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Mistilteinn, the Lightsaber of Kiriko Howlingfjord

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  • Intent: A legacy item to continue the story of the bear knight, while also supplying a gift to the writer who created the Beorni race on Chaos.
  • Image Source: JNetRocks. Photoshop by me.
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: Long-Handle Lightsaber



  • Classification: Lightsaber, long-handle
  • Size: Large
  • Weight: Heavy


Though trained as a Jedi Artisan, the Jedi Consulars who traditionally create lightsabers as object d'art for the Order, Kiriko was never shy about the fact that he objected to Jedi carrying lightsabers as a matter of principle. Nonetheless, his own master, Théodred Heavenshield insisted that Kiriko learn the forms and styles associated with the use of the lightsaber. The problem that Kiriko encountered was that, even as a cub, the lightsabers devised by humans and near-humans were ridiculously light weight.


Sometime prior to the battle of Mirial, Kiriko constructed Mistilteinn to address several necessary points. The first being his growing frame. As a not-yet-full-grown Beorni, Kiriko was already 2 meters tall. The typical Jedi lightsaber was too short of a reach to be effective for him, particularly given that the Beorni do not move very quickly, as thus, Kiriko relied on slower lightsaber styles -- most notably Form I, or Shii-cho. Thus, the lightsaber he devised for himself was notably longer than is typical. To address the issue of weight, the Beorni made use of a dense metal, ultrachrome, to create a lightsaber shroud and handle that held a comfortable weight in his hand. As a proud member of the Jedi Consular sect, the blade produced shone with a distinct green color.


As Beorni love the water, Kiriko added the necessary modifications to the blade emitter in order to allow the lightsaber to continue functioning even when immersed in water. Primarily a training instrument, the intensity of the blade is adjustable to allow for non-lethal training regimens. Indeed, Mistilteinn was wielded at full power only once the entire time that Kiriko served the Jedi, at the battle of Mirial when the Beorni Jedi Healer was protecting the medical aid stations at the rear guard.


After Kiriko's passing at the Battle of Thyferra, Théodred Heavenshield recovered several artifacts related to his former pupil in order to return them to Midvinter. Mistilteinn was among them, and was entrusted to the Dawnguard Master Thurion Heavenshield.


  • Solari Powered. The solari crystal shard bathes the wielder in the lightside of the Force, helping them to maintain emotional balance and cognitive control.
  • Ultrachrome construction makes the handle very resistant to lightsaber strikes.
  • Form I/Form V Maximized. The size, weight, and power behind this lightsaber Zweihander are ideal for practitioners of slower lightsaber styles that focus on sweeping arcs and powerful strikes.
  • Operates under water. Because Beorni love the water.


  • Cortosis will short the blade if in contact.
  • Ultrachrome construction means that constant application of sufficient heat will melt the entire piece down.
  • Heavy. Clocking in at 4.5kgs, this lightsaber is 4 times heavier than the typical lightsaber.
  • Two-Hander. This is the lightsaber equivalent to a Zweihander. While a large creature, such as a full-grown Wookiee or Beorni, could be capable of wielding this as a hand-and-a-half weapon, two hands will always be required to wield it properly.
  • Not A Close Range Fighter. This lightsaber is designed to be maximized by Shii-cho or Form V styles, with large, sweeping arcs that keep an opponent beyond arm's length. Smaller, faster opponents who get close to the wielder will negate the weapon's effectiveness.
  • Solari Powered. A darksider who tries to wield this is going to have a bad day (the extent to which will obvious vary depending on the wishes of the writer concerned).

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Under Review.

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Haytham Kaze

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Awesome. Pending Secondary Approval. Thanks! Jamie Pyne

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