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Red Star Rising

- - - - - FWC Allies

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The Story Narrator

The Story Narrator

    Story Narrator

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There cannot be light without darkness.


Within the confines of the Free World Coalition hidden among the planets that so few visited or thought of remained a small remainder of like minded cohorts. Their plan was simple with elegant lines that could be drawn anywhere but back to them. The Coalition with all its members did not look beyond their interests and that was where The Red Star Ring found their home. Supported by a figure who kept shrouded in darkness who had no love of the Coalition or of those that supported it.  


They had tried to get more information when Claire Organa visited with the ORC they even sent droids to pull information from within the station where she met with the likes of Bryce Bantam Jorus Merrill Sanya Val Swift they gleaned only that they would be trading together in time though perhaps they could...yes...a plan was forming.


Claire a known associate of Natasi Fortan of the First Order should be considered a traitor of her own government but that little title of Ambassador seemed to provide a shielding that was nearly impregnable. But surely there were gaps within this armor that could be expanded and taken advantage of. Even this he began to contemplate how to ruin a relationship, how to twist it to insinuate something else. hmmm..


Ahh such thoughts he had and such would have to wait while the Red Star worked to shake up the Coalition and its supporters. Today he was sending the Red Star to Caamas. A peaceful lazy little planet so very close to the heart of the Coalition, so close to Alderaan.He hoped that this would send them the message that no where were they safe.  


The slicer looked over at his employer when he gave that subtle nod he broke into the communication system of Coalition and broadcast the following.


We are coming for you Coalition, you and all your friends. Death to the light, Death the Coalition.


At the very moment that the message was sent all across Coalition space a Red Ring appeared on the screens of anyone watching the holo and where they could the painted the Red Ring on the sides Coalition buildings. How long would it take for the Coalition to figure out who was the real enemy.


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Theo Vereen

Theo Vereen


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The Ranger Patrols were being doubled Theo questioned this action, if they could get through their borders now what would doubling ships do? More eyes maybe, but wasn't this what they wanted. They wanted to see Coalition strength so that they would be able to meet it.


He stared out the viewport looking at all the nothing there was. Space dark, cold, and unforgiving if you did not master it. What else could he do right now except stare at the darkness and wonder who and why.


The cults on Dxun had been taken care of least that's what was reported. But somewhere within their space someone, or some organization was working hard at breaking the Coalition.CSA was on one border, Metal Lords another, GA another, SJO touched upon them and then the Collective. Then there was the expanse they were currently patrolling the side open towards Hapes and Colla IV.


Mandalorians and Galactic Empire beyond that. 


"Theo come look." The voice of Irma Madross called him over to her station there spinning on her screen the red circle, so this was was them finally coming out from the shadows.


"Is that just for us?"


Irma shook her head full of brown curls, "No it's everywhere from what I can tell. This took planning Theo." Planning.




Who to call ?Maybe the ORC folks could decipher the message or knew someone that could tear it apart. 


"Let's send a message."


Greetings, this is Theo Vereen of the Free Worlds Coalition.I am sending to you a recorded message that was released earlier to all members of the Coalition.Do you know of someone who can...slice this up and tell us it's origins?(Bryce Bantam | Jorus Merrill | Sanya Val Swift

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