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The Fleetwood, Corvette

- - - - - Personal Ship Primo Victorian Shipwright

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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

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  • Intent: To create Fiolette’s mobile home and office

  • Image Source: Jorunn Star Citizen // Twitter (x)

  • Canon Link: Reflec (x) | AR-0B Damage Reduction (x) | GM/RF/SD/GAM | WT/TX/TTD

  • Restricted Missions: N/A

  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: Primo Victorian Shipwright (x)

  • Model: PVFH LR92 “Fleetwood”

  • Affiliation:  Fiolette Yvarro

  • Production:Unique

  • Material:

    • Reflec (x) | Black & Red Enamel

    • Ablative Quandium Reinforced Durasteel Plating

    • Tunqstoid Blast Doors

    • Alusteel/Quadanium Double-Layered Hull

    • Duraplast Lining / Turadium Reinforced (On Critical/Core Components)

    • Glasteel Viewports w/ Turadium Blast Shutters

    • Agrinum, Dallorian Alloy (Where Appropriate)


  • Classification: Corvette

  • Length: 92.8m

  • Width: 58.2

  • Height: 76.3

  • Armament: None

  • Defenses: Average

  • Hangar: 1

    • Misc. Shuttles / Speeders

  • Maneuverability Rating: High

  • Speed Rating: High

  • Hyperdrive Class: 1


  • Kol MKIV Navcomputer

  • Standard Starship Shields

  • Standard Sensors

  • Standard Tractor / Pressor Beam

  • Standard Ion Engine

  • Standard Communications



The Fleetwood's only advanced systems include her stealth suite and the engine dampener suite, as she has no ability to defend herself with weapons of any kind. She relies heavily on the ability to enter in and out of systems quietly and without being noticed.A range of stealth technologies have been included in her build, each one working to help conceal her in someway, with the exception of the gemcutter. The gemcutter's job is to help the Fleetwood detect other stealth vessels as its primary owner is still under surveillance from one of the galaxy's stronger governments. Whether it's to make the Fleetwood harder to scan, or detect using mass sensors, or utilizing a type of photonic emitter to reduce her physical presence. The Fleetwood works to utilize these systems as part of her defense. The Engine Dampener Suite works similarly but for her engines, each one works to keep her emissions under the radar. Whether that's using a specalized isotope from Tibanna Gas to do so, or using a WhisperThrust to scatter the escaping gas as an added measure. Thrust trace dampeners, a manually activated component works conceal the emissions even before they're released. 


  • Stealth Suite (GM/RF/SD/GAM)

    • Stealth suite includes a gemcutter that counteracts the cloaking effect of ships in hyperspace, enabling the Fleetwood to better detect other stealth ships within its vicinity (typically ten to twelve kilometers). Reflec, a spray polymer that makes it difficult for traditional sensors to get a scan on the Fleetwood. Spectral diffusers are photonic emitters that reduce the Fleetwood's physical presence. Although this does not prevent one from simply looking out a viewport. The gravitic amplitude modulator helps the Fleetwood to defeat mass detectors, or sensors that detect mass

  • Engine Dampener Suite (WT/TX/TTD)

    • Engine Dampener Suite includes a WhisperThrust engine built-in to keep the Fleetwood from leaving much of a trail as it scatters escaping gas. The suite also includes utilizing TibannaX a special type of isotope from Tibanna Gas, enabling the Fleetwood's emissions more difficult to trace, the trust trace dampener helps to conceal emissions by capturing and cooling the gas before release, for the Fleetwood the TTD is utilized on an as-needed basis and is not an automated feature. 


  • Stealth:  Has limited stealth abilities to keep her quiet, allowing her to move through most territories without issue.

  • Damper: As part of her advanced systems,  the engine damper suite aids in keeping her quiet when traveling.



  • Weapons: Bears no offensive capabilities leaving her quite vulnerable as she has no ability to defend herself.

  • Ion Vulnerability: Can be rendered inoperable by ion/emp weapons.

Description: The moment Fiolette “retired” from the First Order she knew and they knew her life would never be the same. Privacy would be a luxury and it meant that the former grand admiral was going to have to create her own personal stealth ship. This ship became the Fleetwood, and the Fleetwood would serve as a mobile home and office for the Galidraani. As a stealth ship the Fleetwood would enable her to stay at least one or two steps ahead of surveillance maintaining what privacy she could.


Aboard the Fleetwood; Sven Petrovsky her personal assistant, Dansen vom Autieg a personal droid, Aovia Holloway her bartender and counselor, Shed Donnager the cook, Raleigh Montague and Kit Galloway a pair of former First Order officers who now serve as ‘lead designers/weapons analyst’ for Primo Victorian Shipwright, Nasir Farrah who is typically seen around Forward Operations, Doctor Tala Rashad who serves as the sole medical specialist aboard the Fleetwood, and engineers Vie Thijssen and Kaffaryn Anadyr.


Crew Cabins were designed to fit two-four people per cabin and come with their own built in latrines. The Fleetwood is equipped with a kitchen and dining area that is shared by the crew including the ‘Captain.’ A workout facility, conference rooms, astrometrics, research lab and armory.  


Overall, the Fleetwood is a solid silent running corvette, she’s equipped with TibanaX, Gemcutters, Reflec, Gravimetric Amplitude Modulators, Spectral Diffusers, WhisperThrust Engines, and other stealth equipment to enable the ship to fly as quietly as possible.



Crew: 22 Personnel

Minimum Crew: 6 Personnel

Passengers:  12 Visitors

Consumables: 18 Months



Deck 1: Captain’s Cabin, Observation Deck/Lounge, Conference Room 1, Droid Workshop, Escape Pod Access

Deck 2: Forward Operations, Sensor Control Room, Armory, Research Lab, Astrometrics, Escape Pod Access

Deck 3: Kitchen, Dining Area, Crew Cabin 1 - 4, Infirmary, Conference Room 2, Visitor Cabin 1, Escape Pod Access

Deck 4: Workout Facility, Crew Cabin 5-8, Vehicle Workshop/Lift, Work Bench, Visitor Cabin 2 Science Lab, Engineering, Engineering Damper Control Room, Upper Cargo Bay

Deck 5: Hangar, Hangar Maintenance, Vehicle Workshop/Lift, Loading Ramp, Lower Cargo Bay, Emergency Shuttle Access, Escape Pod Access


Note: Permission from Lanter Kells to use the Kol IV Navcom.

Edited by Fiolette Yvarro, 03 January 2018 - 07:18 PM.


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<p>Under Review.</p>

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Hello! I'll be taking a look at this submission. Largely it looks great, there were a few things that stuck out to me though!




STANDARD FEATURES CFE-G2MK7 Kol MKIV Navcomputer Standard Defenses Standard Sensors Standard Tractor / Pressor Beam Standard Ion Engine Standard Communications


 You mention "Standard Defenses". Could you detail these briefly? For example, "Standard Shielding" or "Standard Point Defense Systems" or something to denote what the standard defenses consist of?


ADVANCED SYSTEMS Stealth Suite (GM/RF/SD/GAM) Engine Damper Suite (WT/TX/TTD)


Regarding your listed "Advanced Systems", the links were helpful in determining components of the systems, however it would be very beneficial if you could detail how all of those components work together to form the system you've listed. For example the Stealth Suite. How do the systems linked operate when applied? A short detailed blurb about the linked system would be helpful, as these are not standard systems. The same goes for the Engine Dampener Suite. I don't see why any of it wouldn't work, but a brief description of how each system you've hyperlinked works with the Fleetwood should be enough for me to send it up! To clarify, I don't need to know how a Photon Emitter works, but a short description stating for example "The Spectral Diffuser assists in reducing the footprint of the Fleetwood on sensors" underneath the Advanced System "Stealh Suite" would be sufficient for that system. If you can replicate that with the other systems you've hyperlinked it'll be in good shape. 


Fiolette Yvarro

Edited by Rolf Amsel, 03 January 2018 - 08:51 AM.

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Fiolette Raaf

Fiolette Raaf

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Rolf Amsel


Updated Advanced Systems, revised defenses to reflect standard shields. 


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<p>Awesome. Pending Factory Mentor Review.<br /><br />Jamie Pyne, Nadja, Taryc Ap'Irae</p>

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Braith Achlys

Braith Achlys


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