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Approved CSA Tier 5

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Cassandra Paige

Cassandra Paige

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  • Image Source: Me. I made dis.

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  • Corporation Name: GenPals

  • Headquarters: Etti IV

  • Locations: Farana- Laboratories and Production, Morellia - Laboratories and Production, Amuud - Laboratories and Production, Bonadan - GenPals Conference Center and Showcase, Oron III - Junction 01D'ian, GenPals Conference Station

  • Operations:

    Bioengineering: GenPals primarily deals in the creation and sale of genetically modified ‘Designer’ Pets, but dabbles in a number of side projects related to genetics, biomechanics, and alterations. 
    Manufacturing: GenPals sells specialized food (necessary for the health of their animals), gear, toys, clothing and other such frivolities pet owners are so prone to purchasing.
    LicensingGenPals sells the licensing necessary for the sale of their animals to pet stores across the galaxy. Additional licensing available for the sale of merchandise andanimal training. Vets must have a ‘GenPals friendly’ stamp to treat GenPals within their warranty, due to the necessary specifics of treating these animals.
    ​Personal Security: GenPals offers personal security companions, as well as trainers and programs for those animals.
    Entertainment: Primarily children's programming, new holoshows are now being filmed and aired, featuring animated versions of various GenPals animals. The most popular so far has been Pocket Patrol!, a show about a group of plucky pocket vornskr solving problems for the betterment of their community. 
  • Experience Tourism: With the opening of the GenPals Station, the company now offers driven, experienced based vacation options, as well as outside business accommodations for events or meetings. 
  • Tier: 5



GenPals develops, grows and sells genetically modified organisms as designer pets across the galaxy. GenPals is family friendly and approachable on the surface. With excellent customer support and service, they also offer support products for their animals and training holos ranging from basic commands and common behavioral challenges, to complicated tricks and maneuvers. Licensed sellers of GenPals can also be certified as GenTrainers, offering classes and play groups for owners and their pets.  


Purchasers of GenPals animals must also purchase food and other supplies that are genetically created and keyed to the animals’ specific needs and manufactured by the company. Going to a Vet that is not certified as a GenVet, or offering non GenPals food or treats to their animals nullifies the warranty.


As a manufacturer of cute and cuddly animals, GenPals remains distinctly unpolitical in its public leanings. Located on Etti IV, the owner is associated with the Corporate Sector Authority because it is simply good business to be so.


While the company only offers non-sentient or, rarely, semi-sentient animals in their various lines, they do accept custom orders that may push those boundaries- at least for individuals with deep enough pockets. These matters are considered private and GenPals handles them discreetly.



Told to either get into business or marry, if she wanted to continue to draw on her trust fund, Cassandra Paige did what any reasonable person would do- Wasted a few weeks kicking around the galaxy with her cash on hand, then opened a business directory, stuck a hair pin in at random, and purchased the company it pointed at.


In this case? Genu-Tech, a relatively small, utterly boring firm that specialized in livestock cloning technology and trouble shooting for their clients. Its earnings steady but unremarkable, it didn’t take long for Cass to figure out a much more lucrative focus for the company. Firing over 80% of the administrative staff, Cass renamed and rebranded Genu-Tech into GenPals. Family friendly, easily approachable, memorable advertising, she offered designer pets to the galaxy despite her clear disdain of the fuzzy little menaces herself. The niche in the market was empty, and if someone were going to take advantage of it, it would be Cassandra Paige.

Tier IV Promotion
Tier III Promotion


Tier 5/ New Location and New Operation

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Promotion to T5


Pick Friends. Pick Family. Pick GenPals.

GenPals Marketplace

Aria Vale

Aria Vale


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Under Review.


Aria Vale

Aria Vale


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Bring on the Star Wars goldendoodles.


Pending approval!


Jamie Pyne

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Jamie Pyne

Jamie Pyne


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