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Mereel Vaun

RIP Old Bio

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Mereel Vaun

Mereel Vaun

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NAME: Mereel Vaun
ALIASES: Ordo Fett, Meraal
ALIGNMENT: Lightside leaning grey
FACTION: Clan Vaun | Republic Remnant | Dark Hand
RANK: Exile | Jedi Padawan | Owes a Favor
HOMEWORLD: Mandalore (Birthplace) / Glacies Domum (Raised)
AGE: 29
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 1.82 Meters (5'11")
WEIGHT: 191 lbs.
EYES: Brown
HAIR: Brown
SKIN: Caucasian.



- Stubborn: Mereel can be very hard to dissuade from a cause he has aligned himself with, even if it is morally wrong or detrimental to his well being.

- Cocky: Mereel is a bit arrogant and cocky, sometimes even in dire situations, which can make him very off-putting.

- Brash: Perhaps a result of always wearing armor, Mereel often makes brash decisions in the heat of combat that can cause him unnecessary harm.

- Awful Poker Face: Growing up under a helmet, Mereel never needed to learn how to hide emotions from registering on his face. If something makes him feel a certain way, it'll show on his face.

- Encumbered: Mereel is not an opponent who is light on his feet. Speed is not something he can rely on, as his heavy durasteel armor weighs him down and restricts movement.

- Armor Weaknesses: Even in his full Mandalorian armor, Mereel is not invincible. The armor is only as strong as its synthmesh underglove at its joints, and the suit's jetpack presents an often volatile accessory. Kinetic blows and sonic attacks are especially effective against Mereel while he is in his durasteel armor.


{±} Adventurer's Spirit - Mereel has the heart of a frontiersman when it comes to exploring new environments, and loves exploring previously unvisited worlds.

{±} Huntsman - Though he stopped enjoying being a bounty hunter near the end of his hunting career, Mereel finds beast hunting to be an enjoyable pass time.

{±} Unpicky About Company - Mereel spent a lot of time being a scumbag degenerate in his late teens and early twenties. He isn't too picky about who he hangs around with... unless they're Mandalorian, in which case, he's likely to avoid them if at all possible.

{±} Guardian - Despite his checkered past, or perhaps because of it, Mereel will go out of his way to prevent or reduce harm to civilians, friends, and those allied to him.

{±} Street Knowledge - Mereel has considerable knowledge on things related to the underworld due to his time spent as a spice-dealer handler and later a bounty hunter.


+ Combat Focus: Mereel's years spent as a bounty hunter and assassin gave him the experience needed to calmly operate in combat scenarios.

+ Physically Fit: Mereel keeps himself in excellent shape in order to fight effectively.

+ Dead-eye: Mereel has excellent eyesight, which contributes considerably to his marksmanship.

+ Walking Armory: Even when travelling without his armor, Mereel makes a conscience effort to pack plenty of heat on his person. Disarm Mereel of one weapon and he's bound to draw something else a second later.

+ Jedi Padawan: Mereel is a practiced Jedi Padawan, with thorough experience on using basic force abilities and Soresu.


Mereel is about the average height of most human males standing at 5'11". However, Mereel is much more muscular than the average human, and he tries to stay in peak physical condition so that he can perform his best in combat. Mereel maintains a thoroughly short-trimmed beard, the sides of his brown hair trimmed short, and the top of his hair somewhat long.

Significant Scars: Lightsaber burn mark across his chest, metallic left forearm, blaster scorch mark on upper left tricep, knife wound scarring on right palm.


Not all Mandalorian Clans embody the virtue of the Resol'nare - the clan that Mereel Vaun was born into certainly didn't. Although he was born on Mandalore, Mereel's future was shaped on the planet Glacies Domum in the Unknown Regions.

Raised by his widower father Detrik Vaun, the A'lor of Clan Vaun and infamous crimelord, Mereel lived by the tenets of a slightly altered version of the Resol'nare. He was taught to fight and talk like most Mandalorians, but unlike most Mandalorians, he was never taught to serve the call of Mand'alor. In Clan Vaun's Resol'nare, only the promotion of the Clan and complete loyalty to the A'lor mattered.

By the age of fifteen, Mereel became fully involved in his father's illicit business dealings in assisting in tracking down rogue spice smugglers. By sixteen he had three kills under his belt, but hunting down the dregs of society had changed him. He no longer wanted to be involved in his father's business so he did what any rebellious teenager in his situation would have done: he stole the suit of armor that would be his inheritance and his father's favorite starship before striking out on his own into the vast galaxy.

His force sensitivity resulted in him being detected by a Jedi Master during one of his stops, and the Jedi offered to take Mereel in under his wing as a Padawan learner. Being told very negative stories about the Jedi when he was young, Mereel declined the Master's offer straightaway and ended up joining a crime syndicate instead of the Jedi Order.

After spending a few years in the Jusik Crime Syndicate as a bounty hunter and assassin, Mereel left the group and rallied to RC212's Death Watch: a radical Mandalorian terrorist organization dedicated to Mandalorian nationalism and remilitarization. Mereel spent several long months wanted by the Mandalorian government, Omega Pyre, the Republic, and hunted by bounty hunters as a result of joining Death Watch, but all of that paled in comparison to what would happen next.

As the fledgling Death Watch attempted to set up their first base of operations on Mustafar, tragedy struck. A fleet of Ewok piloted pirate vessels emerged from hyperspace and commandeered the Death Watch flagship while Mereel was on the planet's surface. Wanting to save the flagship from capture, Mereel foolishly went with several other supercommandos to fight for the vessel, but he and the rest of the soldiers failed, and were all consequently captured.

Mereel remained in captivity on the forest moon of Endor for a little over two years, and during this time the man's outlook on life changed substantially. Auri Vesta, a contact from the Jusik Crime Syndicate and Mereel's oldest friend, happened to stumble upon Mereel during a cargo run and freed him from captivity.

Once freed, Mereel resumed his bounty hunter work for a short while, but quickly became disenchanted with the lifestyle. Following that he became an aimless wanderer for a bit, honing his more basic abilities in the force as he roamed from planet to planet. It was during this period that he first discovered the Republic Remnant, and shortly after that he became a member of their Jedi Order, with Lilla Syrin becoming his Master through a series of fortunate events.

After constructing his first lightsaber under the tutelage of his Master and after losing his left arm during tbe fall of the GA on Coruscant, Mereel met a silver Jedi named Seo Linn on Anaxes where he helped her solve a mystery. After which, Mereel invited the Jedi wanderer to accompany him on a relief mission to the bombed ruins of Coruscant, but as the two were resupplying for a trip there they were ambushed by bounty hunters hired by Mereel's father. Both of the Jedi were captured.

After being aken back to his home by the bounty hunter Koda Fett, Detrik Vaun revealed to Mereel that he had a younger sister who had gone missing. Detrik eventually got Mereel on the case, also paying the bounty hunter for Seo Linn and Auri Vesta to help his son quickly resolve his family issue.

A few months have passed since then, and little progress has been made on finding his sister, but change is on the horizon. Receiving a distress signal from his search partner turned lover, the hunt for Breida Vaun is about to swing into high gear.

Notable PC's:

Auri Vesta: Mereel's go to smuggler contact and oldest friend. Auri Vesta and Mereel have been on a number of misadventures, from robbing banks together to supplying Resistance fleets. Undoubtedly, Auri's biggest impact on Mereel's life was when she rescued him from captivity on Endor, after being taken by ewoks who captured him during the Death Watch's attempted fortification of Mustafar.

Detrik Vaun: The biological father of Mereel Vaun. Although they are related by blood, Mereel has burned his bridges with Detrik by declaring his father dar'buir - effectively cutting their ties by Mandalorian custom.

Lilla Syrin: Once a Jedi Knight in the Republic Remnant's Jedi Order, Lilla Syrin became Mereel's Jedi Master after a chance meeting on Nadiem where Mereel was seeking instruction on how to open a Jedi holocron. Since then, Lilla has instructed Mereel further on Jedi philosophy, helped him improve his abilities as a Jedi, and helped him in further moving past his own personal demons.

The Matador: The Matador, also known as Tathra Khaeus, is responsible for Mereel losing his arm during the fall of Coruscant. Although contact so far has been limited, Mereel is on the path of tracking down the Matador's private military organization.

Seo Linn: A Jedi Knight of the Silver Jedi Order and a practiced investigator, Seo Linn and Mereel have spent a considerable amount of time together since first meeting during a kidnapping investigation on Anaxes. Mereel is helplessly in love with her, and fully intends on marrying her in the near future.

Lightsaber Junk & Force Abilities:

Basic Comprehension & Skill Levels
Initiate | Padawan | Knight | Master | Battlemaster | Living Legend

Lightsaber Forms:

- Shii-Cho: Padawan
- Soresu: Knight

Force Abilities:

Sense: Padawan
Speed: Initiate
Telepathy: Padawan
Tutaminis: Knight

Force Telekinesis:

- Force Push: Knight
- Force Pull: Knight

- Force Choke/Grip: Padawan

ARMOR: Second Son's Armor

SHIPS: Death Bucket - A rebuilt ARC-170, the Iviin'yc - a heavily modified CR90 retrofitted for speed.

None (yet, I'll be looking for you ewoks, I still remember the Mustafar incident.)




Chronological Order:

Scum & Villainy

Force Wielding Wanderer

Reconciling Past in Present

Path of the Padawan

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Mereel Vaun

Mereel Vaun

    Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy

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Mereel Vaun

Mereel Vaun

    Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy

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Ships: The Iviin'yc (A heavily modified CR90 retrofitted for speed), Death Bucket - A working replica of the ancient ARC-170 starfighter model.

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Mereel Vaun

Mereel Vaun

    Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy

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Mereel Vaun

Mereel Vaun

    Jedi Guardian of the Galaxy

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