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Knock Off Suicide Squad

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Veylion Schism

Veylion Schism

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As Jerit saw Arekk's reaction, he felt so much confusion but immediately got the idea of the direction Arekk went. 


"Arekk, I am so sorry. Please, is there any way I could help?"


The padawan looked to Kei, who was already close to the man, trying to calm him down. The boy had so much sympathy for Arekk. The war did something to him and Jerit had not realized.


I am a horrible person for this...


"Calm down Ar'ekl, calm down. Jerit, leave us. I'll find you later"


Jerit was on the verge of refusing. He wanted to help but he had to follow Kei's instructions. He knew Arekk better than the boy by light years. Staying will not help in Arekk's case. Solemnly, the padawan walked away.


"I understand. I am so sorry.."


Arekk | Kei Raxis 

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Holding his hand up and collecting his thoughts again, Ar'ekk beckoned Jerit over. The memories continued to ache his soul and heart and he made that known to everyone sorrounding him but that didn't mean it was okay to burst like that. Kei was there for him to help him and he appreciated that, a good brother would do that for one another.


"It's okay."


Patting Kei's chest, the young Jedi Knight couldn't help but appreciate the gesture when the long-haired man offered a shoulder for the affected half masked man to "cry" on. He really didn't do that in public, of course, but if he had to he would've done that right there and then.


Sometimes you just can't forget the awful things witnessed in such a massive conflict like the one where Ar'ekk was in, the living hell, the one that burns you every day and every night.


Jerit Kolomor | Kei Raxis