural right. And that's all we do, really. Ensure everyone's rights. By force, if necessary."



  • Name: Nuuc Lapt
  • Faction: Galactic Alliance
  • Homeworld: Sullust, but born on Mygeeto
  • Rank: Squadron Leader, Rogue Padawan
  • Age: 27
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 1.7m
  • Weight: 72kg
  • Eyes: Black
  • Hair: Bald
  • Skin: Pinkish-grey
  • Force Sensitive: Yes
  • Alignment: Light side, but was banished from the Jedi Order
  • Languages: Speaks - Sullustese. Understands - Galactic Basic, Bocce, Binary, Shyriiwook.  



  • Natural Sullustan low-light vision and sense of direction, which aids him a great deal while piloting starfighters
  • Possesses leadership skills including the ability to think clearly while under pressure and organize those under him effectively
  • Maintains a strong sense of hope and perseverance



  • His incomplete Jedi training leaves him at a disadvantage against other Jedi and Sith who have completed their training, both in terms of force abilities and lightsaber combat
  • A deep hatred of the Sith and slavers leaves him vulnerable to being overly hostile with them, especially when enslaved children are involved. In combat this can lead to him putting himself and others in danger.
  • His early years as a child slave, and losing both parents to the institution, have left him hardened and closed off to anyone who hasn't earned his friendship



Was born to parents enslaved by the Sith Empire on Mygeeto, in the deep mining colonies of the planet. When he was three his mother died in the mines after a tunnel cave-in, and the following year his father was killed during a minor slave revolt. At the age of five, however, his owner was killed in an attack on the mining colony by soldiers from the Salvation, a mercenary corvette which worked on anti-slavery operations when not on a contract. He was taken to the Galactic Alliance Jedi Order when the Captain of the ship discovered his force sensitive abilities, and trained with them for some time.
His master, a Mandalorian named Vhi Dral, trained him in the ways of the Force as well as lightsaber combat. As he grew older, however, his master found it more difficult to train him in the Jedi way, as he began showing a desire for revenge against the practice of slavery. He would often go against her orders, and while on a mission to V’shar, he went against her orders, and the Code, and killed a slave trader, earning him banishment from the Jedi Order.
It wasn’t long however before he found a new place in the galaxy, having sought out the ship that rescued him all those years ago, the Salvation. It was easy for him to fit in there, as the crew and troopers were all men and women with a shared background: freed and escaped slaves. The captain, a Duros by the name of Unzum Jelt, took him in readily and put his force training to use in the cockpit of a fighter, rising to squadron commander. Now he spends his days working to end slavery little by little in the galaxy.
  • Paired pommel-locked yellow lightsabers
  • Blith-Tech OM-P 376 blaster pistol


Force Powers


  • Telekinesis
  • Force Sight
  • Precognition
  • Battle Meditation(Limited to affecting only a few people for a short time)
  • Mind Trick
  • Force Stasis(Limited to short periods of time)



  • Firemane Industries Frontier-class Corvette. Not his personal ship, he's a crewman and starfighter pilot aboard.
  • MRF-1 Starfighter

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